Eternal Seduction (The Sexy Series #3) (4 page)

BOOK: Eternal Seduction (The Sexy Series #3)
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As I pulled his dick out, cum dripped from the tip of its head and down the side of my mouth. I looked up at him and said, “Are you still able to fuck me?”

Matt nodded his head, picked me up and placed me on my stomach over the table next to us. I finally got fucked; fucked hard that night.



Chapter Seven


Gloria drove me back to the coffee shop after our little adventure in the bar. Before I stepped out of her car, she turned to me, “You really need to quit this nun shit.”

I know,” I said. “But I promised my dad and honestly, it’s what is keeping me contained.”

What do you mean?”

I want to suck off every cute guy I see. I think every sexually active man running around this world senses that from me.”

Gloria shook her head. She leaned over and gave me a hug. “Thanks for treating me right tonight. Let me know if you need anything, okay?”

Yeah, no problem,” I said, as I pulled away from her hug. “Don’t tell anyone about our escapades. You like sex, I like sex and there is nothing wrong with that. Okay?”

Gloria smiled. “Sure, of course.”

I got out of her car and waved goodbye to her as I stood in the empty parking lot.



Chapter Eight


A week
had passed and Sister Janice, fresh from her arrival from Zaire, knocked on my door.

Sister, how are you feeling?”

I was sitting at my desk reading Leviticus, trying to make sense of my hormonal-induced drive.

I’m fine.”

Do you know why I sent you home?”

I turned to her and gave her a stern look. “No, I don’t know. Why?”

I wasn’t born yesterday Sister. I was once young like you. If you want to take this seriously, you’re going to have to control your...urges.”

I continued making eye contact with her. There was a quiet pause before I responded. “You don’t know me. I am committed to serving God and making sure my father is proud of me. I do not want to live my life here under suspicion.”

Sister Janice gave me an angry glare. She crossed her arms and said, “Remember, if you aren’t serious and I catch you doing questionable things, you’ll be kicked out of the order. Without a formal education, without a committed mate, without any discernible skills, you’ll be alone to fend for yourself. Once you commit to the order, its a lifelong commitment and there is no turning back.”

Sister Janice was right. As I got older in this order, the more difficult it was to recuperate and get back to starting over in my new life. I had to control my longings, while I explored my options outside the convent.

You’re right, Sister Janice,” I said. “I’m committed.”

Good, I’ll see you downstairs in a couple hours for afternoon prayer.”

Sister Janice turned around, but I had one last request before she headed downstairs. “Sister?”


Can I have the internet back?”

Sister paused and contemplated the question for a moment. “Yes, but remember what I said.”

Of course.”

She left my room. I sat back in my chair and stared at the crucifix hanging on the wall. I asked God, “They say you create us in your image. Then why do you condemn?”

I didn’t know the answer. In fact, I suspected few did. But one thing I did know was this: I would never, ever forget my days of sinful pleasure.

Bad girl,” I whispered...and smiled.


The End


BOOK: Eternal Seduction (The Sexy Series #3)
4.83Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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