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I would like to thank my friends and family for all the support I received while writing this book. Even though this books took a while for me to complete, they stood beside me as events in my life started to spiral out of control, delaying this book. I would also like to thank all the reader and people who have helped proof this book to make it better to read. Even though it is not perfect it is much better than when I first wrote it. Again thanks!



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Chapter 1

Jon stood on the observation deck looking out over Euthara. From space, the planet looked much like Earth; white clouds and blue oceans, with land masses covered in forests and deserts. The four main cities, one on each of the major continents, could be seen from space. From what he understood, this is where the bulk of the Eutharan people lived. Smaller settlements were scattered about, but none of them had over five thousand people.

Industries were no longer allowed planet side, and all manufacturing was done on space platforms orbiting the three moons or on the surface of the moons themselves. This practice actually led to the rapid development of their technology and preserved their environment for future generations.

Mining was strictly forbidden on Euthara and her moons and was punishable by banishment from the solar system or worse. The outer planets were where all the mining took place; several different corporations had operations there for both gas and minerals.

Despite all the precautions for the preservation of Euthara’s ecosystem, the Eutharan people were slowly dying out. Births had declined by fifty percent in the last ten years, and deaths from natural causes had risen by sixty percent. Even the animal and plant life was suffering from the effect. The total population of Euthara was just under one billion and steadily declining.

“Something just isn’t right with this picture,” Jon said as he leaned heavily on the rail in front of him.

“What do you mean?” Deatra asked. She stepped up behind him as he gave a slight jump in surprise.

“Jesus, you scared me!” Jon said as he turned and hugged her. “I didn’t know you were here. I thought you were taking care of Sam.”

“Oojoung has her,” Deatra said. She was fondly staring out the window towards her home planet. “They’re playing hide and seek. Now, what did you mean by something being wrong?”

“I think there’s something going on here that just doesn’t add up,” Jon said, thoughtfully. “Euthara has an almost perfectly balanced ecosystem. There’s no reason for the rise in deaths or the decrease in birth rates.”

Deatra nodded as she spoke, “Some of our finest scientists have worked for years to find a solution or the cause of the problem.”

“And?” Jon asked.

“They've found nothing conclusive.” Deatra said. “The dominant belief is that it's natural, and they expect births and deaths to start balancing out eventually.”

“Another thing I don’t understand is the lack of a defense fleet,” Jon said. “We've settled into orbit of the homeworld, and no one's even challenged us.” Jon’s com beep as the last words left his mouth.

‘Captain,’ a female voice said.

“This is Hunter; go ahead,” Jon said. Then to Deatra he said, “Maybe I spoke too soon.”

‘Sir, a Eutharan vessel, is approaching us on an intercept course and the Captain is demanding to speak to you,’ a female voice said.

“Yep, too soon,” Jon said. “Patch them through down here.”

‘Patching them through,’ the female voice said.

Jon turned to face the only screen in the room as it came to life. Displayed on the screen was an older Eutharan dressed in a fleet issue uniform that displayed his rank as an Admiral.

“Admiral Mequa,” Deatra said. “Tough as nails and a by the book man.”

“Good to know,” Jon said. “Admiral, how can I help you?”

“Captain Hunter, I’m guessing,” Mequa said.

“That is correct,” Jon said. “What can I do for you Admiral?”

“To the point; I like that,” Mequa said. “What you can do for me is power down your engines and prepare for inspection. No vessels are allowed to approach Euthara without permission, or invitation of the King or Queen.”

“I don’t remember inviting you aboard my ship, Admiral,” Jon said. “We’re flying royal colors of the House of C’loth, I’m bondmate to Princess Deatra C’loth and we’re returning for the formal wedding.”

Deatra’s eyes widened in joy; this was the first she had heard of this. Suddenly she was very excited to be going home. Finally, she would be married and be able to take her rightful place as next in line for the throne.

“If you’ll excuse me, Captain Hunter,” Mequa said as he stood up from his chair. “I don’t know you and those colors you’re flying mean nothing if I don’t know you. For all I know it could be a ruse for you to gain entry into our port for some unknown reason.”

“Oh come now, I know you have heard of the human that bonded with the Princess. It has been the talk for some time between every Eutharan I know. Even other races have heard of the bonding. You can’t tell me that you don’t know of it. A man in your position would make it his job to know everything going on that affects Euthara,” Jon said. He was watching for a reaction from Mequa as he spoke. Nothing of what he said got the reaction he wanted; Mequa was good at hiding his emotions. “Don’t tell me you haven’t heard that I control Ghost Station either.” Mequa glanced off to the side of the screen and then quickly shifted his eyes back to Jon. That told Jon all he needed to know, everyone slips up, it’s just a matter of finding what makes them do it.

“Sorry, Ghost Station?” Mequa said in a strained voice as if he was trying to hide something. “Never heard of it.”

“You have never heard of Ghost Station?” Jon said as he raised an eyebrow. “A station that was once garrisoned by the Eutharan people and their allies? The central point for their operations as well as the main source of their ships?”

“Well,” Mequa said.

“Look, don’t lie to me,” Jon said. “I know you know about Ghost Station. Lying gets people nothing but distrust. It makes me think you have other reasons for wanting to come aboard my vessel. Which we both know is
, and she holds the keys to the station. Your people have already sent someone to try to take the station by force and in the process almost got my sister killed. I’m not too happy and will be speaking to someone about that little incident. You also know I am who I say I am, and you know I have the right to approach Euthara. If by some wild chance you really don’t, know let me show you my proof.” Jon reached out and took Deatra’s hand and moved her into the picture.

“Admiral Mequa,” Deatra said. “How is your mother?”

“Princess,” Mequa said. “I… um, my mother is fine. I didn’t know you were aboard.”

“Really, you didn’t have any clue?” Deatra said. “Maybe I should speak to the Fleet Admiral about how your memory is slipping. It might be time for you to retire if you’re forgetting your training and losing control of your crew. I’m pretty sure according to custom I did send a transmission of my coming visit.”

“I didn’t receive it,” Mequa said. “And I haven’t seen any such transmissions.”

“Don’t all transmissions pass through your ship as it is the flagship?” Deatra said.

Jon was taking mental notes on how Deatra was laying a trap for Mequa. He smiled slightly inside as he watched her careful manipulation.

“Yes, they do, and I’m saying I’ve seen no such transmission,” Mequa said. He was fidgeting slightly now as he worked to get himself out of the spot he was in.

“So, what you’re telling me is you are losing control of your ship and what happens on it?” Deatra said as she crossed her arms and fixing him a hard stare.

“I… uh,” Mequa said.

“Perhaps you should look over those records again, Admiral,” Deatra said as she raised an eyebrow.

“Yes, certainly, as soon as I get a chance I’ll…” Mequa said.

“No, you’ll do it now so we can resolve our current situation,” Deatra said as she pointed at the screen. “You’ll also give my bondmate, soon to be the heir to the throne, proper recognition. As long as I’m around I’ll not let him be stepped on by anyone. Do I make myself clear?”

Mequa bowed as he spoke, “Yes, your Highness.”

Jon finally spoke up, “I have a question for you, Admiral.”

“Yes?” Mequa said as he locked Jon with a stare.

Deatra glared daggers at Mequa as she frowned at him.

“Excuse me?” Jon said. “How did you just address me?”

Mequa lost color in his face as he realized his mistake.

Deatra raised her hand and pointed at the screen as she spoke, “Guards, confine Admiral Mequa to his quarters until he learns some manners. When you do that, Admiral, you may contact me, and then we can talk about your being reinstated. Until then, you will sit and think about how to act around my bondmate.”

Two guards dressed in combat armor escorted a protesting Mequa from the bridge as a younger Eutharan wearing Commander's insignia stepped into view. “I’m second in command of the Ha’ith, acting Captain Aneoi. Maybe I can answer your question, your Highness.”

“'Acting Captain' that is rather presumptuous of you, Commander,” Deatra said icily.

“I'm sorry Princess I did not mean to infer-” said Aneoi apologetically

“Glad to hear it, Commander, see that you don't misinterpret my orders in the future,” Deatra said interrupting Aneoi mid-sentence.

“Right! Now that is cleared up, I wanted to know what took you so long to respond to our presence in system?” Jon said. “Had we been an attacking fleet it would have been over before you got here.”

“The fleet is spread thin,” Aneoi said. “I believe you have the Titan at Ghost Station, if the reports are correct. We have two carriers in the next system over and two battleship class vessels out on a ranged patrol.”

Jon raised an eyebrow in question as he spoke, “That’s it? That’s your fleet?”

“Yes M’lord,” Aneoi said.

Jon glanced at Deatra who nodded in response and then he turned his eyes back to Aneoi as he spoke, “Why so small?”

“Actually, the fleet is very large,” Aneoi said.

“How so? I wouldn’t call six ships very large,” Jon said.

“We have over two hundred vessels in our fleet,” Aneoi said. “These are just the remaining ships that are functioning.”

“I’m confused,” Jon said as he reached up and rubbed his forehead. “You have over two hundred vessels but you only have six operational? How is that possible?”

“That is correct, the rest are in dry dock needing repairs or have been salvaged to make the ones we have, functional,” Aneoi said. “We also lack the crew for the other ships, the ones we might be able to get back up and running that is.”

“Why are you not training crews from your population to crew these ships?” Jon said. “At the very least, the ones you can put into service right away?”

“Uh, well that is a complicated issue,” Aneoi said.

Jon shook his head in disbelief at what he was hearing. “Atlantis.”

BOOK: Euthara
7.82Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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