Evening Primrose (Devil's Hornets MC Book 2)

BOOK: Evening Primrose (Devil's Hornets MC Book 2)

This is a work of fiction. Any names, characters, places, and incidents are products of the author's imagination or are used fictitiously and are not to be construed as real. Any resemblance to actual events, locales, organizations, or persons--living or dead--is entirely coincidental.


Evening Primrose copyright @ 2015 by Kathryn Thomas. All rights reserved. No part of this book may be used or reproduced in any manner whatsoever without written permission except in the case of brief quotations embedded in critical articles or reviews.


Book 2 of the
Devil’s Hornets MC





“Are you just going to stare at me or are we going to make the most of this time together?” Jack Storm asked as Natalie Harper draped herself across the bed of one of the biggest drug dealers in the city. If you’d have asked her 3 months ago when she was attacked by an addict looking for money for his next fix, she would have sworn that she’d never have anything to do with a drug dealer. It would be like the past repeating itself. Her father was in the same line of business and was gone for as long as she could remember, but here she was happily engaging with one of the city’s biggest dealers.


“I was just waiting for you to dry off and enjoying the show while I did.” Even after the many times they’d snuck off to be together, she hadn’t gotten tired of just looking at his big, sexy body or running her hands through his thick hair.


“Watching is good I suppose, but I’m not going to be able to stay long tonight, so this will have to last us. Come over here and dry me off.” Jack held out the towel to her, and he reminded her of a model who was selling hygiene products. Looking the way he did with those sexy eyes that had all the colors represented, he’d sell out whatever product he stood behind.


It was great that she found out what he did because they were definitely more comfortable around each other, but that only meant she worried when he wasn’t with her. He was a part of The Devil’s Hornets, a motorcycle club that ran the city, but she knew that there were rivals and she knew there was danger. As a flower shop owner, danger wasn’t really part of her vocabulary, but she’d gotten to know Jack before she knew how he paid his bills and was hooked. He was attentive, attractive, and affluent. Even though him having money wasn’t something she cared about, it was nice to go out with a man where she didn’t have to worry if he could pay his portion of the check.


She slid off the bed and walked over to him. Within the last few months, she’d gotten very comfortable in her own skin. Being told she was beautiful on a regular basis had given her things she didn’t know she was missing. He handed her the towel, and she walked around him like she was trying to figure out which area to work on first. In reality, she just liked being next to the man who was like a human furnace and she’d learned that he liked a bit of anticipated build up during sexual situations.


Stopping behind him on her second time around, she noticed how still he stood. He’d done some preliminary swipes with the towel so his chest was partially dry, but the beaded drops of water that covered his back side called for her mouth. Bending over so she could start at the base of his spine she slowly licked from the bottom to right between his shoulder blades. Even with his hot shower and hotter body temperature, the cool beads filled her mouth and satisfied one thirst but ramped up another. The deep groan she’d heard from him filled her with a sense of decadence. It was like she got her batteries charged as he filled her with power. She loved how sexy he always made her feel with even the simplest things.


Drying off his back with the high quality absorbent towel, she dried his back and legs before she moved to the front to dry him off and make him crazy.


“Are we in the mood to tease tonight?” He said when she faced him.


“Maybe.” Looking into his eyes was hypnotic, and she’d bet he knew it. He was making it hard to remember what she was talking about.


“Well do your worst, Natalie, because you know I like to give you at least double of what you give me.”


Rubbing the towel over his chest, arms, and shoulders while he talked at least helped her stretch a bit this morning. Having a boyfriend who was so much taller than her was fun. She liked that when she stretched arms up really high or bent over to dry his legs his conversation would stall.


“Is that a threat?” She teased and tried but failed to keep a straight face.


He caught her chin between his thumb and pointer finger as he directed her face toward his. “That is an absolute guarantee.”


She knew he was going to kiss her and as much as she wanted that, she knew she wanted to take things into her own hands, or mouth as the case may be. Dropping to her knees in front of him, she could tell he was surprised as he let go of her face with little problem. Making sure his legs and feet were dry was a priority. She liked to do a thorough job; whether that was how she ran her shop or a blow job she took pride in her work.


His thick, hard cock jutted out in front of him, and she bumped it with her face a few times as she was completing the task he’d set for her. The quick hitch in his breathing alerted her to the increased arousal he must be experiencing. She messed around for a few more seconds wondering how much longer it would take him to demand something more. She loved his demanding ways almost as she loved watching him try to curb those instincts, but she was tired of playing.


Natalie opened wide and took as much of Jack’s cock in as she could, and it seemed to almost level him. Good. He rocked her world almost every time he saw her and rarely did he allow her to do the same. It was probably the control factor of the situation. Jack didn’t like to release control very often. Whether that was because of his work choice or because of other things she didn’t know, but when he came he liked it to be because he was fucking his cock deep into her pussy not because she was fucking him. Generally it wasn’t a problem, but she wanted him to know how much she liked what he did to her, and she knew if he would just let it go he would enjoy losing control every once in a while too.


“Hungry this evening?” He’d kept his hands to himself, but his question turned her on, and she sucked on the head with a bit more pressure.


She added her hand to pump his shaft thinking that if she could just get him hot and bothered to the point of not caring she could do this all herself. Should it matter if he got there by her methods or if he took control and fucked his throbbing cock into her mouth? It shouldn’t, but it did. The fact that she loved when he took control wasn’t even a part of this.


Humming her confirmation of his assessment, she continued her mission to fill her mouth with the product of her works. She moved her other hand up to cup his ass and couldn’t help squeezing it. His body was a work of art, but whoever made him made his back side one that looked great in and out of a pair of jeans. Deeper and deeper she worked him into her mouth and was rewarded with sweet pre cum and the way he rocked his hips so he could get more fully into her mouth.


He touched her cheek, and she looked up to see what intel she could gather by the expression on his face. Poker face she liked to call him, but now he was more open. Not quite an open book, but more than he usually gave away.


“You enjoy sucking cock don’t you? You’re humping the air as your little pussy wants to be tasted or filled.”


She shook her head with his cock still in her mouth, and he cringed.




“It didn’t hurt. I just didn’t expect the shaking of your head to feel so good.” He grabbed his cock and fed it into her mouth.


Not that watching him handle his cock wasn’t sexy as hell, because she’d asked him to masturbate for her a few times just to see how he liked his cock worked over, but when she jolted him she must have broken the spell that was going to let her have her way with him. He had gone back to his normal routine and taken back any control she thought she had.


However, she’d been pushed off of his cock except for her mouth; she was going to make up for it in other ways. Running her fingernails up the inside of his thighs and lightly stroking his balls was as big of a thrill for her as it seemed to be for him. She loved watching his abs quiver a bit as he took in all of the stimulation he was receiving. It made her open wider to receive him, and he fed her more and more of what she wanted.


“Let me fill your pussy, baby,” he said as they stared at each other, but she grabbed his ass and moved him to pump harder into her mouth. “You want to taste me, huh?”


Just the words that he was uttering seemed to make him excited, but she didn’t want to nod and break what they had going, so she was glad that her nonverbal command was understood. She lightly pulled at the balls that were now tight against his body and then he let go of his cock. The hand he placed on the back of her head wasn’t strict or tight, but she could feel the determination and strength in his hand. She’d awakened the beast, and that was what she’d wanted. He took turns switching from pumping his thickness into her mouth and bringing her head towards him all while he hummed and softly groaned his pleasure. She wondered if he knew he made such pussy moistening, clit throbbing sounds when he was getting close to orgasm himself.


“Last chance, babe.” He was getting so close, his voice shook a bit when he talked. The man was in control almost to the very end. She answered his question with deeper harder sucks on the turgid organ that filled her mouth. That he could stand up while his body jerked uncontrollably was impressive, and as her mouth was filled with his salty gift again and again, she couldn’t help the moan that escaped her.


Pulled up from the floor with a force that made her chuckle, she wondered where this man got so much energy. She’d questioned if he used any of the illegal substances he sold, because although she never thought she’d have deep feelings for a drug dealer, all bets were off if he was a user. That one of their dates after her questions led her to a clinic where they were both tested showed that he knew how much that meant to her, and he had upped the respect she had for him once more.





He kissed her like he needed her to breathe, and she clung on to him so fiercely it should have scared her.


She found herself thrown on the bed and he was between her legs before she could find the air to utter another word.


“You’re not the only one who likes to start the day with a good meal,” he said staring down at how wet she was, and she was close to bringing her legs together. It’s funny that she’d pranced around the room and sucked him off fully naked, but when he stared at her like she was a delightful treat, she still got shy.


She looked away, and although it was unintentional, she must have closed her thighs together a little.


“Don’t you even think of hiding all your sticky wetness from me.” Jack opened her legs so that she felt like a chicken opened for feasting, but the licking started before she could get out a word of complaint.


Natalie didn’t know what kind of man she had been dating before… no, that’s not true. She knew exactly what kinds of men. The ones who wanted to treat her like a doll, the ones that didn’t realize she liked to be handled a bit and she liked to handle a guy herself. That included biting, scratching, and sometimes a bit of play time struggle, and Jack could do all that with the best of them. He didn’t let her shy away from things that made her uncomfortable, but she also knew that he knew what she liked.


There were times when his warm, wet mouth would lick her from the top to the bottom going so slow she would scream and other times going so fast she could barely catch her breath and had to grab his hair to hold on for the ride. What he was doing to her was somewhere in the middle. He was kissing and licking her pussy lips like he was kissing her mouth but then he took a few moments to draw her clit into his mouth and pulse it a few times. He was inventive when it came to new ways to get her off, and he hadn’t seemed to run out of ideas.


She could feel her core tightening, and she bucked up into his face while holding on to his ears. The noise that filled her ears was a mixture of her blood rushing through her body and the loud yelling that had to be coming from her mouth. Natalie used to watch porn movies and swear those women were all fakers, but after a few months with Jack she was a believer because she was loud as all hell.


She could feel that he moved next to her but she couldn’t settle herself down. It frustrated her that she lost all control while he kept himself together. Natalie was determined to play his game. Maybe when he saw her acting like an ice chip, it may make him think about his behavior… or maybe not. Who knew?


He took good care of her. Even now he was stroking her hair like she was his favorite pet and damned if she didn’t like that on some level. Her mother was a single mother, and although she was loving with her, Natalie was no pampered miss. Until she’d hooked up with Jack she’d gone to work and home on the bus and done everything else she had to do… all alone… by herself. She could take care of herself, and she’d done it for as long as she could remember, but she liked feeling adored and indulged.


Opening her eyes she enjoyed watching him watch her like he was sated and proud. It was a good look for him. There was something on her mind, and she knew he had to get ready to leave for work, but she wouldn’t be able to put it out of her mind and sleep if she didn’t say it.


“Do you ever think someone is watching us?” She wondered if he would take what she was saying seriously or think she was just playing around.


“I think people watch us all the time. How could they not? You’re gorgeous,” he leaned over and gave her one of those kisses that could grow to a full-fledged fuck session if they weren’t careful.


Pushing him softly, she looked into his eyes hoping that he would see how serious she was. “Thanks for the compliment, but I’m not talking about a casual onlooker. I’m talking about a bad presence. I know you take me far from town to eat and to go on our dates, but there are times I can feel someone watching.”


“Are you talking about when we’re together, or when you’re alone?” He was looking at her like he was at least considering what she was saying and that was more than she’d hoped he’d do.


“Both,” she answered honestly.


He sat up on the edge of the bed and then turned toward her. “Half of the time I’m shocked you’re still here. The first time you came here, my window exploded. That was more than most people would be able to take after learning what you did about me, but here you sit… naked.” The wicked smile almost pulled her away from what she was trying to say, but she stayed strong. Now she just needed to make sure he didn’t start his fingers doing anything because that was the surest way to get her to lose her mind and her train of thought.


“I’m glad that was just a boy with a baseball and a powerful arm and not something more menacing, but that isn’t what makes me think someone is watching us.” It was hard for her to explain because although she’d been noticing this for a long while, it wasn’t really strong. In the last few weeks, it was almost a constant feeling.


“I’ve been in this business for a long time, and I’ve kept myself pretty safe. Do you think I’d let something happen to you?” He stood up and went to the bathroom. When he returned a few minutes later, he had a warm cloth for her that he used to clean her up. She thought they would continue the conversation where they left off but it seemed like he was done with the topic and that wasn’t going to fly. She was a sweet girl, but she wasn’t a pushover. The pampered miss was new, but she was going to have to stand down for a sprinkle of her old self to emerge.


“This isn’t about challenging your ‘I’m a tough guy persona’ truly it’s not. I’m just really concerned about you and me.” She watched him put on his clothes, but when he didn’t say anything she walked over to where he was buttoning up his shirt. He always looked so nice when he went out — nothing like she’d expect a biker or a drug dealer would dress. Jack had told her it was to fly under the radar when he needed to, but a man who looked like him and had the powerful aura he seemed to have would probably be hard to pull off as well as he thought it did. Not that she was going to say that because he’d been doing well until now, so who was she to judge?


He finished messing with his clothes and turned to look at her. The heat in his gaze as he moved it down her body like he was trying to commit it to memory was as thrilling as the first time they’d almost had sex in her flower shop with the door unlocked.


“Don’t try to distract me with your smoldering looks and sexy body,” she said as she lifted up on her tip toes and hugged him.


“Now who’s trying to distract from the topic?” he said as he cupped her ass.


“Stop. You’re going to make me all hot and bothered and with you rubbing me all over your clothes you’re going to smell like sex.”


“And that’s a bad thing, because?” He tucked his face against her neck and placed sucking, nipping kisses against it. All he was doing was making her get him even more saturated with her scent.


She pushed him back, but she giggled a little thinking that everyone he met in the next hour or so would be aware of what he’d been doing.


“Listen. I get that you’re a bit spooked. It could be you’re not as comfortable as you think with my… occupation and you’re just upping your sensors. When I first got started in the business, I thought everyone was a cop or trying to bust me, but they weren’t. It was just my over active imagination.” He gave her one more kiss and grind, and she pushed away from him.


Natalie went back to sit on the bed. “So that’s it, huh? My imagination is getting the best of me?”


“I’ve been waiting for us to have our first fight so we can really knock it out of the park with make-up sex, but I really have to go.” It looked like he wanted her to smile, but she couldn’t oblige him. It was like he was belittling her thoughts, and that wasn’t cool. Yes she liked him a lot, but she had a mind, and he would have to respect that as well as he desired her.


“Then by all means, go. I don’t want to hold you back with the thoughts I have in my silly little head.”


He walked over to where she sat, and he pulled her up into his arms. “I don’t like having to leave you upset with me, and you know that’s not how I feel. How about we talk about it when I pick you up tomorrow?”


She knew he had to go, and she knew this was a really bad time to come to him with this. Something big was happening in a few days with him and his job, but she could never find a good time to talk about what was bothering her. “I’m not mad. Well, I’m not that mad, but I am concerned, and I want you to take me seriously. I do appreciate you trying to clear the air before we parted.”


He responded with a quick kiss on her mouth that was definitely ‘see you later’ fast.


“Stay safe, Jack, and bring that sexy bod back to me in the same condition you’re taking it out.” She didn’t know why she said that to him every night, but it was something that felt good to do. Like she was willing him to come back. She knew he enjoyed giving her what she wanted and she hoped that would help him come home at the end of the day.


“Will do my best.” He turned, waved, and was out the door.


She did the same thing she always did when he left: drew herself a nice bubble bath and tried to relax her body because her mind was on hyper speed. This thing with Jack was the most thrilling and wonderful experience she’d ever had, but somewhere in the back of her mind there was a niggling sense of fear. He was dealing drugs and anything could happen. He could get arrested, he could be shot or stabbed by a drug addict or another dealer, he could get in an explosion or a high speed chase. She did have a powerful imagination, but that didn’t mean she wasn’t right when it came to being watched. Like her mother always said ‘Even a broken clock is right twice a day.’


The bubbles grew higher and higher as she stared at them like they had the answers to the reasons she was so wary and paranoid. Turning off the water, she stepped into its warmth and tried to soak out the chill that was settling in her bones. That was it. She wasn’t watching Mystery TV; she knew what she knew, but those creepy shows weren’t helping. She sank deeper into the bubbles and tried to think good thoughts, but that just made her horny because good thoughts somehow always ended up with her thinking of Jack.


Cleaned, dried, lotioned, and settled into Jack’s California King bed, she’d have thought sleep would come quickly because of the increased activity that had come into her life… mainly sex, but it hadn’t. Lying in the dark, she tried to rationalize the times she thought she’d been watched into other reasons she could feel that way, but it wasn’t working. There was someone that had been following them, and the next time she felt it she would let Jack know.





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