Every Blissful Moment (Hyena Heat Book 4)

BOOK: Every Blissful Moment (Hyena Heat Book 4)
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Every Blissful Moment

Hyena Heat Four



By R. E. Butler



Copyright 2015 R. E. Butler






Every Blissful Moment (Hyena Heat Four)

By R. E. Butler


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Cover by
Valerie Tibbs


This ebook is a work of fiction.  Names, characters, places, and incidents are the product of the author’s imagination and not to be construed as real.  Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, events or locations is coincidental.

Disclaimer:  The material in this book is for mature audiences only and contains graphic sexual content and is intended for those older than the age of 18 only.


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I’d like to thank Alexis Arendt at
Word Vagabond
for editing the story.

Many thanks to Mandy Pederick at
The Picky Bitch
for her editing help.

Thanks to Shelley for beta-reading.

To my bestie Joyce…thank you for everything.

To my Aunt B. L. and my husband, B. B., I love you both.






Every Blissful Moment (Hyena Heat Four)

By R. E. Butler



Non-shifting wolf Bliss Roberts imagined the most exciting thing in her future would be her honeymoon with her three gorgeous hyena husbands.  She never expected them to get lost in the mountains on the way home and stumble upon a young owl shifter being forced to mate with a much older male.  When Bliss helps the girl escape, her people demand that Bliss and her husbands become the evening’s pleasure sacrifice instead.

Memphis Gable and his brothers Lincoln and Rome knew their wife was a spitfire with a wounded heart, but they didn’t expect to have to defend her to a group of deadly owl shifters.  To protect her, they’ll give the owls just a taste of the passion they share with their bride.  When Bliss accidentally drinks too much of an aphrodisiac, the hyena clan’s good intentions may be overwhelmed by her out-of-control lust.  Can they keep a lid on their sweetheart’s passion, or will the owls demand everything they have to give?

It wouldn’t be a Hyena Heat novel without scorching m/f/m/m sex, three males who would strip naked in a heartbeat to save their mate, and the sweet woman who has claimed their hearts.  This book contains a young woman in need of rescuing, dangerous owl shifters who glow when they’re turned on, mating, claiming, growled obscenities, and frequent use of the word ‘mine.’





Chapter 1


Bliss Roberts rolled over, stifling a groan as the activities of the last twenty-four hours made her whole body ache.  She’d never run a marathon, but making love to her three hyena shifter mates several times over the course of their mating night made her wonder if runners felt as worn-out as she did at that moment.

She rubbed at her eyes, exhaustion plucking at her, and stared at the ceiling.  They were in a bedroom in her mates’ parents’ home in Ocean City, Maryland.  The hyenas had a tradition that after they met their mate, they spent twenty-four hours locked up together in a den, where they did nothing but mark her and have sex.  They’d been staying there for a week, since the brothers had brought her with them from the
in Pennsylvania, where they’d met.

Lincoln slipped his hands under her aching body and lifted her as he stood.  She looped her arms around his neck and yawned.

“Sleepy, love?”  He chuckled in that lascivious way that men will, when they know they’ve worn their woman out.

“Not at all,” she said, yawning a second time.

Memphis pulled aside a panel of black fabric that hung from the ceiling and opened the bathroom door, turning on the light.  She closed her eyes against the brightness and buried her face in Lincoln’s neck.

Rome joined them, turning on the faucet in the large bathtub and testing the water with his hand.  Lincoln leaned against the counter but didn’t set her down.  “You can put me down if you want,” she said.  Her voice was hoarse; all the screaming and moaning in pleasure had taken its toll.

“Never,” he said with a soft growl.

Rome closed the tub drain and moved to a small closet from which he pulled out several towels.

“Was this one of your rooms growing up?” she asked.

“It was mine,” Memphis said.  The bedroom was on the second floor of the large home.

“What are you thinking about, sweetheart?”  Memphis asked, turning and leaning his hip on the long marble counter.

“That a lot of good things came from the

was an annual get-together of unmated hyenas.  Her bestie, Whisper, was their biological sister, but she had been kidnapped as a toddler and had only just reconnected with them at the
.  Whisper had been raised in a wolf pack in Beyton, New Jersey where Bliss and her parents were pack members.    Whisper’s adopted father was Mack, the alpha, and he had pushed Whisper to go to the
and connect with hyenas.  She’d brought along her adopted brothers, Kross and Kayne, who were also wolves, and Bliss, who was a full wolf but couldn’t shift.  Whisper found her biological brothers, who happened to also be Bliss’s mates.

Memphis leaned over and kissed her gently on the lips.  “I’d definitely agree with that.”

“Bring our sweetheart over here,” Rome said as he stepped over the high edge of the tub, already halfway full of water.  Although the tub was big, her mates were also big guys and she wasn’t sure that they’d all fit.  An image of the four of them stuck in the tub flashed through her mind and she grinned.

“We’ll clean up and then go to bed,” Link said as he set her down in the tub.  The almost too-hot water made her body shriek in relief.

“Both of those things sound really good,” she admitted.  She settled in the tub, her mates joining her.  They didn’t just sit there and soak — each of them began to wash her body.  Memphis washed her hair, his fingers lightly digging into her scalp in a massaging motion that made her eyes roll back in her head.  Link used a washcloth and body wash that smelled like cherry blossoms to soap her upper body.  Rome grinned sinfully as he planted one of her feet on his chest and began to use the same body wash to clean the rest of her.

As her mates took care of her, her mind rolled to their family.  Her mates’ parents – Calvin, Oliver, Jonathan, and Lena – were amazing.  They were so sweet and loving, and immediately accepting of her even though she was a genetic freak.  Bliss had never heard of a wolf who couldn’t shift before, and she hated that part of herself.  She’d rather be a human, like her other best friend Angel, than a wolf who wasn’t a real wolf.  She felt the pull of the full moon like any other wolf, but she couldn’t do anything about it except run through the woods like a lunatic, which she hadn’t done since she was a teenager.  All the full moons represented to her now were nights when her mind wanted to do wolfy things but her body wasn’t having any of it.

Her strict upbringing hadn’t helped either.  Her parents kept a tight leash on her throughout high school, and if it hadn’t been for Whisper and Angel, she’d probably have gone completely crazy.  When she met her mates during the
gathering —
who’d been following the sound of Whisper’s voice because it sounded exactly like their mom — she’d felt a part of herself connect completely with them.  The wolf inside her, no matter how weak it actually was, felt content for the first time.  There was something very ancient in that feeling, which she couldn’t really explain.  It was as if her wolf was finally happy now because she’d found strong mates who could protect her.

While her mates and their family accepted her, her own parents did not accept the changes in her life.  Bliss and her mates had left the
and come to Ocean City together, rather than going back to her home in Beyton, because she didn’t want to face her parents just yet.  When she’d called them, it hadn’t surprised her that they rejected her mating, called her terrible, hurtful names, and said she wasn’t welcome in their home anymore.  Memphis had suggested she give them some time and then go to Beyton for her birthday at the end of the month.  He was hopeful that they’d change their minds once they had time to mull things over.  She didn’t want to spoil his upbeat outlook, but she was certain that her parents meant it when they said she wasn’t welcome.

She shook off her unpleasant thoughts and focused on the hands on her body.  Lincoln’s fingers were big and calloused, and she could easily remember them sliding into her body, teasing and preparing her.  Rome’s lathered hands massaged her calf, and she groaned softly, letting her head fall back against Memphis’s shoulder.

“Careful, sweetheart,” Memphis said, growling softly.  “We’re not doing anything but cleaning up.”

She sniffed.  “I’m not the one doing all the sexy touching.  If you don’t want me to get all horny, then don’t do that.”

Lincoln rubbed her nipple with the cloth, several times more than necessary.  “You’re tempting.”

She smiled at him.  “You are, too.”

Memphis growled sharply, and their light touching stopped.  “Let’s not push our sweetheart, guys.  She’s sore and tired, and we’re not being good mates.”

Her other two mates looked sheepish, and she chuckled.  After rinsing off, she got out of the tub while they cleaned themselves up.  Rubbing her long, dark hair with a towel, she looked at herself in the mirror over the sink.  Her brown eyes were ringed with dark circles, and her skin, pink from the bath, was bruised in places where they’d held her tightly.  She’d had a few lovers over the years, but she’d never had a workout quite like this one.  Every part of her ached, and the longer she stared at herself, the more tired she grew.

Lincoln turned her to face him, his dark, shoulder-length hair plastered to his neck.  Taking the towel from her, he began to pat her skin dry.  Lincoln was the middle brother and the protector of their clan.  His body was a study in masculinity, from his thick neck to his broad shoulders and the sculpted abs that made her mouth water.

Each hyena clan had three members.  The oldest was always the leader, the one who made the final decisions for their family.  Memphis was their leader.  Lincoln, as the protector, was the one who made sure that everyone in the clan was safe, especially her.  She knew that when they had kids eventually, although all her mates would be good fathers, Lincoln would be the most protective, the most concerned with their safety.

Rome, the youngest, was the caretaker.  He did all the little things that meant so much to her; fixed her favorite foods, made sure she was comfortable and happy.  They all took such good care of her, and she would’ve been lucky to have even one of them care about her separately, but she had three mates.  That made her the luckiest woman ever.

Her heart swelled as the three of them surrounded her.  Memphis took over gently drying her skin, as Lincoln used some kind of minty balm on her marks.  He said it would help them heal, and she trusted him.  She had three mating marks on her skin; two on either side of her neck from Memphis and Rome, and one on the inside of her thigh from Lincoln.  His fingers massaged her skin gently, and then he scooped some more of the balm onto his index finger and reached between her legs.  She couldn’t stop her moan as he began to rub her anus with it.  It stung at first, but the balm made the pain ease quickly, the burn of where she’d been penetrated sliding away into a deliciously numb feeling.

Memphis cupped her face and kissed her. “You’re so sexy, Bliss.  How’d we get lucky enough to have a mate like you?”

She gripped his wrists with her hands and smiled.  “I’m the lucky one.”

Lincoln kissed her navel, then straightened from where he’d been crouched in front of her.  He washed his hands as Memphis swung her up into his arms.  “Ready for bed?”

She nodded, her jaw cracking as she yawned.  Memphis carried her out of the den, which was really a bedroom that had been made to look like a cave.  Dark panels of thick fabric had been hung from the ceiling to block out any natural light from the windows, and a mattress had been placed on the floor and covered with a dark sheet.  There hadn’t been anything else in the space with them but electric candles to provide dim lighting, a cooler with bottled water and sports drinks, and a small box with condoms and lubricant.  Their parents had thankfully left the house, promising to give them privacy until the next morning, so walking naked down the hallway from the den to the next bedroom wasn’t an issue.

“Tomorrow morning our parents will be back, and we can figure out what to do next,” Memphis said as he set her in the center of a large bed.  She wiggled under the covers and turned toward Rome as he settled next to her.  Having three mates meant that one of them wasn’t able to be next to her while they slept; they seemed to rotate nights so that they each got a chance to hold her.

She thought about her feelings for them as Memphis curled around her back and kissed her neck.  They’d only been together for two weeks; it was far too early for her to say that she loved them, but there was a part of her that was already falling for them.  They were amazing – sexy and caring, honest and protective.  She’d never felt so connected to anyone before, let alone three males at the same time.

She decided not to mention it yet, though.  What could she say, anyway? 
I like you guys a lot?
  They already knew that, and she knew that they cared for her too.  Still, it was important to her that they knew she cared for them.  She opened her mouth to say something, but then heard Rome breathing deeply in sleep and decided to follow suit.  Letting her thoughts wander, she drifted off, content in her mates’ arms.


BOOK: Every Blissful Moment (Hyena Heat Book 4)
12.11Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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