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BOOK: Every Blissful Moment (Hyena Heat Book 4)
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“We’re on Lake Hevern in Pennsylvania.  The mountains you can see are called the Twin River Mountains.  There are two rivers that run through them, though at this time of year they’re probably frozen over.  There are other cabins around the lake, but we have plenty of privacy, which is what we wanted,” Memphis said.

“I love it,” she said, turning around.  “It’s perfect.”

Her mates smiled broadly, and she knew they were happy she liked what they’d chosen for her.  She sat back down on the couch and watched them finish setting up.  The curtains over the windows were heavy enough to block out most of the morning sunlight, but it was still fairly light in the room.

“It feels weird to be in daylight indoors, because of the den,” she said, popping the last bite of cinnamon roll into her mouth and finishing her coffee.

“Normally clans don’t get married in winter for that reason, but we wanted to marry you as soon as possible,” Lincoln said.

She looked down at the four rings they’d given her.  The first three, worn on her right middle and ring fingers and her left middle finger, were their engagement rings.  Each was unique; Memphis’s was a single diamond, Rome’s was a rose-gold ring with diamond swirls on top, and Lincoln’s had a heart made of tiny diamonds.  The wedding band was her favorite, though – an eternity band made up of four rows of small round diamonds.  Both her hands sparkled.

Her mates hadn’t gotten wedding rings from her, because they’d already had the ring fingers on both hands tattooed with bands.  It was a hyena tradition; the band on their left hand symbolized their commitment to her, and the one on their right was their commitment to the clan and their family.  She liked her sparkly rings, and she was glad that the females didn’t have to get tattoos.

“Come here, sweet thing,” Lincoln said, growling softly.  “Your mates have missed you.”

Her heart skipped a beat as she stood.  Being without them the night before their wedding had been hard.  Even though she’d had fun staying up late with Whisper and Angel, there hadn’t been a minute that went by when she didn’t miss her men.

“I missed you, too,” she said.

Memphis cupped her face, staring down at her with desire swirling in his caramel eyes.  When he looked at her so intensely, she felt like she’d combust.  No one had ever made her feel as loved and cherished – as desired – as her mates.  “I love you, Bliss.”  The simple but powerful words made her eyes sting.

“I love you, too.”

He smiled in a slow way that made her skin tingle, and lowered his head until their mouths met.  She felt his tongue run along the seam of her lips and she opened, loving the taste of him.  Their tongues slid together in a way that always made her toes curl; it was new and old at the same time, familiar but edged with excitement.  Someone touched the zipper on the back of her dress and the sound of it sliding down filled the room, making goosebumps rise on her skin.  She felt Lincoln’s calloused hands on her waist as he held her steady so she could step free of the dress that Rome held.  Lincoln’s hands squeezed her waist, his thumbs rubbing circles on her back.  He kissed her shoulder and pulled her back against him with a soft growl.

Memphis eased away from their drugging kiss and smiled at her.  His fingertips ghosted down her throat, touching the place he’d marked her for a brief moment before brushing over her collarbone and then lower, over the swell of her breasts.  Rome joined them, and she turned her head and met his mouth as he kissed her hungrily.  She heard Memphis undressing, and wanted to watch, but she was soon lost in the kiss.

Her pink lace bra loosened.  She tried to pull away from Rome so she could help her mates shed their clothes and her own, but he wouldn’t let her go.  She found herself lost to his kiss, to the sweet stroke of his tongue against hers until every inch of her mouth felt claimed and the heady taste of him filled her.

Lincoln kissed down her back slowly.  She heard clothes being tossed to the floor behind her, and she knew he was stripping, too.  She felt him move to his knees, hooking his fingers in her panties and pulling them down her legs.  Although the fire crackled noisily, the air in the cabin was still a little chilly, and she shivered.  With a groan, Rome lifted from her mouth.  “Love you, baby,” he whispered hoarsely.

“Love you, too,” she answered.

His thumbs stroked along her jaw as he gazed at her.  Her sweetest mate, the one who thought of her first in everything, looked like a beast on the prowl, ready to devour her.

Lincoln kissed her lower back and her butt cheeks and she giggled as his fingers trailed lightly up the outside of her thighs.  Rome stripped and she found herself naked between her three sexy mates, without a stitch of clothing on any of them.

Memphis cupped his hands high on her torso, his thumbs resting just underneath her breasts.  “We’re married now.”

“I know,” she said, smiling.

“Our first time as husbands and wife, love – how do you want us?”

She loved that he asked, that he didn’t just assume.  She knew she could have anything she wanted right now; even if she said she wanted to go to sleep, they’d comply, regardless of how turned on they were.  They’d never force her or bully her into doing something she didn’t want to or wasn’t ready for.

“I want all of you together, the way we were on our mating night.”  She’d never have guessed that she’d like anal sex, or having four-way sex with her mates.  She and Whisper had giggled about having three husbands when they first learned that hyenas multiple-mated.  She’d been freaked out a bit at first – her mates were all well-endowed, after all – but they’d been amazing, and their mating time had left her wanting more.  Since then they’d made love frequently, but never again as a foursome, and she wanted that now.

Memphis growled softly.  “We were hoping you’d say that.”  He turned her, pulling her back against his chest until she was facing Lincoln, who knelt on the floor.  He gazed up the length of her body, and she saw lust and passion flaring in the depths of his eyes.  He thought she was sexy, and she felt that way when he looked at her like this – like he could eat her up.

He wrapped his hand around her knee and lifted it, moving closer and hooking her leg over his shoulder.  He leaned in, kissing her navel, and she shivered.  Memphis held her tight, his arms around her, keeping her close.  Lincoln kissed her, cupping one of her breasts with his warm hand, and Memphis nuzzled her, kissing a slow path from behind her ear to her shoulder and back again.  She loved when they all touched her at the same time.

Her heel dug into Lincoln’s back as he parted her sex with his tongue and stroked her folds.  She moaned into Rome’s mouth.  He closed his finger and thumb around her nipple and put pressure on the bud, sending shivers of delight through her.  Lincoln put his hands on her butt and pulled her against his mouth.  His tongue delved inside her with a throaty growl.

Memphis cupped her other breast as his teeth sank lightly into her shoulder.  Lincoln’s hands held her cheeks firmly as he tongued her core, her stomach tightening as pleasure bloomed inside her.  Nipping her lower lip, Rome pulled from their kiss and bent down, kissing her nipple before sucking it into his mouth.  She reached for Lincoln as his tongue stroked over her clit, lapping at the bud with firm strokes.  Sinking her hand into his long hair, she fisted the strands and tugged him close.

He growled as he sucked her clit into his mouth, making her moan as her eyes closed in pleasure.  His hand slipped forward and his thumb sank inside her pussy as he sucked deeply, his tongue wiggling over the tip of her clit until her stomach began to clench and pleasure sang in her veins.

Moaning loudly, she let her head fall back against Memphis’s shoulder as one of Lincoln’s fingertips pressed against her anus with just enough pressure to send her over the edge.  She groaned all of their names as her body coiled and released with a flood of heat.  Lincoln eased the pressure on her clit and pulled his hands from her body.  With a kiss to her sensitive clit, he chuckled.  She lifted her head, blinking through the haze of pleasure, and saw him stretch out on his back.  “Come here, sweet thing,” he said, the words growly and low.

Rome released her nipple with a wet pop and grinned as Memphis helped her straddle Lincoln’s thick thighs.  She reached for his cock, squeezing his hard length for just a moment before she eased herself onto it.  No matter how many times they made love, she still relished the feeling of that first penetration, when the cock entering her would stretch and fill her.  Her body clenched around him as she settled completely, their bodies wed tightly together.

Memphis stood, moving next to her.  As Rome knelt behind her, straddling Lincoln’s legs, she first leaned forward and captured Lincoln’s lips.  She’d been thoroughly kissed by two of her three mates, and she wanted to kiss them all.  She loved how Lincoln immediately sank his fingers into her hair and pulled her closer.  His hips shifted up and she clutched his sides with her knees as their tongues dueled.  She gasped into his mouth when she felt the slightly cool touch of lubricant against her anus as Rome began to prepare her.  Lincoln chuckled as he let her pull away from the kiss.  “Gonna make you come, sweet thing,” he whispered.  “Come hard on my cock and take me with you.”

“Lincoln,” she whispered, her pussy clenching at his hot words.  She stared down at him, at the corded muscles of his neck and the way his eyes were bright with passion.  Her nails dug into his chest, and she eased her hold on him, wiggling as Rome pushed a finger inside her.  Lincoln’s broad, muscular chest tightened under her hands as she shivered from head to toe.

“You keep wiggling on me and I’m going to shoot before we get going,” he warned, his eyes dancing.  Glancing at Memphis, he said, “You better distract her.”

“How about you use that beautiful mouth on me, love?”

Eagerly, she sat up enough to kiss the hot head of Memphis’s cock.  The velvety-soft skin brushed against her lips, and she opened them, licking up the drop of pre-come that eased from the tip.  She loved the taste of him, earthy and slightly salty.  She grasped the base of his cock with one hand and took him into her mouth, groaning as Rome added a second, slippery finger inside her.  She could feel Lincoln’s cock twitching and knew he could feel her body responding to Rome’s touch.  She focused on Memphis; her tongue danced along the ridge of his thick cock, finding the vein that ran underneath as she took him deeply into her mouth.  She moved on him, eager to taste his release and hear him groan his pleasure.

A third finger entered her and she squeezed her eyes shut at the sensation, freezing for a moment until the slight burn eased and turned to warm pleasure.  Shifting her hips, she spread her legs a little further apart so she wasn’t hugging Lincoln’s body so tightly.  Lincoln twined his fingers with those on her free hand and helped support her.  She began to tremble as Rome’s fingers left her and the familiar sound of a condom being torn open filled the air.

Memphis tapped her jaw and she opened her eyes and met his gaze.  “Look at me, love.”

Rome fit the head of his cock against her opening and the slick lubricant made her shiver.  She didn’t take her eyes off Memphis as Rome pushed inside her.  She wanted to close her eyes and just
, but she also wanted to do what Memphis asked.  Holding his gaze made the experience even more intense as Rome pressed into her, his hands digging into her skin as he groaned.  Memphis flexed his hips and she grinned around her mouthful, sucking on him as her mates began to move in tandem in her body.  Lincoln, growling in relief, sank deeply into her pussy and pulled almost entirely out, as Rome moved in and out of her ass with slow, deep strokes.

When Lincoln’s thumb latched onto her clit, she couldn’t help but close her eyes, losing herself in the sensations of being filled three ways and pleasured beyond belief.  Her pussy began to clench rhythmically as her climax thundered down on her, and she groaned loudly around Memphis’s cock as it throbbed in her mouth.  He came first, his whole body tensing as he groaned her name.  She swallowed his come, eagerly sucking on him as first Lincoln and then Rome came inside her.  Rome shouted, his hands digging hard into her flesh as Lincoln growled.

Rome wrapped his arms around her and when she released Memphis’s cock, he hugged her.  He kissed her throat, then pushed her forward gently until she was resting on Lincoln, his cock slipping from her.  Rome eased from her body and disappeared into the bathroom to dispose of the condom, returning a moment later with a warm, wet cloth which he used to clean her body.

BOOK: Every Blissful Moment (Hyena Heat Book 4)
13.49Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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