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Authors: Jenna Byrnes

Tags: #Erotic Romance Fiction

Fahey's Flaw (10 page)

Chuckling, Reilly leaned over the sofa. “Go for it, man. Lube and rubbers to your left. I’m yours for the taking.” He wiggled his bare butt.

Wynn growled and rolled a condom into place, then greased his shaft and his lover’s tight hole. The outer ring clutched as he tried to force his way past it, so he slowed down a beat and gave it a proper stretching. He was anxious, but he’d never want to hurt Reilly because he couldn’t control himself.

He slipped one finger into the tight channel and drew it from side to side.

Reilly squirmed under the treatment.

Smiling, Wynn added a second finger to the hole and pressed it inside. The two together made a delicious slapping sound as he pumped them in and out.

“I’m good,” Reilly murmured.

“I know you are, lover. But I’m just gonna make sure.” He added a third finger and pushed them all in as deep as his knuckles allowed. With a sharp in-and-out motion, he poked the ass a few times, using firm, hard jabs.

A low moan escaped from Reilly.

Wynn knew he was nearly ready.

Using four fingers in the shape of a cone, he wedged his hand into the fluttering hole. He never ceased to be amazed at how something that small could stretch to accept multiple fingers—or a nice, thick cock—then go back to normal soon after. He’d seen videos of guys fisting one another, carefully inserting an entire fist into someone’s ass, and it intrigued him. He doubted he’d ever try it, though. Wynn knew for a fact he didn’t possess that much patience. Prepping Reilly as he’d just done was about as much time as he wanted to spend. He was ready for the main event. His throbbing cock was more than ready.

He eased his hand out and nudged the tip of his cock to Reilly’s ass. “Enough stretching. Here we go, baby.”

“I thought you’d never finish. Let’s do it!” His lover clutched the sofa for purchase.

Pressing forward, he slid his cock in until it was fully seated and his balls slapped Reilly’s. He paused a moment to share a mutual sigh, then desire took hold and he couldn’t hold back any longer. Pulling out until just his crown was submerged, he then drove back in solidly. He repeated the motion and worked himself into a sweaty, frenzied state. “Aw, fuck!” he swore as his release beckoned. He gripped Reilly’s hips and ground their bodies together.

“Yess…” his lover hissed, voice breathy. “You do know how to fuck, and I’m one lucky bastard.”

Wynn’s cell phone rang from the kitchen counter where he’d left it.

“Damn it!” he muttered, debating whether to answer.

Reilly froze. “Go ahead. If it was mine I’d ignore it, but my calls aren’t life and death. Yours could be.”

Lust won out over responsibility. “I just need five more minutes,” Wynn muttered through gritted teeth, and resumed thrusting.

“Take all the time you want. I’m happy as hell, right here.” Reilly reached behind them and patted Wynn’s ass.

Grinning, Wynn took it deep a few more times, then resumed his full-on assault. Deep, deeper, deepest, he dug his heels in and gave his all. Before long, he couldn’t hold back any more, and gasped, “I’m coming.”

“Do it,” Reilly encouraged, bucking his hips into Wynn’s groin.

The wild gyrations sent him careening over the edge of an amazing climax. He shot several long, good pulses into the latex-sheathed ass then gasped when he realized he’d been holding his breath.

Reilly kept bucking and he kept thrusting until they both collapsed over the back of the sofa. He kissed his lover’s neck and shoulders, everywhere he could reach. “Oh God. It just gets better and better.”

“Mmm, you said it. That was incredible, man.”

Wynn reached around and found Reilly’s cock, leaking but still hard and pulsing. He kissed his neck again. “And you didn’t come yet. So I get dessert before dinner.”

“Damn right.” Reilly turned his head and they shared a deep, passionate kiss.

Easing his cock free, Wynn disposed of the used condom and settled Reilly on the sofa, the dry towel beneath him. He knelt between long, athletic legs and gripped each thigh as he attacked the shaft with vigor. His head told him he should start with long, slow licks and drive his lover to the brink of ecstasy, but he just couldn’t manage going slow, yet. He needed to devour, engulf, swallow the bulky cock whole and savor every drop it offered.

“Your mouth feels like heaven,” Reilly murmured, running a hand through Wynn’s hair.

His cell phone rang again but Wynn didn’t skip a beat. He continued sucking with the intensity of a high-priced Hoover.

“You really can get that, you know.”

He shook his head and continued the blow job, anxious to make Reilly feel as wonderful as he did. He also wanted to show him that while Wynn’s job was important to him, so was Reilly. “Occupied,” he mumbled, his mouth full.

“Oh, yes you are. God, I love your talented mouth.” Reilly leaned back and began thrusting.

Wynn slid a finger down the crack of his ass and probed his hole as he continued.

“Yes,” Reilly murmured. “Good. So good.”

Two fingers in was all it took. His lover shouted and cum erupted, shooting straight down Wynn’s gullet and coating the back of his throat. He sighed with pleasure and sucked until he felt a gentle tap on the shoulder. He glanced up at Reilly.

The handsome man smiled. “Thank you. That was perfect.”

Wynn pulled back and crawled on top of him, grinding their cocks together. “It was, wasn’t it? Being with
is perfect. I couldn’t ask for anything more.”

“Well, I can. Come here and kiss me.”

Wynn obliged and Reilly shifted them so they were lying on the sofa. They kissed, nipped and sucked at one another until they finally had to pull apart to breathe.

Reilly smiled. “As much as I’d love to stay here all evening, you should probably see who’s been trying to call you. And if you don’t have to leave, I thought I’d order in some Asian food to keep us from cooking.”

“Let me check real quick.” He pressed one more kiss to Reilly’s perfect pink lips then rose and went to grab his phone.


“Shit. It was Con. Hang on.” He dialed and held the phone to his ear.


“Hey, buddy. Everything okay?”

“Where are you? Mom had to come to town so we stopped by the house to get my stuff. I used my key but it’s not there, and neither are you.”

Wynn sighed. “I thought we were meeting in the morning.”

“We were, but I thought this would save you a trip.”

“Sorry, kid. I’m having dinner with a friend, and your stuff is in my car so I don’t forget it.”

“Okay.” Con sounded suspicious. “I thought you were tired? You said you were going home to drink.”

“I was joking. Slight change of plans. Got my second wind.” He waggled his eyebrows at Reilly.

His lover grinned.

“Well, Mom wants to know if I can spend tomorrow night with you? She has some charity thing to go to.”

“Instead of Wednesday?”

“No, along with Wednesday. That’s the funeral, and I figured we could talk about it later. If that’s okay.”

“Of course. I just needed to know the plan. I’ll meet you in the morning and pick you up again after school.”

“If you’re sure. You sound kind of funny, Dad.”

“I’m sure, and I don’t sound funny. Are you doing okay?”

“Yeah. I might have changed my mind about the funeral. Will you still go if I need you to?”

“You betcha. Mel and I will probably go anyway. You can decide where you want to sit that morning.”

“Thanks, Dad.”

“Any time, kid. See you tomorrow.”

“Night.” He ended the call.

Wynn returned his phone to the counter and looked at Reilly. “Sorry. He’s kind of a mess right now. Says he’s okay, but I’m not entirely convinced.”

“No problem. Your kid is your kid. I get that. Was he talking about the funeral? I heard it’s Wednesday.”

“Yeah. He wants me to go, but he doesn’t want me to go. He might want to sit with me, and he might want to sit with his friends.”

Reilly smiled. “I’ll tell you what. I’ll be sitting with the eighth graders to supervise them. We can always use a couple more adults for crowd control. If you promise to behave yourself and not get frisky with me, you and your partner can sit with us and you’ll be close to Connor. Without hovering.”

Wynn waggled his eyebrows again. “So I’d be sitting with my partner…and my partner?”

Reilly’s expression softened. “Yes. That’s exactly right. Hopefully, only one of those is a partner with

Reaching for the sexy hunk, Wynn drew him close and pressed their lips together. “Absolutely. The very best benefits.”


* * * *


Wynn studied the evidence board that he and his coworkers had created on Monday morning. “So, three students gave Jake Morgan’s name as a potential drug supplier at St. Sebastian’s. None of them have any proof or hard evidence, but that’s what they’ve heard.”

Mel nodded. “And no one else at the party was aware there were drugs on the premises.”

“Or so they said,” Jeff added.

“These kids are thirteen!” Beck shook his head. “They shouldn’t have to worry about shit like that. When I was thirteen I was busy riding my bike and playing basketball. Maybe trying to master the latest video game.”

“Most of them
playing video games,” Chief Kern added. “I’m not surprised more people didn’t know about the drugs. I’m also not sure they’d mention it if they did. They had all night for their parents to coach them.”

Wynn glanced at his notes. “Jesse Morgan is
thirteen. School records say he was held back twice and he’s actually fifteen, which makes sense. He looks older than the rest of them.”

“Definitely,” Mel agreed.

The chief looked around the room. “The death of Ben Baxter had brought a whole new level of awareness to our case. Schools that didn’t want the flyers last week are begging for them now. Even St. Sebastian’s, which needed school board approval to distribute them, is handing them out to students today. Hopefully both kids and parents will be more aware. Whether they’ll be any smarter remains to be seen.”

Wynn rubbed his chin thoughtfully. “What do we think about Jake Morgan? Without proof we can’t pin anything on him, especially since we learned his old man is an attorney, which is why he had ‘his lawyer’s’ card so handy.”

“What we need is an undercover agent,” Kern said. “If we could get someone to buy drugs from Jake Morgan we’d be able to nail him. But there’s only about three weeks of school left, so introducing a new student now wouldn’t work. I’m talking with our UC Major Crimes Task Force to get their take on it.”

“Jake is a small fish in a big pond. To do any good, we need to crack
supplier,” Wynn replied.

“True, but it’s a starting place. His father understands the system. If we could get Jake to cooperate, he might be able to help us crack another level up.”

“Yeah, we
.” Wynn tossed his notebook on his desk. “Shoulda, woulda, coulda. Seems like we’re a day late and a dollar short, as usual.”

Kern frowned. “Don’t go there, Fahey. I know this is personal for you, but we can’t blame ourselves for what happened to Ben Baxter. We can only do our best to keep it from happening again.”

“His funeral is Wednesday. I’m going, and I thought I might take Mel with me for an extra set of eyes.”

She nodded. “Of course.”

Kern agreed. “These things often turn up more persons of interest. Guilty types just can’t resist hanging around, you know, being where the action is. They give themselves away just by showing up. Stay alert for anything. People-watch. You two should be good at that.”

Wynn glanced at his partner and smiled. “I’m not sure if that was a compliment or a dig.”

“Compliment,” she replied, questioningly.

Jeff added, “Compliment? Yeah, maybe.”

Beck smiled uncertainly. “Compliment, I think.”

Kern chewed on a toothpick and, with the slightest hint of a smile, turned and walked to his office.


* * * *


Wynn opened the windows when they got home after school. The temperatures had soared and the house was hot and stuffy. He changed into shorts and a T-shirt, but when he returned to the kitchen for a cold drink he reconsidered, and peeled out of his shirt. He tossed it on a chair and smiled at Connor. “Too hot in here.”

Connor smiled back and removed his own shirt. “The car said it was eighty-five. We need a pool, Dad.”

“Eighty-five is warm for April. I can’t imagine what the summer will bring. We’re not getting a pool, and even if we did it wouldn’t be open in April. Do you have any idea how much work those things are?”

Connor went to the fridge and pulled out a bottle of water and some string cheese. “Then how about a dog? Ben’s family has this little bulldog named Ralph. He was low to the ground, and a real chunk. So it wouldn’t have to be a big dog.”

Wynn thought about Gus, and how much fun Connor would have playing with him. Hell, Gus would love it, too. “Dogs are a lot of work, too, Con. Plus I never thought it was fair to leave a dog home alone all day long with my schedule.”

“I’ll be home all summer,” the boy said hopefully.

Flicking him playfully on the shoulder, Wynn replied, “Yeah, but you won’t be here every day. So I’d end up taking care of him. Did you ask your mom about getting a dog at her house?”

“She said no way.” He glanced at Wynn and frowned. “Dad, what happened to your chest?”

“What?” Wynn glanced down but didn’t see anything unusual.

“Here.” Connor touched a spot, then another. He walked around Wynn and pressed spots on his back. “Here, here and here.”

Wynn sighed. His son had noticed the hickeys Reilly had marked him with. He grabbed his shirt and slipped it back on.
Stupid, stupid, stupid!
“Nothing’s wrong, son. Just some marks. No big deal.”

“They look kind of like…” He glanced up at his dad. “Are you having sex with someone?”

“What kind of a question is that? Nunya.”

Connor blinked. “Nunya?”

“Yeah. Nunya business.” He got his own bottle of water from the fridge and took a long pull.

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