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Suddenly she pinched my nipples viciously with both of her thumbs and fore fingers and I yelped in pain.

“Quiet!” she admonished.

She pulled on a pair of latex gloves with a clinical snap and I saw her hands move in a white blur in the gloom. At the last moment I caught sight of the needle in her hand. She pierced the needle through my nipple and I screamed in
shock and agony. To compound the pain, she dabbed the wound with alcohol that burned like fire and immediately roughly threaded a thick brass ring through the hole she had just made, forcing it into the wound and threading it through my nipple. Blood began to leak down my chest as I writhed with agony, trying to escape the pain.

“Oh Jesus it hurts!” I screamed in agony.

“Be still!” she barked, and without pausing, commenced to pierce my other nipple with the same thick needle, followed by alcohol and another thick brass ring that stabbed through the center of my nipple. I screamed again as more blood flowed down my chest. My mind was dazed with pain and tears were running down my cheeks.

My aunt was watching me again with hooded eyes. The cat watching as her prey squirmed and suffered. The ghost of a smile was back, playing ever so slightly on her thin lips.

“Your screams are music to my ears,” she said at last. “If we are to continue with these sessions, I shall have to think of other ways to make you scream?”

Her words excited me
beyond measure. I could hardly breathe. My penis strained painfully against its sheath.

“I am going to untie you now and I want you to go and lie down on the table on your back and put
your feet in the stirrups,” Aunt Sophia ordered.

My body
trembled as she undid the straps. “What are you going to do?” I asked weakly, my voice sounding strange to my ears.

“You’ll see.

I got up onto the
medical table and lay down on my back as instructed.

“Lie on the edge of the table and put your feet in the stirrups,” she commanded.

I saw two looped leather straps dangling on the edge of chains that were fixed to hooks in the ceiling. I placed my feet in the straps with my legs spread wide open and stared up at the whorish red light. The table was waist-high and hard, covered only with a rubber sheet. My aunt locked my wrists, waist and thighs with metal shackles to the table which I now noticed was made of steel and bolted to the floor. She locked both my ankles to the suspended stirrups so that I could not remove my feet. She moved swiftly as though she had done this many times before. My heart began to beat thunderously in my chest and my mouth was completely dry.

Then, surprisingly, she
took the steel sheath off my painful cock. I gasped as blood flowed painfully back into my penis. My sense of relief was short-lived, however, as she pushed a rubber ball gag into my mouth and buckled its thick leather strap tightly behind my head.

will keep you quiet.”

I knew that if I tried to scream, no sound would get past the gag. The large rubber ball stretched my mouth uncomfortably wide ope
n, my lips stretched taught, my tongue assaulted by the rank horrible taste of rubber. I could barely swallow.

“Now I am going to
focus on your penis and balls. Have you heard of CBT?”

I shook my head.

“CBT is short for cock and ball torture. Do you want me to torture your cock and balls?”
I shook my head violently.

She ignored me and
selected a long steel probe from her torture instruments. The probe was about twelve inches long and half an inch thick, with a curved, tapered end. My eyes widened with terror and beads of perspiration formed on my forehead. I shook my head violently in protest, growling uselessly against the gag.

Aunt Sophia took my penis
in one hand and forced the tip of the steel probe into the urethra and pushed it all the way down into the shaft. I bellowed with pain, sobbing and begging her to stop, but she shoved the steel rod as far as it would go deep inside me.

She left the steel rod embedded in my penis then slid a wooden plank under my thighs and buttock. I looked up at her through a wave of pain and saw with utter terror that she had a hammer and nails in her hand.

I tried to free myself from the steel manacles that locked my body down but to no avail. I screamed as hard and loud as I could and it sounded like the choking deathly bellow of a wounded bull about to be slaughtered.

Aunt Sophia aimed the
steel nail and brought down the hammer hard. She nailed first my one testicle to the plank, then the other. I bellowed with agony, my brain and balls exploding with excruciating pain.

Aunt Sophia
observed me dispassionately, curiously, as though watching a wriggling moth pinned on the edge of a needle.

“I will leave you a while
to enjoy your pain,” she said, and left.

I lay in the eerie red glow of Aunt Sophia’s torture chamber, awash in a sea of pain and blinding
physical agony. My balls were literally nailed down and my penis felt as if it had a dagger implanted in it.



After what seemed like hours, Aunt Sophia
finally returned. “I hope you’re enjoying your pain as much as I am, Julian. Now I am going to insert a cock ring in your penis and rings in your balls through the nail holes.”

My eyes widened with terror.
I shook my head again, growling furiously. “
No, Please! Please!”
But of course my words came out as unintelligible howls.

Aunt Sophia
roughly pulled the steel probe out of my penis and I screamed with pain. She seized my penis and then followed the same procedure as she did before with the nipple piercing. This time she pierced the needle through my penis glans, near the tip, and roughly pushed a thick silver ring through the bleeding hole.

I screamed in
absolute agony. The pain was driving me mad. I was sobbing and howling and begging her to stop. My voice sounded like the tormented muffled baying of a wounded animal in its death throes. I desperately tried to free myself once again but my body was locked in steel.

Aunt Sophia extracted
the nails from my balls with a pair of pliers and inserted more rings into the bleeding holes.

Tears of pain were streaming down my face and I was sobbing against the gag

Aunt Sophia suddenly
undid my restraints and roughly rolled me over onto my stomach and re-did the bonds – this time my back and my buttocks were exposed. I twisted my neck around and saw her go to the wall where an impressive array of crops, switches, canes and whips hung from hooks. She selected a flexible rattan cane and came back to the table.

Without warning, and seemingly from nowhere, she produced a black latex hood and pulled into over my head, e
ffectively blindfolding me. There were two small holes in the nostril area that allowed me to breath. The hood fitted my whole head tightly like a second skin, effectively blackening out the world. Now that I could no longer see what was going on I was more terrified than ever.

I felt
her move between my legs behind me.

Sophia proceeded to tie my balls tightly at the base with wire of some sort, effectively stopping the blood flow. My painful throbbing penis was also strapped and constricted at its base with the same sort of wired device. Then a large cold steel probe was inserted into my anus. It felt like a huge steel dildo.

I heard some kind of small electric machine start up nearby.
It made a steady humming noise.

“The Germans are very clever,” my aunt said
casually. “They are very good with inventing exquisite instruments of torture. This is not going to kill you but it is going to hurt.”

I could hear soft popping and
crackling sounds and suddenly my world exploded with white hot, blinding, agonising pain as my aunt applied electric current to my balls and penis and the probe up my anus. I screamed the bellowed and pleaded like a mad man. Aunt Sophia knew just how much current to apply. Just at the point of passing out, she would switch the current off. The moment I regained my senses, she would switch the current back on again. My penis and balls jerked every time fresh electrical shocks were applied.

I begged for mercy but my muffled screams fell on deaf ears.

The torture seemed to last for hours, but finally the electric machine was switched off and it stopped. Through the blinding pain and confusion and dark I felt my restraints undone and I was turned over onto my back once again and the restrains were refastened. I was too shocked and dazed with pain to resist.

I felt the latex-gloved hands grab my penis and massage it with a cold, soothing oil. My cock responded obligingly to the hands and soon I could feel it hard and massively erect.

Suddenly the door to the room opened and closed. I knew that someone had joined us.

“I have invited my niece to enjoy your erection,” Aunt Sophia said.

Her niece? Was that the same niece who had bared her breasts to me all those years ago?

I heard the rustle of fabric and felt bare skin against my thighs as Aunt Sophia’s niece climbed up onto the table and straddled me. And then I felt my pulsating cock being guided into a warm and wet vagina.

Holding onto my erection was agony as she moved her body up and down,
penetrating herself with my aching engorged cock. Finally she moaned as she climaxed and her body went limp on top of me and a moment later I came with the most terrifying orgasm I had ever known. It seemed to go on and on in waves of agonized, excruciating pleasure - until I could no longer stand it and had to let go. Finally the last exquisite shudder rippled through my body and I lay gasping, exhausted and completely drained of all feeling and all emotion.

The girl
climbed off me and I heard the door open and close once again and I knew she was gone.

“I am going to untie you
now,” Aunt Sophia said. “Our first session is over. You will wait until I leave the room before you get off the table. You will wait until I’m gone before you remove the hood and gag. Then you will go to the living room, get your clothes, get dressed and leave the house without a word. Understand?”

I nodded.

“You are not ever to enter any room in the house except the living room and this room. You will not try to see me before you go and you will not speak to me. When you are gone, you will not remove any of the rings I have inserted in your body. Not ever. Those rings signify that you are mine. My mark is upon you. Those rings are engraved with my name. You now belong to me now. You will take every precaution to make sure that your wounds do not get infected. An infected penis is of no use to me. Do not come back here if it is infected. Next week I will insert more rings in your anus and your buttocks. All these rings have my name on them. You will also shave your body completely. Your legs, your armpits and your chest. I hate body hair. Understood?”

I nodded again.

“If you do exactly as I command, I will let you visit me each Saturday at exactly the same time. If you continue to please me and continue to be a willing subject I will continue the weekly visits. If you anger me or object to my methods of torture I will stop the visits immediately, understand?”

I nodded my head dutifully.

“Very well.”

felt the sensation of pressure being released as the metal probe was pulled out slowly and deliberately from my anal cavity. Then I heard the rattling of metal shackles as she untied them one by one. And finally I was free, my feet dangling loosely in the raised stirrups. I did not dare move.

There was a long moment of silence. Finally I heard soft footsteps, the door opened, then closed. This time the silence was complete. The sound of my breathing was loud in my ears. I lay there for a long time to make sure she was truly gone. Finally I slipped my feet from the stirrups and sat up and removed the hood and gag. I felt disorientated as I undid the buckles on
the thick leather restrains on my wrists and ankles. I looked down at my genitals. My balls were still bound at the base with electrical cord and my cock looked red and angry where the thick brass ring had been threaded through its tip. As I looked down at myself, I became hard again.

And then suddenly
I had the curious feeling that I was being watched. I looked about me – the room was empty. Then I noticed two things for the first time. There was a video camera on a tripod in the corner of the room pointed at me. I could see a small green light glowing - it was busy recording. The second thing I saw was a small window with a one-way mirrored glass pane. I was sure my aunt was in the next room, watching me through the mirror.

My penis was on
ce again fully hard. I grinned cockily at the mirror and began to masturbate while sitting on the edge of the table. The orgasm, when it came, was almost as violent as the previous one.

When the final shudders of sexual pleasure finally subsided, I left the room and walked down the passage to the living room naked. I dressed slowly and quietly and left, closing my
step aunt’s front door softly behind me.

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