Firetrap: The Soul Scorchers MC (The Scorched Souls Serial-series Book 1) (10 page)

Running my palm over her ass, I groaned.
She was so soft, silky. Her pussy was smooth too. Considering Olympia’s taste in swimwear, it didn’t surprise me.

“I’m not sure what you’ve done wrong, but I know you’ve been a bad girl. Perhaps you thought mean things about me today, while doing your chores.”

She nodded, playing along.

“I thought so. Time for your punishment.” I squeezed her left ass cheek with one hand and brought my other palm down on her right cheek.

She squealed and bucked.

I massaged where I’d hit her and smacked her other cheek even harder. This time she screamed. I could see the tears forming. “Such a bad girl,” I whispered, slapping both cheeks at the same time. She wailed, but didn’t ask me to stop.

Tears streamed down her cheeks and she choked down a sob.

Fuck, watching Olympia break apart on my lap was almost more than I could handle. I’d never wanted anything more.

“I’ll stop anytime you want. Just say red.” I’d come up with a better safe word later, but I should have given her a way out sooner. I’d been selfish, desperate for at least a few handprints on her firm ass.

“I’m going to give you several hard swats in a row, babe. Do you want them?” God I hoped she said yes. Stopping now would be difficult.

She nodded and managed to whisper, “I’ve been so bad.”

“Fuck. You have been a bad girl, Sally.” I didn’t wait for her to change her mind.

Over and over, I brought my palm down on her crimson bottom. She writhed on my lap, her whimpers and cries fueling me. When I was afraid I might lose control, I lifted her off and helped her onto the bed, positioning her face down. Grabbing the ointment from my nightstand, I coated her ass, massaging as I went. I slipped the purple panties off in the process.

She continued to cry softly, but had begun to rotate her hips, pressing her pelvis into the bed. I’d never seen anything hotter than her ass marked with my handprints. Every time she circled her hips, I’d catch a glimpse of her bare pussy glistening with her arousal.

“On your knees. I’m gonna fuck you from behind. You want it hard?”

“Yes, please,” she begged, still crying.

I made a decision I hoped I wouldn’t regret. Lining up against her pussy’s wet slit, I chose to forgo a condom. Yet another first. Kissing, fucking bareback, I had no doubt I’d regret my actions later. For now, all wanted was to feel Olympia’s cunt constricting around my dick when she came, screaming my name like I’d said she would.

“Gonna fuck you so hard,” I ground out as I slammed into the pussy I’d wanted to punish for years.

She was so tight and screamed so loud, I hesitated.

What the hell?

A trickle of blood seeped out around my cock.

No. Fucking. Way.
Olympia Olsen was a virgin, or had been.

Her body shuddered. “It hurts so bad, but keep going. Please, Boone.”

I shook my head.

“Don’t stop,” she begged, looking over her shoulder, eyes wide and pleading.

Not sure what story I’d use to explain the pain and blood, I started moving again, slower, easing back into her, allowing her time to get used to my size.

She whimpered softly, but didn’t ask me to stop.

It took every ounce of my dwindling self-control, not to thrust harder.

“That’s better,” she moaned. “More. Fuck me like you mean it.” She pushed back against me, demanding more.

Hell yes.

Unable to hold back another second, I gripped her hips and plunged in deep, stretching her, forcing her tight cunt to accommodate my size. Seeing her quiver beneath me, sent me over the edge; I heard myself roar as I pounded harder, fisting the back of her long hair with one hand. Her pussy was like velvet, and I was lost in the sensation of her slippery heat.

“I’m going to come, please, don’t stop!” she pleaded between moans and gasps.

“Come all over my cock. Do it,” I growled through clenched teeth, my balls slapping her clit.

When the first spasm squeezed my cock, I erupted. My whole body quaked as I emptied myself inside her. She screamed my name over and over, until finally her knees gave out. She lay motionless, panting.

I collapsed on top of her, my own breathing wild and deep. “Sally, babe. You felt so fucking good. I’m sorry if I hurt you, but …”

She shushed me. “Don’t apologize. It felt amazing. I think I like pain, a lot. You can punish me anytime.”

I rolled onto my back, pulling her with me. When she was tucked against me, I kissed her neck. “Told you you’d scream my name.”

She slapped my arm. “Go to sleep.”

“Yes, ma’am. This is just a nap; I'll have you know. So be prepared. I’m not finished with you yet.”

“I certainly hope not,” she teased.

It occurred to me, as her breathing evened out and she drifted to sleep, that this was the first time I’d let any woman, since Rita, sleep with me after sex.

My whole ‘get even plan’ wasn’t working as expected. In fact, the opposite had happened. I was falling for my captive, and at some point she would remember who I was. She’d figure out I’d stole her virginity and the life she was accustomed to, and she’d fucking hate me.

Until then, I’d do everything in my power to make her crave what I, alone, could do to her body. Hopefully, just maybe, that would be enough to keep her.


I was nestled in a cloud, blanketed with warmth, floating far above my worries and fears. The cloud omitted the sweet scent of vanilla and spices, tickling my nose. I sighed, basking in the unfamiliar sensations. My core was on fire. Pressure built between my legs. Desperate to see my surroundings and source of such pleasure, my eyes fluttered open.

Sucking in a breath, I realized I wasn’t cocooned inside a cloud; rather I was floating in a bathtub, surrounded by the delicious fragrance, which was bath oil.

Boone was leaning over the tub, gently washing between my legs. “Told you we were just taking a nap.” He flashed me a crooked smile. “I wanted to soothe those aching places before round two.”

His words made me blush, as I remembered him paddling my now tender behind and fucking me so hard I had indeed screamed his name; first in jarring pain and later in immeasurable ecstasy.

At the moment, I was once again impressed by my husband. He had managed to get me settled in the bath without waking me. No easy feat. All the heightened adrenalin from earlier must have led to one hell of a crash. I couldn’t remember ever sleeping so hard, though I still felt like I was elevating on endorphins.

“I’ve had you soaking for awhile now, been keeping the water nice and hot, but your skin is getting a little pruney.” He lifted my puckered fingers to his lips and kissed them.

“So you’re saying I look like a prune?”

“No, you look good enough to eat. I’m not a big fan of prunes, but I’ll take a taste of you anytime.” He placed my hand back in the water and reached behind, grabbing a large towel.

With surprising ease for someone his size, he uncoiled his massive frame from the spot where he’d been crouched by the tub, rising to his full height; his cock jutted up, stiff and ready.

I struggled to believe I’d taken all that thick length inside me. For having two children and an allegedly active sex life, I was really,
tight. Maybe I’d done extra kegels or something, to keep my lady parts as firm as the rest of my body.

The truth was, for a twenty-eight year-old woman who’d given birth to two kids, I was in seriously good shape. In my humble opinion, I looked closer to twenty than thirty.

There was no doubt Boone appreciated my appearance. He couldn’t stop staring, more like consuming me with his eyes.

My face flushed again and not from the steaming water.

My husband’s presence was scorching and triggered the whole butterflies-in-the-stomach feeling. Not to mention everything about him screamed sex.

His long hair, loose and wild, brushed past his shoulders, and gave him an untamed edge that suited his personality. I loved his face. It was all sharp angles. His nose was slightly crooked like it had been broken at least once, and a small scar was visible on his temple. Those minor imperfections added a certain dangerous appeal to his otherwise faultless features.

It was a tie between his lips and eyes for first place. His eyes were a distinct shade that reminded me of the Caribbean ocean, and made me want to get lost in the blue pools. His lips - kissable. There was no better way to describe them.

“You see something you like, babe?” He grinned, wrapping me in the towel and pulling me against his sculpted body. 

Before I could answer, he kissed my neck from behind, winding his arms around my waist and drawing my backside closer to his body. His size and height swallowed my much smaller frame. I felt surprisingly safe in his embrace, even with his massive erection pressing against my rump. Molding myself against him, I tilted my head back.

I didn’t have to say a word. He understood what I was seeking.

His lips smashed against mine and he growled, using his studded tongue with expert precision to torment my mouth, tasting and teasing, making my knees buckle.

Before I swooned like some inexperienced school girl, he maneuvered me into his arms, treating me like I was a new bride being carried over the honeymoon threshold. Thankfully, he only had to carry me a few feet to reach the bed. Laying me back, he opened the towel, baring me to his gaze. I realized then the white sheets had been changed to black.

“A bath, new bedding … wow, I feel special.”

“You are special.”

He grabbed my legs and hauled me to the end of the bed, pressing my thighs apart. So much for drying off, I was wet from the tub and getting wetter between my legs.

When my bottom reached the bed’s edge, he stared down at my pussy. He licked his lips and gave me a look that sent fiery heat down my spine, pooling into hot tingles where his gaze rested.

“You look like you want something, Sally? Can I help you out?”

Seriously? He was going to make me beg?
I almost believed he could make me come without even touching me, but I wanted to be touched, licked, and definitely fucked.

“Wanna go back to sleep?” he taunted. “Tired?” Already on his knees, he blew down my folds. I moaned, greedy for his tongue on my most sensitive spot.

“Lick me, please,” I pleaded, no longer caring what he thought.

“Lick what, babe? I need you to be more specific.” He smirked up at me, pushing my legs wider apart and opening me even more.

I throbbed with need. “Lick my pussy, please, Boone.” I tilted my pelvis, offering myself.

I didn’t have to ask again.

His tongue darted out and stroked my clit, the metal ball hitting just right. He circled the nub, pressing down. My breaths were already coming in rapid pants.

Leaving my clit aching for more, he licked down my seam, plunging his tongue into my folds, pushing deep.

“Oh, Boone. Fuck that feels so good.” I was sore inside and his tongue brought soothing relief, while the piercing teased the tender places. I bucked against his mouth, needing more.

Heat radiated down from my womb. It wouldn’t be long before I ruptured in his mouth. “More,” I hissed, urging him on.

Heeding my demand, he used his thumb to circle my swollen button, while his tongue stabbed my cunt. He released my other leg and dipped a finger into my wetness, alongside his busy tongue. A second later, that same finger was inching inside my other hole. His thumb circled faster and his tongue matched the pace, piercing me with greater force. As I started to come, he slid his finger all the way in my ass, filling me, thrusting me over the edge.

I shattered, the orgasm ripping through me like a tornado. Deep guttural moans poured from my mouth. “Fuck. Boone. Fuck me with your tongue,” I heard myself scream, as he worked me into a frenzy. I gripped his hair, grinding into his face, drenching him.

He lapped at me until I had to push his head away, the sensations too much to handle.

When he grinned up at me with his mouth and chin coated in my juices, I giggled. His nostrils flared and he moved over me. He brought his lips to mine and ravished my mouth the way he’d ravished my pussy, forcing me to taste myself on his tongue.

I was shocked how the simple action reignited the fire I thought had been quenched. It seemed with Boone, I couldn’t get enough.

When he finally pulled away and gave me another satisfied smirk, I knew I was in trouble.

“Should we personalize your safe word, babe?”

I’d forgotten about the safe word. “Why can’t I just say stop?” That seemed like the simplest solution.

“Because sometimes during our sex play you might say stop, and not mean it. We might be role playing.” He flashed an evil grin.

My pussy clenched at the idea of acting out naughty sex scenes with Boone. Clearly we had a creative and satisfying sexual relationship, despite how dysfunctional our marriage was.

He pressed, “Your word?”

For some unfathomable reason the vision of a motorcycle came to mind. “How about Harley?”

His eyebrow shot up. “As in Harley Davidson?”

“The one and only.” I could tell he liked the idea.

“Harley it is,” he approved. “Now scoot your sweet ass all the way up the bed and raise your hands above your head.”

Eager and anxious to see what combination of pleasure and pain he intended inflict next, I quickly obeyed. He tracked my movements like a hungry lion preparing to pounce.

“Good girl. Now, I’m going to tie you up. Are you okay with that?”

Was I?
The idea of being so vulnerable both thrilled and terrified me, sending a fresh rush of adrenaline through my system. I found myself nodding.

“Thought so. Just relax.”

He dug around in the night stand and pulled out a long strand of pearls. Before I could ask what they were for, he wound them around my wrists, securing them tighter than I would have preferred. Satisfied with his handiwork, he found what looked to be leather ankle restraints. My confidence plummeted, while my curiosity amplified. 

It wasn’t long before my legs were stretched wide and secured, leaving me completely at Boone’s mercy. I watched warily as he grabbed a butterfly shaped eye mask, trimmed with rhinestones. Before I could complain, he slid the mask over my eyes, effectively taking away my sight.

My anxiety and excitement spiked up another level. My whole body was quivering, and I struggled to keep my teeth from chattering.

“Remember your safe word,” he reminded. “If I do anything you don’t like, or can’t handle, say it.”

Running his palm over my belly, he cupped my mound, squeezing. Then he slapped my pussy. I hissed, surprised by his actions. He alternated between circling my swollen clit with his fingers and then slapping. I squirmed, but was virtually trapped by my restraints.

When I was sure I couldn’t take another slap, he ran what felt like a feather over my throbbing flesh. The contrast was so extreme that I felt an unexpected orgasm sneaking up on me.

To my dismay, he removed the feather. “Uh uh. Not yet. You come when I tell you to.”

Ignoring my aching cunt, he switched his attention to my straining nipples; sucking, licking, and biting, making me arch as he worshiped my breasts.

I couldn’t take another second of his torturous ways. I wanted him inside me. “Boone, please, fuck me.”

“Not yet. I like watching you. You’re so fucking hot. Tell you what … I’ll give you an orgasm before I fuck you. Would you like that?”

“Yes, please. Make me come.”

He chuckled and rose from the bed, returning a few seconds later.

Something hard pressed between my legs, slowly impaling me. I gasped at the intrusion. With agonizing precision, he moved what had to be a sex toy in and out of my wet heat. “Yes,” I gasped.

When I tried to raise my hips to meet the thrusts, he used his other hand to press down on my abdomen, keeping me still.

“More, more, Boone. Faster.”

“My bad girl wants it faster. I can do that.”

He increased the tempo and activated the vibrating feature. I’d never wanted to move so badly. I struggled to arch, but he held firm, plunging the vibrator even faster.

Unable to move, the pressure built to an uncontainable level and I combusted. With the first wave he released his hold, giving me the freedom I craved. I rotated my hips, fucking the toy like it was Boone’s cock.

“That’s it, babe. Keep coming,” he commanded.

When I thought I was done, he pulled the now slippery device from me and pressed it against my clit. The vibrations setting off another wave of pleasure, as a second climax overtook me on the heels of the first.

This time I screamed; a stream of expletives and unintelligible words erupted from my mouth. I was completely out of control, thrashing in my restraints.

At last the pulsing stopped and he removed the toy. I was coated in sweat and I could feel my juices drenching the sheet below me.

“You should see yourself, all wet and glistening. Your pussy is so red and swollen. Now it’s my turn. Think your pussy can take my cock? Or would you prefer I fuck your mouth?”

“Mouth first,” I whispered, desperate to please him. I wondered if he would remove the mask. I hoped not. Now that I’d gotten over the initial discomfort, I was enjoying the way my other senses had become more heightened with my vision removed.

He climbed over me and nudged my mouth with his cock’s tip. He made no move to uncover my eyes.

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