Firetrap: The Soul Scorchers MC (The Scorched Souls Serial-series Book 1) (8 page)

“So, basically you’re telling me women are second class citizens and you ‘own’ me. I don’t think so. I can appreciate your authority and position, but I’m not your property; I’m your partner, your wife, and the mother of

“Sweet cheeks, it’s not like that.”

“I’d like it if you stopped calling me sweet cheeks. I’m not some slut.”

“Oh, but you were a slut, remember?” I needed to regain control of the situation fast.

She visibly blanched. “I was fifteen. I’m twenty-eight. How long are you planning to hold my past behavior against me? And it seems a little hypocritical, don’t you think? I thought we had an open relationship and enjoyed sex with other people. Or is that one sided too?”

I sighed, running my fingers through my hair. “Here are the rules. Rules you agreed with, I might add, before your unfortunate accident. I fuck who I want when I want. You ask permission, and I decide who you fuck besides me. Together we swing with other couples and do the occasional three-way.

You like sex. I like sex. We belong to an exclusive BDSM club, and you have always been onboard with our relationship. I call the shots, babe. Get used to it.”

Her lips tightened. “Fine. I guess I have a lot to
. Do all biker men cheat and boss their women around?”

The way she said “biker men” made me want to laugh, but I kept my expression serious. “Not all of them. Every couple is different. I’ll explain more when we have time. Mostly you’ll just learn as you go. For now, let’s start your chore list and get you back on your regular schedule. Maybe following your routine will motivate your memory.”

I sure as hell hoped not, because if she thought things were bad now, she was in for a worse shock if she figured out the truth.

Gripping her list, she swished out the door, giving me a great view of her firm ass.

She glanced over her shoulder. “Are you looking at my butt?”

I raised my hands in surrender. “You caught me, babe. When it comes to your ass, I’m always looking.”


I’d just finished the second-to-last item on my “light duty” chore list and was delivering Boone his third whiskey, minimal ice, when what had to be at least a handful of motorcycles roared into the outside lot, making the ground rumble beneath my feet.

Boone had shown me the large parking area where he and his “brothers” parked their Harleys. He’d promised me a ride on his bike next week, once the doctor released me for more activities. The thought of thundering down the highway on some two-wheeled contraption sounded almost as terrifying as the fact I’d have my body pressed against his, arms wrapped around his hard abs. That picture sent an undeniable thrill through me, confirming I had to be certifiably insane.

How could I even want to touch someone who treated me like a glorified maid and sex toy that he could take out and share when he felt like it?

I still couldn’t believe I’d willingly signed up for this life. The one positive interaction of my day, had been coloring with my youngest son, Jordon Vance; JV to everyone else.
What a sweetheart.

His older brother, my other son, Joey, was too much like his father. The gleam in his eyes told me everything I needed to know. He would be breaking girls’ hearts and causing trouble, the bail-him-out-of-jail kind of trouble, before long.

At least for now, my parenting duties were limited. While Boone was helping me readjust to “club life,” the boys were spending most of their time with Grinch, a scary, bearded man that reminded me of a serial killer. For all I knew, he was one. The boys seemed to like him, though.

“Babe, remember what I told you. This final job is the most important. Working the bar is an honor. Tinker will give you a hand if you need it, and you won’t be making any fancy drinks, mostly beers and straight shots. Got it?” Boone interrupted my thoughts.

I saluted him rather than responding. He was my drill sergeant, after all.

He gave me a smirk and lifted his brow. “Is that attitude you’re giving me, Mrs. Richards? Do you need to be punished?”

God. Why did he have to be so damn sexy?
And the way he said
made my lady parts tingle in anticipation.

Before I could come up with a smart comeback, the steel door swung open, and a biker parade marched in - more like stalked in. They looked like predators that’d just been released from prison, ready to rape, plunder, and pillage. Most of them glanced between Boone and me. A couple grinned, but several looked pissed

There were a few women, too. They openly sized me up. One in particular; an attractive brunette with an outfit that made mine look like something a nun would wear, narrowed her eyes. It appeared I had made an enemy. Of course I couldn’t remember who she was, or why she hated me.

I gulped and fought the urge to run up to our room.

Seeing my reaction, Boone tossed back his drink and laughed. “Don’t look so scared, sweet cheeks, the guys love you.”

Great, I was loved by criminals.

Despite the impressive list of legitimate business ventures the club was involved in, ones that Boone had taken time to explain during our “get acquainted with the Soul Scorchers” introductory session, I had no doubt they were filling their wallets with dirty money from other, not so legal undertakings. He’d made it clear that women didn’t ask about “club business,” especially in a public setting. If I had questions, I was to go to Boone, no one else. He’d determine what I could and couldn’t know.

As mad as I was about his ridiculous rules, I was grateful when he rose from his chair at the bar and came around to the backside, to stand next to me. He gave me a reassuring pat on the ass, not the gesture I would have chosen, but at this point any effort to calm my raging nerves was appreciated.

“Okay, everyone; listen up. You all know my old lady, Sally. She, however, doesn’t know who the fuck any of you are. So go easy on her. She’s trying to get back in the swing of things and is going to be serving drinks. Any questions?”

“Why don’t we tell Sally who we are?” a man who looked like an older, leaner version of Boone added. “Right now, we’re all strangers.”

A few of the guys grunted what I guessed was their approval.

The Boone look-alike went first. “I’m Bones, President, and your old man’s dad, which makes me your father-in-law. This here is his step-mom, Jazzy.”

Jazzy gave me a friendly smile, the first so far. I returned it, with relief. Having Boone’s step-mom’s approval meant a lot.

“Nice to meet you.” I wasn’t sure what to say, so I stuck to the basics.

Bones continued with the introductions. He motioned to the man closest to him. “Leg.”

Leg nodded, but stayed silent. His expression was more inquisitive than anything else. I was curious too, about the nickname, but didn’t dare ask. Boone had explained everyone’s road name had significance. I’d ask him in private later.

“To my left, Wolf and his old lady, Harmony. She’s the one who picked up your new wardrobe. And if you ever hear Wolf howl, get out of his way fast.”

Chuckles rippled through the group, confirming Bone’s warning.

“Thanks, Harmony. I appreciate you taking time to replenish my supplies.”

I wanted to ask why she’d selected such trashy clothes, but again kept the comments to myself. Insulting her choices would be insulting her, as her attire mirrored my own. In fact, both she and Jazzy were dressed like me. The brunette and a skinny redhead looked more like true trash, with their over abundance of makeup, and skirts so short I prayed they’d remembered their panties.

I was more relieved than I’d ever admit, when Harmony smiled back. These women were likely my friends, and I couldn’t even remember them.

“Crusher, Eggs, Spyder, and you’ve met Tinker and Tweaker,” Bones finished.

I couldn’t help it; I had to know. I glanced at the man he’d called Eggs and asked, “Eggs?”

Jazzy laughed. “Just give it a few minutes. You’ll know why soon enough.”

“Hey,” Eggs shot back.

Leg shoved him away. “Oh, yeah. You will definitely figure it out.”

As they moved toward the bar, I waited for them to introduce the girls who’d arrived with them. No one seemed inclined to do it, so I asked. “You didn’t introduce the other ladies.”

“Ladies …?” Crusher scoffed. “We didn’t introduce them, because they ain’t no one to introduce, and they sure as shit ain’t ladies.”

Not sure what to say, I glanced at the two in question. The brunette glared at Crusher, and her cheeks burned hot, like the temper I suspected she was fighting to control. The redhead appeared embarrassed, but remained silent, lowering her gaze.

“I’ll remember that later, when you want me to suck your dick, Crusher,” the brunette snipped.

He shook his head, laughing. “Point taken. Come here and give me some attention.” He patted his lap.

I guessed I was looking at club whores. The ones Boone told me about, who hung out hoping to become old ladies. They were like biker groupies or something, sleeping their way through the brothers. The thought of either of them fucking Boone didn’t settle well with me. Making it worse, I couldn’t remember if they had been with him, or not. I was clueless.

But I didn’t have time to worry about what I couldn’t remember; everyone was ready to drink. With Boone pointing out where to find things, and Tinker vaulting over the bar to help out, I got caught up in my new role playing bartender.

More guys poured in and the place filled up. The jukebox kicked on and the atmosphere shifted, turning into a party. Pool games and dart boards were popular destinations. Another group of women arrived, clinging to the men. A few flirted openly with Boone, but he didn’t seem interested.
Thank God.
I couldn’t handle watching him feel up some slut in front of me. The idea that I enjoyed him touching other women seemed unbelievable.

Unbelievable. This whole situation was unbelievable.

What if he was lying and taking advantage of my memory loss? Granted our boys seemed to really know me, but how could I be sure Boone was who he said he was?

Harmony leaned across the bar and motioned me over, putting an end to my questions. “Hey, you’ve done enough. Let the prospects take over for the night. Let’s talk.”

She nodded at Tweaker. He had already joined his twin and was pulling more beers from the industrial cooler.

I grabbed one and joined Harmony on the opposite side of the bar, planting myself on a stool. It felt good to be off my feet. If today’s chores had been light duty, I wasn’t sure I could handle my regular schedule. And, if I didn’t know better, I’d almost think I’d never done a day of work in my entire life. People waiting on me sounded a whole lot better.

“How are you doing, Sally? Really?” Harmony patted my hand.

I sighed and took a long drink. “I don’t know. This is so overwhelming. I can’t remember anything. I keep wondering if this is real. Is Boone really my husband? We seem so different.”

“He really cares about you. And, yes, you are different. But opposites attract, right?”

“I guess.”

“You’re doing great, and you should know he can’t keep his eyes off you. I was watching him while you worked. That man has it bad for you. Taming a man like Boone is no easy task, but I’d say your well on your way to doing just that.”

I started to respond when the door swung open with such velocity, it battered the wall behind it; two men rushed in. They went straight to Bones and Boone.

A few minute later, Bones shouted over the music, raising his hand. “We got a problem. We’re going on lockdown. Grab your families, spread the word and get back as soon as you can.” He resumed talking to the cluster of men, who’d gathered around him.

“What does that mean?” My chest constricted, as renewed fear coursed through me.
Something bad had happened! Maybe my would-be-killers had found me?

Harmony quickly explained, “There’s been a serious threat to the club. Lockdown brings everyone together, here. We have underground facilities too. We’re set up to handle a fucking nuclear war, if we have to.”

I wanted to demand more answers, but Wolf was already at her side, whispering in her ear. Her eyes widened and she nodded, her mouth set in a firm line. He pulled her close and kissed her hard. If I wasn’t so scared, I might have been turned on by their passionate display.

“Sally …” Boone grabbed my arm. “I have to ride out. We have a problem at the Treasure Cove. One of our girls, a stripper, was killed. There was another fire. I can’t tell you more. Please don’t go outside for any reason. You’ll be safe here, okay?”

I couldn’t help it, my whole body trembled. Another fire meant my assailants were involved.

“Fuck. I don’t want to leave you.” Like Wolf had with Harmony, he pulled me to his chest. Slipping a finger under my chin, he lifted my head. Only his mouth didn’t plunder mine the way Wolf’s had plundered Harmony’s, instead he brushed his lips gently against mine. “I’ll be back as soon as I can.”

I just nodded.

“Boone! Let’s go!” His father bellowed.

When he followed Bones out the door, any doubts I had about him being my husband went with them.

Someone who kissed me with such tenderness could only have my best interest in mind.


Conner Mills and his ATF buddies were busy at work when we arrived, picking at the fire scene like hungry buzzards on a corpse. We stayed out of their way and quickly rounded up our onsite security.

According to their report, The Cove had been packed with the after dinner crowd, who were detained inside and being questioned by local police. The Dungeon hadn’t yet opened for business, one thing in our favor. The general public wasn’t privy to our underground kink club, and right now wasn’t the ideal time to bring its existence to the forefront.

Julia, one of our newest dancers, had gone out to her car for a break and never returned. Her car had blown up with her inside. The cameras covering the parking lot showed two men wearing Hells Guardian cuts, pouring gasoline on her charger and tossing matches when they’d finished soaking it. Julia made one attempt to escape before the explosion, but was hit in the head and shoved back inside.

Several witnesses also identified our enemies’ colors, explaining they’d fled north in a white cargo van that had already been discovered abandoned a few miles up 101.

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