Flesh: Part Three (The Flesh Series Book 3)


Part Three


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by Sky Corgan.

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I don't know what to
do. I know what my body wants to do, but it's not right. I didn't
come here for this, even if I secretly wanted it to happen.

Yes, this is why I
wore my most seductive business attire. This is why I spent hours in
front of the mirror, making sure I looked perfect. This is what
played through my head the entire drive over to his house. It's not
what I actually expected to happen though.

Already, my
breathing is becoming unsteady. My body is on edge. Just the feel of
his hand on my face—it's like the skin to skin contact is
pumping an aphrodisiac into me. I'm having the most difficult time
keeping focused, remembering that I'm here on business.

Reddick, I have a job to do,” I tell him, though the resolve in
my voice is weak, and I don't try to pull away.

don't learn very well, do you?”

His words are like a
slap to the face. He's politely calling me stupid, and he's looking
at me with such disappointment that it pushes my arousal back.

I want to pull away
from him. I want to tell him that the consultation is over, and he
can seek out one of our competitors. But then I think about Tyra and
Derrick. They're both so hopeful that I'll do a good job and land
Lucian as a client. And if I do, the benefits could be life changing.
I'd definitely get a bonus, and maybe even a raise. Not only that,
but the company would likely get more high-profile clientele. This
isn't just about me. What I do in the next few moments affects the
lives of so many people. Can I really afford to be selfish and refuse

get it, you want me to call you Sir. I'll call you Sir, if that's
what pleases you,” I try to bite back the disdain in my voice.
We're not at Flesh anymore. The little roleplay where he owned me was
supposed to have ended there.

have no idea what would please me, Amy.” He brushes his thumb
over my lips. The gentle touched coupled with the intensity of his
gaze is enough to start stripping my resolve away. He's so
ridiculously handsome, and so good with his words. I feel like a
prisoner to my own desires, unable to escape. A large part of me
doesn't want to escape. That same part of me desperately wants to
know what

Just when I think
there's no more space between us, he moves even closer. His hand
releases my chin, and he strokes my cheek with the back of his
fingers. His lips hover over mine, his head slightly tilted. My eyes
fall to his mouth. He's teasing me, knowing I want to kiss him. It's
annoying how well he has a read on me. Perhaps he remembers from last
night. This is the worst type of teasing, the kind that makes me want
to pounce on him, wrap my legs around his hips, and dive into an
hour-long make-out session, worshiping those perfect lips of his.

I can't do that
though. He's made it clear that everything that happens between us is
on his terms. I'm just a doll to him—a toy to be played with.
It infuriates me and arouses me at the same time, the thought of
being used by such a beautiful, powerful man.

His eyes scan over
my face, staying hooded with lust. I wait for him to kiss me, but he
doesn't. Instead, he looks down, blatantly ogling my cleavage. He
drops his hand to trace the plummeting neckline of my blouse, his
fingers stopping right between my breasts. “Do you always dress
this sexy for consultations?”

Score! He does
think I look good. Mission accomplished. Time spent in the mirror,
well worth it.

have absolutely no idea what you're talking about, Sir.” I play

such a liar.” He smiles at me, and I feel a surge of desire
about to bowl me over. He's attractive when he's trying to seduce me,
but he's absolutely stunning when he smiles.

you're such a flirt.” I see a small window of opportunity to
break his spell, and I take it, turning around to step farther into
the room. I'd prefer to walk out the door, but he's still blocking
the entrance. Maybe I can just take one more picture in here to
distract his mind from sex and then walk around him.

I raise my camera to
my face, but as soon as I do, I feel his hands on my arms, pulling
them behind me. A tiny gasp escapes my throat as he holds me in place
for a moment before taking the camera, letting me go, and stepping
back several feet. I barely have time to protest as he lifts the
camera and snaps a quick picture of me.

I stick my hand out toward him, placing the other one on my hip as I
tap my foot, giving him a distinct I'm-not-messing-around look.

Instead of handing
me the camera though, he takes another picture of me, an ear to ear
grin plastered across his face. “Less scowling, more sultry

My hard exterior cracks, and I laugh.

He clicks another
picture. “You're gorgeous. You should smile more.”

My cheeks heat up
from the compliment. At best, I'm pretty. Nice face. Less than
perfect body with a bit too much baggage. Gorgeous is never an
adjective I could honestly imagine being used to describe me.

I said, you're a flirt. You've had your fun, now give me back my
camera.” I make a grabbing gesture at the camera, though I
don't move forward to retrieve it.

He lowers the camera
for a moment, looking contemplative. “How about you take off
that blouse and let me take more pictures of you?”

My mouth falls agape
at his indecent suggestion. “That's my work camera.”

can always delete the pictures later.”

of the question. Now, give it back.” I reclaim the serious
stance I held before he made the sultry Goddess joke.

and get it.” He nods towards the camera with a mischievous
gleam in his eyes.

you serious?” My shoulders slump.

serious. If you want it, you're going to have to come get it.”

I come get it, you're just going to hold it up where I can't reach.”
I glare at him.

I will. Maybe I won't.” He tosses the camera from one hand to
the other, making my nerves go on edge. If he drops the camera and
breaks it, I'll be in so much trouble.

I play along with your little game, you'll give me back the camera,
right?” I cock an eyebrow at him, showing him that I don't
think this is funny at all.

don't act like you don't want to. Live a little.”

I sigh, stomping forward to try to get the camera from him. As
expected, he holds it up above his head where there's no possible
chance that I'll be able to reach it.

I try not to look at
him as I stand on tiptoe, wiggling my fingers as if it will help me
grow an inch or two. Our bodies are pressed together, but there's
nothing sexual about it. Not for me, at least. This is all business.
All playful business.

He's not giving up,
getting some sick enjoyment out of watching me struggle. In a
last-ditch attempt to get the camera, I jump for it.

Wrong move.

Not only do I miss
the camera, but one of my pencil-thin heels snaps beneath my weight
when I land on it, my ankle rolls, and I end up falling. Thankfully,
Lucian is quick. Somehow, he manages to catch me before I hit the
floor. The damage is already done though. Pain shoots up my leg as I
try to put weight on my injured ankle, and I cry out.

you alright?” He slowly lowers me onto the floor.

All I see is red, as
I lean over to clutch at my ankle. So not sexy, but in the moment, it
doesn't matter.

let me see.” In an instant, Lucian's in doctor mode. He crawls
down to my feet and gently takes off the shoe with the broken heel.
“Can you move it?” I bend my ankle and pain follows,
though it's not unbearable. “Good.” His hands move over
my ankle, applying gentle pressure. “I don't feel anything
abnormal. I think you just sprained it.”

certainly hope so,” I mumble.

get you up off of the floor.” Lucian stands. I expect him to
give me his hand and help me up, but instead, he slides one hand
under my arms and the other under my legs to scoop me up.

My eyes go wide as
he lifts me, and I clutch onto his neck, tilting my head towards his
chest and wincing, not from pain, but from the fear of being dropped.
It's unmerited fear though. If he's struggling with my weight, I
can't tell. He carries me to the bed effortlessly and sets me down on
top of it, draping my legs over the side and kneeling in front of me
to inspect my ankle again.

think it's alright.” I gaze down at him in amazement. There's
genuine concern etched into his features. All traces of the playful
man who was there before are gone.

sorry. I didn't mean for that to happen.” He looks up at me

know. You were just being...” What? I'm not even sure. Flirty?
A dick who wouldn't give me my camera back.

My heart stills
until I locate the camera on the floor where I fell. It seems to be
intact, but there's no way to be sure until I can get my hands on it.

you give me my camera?” I ask, worried for a moment that he
might try to tease me again.

He retrieves it promptly, putting it in my hands without hesitation.

Thankfully, it turns
on without any issues. That would have been the cherry on top of
everything that's gone wrong today, a broken camera. Relieved that
it's alright, I quickly flip through the pictures and delete the ones
Lucian took of me. The fun and games are over. Hopefully, he realizes
that now.

The bed dips beside
me as he sits down. It's unnerving being this close to him, knowing
that he's watching what I'm doing. I feel his hand on my forehead,
brushing my hair over my shoulder, so he can get a better look at my
face. A warm shiver rolls down my spine from his touch. He's back in
predator mode. I can sense it without even looking at him. You'd
think that him injuring me would have been enough to make him drop
the pursuit, but he's tenacious.

think I should finish taking my pictures and go.” I try to
stand, but as soon as I put weight on my ankle, it gives out.

Lucian pulls me back
down onto the bed, then wraps his arm tightly around my shoulder. “I
don't think that's such a good idea.”

have to have these pictures turned in tomorrow.” I stare down
at the camera helplessly. Maybe if I just rest my leg for a few
minutes, it will be alright. Worst case scenario, I can limp around
the house and finish the job. One way or another, it's getting done.

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