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Chapter Four


The house was surrounded by flat lawns and minimal
landscaping. The lush grass, a sign of opulence in this dry country, afforded
no cover if they had to escape on foot. Kathie noted a few palm trees planted
in clumps, with dramatic lighting. Stunning, but useless as hiding places.

A pillared portico surmounted heavy wood doors. The windows
were slits, easier to defend, she supposed. Ross was right. This was a

The house’s fearsome appearance hadn’t stopped anyone who
El Silencio
’s wares. Several cars were parked out front, all new
in appearance but unimposing, as if their owners didn’t want to attract
attention. Drug runners, she guessed—mules. Perhaps partiers or johns. The
exceptions were a Mercedes and a Jaguar, a gorgeous scarlet convertible that
made her mouth water.

Light and sound spilled out of the narrow windows. She heard
a woman squeal, followed by the laughter of several men.

Ross parked his Mercedes behind the rest of the cars, which
would ease their escape. Valets opened their doors and one helped Kathie out,
holding her elbow while looking her over. She let him lead her to the
fortress’s door.

Loud Nortec music blasted her ears before she’d even walked
inside. Within was a debauched scene she couldn’t have imagined. Numerous
couples crowded the house’s great room, most dancing so close together that
they might as well have been fucking. Looking closer, she saw that some were.
All the women were naked or nearly nude. If they were clothed they wore obvious
slave garb, mostly revealing lingerie like Kathie’s, though one woman wore an
Dream of Jeannie
harem girl costume and another, strips of fur like a
cavewoman. The men were in various states of undress ranging from fully clothed
on down. She’d never seen so many pairs of leather jeans in her life.

The entire place was sheathed in golden marble and lit by a
score of glittering crystal chandeliers. Violently contrasting with the
velvety-dark night, the bright light seemed to bounce off all the gleaming
surfaces and burrow into Kathie’s brain. They were halfway through the room
when she winced and dug in her tiny evening bag for aspirin, feeling that she’d
better be in top form. “
Agua, por favor
,” she said to a passing server.

“What are you doing?” Ross snapped, catching her by the
shoulder. He bent to hiss in her ear. “You’re not supposed to know Spanish.”

“Everyone knows how to say that.” Wrenching out of his grip,
she put the aspirin on her tongue and swallowed them with the bottled water the
server gave her.

Then she took a closer look at the server. Naked to the
waist, she was a young woman of maybe eighteen years who wore strings of silver
beads around her hips that didn’t really cover her shaved mound. A see-through
silver shirt revealed her belly ring.

“Nice,” Ross said, running his tongue over his teeth.

Kathie glared and jabbed him with her elbow.

“You’re starting already? Get down on the floor, Belle.
Now.” He shoved her shoulder.

The bottle she held went flying, as did her purse. Ross
picked it up and tucked it into his pocket. “Get on your knees or I’ll whip you
until you bleed.”

She knelt, thinking,
Shit. Did I start too fast? Have I
blown it?

“Forehead to the floor. Now.” His voice was crisp.

She obeyed. Now she could see very little, but could hear an
ominous silence descend upon the big room as someone switched off the music.
Women’s spiked heels clicked and men’s loafers squeaked on the marble as the
footsteps of many different pairs of shoes neared her. They were surrounded by
’s men.

Buenas noches, señor
.” The voice was old,

El Silencio

She didn’t move as the men talked.

“Good evening,” Ross said in Spanish. “I’m Zack Guerrero.”

Guerrero, we are pleased to see you tonight.”

“I am honored.”

“What is this?” The old man’s shoe jabbed Kathie’s butt. She
bit her lip to keep from lashing out.

“Forgive me, sir, but I have brought a disobedient slave.
She is young and new to the lifestyle.”

The old man knelt and seized Kathie by the chin, forcing her
head up. “You should leave her with me. I have never failed to tame a slave.
Would you like to be my
? ” he asked her in broken English. His
breath smelled like death in a Dumpster.

“When pigs fly out of my ass,” she snapped.

“Dammit, Belle!” Ross slapped her across the face. He didn’t
hit her hard but she overreacted, crying out and falling to the floor. “Pigs
aren’t going to fly out of your ass, but something longer and harder is going
in. I could not possibly give her to you in this condition,” he told the old
man. “Do you have proper facilities for punishment?”

Sí, sí,
many slaves have been broken in this house.”
The old man rubbed his hands together. “Follow me.”

Kathie stayed down, curled into a ball, faking sobs. Ross
grabbed her hair. “Up.”

She got up, making a point of stumbling as though she was
really hurt.

“Strip her,”
El Silencio
demanded. “I wish to see her

She sweated with fear. Did the canny old man suspect that
they were fakes?

Ross reached for the sash tying the wrap-around dress. One
tug and it fell open. Another tug and it was off, revealing scraps of pink
leather lingerie and not much else. Murmurs of appreciation came from the
onlookers as Kathie straightened to reveal her near-naked body. The fresh
tattoo on her mound itched, as did the stripes on her rear.

Ross jerked her hands behind her and clipped the bracelets
together. “You’ve forfeited the right to walk hands-free, but this is only the
beginning of what I do to a mouthy slave. This is all about discipline, Belle.
You must learn to discipline your tongue.” He slapped her breasts.

She should have hated that, but her nipples immediately

Laughter from the watching men, and she kept her eyes on the
floor, trying to ignore them. Though it was an act, a burning shame rose within
her, enflaming her cheeks.

Ross put a possessive hand on the nape of her neck as they
El Silencio.
Heled them to a door guarded by two armed
men in suits, who opened it for them. With Ross and the old man, Kathie
stumbled down a flight of stairs, careful in her unaccustomed, very high heels
while keeping her eyes open and her mouth shut. As far as she could tell, the
staircase was the only way in and out of the basement. Strange, she thought.
Wouldn’t someone so wealthy have an elevator? Especially since he was getting
old. Perhaps it was a security issue.

Damn. If they had to get out against resistance, they’d have
to neutralize everyone on the house’s main floor. She didn’t like that. She’d
never had to kill before, and didn’t know if she had what it took. But Ross
thought she was up to the job, or she wouldn’t be here.

As she remembered from the diagram, the basement—a
cavernous, cold expanse of gray concrete and polished steel—was divided into
two rooms, but the blueprint didn’t show later modifications. Didn’t show hooks
in the wall, the ceiling and the floor that were ready…ready for her. Didn’t
show dark splashes on the concrete that could have been come or a more sinister
liquid such as blood. Didn’t show built-in shelves containing every kind of
implement a sexual sadist could devise. Whips, of course, many studded or
knotted. Anal pears and butt plugs. Nipple, penile, and clitoral clamps.
Handcuffs, varying from fur-lined to heavy iron bands. Dildos of every size and
shape. Things she hadn’t seen before and couldn’t identify.

It didn’t show the woman in the room dressed as a
dominatrix, lounging in a comfortable chair with a naked man between her legs
servicing her, his tongue darting in and out of her pink, open pussy.

Kathie gasped,
El Silencio
laughed and Ross remained
quiet. The woman opened her eyes languidly and said, “
Buenas noches, Papa
She pushed the man away. He rocked back on his heels, eyes downcast, clearly
waiting for his mistress’s next command.

This was
El Silencio
’s daughter? What kind of a
depraved family had he created?

Ah…this was the woman Ross had mentioned in his office. This
creature was
El Silencio
’s second-in-command. Of course. Honor among
thieves was a relative and flimsy condition, even in the best of families.
Despite her perversions—or maybe because of them, since they echoed those of
her despicable father—
El Silencio
could trust his daughter.

The situation was damned distracting but didn’t prevent
Kathie from noting a door in the back of the room. It was probably the way to
the storage area, their target. Despite the whoosh of the air conditioning, the
air stank. She recognized the skunky aroma as fresh marijuana. The drugs were

Buenas noches
,”the old man said. He glanced
at Ross. “May I present to you my daughter Reina, she who will inherit my

, Kathie thought.

“It’s a pleasure to meet you,” Ross said, extending a hand
to the dominatrix. “I hope to do business with you and your family for many

.” Reina stood, pushing her slave aside with a
toe of her thigh-high, red leather boots. She adjusted a matching skirt over her
thighs. Her breasts were covered by a red bustier that completed the ensemble.
Kathie had noticed that the dominants tended to be clothed and the submissives
naked. Reina was no exception, but even in street clothes her air of command
would mark her as a leader.

She shook Ross’ hand while treating him to an impersonal
smile. Her glance shifted to Kathie, who continued to watch. “This is your
slave?” Reina asked. “She is in need of punishment. Her eyes are too bold.”

“That’s why we’re here.” Without waiting for permission,
Ross led Kathie to the hook nearest the storeroom door. “Stand,” he ordered
her. He hadn’t told her to face the wall, so she watched and waited for her
chance to get into the storeroom, now so tantalizingly close.

He unclipped the chains behind her back and reattached the
bracelets to a hook high in the wall, stretching her so that the tips of her
pointed shoes skimmed the floor.

Reina’s breath hissed through her teeth. Her eyes raked
Kathie’s body. She squirmed, uneasy at the scrutiny. Her breasts, pulled high,
tightened in the cool air while her pussy burned red from the recent tattooing.

The dominatrix approached Kathie, pinching one nipple,
running a gloved hand over the stripes on her rump. “May I have her?” Reina
parted the labia to fondle Kathie’s clit, stroking with leather-clad fingers.

She closed her eyes, appalled that the strange, sensuous
touch was turning her on. She whispered, “No.”

“No?” Reina spoke in a dark, dangerous whisper and her
finger corkscrewed into Kathie’s slit.

“No?” Reina’s voice lifted, clearly outraged. She
rhythmically finger-fucked Kathie, who groaned at the sensation of the
leather-covered digit pumping her. She squirmed and the finger stroked her

“No!” Now Reina shouted. She pulled her hand out roughly and
slapped Kathie across the breasts, leaving a reddened handprint.

Kathie whimpered and cringed. In his guise as a drug dealer
eager to make a new and potentially lucrative connection, Ross might feel
compelled to say yes. He’d already refused once…could he afford to deny them
again? She wanted to complete the mission, but she didn’t want to be handed
over to either of this dangerous pair. Who knew what tortures they’d inflict?

She’d choose slavery to Ross forever, but that was
enslavement with mutual respect, maybe even love. Nothing in the manner of
or his equally hard-eyed spawn spoke of love, only power.

Reina spun Kathie so she faced the wall. Leaning her
trembling body against it, she pressed her cheek against cool, rough concrete,
shocked by her uncontrolled reaction. She might have fucked up the mission.
shit, shit.

Drawing a deep breath, she listened, hoping all wasn’t lost.
A babble of Spanish ensued, faster than she could follow. She picked out the
words “
esclavos disobedientes”
and “
castigados severamente”.

Disobedient slaves must be punished.

* * * * *

Francisco gunned his yellow and black Hummer, racing along
. At the end of the street, his father’s compound gleamed in
the night.

Fury churned his gut. Fury at his father, who had chosen to
give the family business to his younger sister, just because she was another
perv. Fury at his sister, who flaunted her business degree in everyone’s face.
He’d always counted on his father’s beneficence and had never paid much attention
in school. Why the fuck should he? He was the oldest, the man, and deserved to
inherit the business.

Now that was all lost, because of Reina, that

Francisco jammed the accelerator to the floor. High on
crystal, he didn’t bother stopping at the entrance. Instead, his Hummer’s
custom, armor-plated bumper burst apart the gate, scattering the guards. He
yanked the steering wheel over to the right, and the Hummer slewed over the
lawn in a curved, unsteady path to the wooden double doors.

* * * * *

The mission had proceeded exactly as planned, and Ross
figured all he had to do was get rid of
El Silencio
and his pushy
daughter. He wasn’t surprised that the perverted pair wanted his slave. Belmont
was perfect. Chained to the wall, her arms high over her head, her shaved pussy
with his tattoo and the stripes on her rear showed she was ready for use. Her
breasts bounced with every groan and sigh as Reina tugged her clit and twisted
her nipples to red points. If this went on for much longer, Ross would have
trouble controlling his hard-on.

BOOK: For My Master
5.15Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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