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BOOK: Force of the Dark Wolf (Force of Nature Series)

“He will not be going to your bedroom. I don’t care how nice the view is.
Do you hear me
I’m serious.”
Alexis huffed at Gordon
but didn’t comment.
“I’m not kidding
Wolves are a very jealous bunch and he’ll stay out—

“If I want to take him down there and fuck his brains
it’ll be none of your fucking business.”
She heard Phil tell her to stop
but she’d had enough. “What business is it of yours—

She was suddenly against the wall with Gordon pressing against her.
He was different and it took her several seconds to realize what it was. His eyes had changed. They were a light brown
but now there were dark, almost black
and he smelled different.
He smelled…
She leaned her face into his neck and sniffed.
Ever nerve in her body woke up at the scent.
His low growl only made her want more. More of something only he could give her
she was sure.

he heard Phil say from behind them.
“You’re making me crazy over here.
Mate with her later
ight now we need to speak to her.
Your scent is driving me over the edge.”

Breathing hard
she looked up at Gordon again.
His eyes were now the normal shade of brown
but his smell made her dizzy.
She swallowed hard when he looked down at her mouth.

“He’s right. We need to talk to you.
But you should know that I can smell you too.”
He leaned down and whispered in her ear.
“I can smell your arousal.
Are you wet, baby?”

She wanted to tell him that the sound of his voice had made her that way since yesterday. The climax
s that he’d given her a few days ago seemed to have made her a walking nymphomaniac and he was her only cure.
She stood against the wall when he stepped back. She was afraid to look at him
so she looked at Phil.

“You need to talk to me about what?
And as a lawyer
why are…
Please tell me that you’re not here to tell me he’s won custody of the children.
Oh Phil, you assured me that he didn’t have a snowball’s chance in hell for

“No, no that’s not it.
We’re here to…to explain.
You need to be aware of what I am and what…
Perhaps you should have a seat.” Phil glared at Gordon before he continued.
“You know
this is the second time I’ve had to do this for your family to take the heat off one of you.
I don’t think this is such a good idea.”

“But you’ll help.
CJ said you really helped her when she needed it and she did tell you she really like her.
Come on, Phil, please?”

Alexis was about to remind them that she was in the room with them when Phil suddenly turned to her.

“You need to have a seat.
And what I’m going to tell you is very…dangerous. Not only to me
but to you as well.

She started to nod then shook her head as she sat down.
“No, I don’t.
You come in here wanting to see the view in my office and…shit
you were getting me alone. Oh no, something’s happened.
What is it?
Is it your mom?”

” Phil sat on the floor in front of her
“You know he’s a were, correct? And what that means to you?”

“I know that he did something to me that made Pa…made someone pissed off at me.
What did he do, Phil?
Please tell me the truth and I’ll believe you.”

honey, I hope you’re right.
I’ve really come to enjoy you and your family.”
Phil turned and glared at Gordon then looked back at her.
“He’s your mate.
And as I’m aware he didn’t tell you this before he marked you
I’ll explain.”

“Marked me?
I don’t…he bit me.”
She stood and nearly knocked Phil over. “You son of a bitch.
What the fuck gave you the right to—

“Sit the fuck down,” Phil thundered
and she sat.
She was really glad she was near a couch or she might have ended up on the floor.
“Now, we are going to do this like adults without name calling and certainly not with anger.”

When Gordon came and sat next to her she tried to scoot away from him
but he kept moving over. With a low growl from Phil, which surprised her to no end, she sat still. Something was going on here and she wasn’t all that thrilled about finding it out.

“Now, as I was saying.
He marked you.
Yes, I agree that he should have spoken to you before he bit you
but that is over with.
He’s your mate for better or worse.”
He glared when Gordon started to speak.
“I’m doing this my way
or I walk.
Your family is not on my best buddy list right now so I suggest you shut up as well.”

“Well, why don’t you get to the point already
There are things going on that you’re well aware of and I can’t be responsible for how she reacts later.”
Gordon started to stand
but waited for some approval from Phil before he started pacing.
“There are things going on, things that could come to hurt you
and Phil has agreed to help me keep you safe.”

She looked at them again.
Phil was a nice man and all
but protect her from Paddy?
She didn’t think he had a violent bone in his entire body.
She grinned at him when he sat next to her.

“What do you suppose you can do
I can’t.
No offen
but you’re not really the type of man I’d call if I had a bully.
You’re more the…behind the desk and sue their ass sort of bully.”
She took his hand as she continued.
“I think the world of you and your family
but I think you might want to sit this one out.”

“Honey,” he told her with a grin that was not at all nice
“I’m more scary than anything in this room.
I’m a vampire.”

Chapter 5


Phil waited for her to say something.
He could see that she really didn’t believe him.
He didn’t blame her.
There were days when he didn’t believe it himself.
He sat back and waited for the questions, hysterics…something.
What he got was a complete surprise.

Okay, so if there are werewolves
there should be something…someone bigger right?”
Alexis got up to pace as she talked seemingly to herself.
“Paddy wasn’t nice before he did whatever and now he’s…well, I was going to say monster
but I don’t want to be mean to that species either.”

“Alexis,” Gordon started
only to be ignored.
When he looked at him, Phil simply shook his head.
He thought she might be able to work this one out on her own.

“You can walk during the day.
Is that the norm for your…what are you
a species or a race?”

Phil grinned.
Species makes us sound like we were invented in a lab somewhere. We’re real.
And no, it’s not normal for a vampire to walk in the daylight hours. My mother is a pureblood and my father isn’t.
I can eat food as well as drink from a person.
Part of my natural charm
I suppose you could say.
Are you all right

She nodded as she continued pacing and speaking.
“So there are more of you.
Probably lots of people I know are…aren’t what they seem.
I guess I’ll have to pay more…CJ?
Is she a…what did you call it, a were?”

“Yes,” Gordon said.
“CJ was turned when she mated to Austin.
She’s a white wolf, rare for us even as a natural wolf.
She’s a gift to our pack.”

“Doesn’t that make it hard for her to hunt?” Before either man could answer, she answered her own question.
“Of course I suppose it doesn’t matter if you can just go down to the local meat market and pick up your meal.
Sorry,” she said flushing. “I’m trying to absorb this.”

“You’re doing great.
Go on, work it out, love.”
She glared at Gordon and had Phil nearly laugh out loud from her expression.

“You’d do well to take the vampire

s advice and shut up.”
She paced some more before she suddenly stopped and took several deep breaths.
“I just told a werewolf to take the advice of a vampire and shut up.
Ohmygod, ohmygod, ohmygod.
I need to…I need to take…
I’ll be

you’ll have to

I’ll be right back.”

Neither man moved when she suddenly dashed out the side door to her office.
She was running across the field and toward the waterfall before either man stood.
When Gordon started to go after her, Phil stopped him.

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