Force of the Dark Wolf (Force of Nature Series) (7 page)

BOOK: Force of the Dark Wolf (Force of Nature Series)

“What are you going to do
his mom asked
bringing his mind away from whatever Darcy’s father may have done.
“I’m sure I don’t have to remind you that she’s your mate, Gordon. You need her.”

He nodded.
“But I don’t know what happened so I can
show her I won’t hurt her.”
He looked over at the kids.
“Or the kids.
And I think that alone will keep her from trusting me.”

The door opened beside them and Alexis came out in a wheel chair.
He knew she’d been released AMA
or against medical advice
and he wondered if she’d be all right.
He didn’t say anything to her
but followed behind her, the nurse
and Jessie.
He waited until they were outside before he knel
down in front of her.
Speaking softly
he looked at her.

“I won’t hurt you. Not ever.
It’s in my
to never be able to harm you or your family.”
Not unless they harmed her, he thought
but didn’t share that with her.
“Friday was going to be my last day on the job
but under the circumstances
the boss is letting me—

“He knows what you are?
What you’re capable of?”

He’d expected this from her
but it still hurt him that she would have so low an opinion of him.
“Yes, he knows I’m a werewolf.
He also knows I can be trusted.”
She snorted
but he continued.
“I won’t hurt you
Alexis. I know this is a lot to take in
but after a little bit of time
you’ll be—

“No, I won’t.
You’ll need to stay away from me and the children, Officer Force.
I want nothing to do with you. I have enough going on right now and I don’t want you coming around messing things up for me and the children.”
He heard the car pull up behind him as she continued.
“Now if you don’t mind, I need to get home.”

When she stood
so did he.
He was hurt and pissed off or he might have been a little gentler with her.
But he wanted her, right now
e wanted her with all his being.
Pulling her to him
he took her mouth.
When she whimpered a little
he pulled back
but didn’t let her go.
Cupping her ass in his hand
he rocked her into him, letting her feel just what she did to him.

His cock ached to be free and buried deep inside of her.
Moving down her jaw with his lips he tasted her blood again, this time from her cut lip.
The sweetness of it from when he’d bitten her earlier came rushing back to him. Need coiled in his belly and groin and had his wolf snarling at him to claim her.

She tangled her fingers into his hair and he pulled her tighter.
With his mouth he worked his way down her throat to his mark.
The need to bite her again almost as overwhelming as the need to mate with her
he felt her shift and then there was pain.
It was slowly making him aware of his balls and that she’d kicked him.
It blossomed in his lower belly and then out to every part of him.
He could almost feel it in his hair follicles.

As he dropped to his knees he heard someone behind him say

It might have been any
one of his brothers, he just didn’t care.
He curled into a ball just as the car was pulling away.
He watched it from the level of the sidewalk
wondering if he could get it to come back and run over him at least once to take away the pain.

He decided he was going to have to make her pay for this.
He could think of one or two ways right off the top of his head he was going to enjoy.
Spanking her tight little ass sounded very good right now.

“Hurts, huh?”
Gordon glanced at his brother Connor who had just spoke
“Women just don’t play fair when they knee you like that.
I wonder who the first man
they did that to and how he react
.” Connor looked out across the lot before he spoke again.
“Mom and CJ went to get the car for you. Austin and Dallas are over there still laughing at you.”

Gordon could hear them now. The pain was receding enough that he could think around it.
He decided they were going to pay as well
. I
t just wouldn’t be as pleasurable as
he plans
he had
for Alexis and him.

He groaned as he sat up.
“I did this, not her.
I should have been a lot better about this.
I didn’t explain things well enough and now she’s scared.”
He hoped that he’d have the opportunity to do so anyway.

Connor was nodding before he finished speaking.
He looked off to where their brothers were talking to CJ when Connor spoke again
. T
his time his voice was hard.

“I think I might have met the one that hurt her. Well, not met him per s
but I have seen his dirty work.
I could smell him on her.”
Connor leaned back and took something out of his pocket.
“This is the notice that I got from one of the guys I work with.
He doesn’t know what we are
but he gave this to me to invite me to it.”

Gordon took the sheet of paper and started to read it.
He was about halfway through it when Dallas and Austin came up beside him.
Without saying a word he handed it up to them then stood.
He waited for them to finish.

“Where did you get this
” Austin asked as he flipped the sheet over.
“This has to be a joke.
Why on earth would you put something out like this for real?”

It was an open invitation to come see a wolf fight. And not just any normal wolves fight either. It said that a werewolf was going to take on anyone that cared to step into the ring with him.
There was a picture of a wolf standing over the body of a man who’d had his throat ripped out. The wolf was covered in blood and his fangs still dripped with it.

“This guy I work with gave it to me.
He’d been handing them out for about an hour at the beginning of the shift and I didn’t get to see what it was until later.”
Gordon looked at Austin before he shuddered.
“The guy in the picture, he was there too
only he was in the parking lot.
I could smell him, smell his wolf. His scent was on the woman just now.”

Connor was a detective now, homicide.
He’d worked his way up the ranks and
taken on extra classes and jobs to be one.
And in less than three years he’d finally made detective first grade.
was the best of the best in detective work.
Gordon was very proud of his twin and wished him the best of luck. Gordon
was very content to be the second in the pack just under his brother Dallas.

“This is against our pack law.
I wonder who he thinks he is just…”
Austin looked at both of them. “Have either of you been to one of these?
Maybe not this one
but ones like this?”

They both shook their heads
but Gordon spoke up.
“I’ve been clean up on them though.
There was a ring of these fights about six months ago and there were several men killed.
They simply left the bodies behind when they moved on.”

Connor nodded. “Yeah, I remember that.
Seven dead with two of them wolves.
They were cubs, not much older than seventeen.
I couldn’t say much because of the other department in charge
but the wolves had more than likely been in over their heads and had shifted back after they’d been killed.”

Austin handed the paper back to Connor.
“Find out what you can and be quiet about it.
I don’t need to tell you if the humans get wind of this they’ll hunt us down.
Gordon, take care of your mate. And find out if she knows anything about this and if not, then she’ll need more protection.”

The ride back to the pack house was noisy. They had a plan in the works before they pulled into the driveway.
And when they saw Phil there sitting on the porch they got his help as well.


Alexis looked at her face in the mirror.
She looked like she’d gone a few rounds with a champ and had come o
a loser.
In addition to her split lip and black eye she had several cracked ribs and the color of her torso was vivid.
She pulled her shirt back down over the worst of them when she went to answer the door to her bedroom.
She was surprised to see Phil there. She wasn’t
to see Gordon with him.

“You’ve been busy
I see.
I don’t suppose I could persuade you to take me to your office to talk
I love the view from that room.” She let Phil kiss her cheek and ignored the growl from the idiot behind him.

but just so you know, if whatever you want involves him, it’s a no.”
She led the way to her office. She
loved the view.
“The windows were put in last week and the floors are all finished too.
You should see my bedroom.
Oh Phil, its perfect.”

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