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Forever Love (Fghter Club 1)

BOOK: Forever Love (Fghter Club 1)
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Forever Love
(Fighter Club 1)

Marie Dominique

Forever Love (Fighter Club

Marie Dominique

Copyright 2013 by Marie


To my husband and our two beautiful



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To my husband, children and the rest of my
family for their support.

To my mum for proofreading.

To my friend for proofreading and editing the
book for me.

To D.L Kelly, Author of “My French Vanilla”
for her advice about self-publishing.

Thank you for buying my book, I hope you
really enjoy it :-)


Monday 9th
January 2012, a new year, a new start and all that”
Alexia said to herself as she sat in her nearly
empty kitchen drinking her coffee. Whilst she looked around the
open plan kitchen-front room she sighed. She had lived here for
nine years and it was full of a lot of fun memories, of the twins
growing up, her mum, the parties they’d had, the laughs and the
cries, with all the different situations and yet when she looked in
the middle of the front room area where all of their things were
packed (apart from the last minute bits that could fit in the boot
of her car) she felt sad at how few boxes there were. She had
really struggled the last nine years as not only had her and her
mum moved to London, she was left to bring up the twins on her own
when their father, her ex boyfriend decided he wanted nothing to do
with them. Then to add to it, three years after they moved here her
mum had fallen ill and passed away two years later.

Alexia loved her mum but
knew she was a woman not to be messed with. She had taken Alexia
away from her dad when she was three and even though they still
lived in Manchester, she was not allowed to see him as things had
gotten very messy between them throughout the divorce. So her mum
had taken a court order against him saying he couldn’t have
anything to do with her until Alexia wanted. However Alexia had
grown up believing it was he who wanted nothing to do with her. A
year after her mum had died Alexia finally had the courage to sort
through her mothers personal things and it was only then she had
come across the details of her father, Tony. She was really shocked
to say the least but decided to take the bull by the horns and
contact him by letter, to her surprise, he responded quickly with a
phone call in which they spoke for two and a half hours. They
stayed in daily contact from then on. Bringing her thoughts back to
the present day, four years after her mum had died she was moving
back to Manchester to be with her dad, friends and family.
“A new year, a new start”
she tried to convince herself. She washed her
cup up and put it in the box to go in her car and went upstairs to
wake her son and daughter who were sleeping in her bed due to their
beds being already to load onto the van.

Good morning sleepy
heads, time to get up, it’s moving day,’ she said excitedly. The
twins opened their eyes and giggled as they jumped out of

shouted and Ben ran into the bedroom and came out less than two
minutes later all washed and dressed with Amber following

WOW, if I knew that
moving would get you two up, washed and dressed in less than five
minutes with no arguing then we’d move everyday!’ they giggled at
their mum but the peace didn’t last for long as the removal men
banged on the door. Ben and Amber ran down the stairs arguing about
who was going to answer the door, but when they got there they
suddenly stopped and looked up realising their mum had already got
the door.

How’d you do that? We
left the bedroom before you,’ Ben exclaimed.

Do you have super powers?
You always seem to get where we want to be before us,’ Amber

Alexia looked at them, ‘It’s all
part of being a mummy, you gain a lot of skills you didn’t know you
needed, like growing an extra pair of eyes in your bottom. Now be
helpful and help load some of these boxes into the car please.’

The twins laughed between them
about her “eyes in your bottom” comment and then ran off to help.
Three hours later the van was full and was just leaving. The car
was loaded and the twins were sorting out the music, snacks and
DVD’s for the journey to their new home. So Alexia took advantage
of the empty, quiet space to walk round one last time to make sure
nothing was left and all the windows were closed and locked. A few
tears ran down her face. She wiped her tears away and locked the
door for one last time before getting into her BMW and driving
away. When they arrived her dad Tony was already at the house and
was helping unload the van that had got there about ten minutes
before she had.

When he saw them pull up he
smiled as they got out of the car. ‘About time you got here girl!
Get that kettle out of the car, get in the kitchen and get it on.
I’m parched and so are these two men!’ He said playfully, nodding
to the two removal men, who didn't look like they were about to
turn down a brew.

Hello to you too dad.’
She smiled as she opened the boot of her car so she could take her
boxes out. The kids practically jumped out of the car and ran into
the house at full steam not caring about what was round them, with
a quick “hello grandad” as they went by to explore their new

Erm excuse me you two, I
know you’re excited but can you come help with your things then you
can be making your rooms how you want them,’ Alexia shouted as she
came in the front door with the box that had the cups, kettle, tea,
coffee, sugar, milk and biscuits in.

OK mum,’ they replied
giggling and came running back downstairs.

With everyone helping they
had the van and car unloaded within two hours and then Alexia, Tony
and the twins spent another four hours getting the basics unpacked
and sorted
they even had time to put up some photos. Ben
and Amber had asked Tony to put up the only photo they had of their
dad in their bedrooms. Tony found it hard to say no to them so
followed them upstairs with his hammer and hooks in hand. Ben stood
by the bed pointing to where he wanted it and as Tony took it off
him he looked at it and froze, he slowly looked at Ben and back at
the photo and his heart went into his throat.

Are you ok Grandad?’
asked Ben.

Tony looked at the man on the
photo for a few more seconds before answering Ben. ‘Yes, I’m fine,’
he cleared his throat, ‘I just have never seen your dad before and
can’t believe how much you look like him,’ He smiled at Ben and
carried on putting up the photo.


Tony Clay was five foot eleven,
aged 50 with short grey hair and blue eyes and he was of an average
build. He was by no means a ‘weasel’ but not a big 'muscle man'
either. He was very well known in his town as he used to be the
owner of a very successful electronics company which made him his
fortune (a lot of it in fact) and he and his ex wife would flash
their cash at every opportunity. They had it all, sports cars,
fancy holidays, big was good. They knew how to throw
the most amazing parties and were the friendliest people you could
ever meet. If you were ever in trouble, they’d go out of their way
to help. That was until his ex wife left him twenty six years ago
and took everything including their 3 year old daughter and all
their savings. After a very expensive divorce she won just about it
all, leaving Tony with not a lot to his name. He then had to work
his backside off with three jobs to try to build back up what she
took but was never able to regain that kind of lifestyle. All he
cared about was getting a roof over his head and a steady
comfortable income so he could fight for his daughter but by the
time he was able to do that, three years had passed and he had no
contact details for her and no idea how to find them.

Twenty years after his ex wife
had taken Alexia, he came home one evening and checked the mail as
he always did but this time he saw a handwritten letter from
London. He didn’t recognise the handwriting but he wasn’t expecting
it to the biggest shock of his life. He literally fell into the
chair behind him and was flabbergasted. He read the letter once and
then again, to double check he wasn't seeing things. It was from
his daughter Alexia who was 23 at the time.

Dear Dad,

I'm not sure where to start or
what to say. So I’ll start with a simple how are you?

I know you must be in shock to
be reading a letter from me after all this time but I am writing to
you as mum died a year ago and whilst sorting through her stuff I
found an address and details for you. I can't remember a lot about
you to be honest but I do remember you reading me my bedtime
stories.... The Care Bears and My Little Pony. In fact, if I
remember rightly, you knew them word for word the same as I

I would love to see and meet up
with you again and have you back in my life. I now have two
children. Yep you read that right.....two children, Twins! They are
called Amber and Benjamin. I would love for them to grow up knowing
their granddad. Please call me or text me on the number below if
you would like to meet.

Your daughter,


Wow.’ He sat and thought
about the last time he saw his little girl with her bright blue
eyes and long brown hair in pigtails. It was the worse day of his
life and he had to watch her as she was screaming 'Daddy' and
holding her arms out for him as his bitch of an ex wife drove off
with her. With tears running down his face he contemplated ringing
her. What if he was a disappointment? What if she decided better of
it and changed her mind? He’d lose her all over again. There was so
much to take in, his grandchildren, his ex dead. But he had to do
it. He had to hear, see, be near his daughter. She was still his
little blue eyed girl, so he nervously picked up the

BOOK: Forever Love (Fghter Club 1)
10.48Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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