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It was so real. I’ve never been that afraid of anything in my life.” Chloe lifted a hand and brushed some lose strands away from her face. “You mean a lot to me Luc and I know my sisters think I’m crazy. Frankly, I think they are downright bitchy, so they can think whatever the hell they want.”

Your breathing is better, are you going to be okay?” He didn’t like the fact she’d had a nightmare. Something about the red eyes sent his nerves on alert.

I’ll be fine.” She nodded and smiled then sighed. “I knew I would be okay, you weren’t scared at all.”

I have to confess I don’t know if I’d be that brave around a dragon. One gnarly breath of flames and the situation could be bad for me. Roast frog legs―not a pleasant thought.”

You were brave,” she whispered and gently ran a finger over his back. He hated how sweet she was sometimes, a simple reminder of how different they were, in not only age, but also species.

I don’t know how brave a frog can be.”

Her brows dipped and she shook her head. “I never said you were a frog.”

Stunned, Luciano had to have misheard. “What do you mean I wasn’t a frog? What was I?”

Frog Tale


JT Schultz





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"JT Schultz is an author to watch!!! She packs action, humor and heat between the pages!!!"

Author Karen Kelley


"JT has a way of combining humor and sensual delights to keep the reader entertained from start to finish! I’m positive you won’t be disappointed at any time!"

~Joni – Twolips Reviews


"JT Schultz has a style that grabs you and drags you in."

~Rachel C. - Fallen Angel Reviews


"I love Ms. Schultz’s writing style and I would highly recommend her stories to others. You won’t be disappointed."

~Diana, Night Owl Romance Reviews


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Dear Reader,

When I decided to do a twisted fairy tale, not once did I think it would be about a frog, or how Luciano and Chloe’s younger days would be so vital to the story. This book turned out to be a completely different write for me as the first chapters are similar to a young adult novel.

Chloe grew up with two older sisters, who were the blond pretty ones, while she always felt like the ugly duckling. Her compassion for a wounded frog
turns into a strong friendship and her feelings for Luciano last well into adulthood.

From a spoiled young prince to being a wounded frog, Luciano knows firsthand life is not fair. Chloe opens his eyes to new world of self-discovery and their time together remains forever in his heart.

Teenage girls grow up and a frog prince returns to being human, but again things have taken an unusual turn. Between the evil witch and the dragon, life and love are threatened and like all good fairy tales, need the kiss of true love. I truly hope you enjoy Frog Tale as much as I enjoyed writing Luciano and Chloe’s book.






To my amazing readers who have stuck by me through the years and to my new readers, who know they are never too old for a fairy tale.

Heroes & Happily
-Ever-After, always.

Once upon a time in Beverly Hills, a young, handsome man was supposed to attend a grand yet boring affair with his father, a king, and mother, a queen. However, raised an only child―and spoiled to the root of his vain soul―he saw nothing wrong with his partying, womanizing, and wild ways. But one rainy night, everything would change for the young man. Especially, since he was a prince from a land, far, far away…
Chapter 1

Thirteen years earlier…


“As usual, you’re a risk to yourself and others!” King Mario Mercury scolded in anger.

Prince Luciano
sat unfazed by his father’s outburst. Actually, at age twenty-one, he was used to his dad’s lectures and outbursts. Well more so since his eighteenth birthday and he discovered the many wonderful things that life had to offer. Like fast cars, faster women and ah yes, the nightlife. “I simply tested the new model Porsche out.”

“With the Minister of Trade’s daughter and niece.” His father
’s bellow echoed through the prestigious walls of the presidential suite of The Beverly Wilshire Hotel.

“I was surprised.” He
recalled the ladies in question. “I honestly thought they were twins.” Grinning wickedly, he silently imagined where the night could have gone had he got the two blonde bombshells alone―well together―with him in the middle, naked. However, those events weren’t going to happen now and by the expression on his father’s face, it was doubtful during this visit to America or any other one should he be lucky enough to attend another trip. Knowing his father, Luciano most likely would end up locked up in a tower high within the castle back home in their island country.

“Luciano, you’re a shame to the Mercury name and by s
tars almighty―to the throne of Cammarata. Our country’s ways are different than that of the United States. Sunset Strip is no place to be speeding, causing havoc and running red lights. “What the hell were you thinking?”

Don’t say California dreaming. He m
ight just blow out the windows in temper.

His father sighed with such force, his shoulders moved. “Your silence answers my question, you w
eren’t thinking. You never do.”

Not entirely true, I was thinking about getting laid.

“You’re nothing but a blot on this family and you will not be attending the presidential dinner with your mother and me. You’re going to stay in this suite with royal guards posted outside the doors and Ramona.”

He pulled himself off the sofa and started to pace. “No way in hell are you thinking of leaving me with mother’s witch, the woman is not only creepy but seriously hates me.”

“Oh, but
I am
leaving you with Ramona. If you were more likable and less self-centered she would treat you better.” His father’s tone left little room for argument and the expression etched across his face further proof, this wasn’t open for debate. ”I’m following through with my idea, so don’t think otherwise.” His dad’s smile reflected cruel victory. “Ramona!”

The doors to the connecting suite opened and his
mother emerged with the weathered and homely woman next to her. His mom as always was a pure vision of beauty with large bright dark eyes and jet black hair, tonight swept up in an elegant twist―but Ramona...

“Don’t worry your grace, you and the queen have
a wonderful time, I’ll be sure the young prince is well behaved, stays put and even sees the error of his ways.”

“I’m far from young, I’m twenty-one and by the laws of California, more than legal.”

“But you’re not from California.” His father glared in disapproval. “You’re from the island country of Cammarata and will not disgrace the country or our family name any further on this trip.”

I’ll never forgive you for this!” His temper rose to the surface. His tougher than nails dad insisted on overreacting to the minor event with the car Luciano almost bought. Well the Porsche would have been his if he hadn’t got the vehicle impounded and nearly caused an international incident.

“Sweetheart, don’t be upset. Your
dad has more than your fun to think about. A whole country depends on him and one day they’ll depend on you.”

Luciano turned to his mother. Were her words supposed to comfort him?
Instead they served as a reminder to the responsibilities he didn’t want. “Maybe I don’t want to be king.”

“Nonsense!” His
dad’s loud voice boomed again. The windows rattled and he waited for a noise complaint from someone else staying at the hotel. Maybe they were mistaking his father’s bellows for earthquake tremors. This was California after all.

“I wish I wasn’t even your son.” Though
he enjoyed the luxuries and money that came with being royalty, acting like a responsible prince was not in Luciano’s nature.

dad flinched and his mother gasped. “Luciano, apologize to your father at once!”

He wasn’t backing down from parental threats.

“Don’t be a devil,” his mother raised her voice. “Apologize now.”

“No, Gwen,” his father glared at him. “Leave him. He is spoiled and ungrateful. Maybe, with some time here alone, he can think about what being a prince truly means. Though he may be royalty, he shows no signs of regal.”

That’s it dad, rattle on about the regal obligation bullshit. Like I care about that. What I care about is the Porsche I was driving and having sex with a hot American woman who I do
n’t owe an explanation to when I leave. I’m definitely getting one of those cars.

Luciano chose not to respond instead
, simply stared after his parents as they walked out the door. The latch fell into place and locked behind them. He stole a glance at Ramona. His mother’s witch studied him with a penetrating gaze, her eyes so light in blue they almost appeared transparent.

His grandfather once told him the eyes were the mirror to the soul. If tha
t was true, Ramona had no spirit and lacked a soul, which most warm blooded creatures possessed. He wondered, if she wasn’t human, what kind of creature she was―other than ugly. A wicked smile crossed her lips and she stepped closer. Something evil radiated off her similar to heat on asphalt.

“I don’t like you Luciano. You’re nothing but
a selfish brat. Your family has ruled Cammarata since the beginning of time and unfortunately after your father there will be no one left to take the throne.”

Are you deaf and daft witch?” The woman tried his patience.

walked up to him and laughed. The shrill demonic sound raised the hairs on the back of his neck. “I’m neither.”

“Then you must be all too
aware I’ll be king. My father said so just moments ago; is your memory failing?” Hard to believe his mother counted on the witch for major decisions. He needed to try and talk sense into her, suggest getting another consultant who came across a whole lot less evil and creepy.

Ramona hissed
revealing dark teeth in need of a toothbrush and, from the smell of her breath; she needed a mint as well. “You stupid boy! You told your father tonight you don’t want to be king and you wished you weren‘t his son.”

Nothing will change the fact I'm the prince and my father’s son.” The witch had officially become a bore and he marveled at her stupidity.

Oh, but I wouldn’t be so sure.” Her hand reached out in a quick swipe.

Luciano leaned back from the woman’s lash of long black nails;
but the sharp as a blade tip still sliced his skin. A severe sting penetrated from above his eye down to his temple. He reached up to the pain and discovered it warm and wet to the touch. Pulling his fingers away, he stared at the blood. His gaze lifted to Ramona. “You stupid bitch, you'll pay for this.”

“I have marked you with a scar that will never go away. No longer will you have a reason to be vain, your looks are now flawed.”

My father will kill you.” The slash above his eye burned as drops of blood rolled down his cheekbone and splattered on the carpet. He wiped away the blood with his sleeve but the seeping crimson wouldn’t stop.

No, he won’t. However, he'll no longer have to worry about you blotting the family name.”

Are you going to kill me yourself, witch?”

Her shrill laugh angered him and the hairs rose again on his neck. “I would never make things that easy. You’re spoiled, selfish and care for nothing. I’m about to grant your wish by turning you into nothing and cursing you for the remainder of your days.”

“Curse?” he chuckled. “Tell me wench, about this great plan of yours.”

Her pale blue eyes narrowed and she stepped closer
, grasping his arms in her in a vice like grip. Luciano tried to pull away but her long nails dug into his flesh and his body was immobilized. “You will be insignificant and ugly and no longer be your father’s son, but instead―a nothing, combined of all those things you now so detest.”

Her pale eyes grew color and burned, changing to a red.

The sight was nothing short of horrific. Fear sliced through his heart like a hot blade to butter.

You shall be cursed until you are truly loved. A kiss of love will return you back to manly flesh. However, if by your thirty-fifth birthday, you’ve not found true love and love completely in return, you will return to nothing once more and live the remainder of your days―cursed.”

Release me.” His anger was now tainted with fear and searing agony traveled through his veins. The pain reached the scar above his brow and his lashes slammed shut. The sensation of falling seized him and he opened his eyes to darkness.

What happened? What have you done to me?” His heart thudded so fast and hard he expected the steady, rapid beat to push the organ through his chest.

The witch cackled and his body moved, but not through his own steps. The sound of the suite patio door opening
and closing resounded loudly. His disorientation grew. He inhaled deeply and pulled fresh air into his lungs. Finally, there was light and he glanced around the garden then to Ramona. Staring into her eyes relief washed over him that they no longer glowed red. Instead they had returned to their clear blue shade and he digested his reflection there.

“You are nothing.” Ramona told him coolly. “Nor are you your father’s son. If you live till dawn, it will be a miracle
the kiss of true love waits but don’t worry; age thirty-five is not that far way. You’re incapable of loving and therefore shall always be nothing.”

The horror of what he now was registered in his mind. “No!” he

Ramona’s hands separated and Luciano began to fall. Closing his eyes, he accepted his fate
. No one would love him now, and as for the kiss―

Who would kiss a frog?


Luciano remembered the fight with Ramona and the fall. He ached above his eye and knew he still bled from her nail slicing him. His eyes opened and the pain shot fire through his face as stared up at the navy sky. He was on his back in grass, not far from a sidewalk. Footsteps approached, lightening flashed across the sky and fat raindrops poured down. “Help!” his voice was―well―a croak. At least it sounded like English. “Help me!”

The steps paused, while he turned his head, to avoid getting the water from the heavens in his eyes. His gaze rested on a man about the same age as his own father. The man looked right at him with a furrowed brow.

Luciano nodded. “Please help me.”

The stranger glanced away. “I never should’ve had another drink.”

He looked up at the sky
as the rain came down harder.  Not only in pain, sad, but the weather left him wet and cold. Lying there, death was sure to find him. “I don’t want to die.”

He blinked again at the man who shook his head and knelt down. “You’re a good size frog.”

“Save me and I'll give you anything.” Desperation coated his words, fear continued to course through him and despite loathing what he now had become he didn’t want death.

“I must be crazy. I’m talking to
a frog. A frog with an accent.”

“I’m actually a prince. My first language is Italian.” His cut ached and he wasn’t sure why he even tr
ied to explain himself.

“Of course.” The man’s tone revealed his uncertainty. Under the light of the Beverly Wilshire garden, it wasn’t hard to miss the skeptic expression. “An Italian speaking prince. I find that as
difficult to believe as you speaking.”

He thought for a moment. “I am talking.”

The stranger chuckled and nodded. “I know.”

“Can you help me?” He had never been at anyone’s mercy, now in a strange
country; he relied on the compassion of the stranger.

“Well you're hurt and you’ll never survive the rain; it can be cool this time of year.” He sighed. “If you don’t mind girls I can take you home.”

“I love girls and they love me.” His lashes slammed shut with disbelief over the mess he was in. Already cold he shivered. “At least they loved me when I was a human.”

“Well no use feeling sorry about your predicament.” The man’s voice carried sad undertones.

Luciano opened his eyes and stared at him. “How can I not?”

The expression on the man’s face revealed definite indecision. “Come on,” the man reached down, picked him up and smiled. “Now that we're both soaked,
let’s get home where it’s dry.”

BOOK: Frog Tale
7.7Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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