Glendar (The Mating Games Book 3)

BOOK: Glendar (The Mating Games Book 3)



The Mating Games 3


By Catty Diva


Cover by Jesh Art


2015 Copyright by Catty Diva             


Editing by Eagle Editing


All rights reserved. This story is completely the imagination of the author. Any resemblance to person or persons living or deceased is merely a coincidence. Any locations or events are fictitious or used in a fictional manner.




The Mating Games series


Book 1


Razar needs a mate but on his planet there are nine males to one female. Humans look like they are compatible but if they find out the secrets of his kind they will refuse to send them mates. 

Lista needs money for her mother's operation or she will die. Her sister has volunteered her to be a bride for an alien. If she wins the mating game she will be free to keep the money and return home.
Can she outwit him or will he claim her heart before it's game over? 




The Mating Game series


Book 2


Travlr is ready and he wants nothing more than to catch his mate and make her his. His mate seems to be a cunning capable female but he will claim her, what choice does he have?

Tammie has nothing left on Earth. She was basically sold to the hunt but what kind of male can she expect to try to claim her? Since she doesn’t know, she will use every trick in the book to elude him.

His time is running out, but what about hers?




Chapter 1


Earth 2


Bernie once again sat at the counter waiting on an array of customers each one more alien than the next. The bell rings indicating another customer. An alien would be preferable to Randy, his name suited him well. He’d had every willing female on the planet and maybe a few that weren’t so willing. It was just a rumor and Bernie was safe, for now anyway because of her father. Her old man wouldn’t give away anything he could sell. That was her problem right now. In a week she would be twenty-one and he could sell her by the laws of their colony.

What kind of father would do that? Hers that was what kind. He’d buried three wives and his current one was young and greedy. Her father had worked Bernie’s mother into the ground between running the store, planting the fields, and dropping a baby every year. Now he had a woman that would never do the work but wanted to be showered with gifts. Bernie smiled coldly to herself. There was no way she was hanging out here until her birthday. Somehow she’d saved a few coins, not enough to leave but enough for urgent needs. There was a flight out of here in the morning and she would be on it.

“Bernie, why don’t you meet up with me tonight after you close?” Randy purred. He might charm like a cat but he was more like a pig. Randy was no gentleman, hell he didn’t even know what a gentleman was.

“Why don’t you ask my pa if he wants us to be out late like that?” She smirked. Her pa wouldn’t want Randy near her until he’d paid for her. The smile fell off Randy’s face.

“You’ll be mine soon enough and then you won’t be smiling.” Randy tuned and stomped out of the store. Bernie knew the truth when she heard it. Jada her younger sister came in and took her place.

Bernie ran home and got the food started. She rushed into her room and packed her small bag with everything that was useful and even a couple things that were sentimental. All the arrangements had been made. She left a note for him to find in the morning. Her room was the size of a closet, but it was private. No one would miss her until morning. A freighter was leaving in less than half an hour and they would all believe she was on it. Instead she’d leave in the morning on the ship headed for Oison and hopefully a better life.

Grabbing the bag, she slipped out the backdoor and circled all the way around town to the space dock. Dressed like a working man, no one looked at her twice. She went to the bay where she’d been told to go and started to go up the walkway. A Mazlan reached out and stopped her. She pulled off her hat to show she was female.

“Sorry. Your name?” He asked as he pulled down electronic clipboard that probably held a list then looked back at her expectantly.

“Bernice Smith.” She said and waited for the question but it didn’t come. Since she was escaping Smith City, not that it was much of a city, she thought he’d want to know if the city was named after a family member. Apparently Mazlans didn’t have human curiosity and that was all the better for her.

“Follow me.” The guard said as he opened the hatch. Once they went through, he locked it. It made sense that no one could get in unless they were allowed to do so.

The ship was luxurious and it was huge, at least by her standards. He took her to medical, which should come as no surprise. They took no one unless they were certified as healthy, sane, and acceptable in all the ways they stipulated. God help her pass inspection. Bernie thought she was healthy but they didn’t have the best food, her pa sold that. They worked hard, probably too hard since he only allowed them four or five hours of sleep except in the severe part of winter when no one could get out to do much work. Even then he made sure even the youngest worked on crafts that he could sell or use himself.

In their house nothing went to waste and even toddlers had to put in a few hours work a day. She’d never been to a doctor or a healer a day in her life. Not even when she’d gotten sick and almost died. It had turned out to be chickenpox and she had a few barely noticeable pockmarks that had been left behind. What would the doctor think of that? Bernie had managed to make friends with traders when she was young and got the tablets and software to educate herself and her siblings. That was how she knew most of the world had much higher health standards than her world.

The doctor turned out to be an attractive young male. “Hello, Bernice.” He said as he looked at his electronic tablet. “This won’t take very long, I just need you to change into this gown and I’ll step out while you do it.” The doctor had a sweet smile but calling the thing he handed her a gown was a hell of a stretch. It was paper and so thin it was see through.

Bernie turned beet red and looked at the thing. She was committed to this plan so there was no choice. Taking off her clothes one piece at a time, she folded them and set them on the counter. She pulled the
on just as the doctor returned.

“I’m happy to see that you are ready. Just lay down on the bed and I’m going to scan you with this equipment.” He explained as he pulled down a large device from the ceiling that began to hum. A light came on and it seemed to run from her head to her foot. “Hmm.” The doctor made a humming noise and he didn’t look happy. “When is the last time you’ve been to a doctor?”

She was embarrassed but he could clearly see what he needed to even if he did ask. “I’ve never been. We don’t have many doctors and money isn’t just laying around.” She’d quoted her pa but he always had money to drink, gamble, and spend on loose women.

“Don’t worry, Dear. There’s nothing wrong we can’t easily fix. I need you to stay still on the bed and I would prefer to give you something to relax you.”

“Will it hurt?”

“No, you’ll just feel a bit of pressure and it will be over.”

Bernie nodded but then she realized he wanted to hear her agree out loud. “Yes.” She would let nothing interfere with getting away from her pa and his plans.

Her eyes blinked as she woke up and realized that he’d given her something stronger than a relaxant. No one seemed to be in the room with her and she wiggled and squirmed testing her fingers and toes. Everything seemed to be fine and she had to admit she felt better than she had in a long time, maybe ever. When she sat up, she noticed a stack of clean clothes and a note. It directed her to take a shower in the next room, dry, dress, and follow her nose to the dining room.

Bernie was good at following directions. It was what she’d done most of her life. She was glad the shower controls were labeled as was the shampoo, conditioner, and body wash. All three smelled divine and she had never had anything so gentle on her skin in her life. They made soap at home out of ashes and lard and while she tried to add flowers and stuff to make it smell better, she wasn’t always able to. This shower was heavenly and she hoped she’d be able to take another one soon.

Once she was clean and rinsed off, she dried and dressed. It was time to find the dining room. The doctor was right about following her nose. Her stomach rumbled wanting to run to the food and shovel it in, but she walked slowly and with care. When she walked through the doorway into the dining room there were a dozen or more males sitting at tables eating. There was a table that seemed to have food on it for people to serve themselves. It was more food than Bernie had ever seen. She picked up a tray, luckily she had read about things like this, found the plates, cups, and utensils.

When it came time to choose her food she found herself overwhelmed by the variety of strange and completely unknown foods in front of her. She stood and stared unable to decide where to start. “I can help you decide what to try if you’d like.” A friendly male voice offered.

“Thank you. That would be nice.”

“I’m Stevr. What’s your name?”

“I’m Bernie.”

“That’s a lovely name, Bernie. I’m pleased to make your acquaintance.”

“It’s nice to meet you too.”

“See this meat on the end? It’s similar to beef. This over here is a bread and the fruit is like watermelon. On the far end, those dishes are actually made with Earth foods.”

“Thank you. I have to admit I feel a little lost. Everything is so different.”

“You’ll catch on in no time. Would you like some company? I’m just starting my meal too.”

“Yes, that would be nice.” Bernie found Stevr to be polite, sweet even. It got her hopes up that she might find a male just like him or even like the doctor. So far the Mazlans she had met were far superior to the men she knew on Earth 2. Hope blossomed, she would still try to escape because more than anything Bernie wanted some control in her life. She had never had any and that didn’t seem right.

Stevr sat with her and they talked about food, Oison, the planet they were headed, and their hopes for the future. They even discussed their families, but she didn’t tell him much. To be honest, she was embarrassed about her father and the fact that he didn’t seem to care about her. Bernie didn’t want anyone on this new world she was about to reach to know her own father didn’t love her. It had always brought her pain and she hid it deep inside.

When they finished eating, Stevr showed her how to clean up her space. He was helpful, it probably came from having nine brothers. It was funny in a way that his pa had all boys and her pa had all girls. Her pa wanted a boy so bad it ate him up. At least Stevr’s pa seemed happy with what life had given him. Stevr did say his parents would have been pleased with a female child, but they were happy with what the goddess had gifted them with. If only her pa had been the same way.

Stevr escorted her to her room. He must have some authority to know where her room was and to be able to take the time off for a leisurely meal with her. She had asked in a roundabout way what he did on the ship. His answer had been vague. “A little bit of everything.” She didn’t press, not wanting to answer any questions herself.

In the morning the ship would leave and finally she would be free of her pa’s influence and the threat of being sold to a less than desirable husband. Her heart wanted to soar, but she wasn’t fully free yet. He pa would be aware of her absence before the ship left. Hopefully he wouldn’t know she was here. If he suspected, maybe they would tell him she wasn’t here. Bernie had heard the Mazlans were desperate for mates.

She entered the room they had assigned her and Stevr left wishing her a good night as he turned and walked away. The room was far better than anything she’d ever slept in before. The bed was large, king size unless she missed her guess. The curtains and the bedcoverings she could see were a fiery red. The flooring was wood, shiny, clean, and a dark brown. Bernie walked to a closet and found it had clothing in and it looked to be her size. Moving to the drawers she found them full with socks, underwear, and filmy undergarments and gowns.

Never had Bernie seen such silky shiny underthings in her life. Even her pa’s new wife who sent all her laundry to Bernie to wash didn’t have stuff half this wonderful. Even better was the beautiful floral scent that drifted from the drawer. Maybe life on Oison wouldn’t be so bad whether she was caught or not. Her life on Earth 2 hadn’t been good, but she knew it could have been worse. She had lost friends and even cousins to the harsh life that everyone lived on their planet. But she had also seen visitors, people who lived the good life like these Mazlans seemed to.

Bernie hoped that God had finally heard her prayers and sent her to something better. She also hoped he would allow her to go back and rescue her siblings. There would be a waiting period, but as they came of age she would do her best to get them before they were sold.

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