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“Really? So are you curious about being with another girl?”
“What?” Tawny stammered.

“This is Hedonism.” She jutted her chin toward two naked women who were frolicking in the water together. “As you can see, anything goes.” She reached over and stroked Tawny’s arm. “You’re beautiful,” she said, her voice caressing Tawny’s skin. “I’d love to be your first girl.”

Tawny gazed into Anise’s green eyes, they seemed to sparkle in the sunlight. In just two days, her skin had darkened to a sweet copper color. Tawny licked her lips. “I think I’ll like that,” she blurted, surprising her and Anise.

“I wanted to do something different and being with you would be different,” she said boldly.
Anise grinned broadly. “When?”

“I don’t know. But I want to do him first.” She motioned to the dark haired man she had been eyeing earlier. He had just finished his volleyball game, sweat poured down his body and over his muscles. Tawny ached to run her tongue over his body.

“Tonight is the pajama party. You can catch up with him there. And you’d better go to bed with him tonight.”

Tawny arched an eyebrow. “Why are you so interested in my sex life…other than the obvious reason?”

Anise smiled at her. “Life is too short for regrets. You flew here to do something different. Maybe I sat next to you on the plane for a reason, I think I’m the person to put you on the track to smuttiness.”

“Oh yeah, I can see that,” Tawny retorted. “The universe made sure that you sat next to me so that I got my smut on?”
“Yep,” Anise quipped.
Tawny burst out laughing. “It looks like it’s working.”


Later that night Tawny surveyed the crowd for Anise. It took her a couple of minutes to find her, she was in the corner talking to Lori. It looks like Lori is going to get her wish tonight, Tawny thought to herself. She glanced up and found the black haired man from the volleyball game staring at her. Normally, she’d blush and look away, instead she boldly met his gaze. She had dressed provocatively, hoping that they’d run into each other. Her black strappy open-sided teddy left little to the imagination.

Tawny sipped her drink to slow her pounding heart. She shook off her nervousness and did something that she had never done in her life, she approached a man. The few feet between them felt like miles and by the time she neared him, her heart was banging against her chest, as though she had run a marathon on the beach. She breathed deeply, knowing that if she didn’t calm down, she’d hyperventilate and embarrass herself. She stopped in front of him.

“They’re blue…an electrifying blue.”
The object of her attraction eyebrow’s shot up. “What?”
“Your eyes, they’re blue,” she stammered, then quickly recovered. “I’m Tawny.”

She looked away for a moment to catch her breath, the man was hot. As soon as she felt like she could talk without making a fool of herself, she returned her gaze to him. His eyes were framed with incredibly long lashes and arched with glossy black brows. His olive colored skin had darkened to a burnished gold. A pair of silk pajama bottoms hung low off his hips.

“Having a good time?”
“Now I am,” he said with a wink and Tawny returned it. “How long have you been here?”
“Two days. I’m here for five.”
“First time?” Josh asked while his eyes roamed over her near naked body and she resisted the urge to cover herself.

“You don’t act like it, I’ve seen you around and you look comfortable…” he leaned in closer then whispered seductively, “and sexy as hell.”

To his surprise she reached out and stroked his hairless chest. Her hands explored his muscled pecs. “I’m sure this isn’t your first time, if it is you learn fast, you’ve been keeping busy,” she said and was shocked to see his face redden, he looked adorable.

“Yeah, I um—”

“Hey, don’t worry about it, I’m just teasing you. You’re here to have fun and you’ve been having fun.” A Shaggy song came on. “Let’s dance.” They joined the crowd of half-dressed men and women. Tawny lost herself in the music, dancing was the one time in her life when she could forget all about her checklists and just live in the moment. Three songs later, Josh slowed down then finally stopped.

“Let’s get something to drink.”

“Sure,” Tawny replied disappointed, she could’ve danced all night, especially with Josh, he danced better than she thought he would and they moved great together, they had a rhythm that she hadn’t experienced with anyone, not even Gordon. They got their drinks then settled at a table.

“So have you partaken yet?”
“Nope, I’m waiting for you,” Tawny flirted and Josh’s eyebrows shot up. “Honest! I want you to be the first one.”
“You’re hot, you’re drop-dead gorgeous, and every women you’ve been with always look like they’ve been struck by lightning.”

Josh laughed loudly and several of his former lovers glanced hungrily at him. “Those are better reasons than I can come up with.”

Tawny lifted her bare foot and placed it on his crotch. She had seen the move in a movie and thought it was sexy. She rubbed her foot against his flaccid cock and she inhaled sharply as it quickly inflated and hardened.

Desire shot through Josh’s blue eyes. “You’re stunning.” Tawny grinned unself-consciously. Growing up people had always told her that she was beautiful for a dark-skinned girl as though her mahogany hued skin was a liability. But her parents had instilled in her that she was perfection dipped in chocolate and she had never forgotten that.

“I know I am,” she quipped while gently applying pressure to his rock hard dick.
“Let’s go.”
Tawny hesitated a second before replying, “Okay.”
They navigated their way through the crowd. “Where to?”
“Your room. I don’t want to sex you in the same bed I already fucked four other women,” he explained before she could ask.

They got to Tawny’s door and with shaky hands she tried to open it, but her nervousness kept causing her to miss the slot. Josh gently pried the keycard from her hand and moments later her door was open. As soon as the door slammed shut behind them, Josh pulled her into his arms. He pressed his lips to hers; Tawny wrapped her arms around his waist while enjoying his soft mouth. With just the thin fabric of his silk pajamas separating them, she easily felt his hardness pressing against her. Tawny opened her mouth, silently pleading with Josh to enter and he did. Tawny’s legs nearly buckled when his tongue grazed hers, he tasted faintly of mint. She hungrily latched onto his tongue and eagerly sucked. Tawny sighed when he pulled away. Josh brushed his thumb over her lips.

“I can’t wait to feel these on my dick.” He dropped his pajama bottoms and his cock popped out, Tawny gasped. His penis thick and wide, pulsed with desire. It was perfect. Josh enthusiastically kicked away his pajamas.

He quickly undressed her. It didn’t take long. Her piece of lingerie floated to the floor.

“Get on the bed,” he demanded, his voice husky. “I want to taste your pussy.”

Tawny’s legs were wobbly as she backed up to the bed and lay on her back. Josh stood over her, his gaze raked over her body. He licked his lips as though he was about to partake in a delectable treat.

Josh grazed his thumb over her clit and Tawny moaned softly. She looked up to see him standing between her legs. Her chocolate colored legs bracketed his muscled sun kissed body. She loved their contrasting skin tones. He pushed her legs up to her chest, exposing her moist folds. He lowered his head and nestled his face between her legs. Tawny shuddered with desire when his tongue danced across her creases. She hung her legs over his shoulders, giving him better access to her sweet spot.

She gently placed her hand on his head, urging him on. Josh nibbled at her button and she enthusiastically gyrated her hips wanting him to touch every inch of her. He kneaded her ass and Tawny groaned. He passionately probed her with his tongue.

Suddenly a tremor started at her clit then exploded. Her legs shook as it swept through her body, she whimpered quietly as it subsided. Josh tenderly kissed her pussy before removing her legs from his shoulders. He wiped a hand across his mouth then reached into his pajama bottom for a condom.

Josh rolled on his condom then rubbed his cock against her slit as though preparing it for his entrance, but she didn’t need it, she was wet and ready. Josh slid in and they both groaned in unison, he at her snugness and she at his size, he filled her up.

Tawny braced her feet against Josh’s chest. She watched his cock slide in and out of her. Tawny looked up to find Josh staring intently at her. A flush of heat raced through her which fueled her movements. Her hips pumped faster and she cried out with every thrust.

She noticed that Josh had closed his eyes and his lush lips were turned up into a smile. After glimpsing Josh’s expression of pure joy Tawny closed her eyes and enjoyed the feeling of his cock moving inside her. Josh stopped long enough to instruct her to straighten her legs.

He plunged in her and Tawny screamed with excitement. The new position allowed him to go deeper…much deeper. The sound of skin smacking skin reverberated throughout the room. “Fuck me Josh, oh fuck me,” Tawny chanted, as everything melted away and the only thing that mattered was the dick pounding her.

Tawny felt her second orgasm building and before she knew it, it overtook her, her body convulsed. Her legs shook against Josh, and not missing a beat he clamped them to him, while he chased his nut. After her body stopped trembling, Tawny peeked at Josh to find his gaze locked onto her breasts.

“Your tits are so fucking beautiful,” he shouted before plunging into her one last time, he grabbed her hips, pulling her tight against him. She felt his cock throb inside her. Josh breathed deeply then pulled out, he shot her a smile. “I’ll be right back.”

Tawny settled onto the bed and watched him saunter to the bathroom. “Nice ass,” she called and Josh chuckled before closing the bathroom door. By the time he got back, Tawny was relaxing on the bed.

Josh dropped down beside her then pulled her to him. “You okay?” he teased.
Tawny grinned at him. “Yeah, just catching my breath.”
Josh squeezed her ass. “Hurry up. I’m ready for round two.”




Tawny relaxed in the Jacuzzi, her breasts bobbed seductively in front of her. She was so glad that she had opted for a room with a Jacuzzi; she relaxed in it every night and tonight she had company, Josh. Earlier today that had left the resort and toured Jamaica. She even had a chance to purchase some souvenirs for her family and Shawn. And for the first time in days a peace had settled over her and seeped into her heart. It was a great idea to come here, she thought to herself. With the blindingly sunny days, the extraordinarily warm water and luxurious beaches, she felt like she had gone to Heaven.

The nude bodies no longer made her uncomfortable; she sauntered around naked like a seasoned nudist. After being at Hedonism for three days she could tell the newcomers, they all wore the same surprised expression, averted their eyes when they passed someone and self-consciously covered their bodies whenever they were out.

Josh reached out and stroked one of her breasts. Tawny winked at him. “Aren’t your girlfriends missing you?” They had been joined at the pelvis since they had sex and he hadn’t been with any of his former sex partners.

Josh shrugged. “Who cares? I want to hang out with you.”
“You’re not bored?” she asked, curiously.
“Nope,” he answered then tweaked one of her nipples.
She stared up at the sky, it was sprinkled liberally with stars. “Gordon said I was boring in bed,” she said quietly.
“Were you as freaky with him as you were with me?”

“Well no,” Tawny sputtered. “He wouldn’t have liked that. One time while we were making love, I started talking dirty to him…you know because I thought he would like it.” She chuckled at the memory. “Well, he freaked out. He called me a whore and told me that ladies didn’t act like that. I was so embarrassed that I never felt comfortable with him after that. I could never let go in bed.” Her eyes widened. “Wow that’s deep. I never made that connection until now,” she said, marveling at her revelation.

Josh caressed her cheek. “So you realize that it wasn’t you. Poor guy, he couldn’t see you for the sexy lady that you are.”
Tawny leaned over and brushed her lips against Josh’s. She pulled back and blessed him with a smile. “Thank you.”
“Is that all I get?” Josh drawled.
“What do you want?”

“This.” Josh stood up, the light from the hotel room haloed him in a warm glow, water ran down his muscular body. Tawny reached out and ran her fingers down his brawny calf. But that wasn’t what she wanted to touch, his desire for her was obvious, his cock, hard and ready, beckoned her, and she eagerly complied.

Josh reclined against the back of the Jacuzzi and splayed his legs open, inviting her in. Tawny stared, hypnotized at his cock bouncing in the hot water. “Suck it,” Josh demanded, breaking Tawny’s trance.

BOOK: Hello Hedonism
9.44Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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