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“That’s not true!” Shawn protested.
“I kind of agree with him,” Tawny admitted. “I am a little bit boring.”
“You’re not boring, just quiet and dependable.”
“And I really don’t like spontaneity.”
“You like to be prepared.”

Tawny laughed. “You’re so sweet. You really know how to make me feel better and I appreciate it. But I do feel that there’s a little bit of truth to what he said. So I’ve been thinking. I’m going to trade in our honeymoon airline tickets.”

“And go where?”

Tawny hesitated before answering. Shawn had been her best friend since seventh grade and she knew that she wouldn’t judge her. “I want to go to Jamaica.”

“Oh cool. That’ll be fun. Maybe I’ll come with you. I have some vacation time saved up. When will you be going? I’ll have to double-check my schedule at work—”

“I want to go to Hedonism.”
“What? You want to go where?”
“Hedonism. Gordon said that I was predictable and boring, this will definitely shake things up.”

“What the hell! You’re having some type of post traumatic breakdown from having your wedding called off. I’m telling your mother.” She reached for her phone and before she could press a button Tawny snatched it from her friend.

“Don’t you dare call my mother,” she hissed, then quickly softened her tone when she realized how mean she sounded. “I’m perfect, this is the wakeup call that I needed. I knew that I was predictable and that I’m not the most spontaneous person in the world. And yes going to Hedonism might seem a little crazy but it’s something that I want to do.”

“What are you hoping to accomplish with this?” she asked, realizing that her friend wasn’t going to change her mind.

“I want to be free. I think that if I go, I will release some of my inhibitions. I know that I can’t change my personality, but I want to do something that I normally wouldn’t do.”

“Then I’m coming with you. I heard about all the freaky stuff that goes on there and I want to make sure you don’t do anything crazy.”

Tawny chuckled. “That’s just it, I want to do something crazy. If you come with me, you’ll just encourage me to be the good, boring girl that I’ve always been. If I go it alone, I don’t have to worry about what anybody thinks about me, since no one will know me.”

“But I want to come,” Shawn whined.
Tawny shook her head. “No, Shawn, I’m sorry. I need to do this…alone.”
“What are you going to tell everybody? Are you going to tell them where you’re going?”
“Kinda sorta. I’ll tell them that I’m going to Jamaica and that’s all. And you’d better not tell anybody where I’m going.”

Shawn held up her hands. “I’m not. And even if somehow they got it out of me, they wouldn’t believe me. Squeaky clean Tawny White at Hedonism getting her freak on, they’d think I was going crazy. So are you doing this to get Gordon back?”

“Not at all, I’m doing it to broaden my horizons, to loosen up.”

“By sleeping with tons of people?”

“I don’t know if I’m going to sleep with anyone. Just being in that environment will be different for me. The old Tawny White wouldn’t do something like this.”

“I don’t want you to do something that you might end up regretting.”

“Me either Shawn, me either.”




Tawny sipped the champagne that the flight attendant handed her the moment she sat down. She had exchanged her and Gordon’s airline tickets for a round-trip ticket to Jamaica.

She stared out the window at the workers who were busy on the tarmac loading bags onto the plane while the passengers boarded. They move with a purpose, she thought enviously. I had a purpose, she mused to herself. But Gordon blew that all to smithereens. After the phone calls were made, vendors cancelled and the dress sent to a consignment shop for a quick sale, she was left purposeless. Gordon was going to be her future, with him gone she was left untethered. Even now a few weeks later, she still felt discombobulated and disoriented.

For reasons that she still didn’t understand, she had reached out to him, several times, even after she had told Shawn that she wouldn’t. She had only stopped after he had revealed that he was already dating. That announcement had felt like a jab to her heart, it had left her breathless.

“This trip is exactly what I need,” Tawny muttered to herself, but her heart thudded at the thought of spending five days at Hedonism. She wasn’t as brave as Shawn thought she was, she was terrified. The thought of literally exposing herself to strangers had her quaking in her flip flops. Tawny sighed to herself before taking another sip of her champagne.

She was still looking out the window when she felt her seatmate sit down. She didn’t bother to turn around, she hated talking to her neighbors on planes. Unlike other people who saw a plane ride as a two-hour meet and greet, she hated it and usually brought something along to read. But in her excitement over the trip, she had left her Kindle in her carry-on which she put in the overhead bin and she didn’t feel like getting it.

“Hey there.”

The bubbly voice had her reluctantly turning around. Tawny found herself looking into a pair of emerald green eyes. “Are those real?” she blurted, then widened her eyes in embarrassment. “I’m sorry, this is my second glass of champagne,” she offered as an excuse. The lady was gorgeous with skin the color of milked down dark chocolate, honeyed curls that kissed her shoulders and long legs.

The lady laughed. “That’s okay. I get that reaction all the time. But yes, they are real. I’m Anise and I’m an eye model.”
“I’m Tawny.”
“I love that name.”
“I hate it, it sounds like I do porn.”
“Well it’s appropriate then.”
“For what?”
“Hedonism,” she said.
Tawny jutted out her chin. “There are other resorts in Jamaica. Hedonism isn’t the only one.”
“Oh I’m sorry, I thought that’s where you were going, you’re an attractive lady who’s traveling alone.”
Tawny was offered a slight reprieve when the flight attendant stopped to hand Anise a glass of champagne.
“That’s where I’m going,” Tawny reluctantly admitted, as soon as the flight attendant was out of earshot.
“Why so shy about it?” Anise asked before taking a sip of her drink.

Tawny laughed self-consciously. “I don’t know, it really defeats the purpose.” She then told Anise about her cancelled wedding and her reasons for going to Hedonism. “So I really shouldn’t be so shy about admitting it.”

“But that’s different from being spontaneous.” She placed her hand on Tawny’s arm. “Listen don’t beat yourself up trying to be someone you aren’t. The key is feeling confident in who you are and everything else will fall into place.”

“Good advice,” Tawny said just as a flight attendant demanded everyone’s attention before beginning her safety presentation. Tawny locked her eyes on her. “I really want to hear this.”

Anise laughed. “You are predictable,” she teased.

“No…I want to live,” she replied earnestly. Anise rolled her eyes and watched the scenery while the plane taxied to the runway.

After they took off, Tawny spent the entire flight talking to Anise, there was something about her that made her break her no-talking to her seatmate rule.




The drive to the resort was uneventful, she spent most of the time staring out the window at the sights of Jamaica and its lush foliage.

By the time she got to her room, it was late afternoon. She had been surprised by the room, while it was bright with white floor tiles, white walls touched with chocolate accents, it was sparsely furnished, but she loved it nonetheless. Her favorite parts were the personal Jacuzzi on her terrace and the sliding glass doors that opened right to the beach. She had paid extra to have the room to herself, she didn’t want to share it with a stranger.

It took her only an hour to unpack but in that short span of time she had seen a lot. She had chosen the nude part of the resort. The view from her window had been an eye-opener, literally. There was nakedness everywhere. Guests displaying their cocks, breasts and butts in different sizes, ages, and colors cavorted right outside her door. So enthralled with the scene she overlooked her tropical surroundings and the hypnotizing ocean view.

Tawny pulled her hair back into a ponytail, then twisted it into a knot and using bobby pins, she secured it into place. “Perfect.” She slipped on her cover-up, she self-consciously cinched it tightly at the waist. Her plan was to remove it as soon as she got to the pool.

After taking several deep breaths, Tawny strolled out of her room and headed toward the pool, she kept her eyes averted all the way there. There was one thing about seeing nakedness from afar, and it was quite different from having it within arm’s reach.

She found an empty chaise and stood next to it with her hands hovering over her belt.

“Take it off sexy,” someone whispered in her ear; she jumped then whirled around and found herself looking into those bright green eyes again. Anise grinned at her. “Go on, you’re not going to die,” she said teasingly.

“Maybe I am, kind of,” she said matter-of-factly. Anise cocked an eyebrow. “The death of the old Tawny.”

“Cool, well there isn’t going to be a re-birth if you don’t undress.”

Tawny shot her new friend a smile then with fluttering hands she untied the sash to the cover-up and shimmied out of it. The sun kissed every inch of her body. Tawny threw back her head and raised her arms to the sky, she had never felt so free. She stood by the pool, with the sun’s rays glittering off her, she looked like a piece of chiseled mahogany. After a few minutes she settled into the chaise.

Tawny spent the rest of the day frolicking in the pool with Anise and other guests. That evening she wound down in her room. After eating and watching a little TV, she went to bed where she snuggled with a pillow.

“Today was cool, but will this help me forget about Gordon?” she muttered, before drifting off to sleep.




After eating a light lunch, Tawny sauntered over to the pool, her favorite hangout, where she sat in a chaise and people watched. It was her second day at Hedonism and she hadn’t met anyone who attracted her. Many men and women had approached her, but no one appealed to her, except one, but he hadn’t approached her yet and she was too nervous to approach him. “So much for being unpredictable,” she muttered. Over the past two days she had seen him lace hands with different women then they’d traipse back to his room. They would return an hour later, both glowing but it wasn’t from the bright Jamaican sun. “I want that glow,” she mumbled to herself.

He was playing a game of volleyball. The muscles in his legs bulged every time he raced to the ball and his biceps rippled when he volleyed it over the net. With his broad shoulders and muscled abs he could easily be an underwear model.
He has a cute ass, and I would love to take a bite out of it
. She had blushed at the thought. She was so far away that she couldn’t tell the color of his eyes, but with his spikey black hair, she suspected that they would be dark brown.

Tawny sighed then looked around the resort. It had proven to be everything it had promised and then some. This morning she had swam in the pool, while the cool water lapped over her skin. Yesterday she had walked along the beach, naked, she occasionally stopped to talk to other guests, but none were the black haired Adonis she wanted to meet.

Tawny noticed Anise heading her way and she waved her over. Anise sauntered up to her and Tawny couldn’t take her eyes off her. She not only noticed how comfortable Anise was in her skin, but how beautiful her large breasts were with their diamond size nipples, and the small thatch of hair where her legs met. To her horror, her pussy began throbbing, she pressed her legs together.

Anise snapped out a towel and arranged it on the chaise before sitting down. Her eyes roved over Tawny’s body. “Looking good.”
Tawny blushed. “Thanks,” she mumbled.
No sooner than Anise got comfortable on the chair, a petite blonde approached them. “Hey Anise.”
“Hey Lori,” Anise muttered.
“So, you wanna hang out?” she asked eagerly, flashing a smile.
“Not now, maybe later. I’m talking to a friend right now,” she said and Lori’s face dropped with disappointment.
“Oh, okay. I’ll see you around.” She rounded her shoulders then shuffled off.
“You and her?” Tawny asked, surprised and a little pleased, she didn’t know that Anise liked girls.

Anise shrugged. “Sometimes. She’s fun and everything. But she’s a little too possessive. She seems to think that just because I do her, I’m all hers, she’s sickening. But she’s great in bed.”

“So you like girls?”
“And boys,” Anise answered with a grin. “It really depends on who strikes my fancy.”

Anise grinned. “Oh, so does that little tidbit throw you for a loop, because I’m not one or the other?” she teased. “I know how you like things orderly and predictable.”

Tawny blushed. “Just my life, not other people’s, I don’t care what they do, I was just curious.”
BOOK: Hello Hedonism
12.55Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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