Her Asian Billionaire: A BWAM Pregnancy Love Story

Asian Billionaire
Will she be accepted into his

A complete story, brought to you by Mary Peart of
BWWM Club.

If you had to choose between love and a billion
dollar fortune, which would you go with?

That's the exact situation billionaire John is

Having fallen hard for Rosa, an African American
woman 'from the wrong side of town', he now faces his disapproving
parents cutting him off from the family fortune.

But Rosa is a smart and attractive woman who's
worked hard and now successfully manages a restaurant.

What's more, she's also pregnant with John's

When all is said and done, will he choose the
woman and family he's come to know and love?

Or the inheritance he's been waiting his whole
life for?

Find out in this emotional yet sexy romance by
Mary Peart of BWWM Club.

Suitable for over 18s only due to scenes with a
Chinese billionaire extensively pleasuring his Nubian queen.

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Chapter 1

Rosa answered the phone reluctantly trying to keep the weariness from
her voice. The restaurant had been filled to capacity tonight and one
of the bus boys had just quit without a moment’s notice and her
most efficient waiter had been sent home with the flu. It had been a
horrendous night and her feet were killing her; she just wanted to
soak them in some warm water and see if she could at least get a few
house sleep; she certainly did not want to talk to anyone right now,
even her best friend.

good night to you too,” Hayley answered in an offensive tone.

am sorry honey but I am dead on my feet and desperately need some
rest,” Rosa apologized with a slight smile, sitting on the side
of the bed and eased the shoes off her feet.

you desperately need is a man in your life,” Hayley retorted in
her usual forthright manner. “And I have just the perfect guy
for you.”

please,” Rosa said with a laugh, her weariness abating for a
little bit. Her friend had been trying to set her up for ages and she
had refused to be caught in the trap of blind date as she put it. “I
am too busy to be going out on dates, especially with strangers who
will probably turn out to be a pain in the neck or worse a pervert.”

promise as your best friend this one is a tried and proven eligible
bachelor and on top of that he is a billionaire.” Hayley told

does a billionaire agree to go out on a blind date?” Rosa asked

Ms. Suspicious, I knew you would ask that, the answer is that he is
tired of woman going out with him for his money and he would like to
be with someone who does not care if he had two pennies to rub
together.” Her friend responded.

definitely care if he has two pennies to rub together,” Rosa
said with a little bit of sarcasm in her voice.

know what I mean,” Hayley said impatiently. She was always
saying Rosa was too picky and that was why at age twenty-eight she
was still single. “It’s not good for you not to be having
sex at your age, it creates all sorts of problem and you get too
tense for people to be around you.”

sound just like my mother,” Rosa said dryly.

very smart woman, that one.” Hayley said with a smile in her
voice. “So, what do you say?”

I say yes will you let me get some rest?” Rosa asked in a
resigned tone.

Hayley said airily.

Rosa sighed. “Bring on the blind date; but if I happen to make
the six o’clock news about a woman abducted and raped and
thrown into the river, then you’ll have to answer to my

problem, that woman loves me like a daughter so I’ll just
replace you.” Hayley said before hanging up the phone, leaving
Rosa laughing as she padded to the bathroom.

She and
Hayley had been friends since they were in high school and the
friendship had withstood the death of Hayley’s parents in a car
crash ten years ago to the death of her own father two years ago and
ups and downs in relationships that had gone awry especially with
her. Now Hayley was engaged to be married to a wonderful man and
believed that her best friend should have someone in her life.

sighed and got into the shower to wash off the smell of grease from
her skin. She stared into the full length mirror critically. Her last
disastrous relationship had been with James, a sous chef who had told
her she was a cold fish and all because he had wanted to get her to
move in with him in his tiny totally distasteful apartment so that
they could split the rent. Good riddance, she had thought when he
told her he did not think it would work between them. That had been a
year ago and she had concentrated fiercely on her work because she
was determined that somewhere in the very near future she was going
to open her own restaurant.

She had
lost weight, she noted objectively. Her breasts were ample and had
gained her a lot of stares from the opposite sex. Her skin was a cool
and beautiful cocoa color and she had colored her dark brown hair
with streaks of gold and had refused to process it; so it was
untouched by chemicals. She had it twisted in small spirals and it
reached her shoulders. She was proud of her heritage and had no
intention of trying to be someone she was not. Her large chocolate
brown eyes stared back at her in the mirror; her full red lips that
needed no artifice pursed in concentration. Maybe Hayley was right;
she could not let her career goal take over her whole life; she
certainly needed a distraction.


am sorry, I promise I will make it for tomorrow for sure,” Rosa
said in a harried voice. She had forgotten about the date for the
second time in a row and he had called her twice because she had told
Hayley to give him her number. They had spoken over the phone; his
name was John Yang, a Chinese by parenthood; that little detail her
friend had forgotten to mention to her; not that it mattered to her
much, but he sounded calm and not in the least bit put out by her
standing him up twice and his voice was deep and friendly. “It’s
crazy here and I totally forgot about our meeting.”

actually supposed to be a date,” his voice was amused and to
Rosa’s surprise it actually had a calming effect on her.

am sorry,” she apologized again. “You see it’s been
so long that I am mistaking dates for meetings now.” He laughed
along with her.

about if I came there and have a drink when you are not so busy so we
can get the first meeting out of the way?” he suggested.
at my restaurant?” she asked stupidly, staring down at her
plain white shirt and black work pants. It was a Friday night and the
place was packed with couples out on date night.

promise to let you know right away if I don’t like what you’re
wearing,” his voice was pleasant and tinged with amusement.

why not,” Rosa said with a shrug.

it’s a date then,” he said. “What time works for

thirty,” she told him and hung up the phone as another crisis
in the kitchen begged her attention. The place had emptied out
somewhat when he came and she realized it was him immediately. He was
very tall to be of Asian descent, she thought objectively as she
stared at the well dressed man looking around the restaurant and he
was very attractive. A man who certainly did not need to go on blind
dates. His almond shaped black eyes landing on her and he smiled as
she waved at him to come over to where she was.

he said taking her hand inside his and holding on a little bit.
“Hayley said I could not miss you and she was right. You’re
very beautiful.” He said it in a matter of fact tone not like
someone looking to flatter her to try to get into her pants.

she smiled at him, her white smile lighting up her face and causing
him to catch his breath. “You’re not too bad yourself.”
She showed him to a table in the corner and told him she would be
right back. She quickly went to the ladies room to see if she had any
shine on her face, determined not to spruce herself up for him.

When she
got back to the table he had already ordered two glasses of red wine.
“I hope you don’t mind but Hayley told me you like red

do actually,” she accepted the glass he handed her and sat
across from him. “How did you meet Hayley?” she asked him
curiously. He was smartly dressed but then again Hayley had told her
that he was a billionaire; his watch certainly looked very expensive.

parents own the supermarket where she does her shopping,” he
told her with a smile.

see,” Rosa looked at him searchingly. “You don’t
look like a stalker so why is she setting you up with someone you
don’t know?”

laughed out loud, his eyes crinkling at the corners. “I am
definitely not a stalker and we were talking and I was telling her
how disillusioned I was about dating and she mentioned the very
lovely friend she had who was single.” He said teasingly.

am sure she did not say that,” Rosa retorted with a smile. She
liked him. And even though she was called away to attend some minor
catastrophe every two minutes she would hurry back and he was there
waiting for her.

see you are kept very busy,” he commented after she had been
called to attend to something for the third time. Her wine had gotten
flat but she drank it down nonetheless.

perils of being a manager,” Rosa said with a small smile.

now that you have seen I am not a monster or a stalker how about a
real date?” he asked her with a straight face.

tilted her head to one side as if she was considering and then with
an impish smile she nodded. “I am off on Sunday so we could
meet then.” She told him.

he took one of her hand in his. “Hayley was right, you are
truly beautiful.”

felt her heart jump a little at his touch and his words and she felt
a brief moment of loss when he let go of her hand. “See you on
Sunday Rosa,” he stood and waited until she was standing then
with a small formal bow he left.

went back to the business of running the restaurant but this time her
steps were lighter and there was a smile on her face.


tell me, how did it go?” Hayley’s impatient voice came
over the phone just as she opened the door of her apartment that
night. She was dead beat and she had to get up early in the morning
to see to it that the order for the fresh vegetables arrived and that
they were indeed fresh.

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