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How could she not? He was a MacPherson after all.

* * *

“Ye do nae have to worry about Helen.” Bhaic was stroking her hip, his hands gentle
now that they were both satisfied. “Marcus will behave himself.”

Ailis choked and raised her head from where she’d been resting against his chest.
“If he does, I will be most impressed. Yer brother is a savage.”

Bhaic pushed her head back down but not before she got a glimpse of his arrogant grin.
“That’s part of his charm. He’s a Highlander through and through.”

“Ye likely think it only fitting, since ye have managed to steal me heart,” she said

“Ye’re a Robertson. I am duty bound to steal everything of value from ye. But ye have
it right about Marcus, he has a savage streak in his nature. Helen is no’ afraid of
him. That’s what fascinates him, ye know. The way she stands up to his growling.”

“I am still no’ going to approve of keeping her here and insisting she wed.”

“Has it turned out so badly for ye, then?” He rolled her onto her back and settled
beside her, one of his thighs covering hers as he cupped one of her breasts.

“I am completely yer captive.”

“Good, because I could no’ allow the keeper of me heart to leave.” He smoothed his
hand down to her belly that was just beginning to round.

“No more than I could stand to leave,” she said. “But…”

He raised his attention to her face. “There is the little matter of yer father informing
ye that ye would have to pay him a visit.”

Bhaic gave her a pinch. She poked him between the ribs in retribution. “Are ye saying
ye are nae as bold as me father, who has come here…twice?”

“Nae, I’m saying I’m no’ as great a fool as yer father—”

He rolled back as she slapped his chest, following the blow with several more playful
ones. He clasped her to him and rolled her over onto her back once more. There was
little point in struggling. She was already opening her thighs to allow him to settle
between them.

“Yes…” He pressed a kiss against her mouth. “I will take ye to see yer father.” He
pressed a longer kiss against her mouth, teasing her lips before lifting his head.
“But I am no’ going to let him hit me again.”

Ailis raised an eyebrow.

He flashed her a grin, and she laughed.


With a MacPherson.

Fate had a very fine sense of humor.

About the Author

Mary Wine is a multi-published author in romantic suspense, fantasy, and Western romance.
Her interest in historical reenactment and costuming also inspired her to turn her
pen to historical romance with her popular Highlander series. She lives with her husband
and sons in Southern California, where the whole family enjoys participating in historical

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BOOK: Highland Spitfire
4.85Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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