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She nodded and giggled. "Yes, please, Sir. Oh,
and Merry Christmas, Sir. I won't be able to give you your other present,
though. It's at home. My home." She spread her legs toward the edge of the
bed, hoping he understood her unspoken invitation. "Here's one for now, I

He grinned.

"Keep them like that, pet. Stay there, I won't be

It wasn't as if she could go far if she held onto the
bed as he had commanded her, but Holly smiled. "Yes, Sir."




Mac went across the room to a small fridge and took
out a bottle of champagne. It was, he decided, justified. To see Holly, his
Holly, open for him, wet and wanting, was all he desired for his Christmas present.
He hoped she'd like his presents to her. All of them.

"Champagne, love, to celebrate what I hope will
be a glorious partnership." Swiftly, he poured a glass they would share
and went back to the bed. "Lift your head." She did as he bade, and
Mac held the glass to her lips so she could drink, careful not to spill any. "Good
girl. Enough?" He took a sip himself as she nodded.

"Yes, thank you, Sir."

"Look at me," he ordered. "Do not close
your eyes or look away." Would she? With infinite care, Mac tilted the
glass of wine over her and watched the bubbles creep up the side of the glass
and spill. Drop by drop, he coated her breasts, her belly, her clit, and her

She squirmed as each dropped touched her and she giggled.
Her eyes went cloudy, and her breathing became harsh and choppy. To his
delight, Holly kept her legs wide, and her eyes open.

He put the glass on the table, bent his head, and
started to lap. Her navel, her breasts, each taut nipple. He suckled and nipped
his way down her body until he reached her cunt.

With delicate precision, Mac moved between her legs
and lifted one onto each of his shoulders, opening her to his touch. The soft
skin of her pussy mound kissed his cheeks as he moved into her and probed with
his tongue.

"Ahhh." Holly arched off the bed. "Oh,
fuck it. Mac, Sir, both of you. I need you. Punish me later, just fuck me now.
I bet plastic and fantastic is no substitute for flesh and for real."

He'd been warned this might happen. He had to stamp
his authority on the situation. Of course he was going to fuck her—no, make
love with her, he amended. But he had to take charge now or she'd be topping
from the bottom. His cock ached with the effort of not plunging into her and
doing as she asked. However, that was not what he needed, not to fulfil them
both. Mac knew a quick screw was not the answer.

He lifted his head away and sat up. Her moan of
disappointment hurt, but he hardened his heart. "One more word and I am
going to gag you. Do you understand? You may answer me."

She gulped and made a small movement with her head.

In response, Mac tapped her mound hard enough to hurt.
"Answer me, please. Do you understand? Ten punishment taps, pet. You'll
see the difference, Holly. Count."

"What?" She looked bemused. He felt cruel
for pulling her out of her state of arousal, but it had to be done. She'd feel
so much more later.

"Count each tap." He brought his hand down
on her cunt, none too gently.

She squealed, but said shakily, "O-One."


"Two, three, four. Ah, sweet heavens above. It
hurts. Sir, it hurts."

"It's supposed to. You have your safe word."
But how he hoped she didn't use it. His cock was demanding to be let free from
its confining denim coat and rebelling against its enforced inaction. His skin
burned with tiny shards of fire as he watched the glow of his touch color her
mound and spread up her torso. Her body thrashed on the bed as he held her down
with one hand and spanked with the other. She tossed her head from side to side
and tried to clamp her legs tight around his neck. He saw the defining moment
pain became pleasure. Her gasps changed to little sweet mewls, and she pressed
into each swat.

"Eight, nine. Ten. Ten, ten."

Mac moved back. Without a word, he stood in the line
of her vision and pulled his shirt over his head. Her eyes widened as she saw
the ring of silver shining as it passed through his nipple, and she ran her
tongue around her lips. The sight was enough to make his hands go to his

"Your nipple next, love. I have your ring."

She smiled. "Oh yes, Sir."

Ah, shit. What an
answer. Careful, zip marks are so not nice. Nor is nipped flesh, well, not like
He made sure he kept a finger between his prick and his jeans as he maneuvered
the zipper down and over his swollen dick.

It took seconds to kick the jeans away. Never was he
so pleased that he decided to go commando. "Holly, my love and my pet, are
you ready? I want to make love with you. To make you mine in the tried and true
way. Before, well, before we go further."

"Yes, please, Sir. Oh, bloody well do it, Mac. I'm
aching here. You spank me, bring me to the edge, and prose. Has anyone ever
told you that you talk too much?"

"Yup, it was my one failing when I was at..."
He stopped talking. His finger teased her clit and began to move gently toward
her nether hole to circle and tease it. Soon it wouldn't be his finger, and it
wouldn't be teasing. Mac probed the ring of muscle, and instead of recoiling,
she pushed toward him.

Soon. Not yet, but soon.

"Has any one ever told you that you sass too much
for a sub?"

She giggled. "You, Sir, every other minute it
seems. Truly, Sir, I'm ready for whatever you want to do. I can't help talking
back. I will try to do better, but..." She rolled her shoulders without
moving her hands. "I want you. I've always wanted you. I read your letter,
and it made me wet. Hell, it gave me the best visuals for a toy session I've
ever had. I reread your letter and knew it was what I wanted as well. I'm just
not good at not saying how I feel. And I find it bloody hard to remember when
to speak, when not to speak, and what to say when I should speak. And don't forget,
I've waited ten bloody years for this moment. You're so stubborn. I've tried
everything I could to get you to come for me, and no dice. Except to piss off a
lot of people. It's lucky I have very understanding friends. Talk about how to
become billy-no-mates. Oh, go out with me, but you'll get investigated and
warned off." She stopped, and Mac took a deep breath.

He didn't speak, but bent and took something from
under the bed. "I warned you, Holly." The gag was around her mouth before
she had time to utter another word. "Blink if it isn't too tight." He
waited. Out of the corner of his eye, he saw her leg move and caught her foot
just before it landed on his ear. "Are you calling red? Saying haggis?"
He waited and hardly dared breathe. Very slowly, she shook her head. He lifted
the gag away and said clearly. "Is this green?"

She nodded. "Bloody green and you sod, Sir."

"Naughty." He put the gag back in and she
wriggled her nose. Mac handed her a ball. "Drop this if anything we do
becomes yellow, or red as a haggis. Nod if you understand." She nodded and
he watched her fingers tighten on the scrunchy ball. So far, so good.

"That's not how to treat your Dom. If I didn't
know how much you like it, I'd spank your ass and your pussy until you were
only comfortable lying on your side." Her eyes widened, and he saw the
flash of desire and the tell tale signs of arousal in the liquid on the top of
her thighs. "Instead, well, you want to come, don't you? Blink for yes,
pet." She blinked. "Ah, now that's such a pity. I was going to do
this all conventional before I commanded your total obedience. Now? Well."
He showed her the shackles he had lifted from their bed in the foot posts. "Now,
my love, you'll have to wait." He fastened her legs swiftly, conscious
that if she had shown any resistance, he would have stopped. Still, she held
the ball tight.

"Now the rules have changed. You can't tell me if
you're happy. The ball is okay, but I think this will be better. More instant. I'm
going to put a tiny switch in your hand. If you press it, a buzzer will sound.
That's your safe word. Blink if you agree. If you don't, shut your eyes and we'll
stop." He took the ball from her unresisting fingers and put the switch in
them. "Press it to show me you can." A harsh buzzing noise filled the
room. "Yes, that’s it. So, do I carry on?"

She stared at him. His skin crawled with worry. Was he
going too fast? It was all well and good, saying “read this, I'm going to do
this,” but in reality? Seconds passed by. He moved to the side of the bed. Oh,
how he'd tried, but it looked like this had all been in vain. Mac knew it wasn't
in his psyche for him to change, and if he couldn't have Holly, maybe he'd take
the job Sim and Steve had offered him. With a stranger he was, according to
them, a natural, with empathy and understanding. So why was he screwing it up
with the one person he wanted to succeed with? From the depths of his mind, he
heard Sim's voice.
"Don't try too

"Okay, I'll untie you. I'm sorry. I had hoped we
would make it work." She blinked. His heart stopped, and his pulse jerked.

She nodded her head and blinked.

"I'm your Dom, Holly?"

She blinked.

"We'll work on it all together."

She blinked again and again until her lashes were
going up and down like an elevator on speed.

Mac's breath released with a whoosh. "So be it.
You'll wait like this until I'm ready." He turned, ignoring the frantic
finger waves—they did not signify stop. As he exited the room, he left the door
open behind him. Mac made sure he could see Holly at all times. She was
vulnerable, and he had no intention of putting her at risk. Though the mental
torture he knew he'd put her under was somewhat satisfying, he wasn't going to
prolong it. Not this time.

Once in the bathroom, he splashed cold water onto his
face and took several long, deep breaths. He had never thought this would be so
difficult. Bending, he lifted the large, brightly-colored box that rested on a
side table. With an inward grin, he returned to the other room and put the box
on the floor.

"So, Holly."

She was still except for her eyes, which followed his
progress as he walked back to her.

"It's time. I'm going to untie you and love you."

Tenderly, Mac removed her gag and kissed her. His
tongue pushed against her lips, and she opened them to let their tongues mesh.
Then he moved back to remove the shackles from her ankles and rubbed them to
make sure she had full circulation.

He lifted her hands from the headboard. She shuddered
as he brought them down below her shoulders. They probably stung like crazy as
the blood began to circulate again. With an inward wince, he massaged them, and
she moaned.

"So sore."

"Ssh," he soothed as he rubbed. "It's a
worthy pain. Let it roll through you, flow in and around you. Embrace it, and
it will be your friend."

"Yes, Sir."

Mac continued to rub her in tiny circles until her
breath changed from choppy to slow, and he saw her take control of herself. Her
smile was feline and entrancing. She stretched and shook herself like a cat. He
could see she was itching to talk.

"Spill what's on your mind, pet."

"Dear Mac." Her voice was serious. "Dear
Sir, I've loved you for years, waited, watched, and learned. Can we now
practice more? You know, do all the rest of the basics and move on from there?
Please, Sir?"

He didn't answer her directly. "Turn over and get
on your knees. Head down." He waited until she had done as he commanded.
Her ass stuck up high in the air and was so arousing his pre cum gathered and
slid down his cock. It was a wonder he didn't come there and then. It was only
due to his extreme self-control that he was able to don a condom and slowly rub
the tip of his dick over her crack. As he watched, she shivered. Her skin
rippled and his mimicked each tiny movement. He was hot, his skin tight, and
his brain energized. If they'd been watching a chick flick, there would have
been violins.

Without haste, he slipped his hands between her legs
and unerringly found her clit with its tiny nubbin erect and begging for
attention. She was wet, gratifyingly so. Mac braced himself, guided his dick to
her pussy, and began to probe.

Holly pushed her ass toward his body.

"Please, Sir." Even as her voice slurred in
passion, she spoke as his. "Please, Sir, please."

"Ah, Holly, my gorgeous, lovely, generous pet, I
will." Mac pushed into her warmth. She opened like a flower in full bloom
and welcomed him inside. Her channel was tight and gripped him. Mac surged
forward, trying to hold back. She may have pleasured herself, she had said so,
many times, but he was thicker, harder, and in charge. Taking his cock was not
like using a toy on herself.

He moved in and out, set up a rhythm, and listened to
her moans and cries of arousal. They were erotic and climax-inducing. Mac knew
this time would be short and sweet. Bracing himself on one hand, he began to
tease her clit once more. He could feel her climax building as his hand matched
his cock in movements both great and small.

"I want, I need..." Her voice trailed off.
Her movements became frenzied as she tried to control their pace. With a
ruthless determination, he stopped moving.

"What?" Her voice rose. "What the fuck?
No, Mac, you can't do this. Please, Sir. I've got to come. Hell, I need to
come." She shook and sobbed as she pressed back into him.

BOOK: Holly's Christmas Dom-Brieanna-final edit
6.79Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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