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Gratefully Dedicated
One time I remember hearing someone ask my friend George Burne, of he had read a certain book, current at the time.
George said, “I can’t read a book cuz I’m writing one.”
We all laughed—George could make anything sound funny—but he use absolutely right. Whatever else you may be involved in writing a book take precedence. There is that inexorable due date staring you in the face.
By my sixth book you’d think I would know better, get once again I was thrilled when they asked me to do another one.
I simply love the process. And not just because I can do it sitting on the couch with my shoes off and my dog by my side.
Writing is my favorite thing.
Betty white
ld age isn’t for sissies.”
“I can’t believe I’m getting old.”
“Why do people ever say ‘
And the list goes on—we’ve heard them all. However, if one is lucky enough to be blessed with good health, growing older shouldn’t be something to complain about. It’s not a surprise, we knew it was coming—make the most of it. So you may not be as fast on your feet, and the image in your mirror may be a little disappointing, but if you are still functioning and not in pain, gratitude should be the name of the game.
Actually—and don’t laugh—there may even be some upsides to aging. People treat you more gently. They may even think your years of experience make you wiser than you are. And
always finds you a place to sit down, whether you want it or not.
Somewhere along the line there is a breaking point, where you go from not discussing how old you are to bragging about it. I have never lied about my age, but these days I seem to work it into the conversation at the drop of a hat. Please stop me before I get to the point of, “Hi, I’m Betty White—I’m eighty-nine years old!” There’s nothing to brag about—I didn’t accomplish that age, it sneaked up on me.
There is even a funny side to aging, if one has a warped sense of humor.
If one has no sense of humor, one is in trouble.
I joined the American Women’s Voluntary Services when World War II broke out.
n show business, the mirror obviously plays a big part in one’s life, but early on—long before I started working—my beloved mother taught me another role the mirror plays. I can still hear her:
“Bets, you can lie to anyone in the world and even get away with it, perhaps, but when you are alone and look into your own eyes in the mirror, you can’t sidestep the truth. Always be sure you can meet those eyes directly. Otherwise, it’s big trouble, my girl.”
It may sound like a cliché, I realize, but oh, it’s so true. On rare occasions I have tried to prove my mom wrong. I stare back at my reflection and try to rationalize my way out of something, but it never works. Those eyes in the looking glass take on a life of their own.
It still works, Mom. Even after all these years.
My beloved mom—Tess White.
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