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Authors: Sylvia Frances

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Immortal Memory (Book One) (8 page)

BOOK: Immortal Memory (Book One)
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Zach placed her on her feet at the
porch of his house and opened the door for her. “After

Simra scratched her brow and tilted her
head with confusion. She hardly realized they were back at the lake
house. Zach’s gentle eyes captivated her during those quick magical
seconds. “How’d you do that?"

“I’m an angel. I can do such things.”
He gestured for her to go inside the house.

She never turned her eyes away from him
after she walked into the house. The heavy aroma of cedar welcomed
her as she sat at the kitchen table. “How’d you get rid of Tristan?
You didn’t murder Quint, did you?”

Pulling out a chair at the cedar table,
Zach took a seat across from her. “I said a powerful prayer to
dispose of Tristan until I could return you to safety. No, I didn’t
kill Quint. He’s only unconscious and will continue trying to find

“Zach, I believe Tristan told him where
to find me in a dream. You believe Quint will come to this

The angel leaned forward, and his eyes
widened with questioning in them. “You’ll be safe here. It’s
protected against all evil. Tristan can’t see or hear inside this
house because of the sacred protection. He can't show Quint the
house in the dream either. All he can do is show him the area of
the highway. Trust me.”

Zach stood to pace the floor and
scratched his chin. “Call your friend, Jeff, to assist us. Maybe he
can help us locate Tristan’s body.”

Simra slid the phone out of her pocket
and glanced at the time before calling her friend. “It’s six in the
morning. I must call Mandy first and tell her to bring Grandmother

Dialing Mandy’s number, Simra allowed
it to ring several times before her cousin answered in a drowsy
voice. “Yeah?”

Simra told Mandy about the
confrontation with the drug dealer. She explained how Quint
captured her until Zach knocked him unconscious. Simra told her
cousin about how Zach kept her in a safe place where the drug
dealer and Tristan could never find them. “I’d like to bring
Grandmother to safety with me. Quint knows where she’s staying, and
she’s in danger. He might ask anyone to go inside the home and kill
her. Explain to everyone that I’m bringing Grandmother to my place
for a while. This man’s dangerous.”

“Oh, Sim. This is all so difficult to
believe! You certain this place is safe? I hope the drug dealer
doesn’t find you there. Maybe I should come and stay with the three
of you.”

“I realize that, but this is real.
Yeah, come and stay with us. Please bring Grandmother. Zach knows
what he’s doing. The drug dealer won’t find us here. I’m calling
Jeff as soon as I get off the phone with you.”

“Ok. Promise I will, Cousin. But please
call Jeff. Where’s this place? I’ll bring Grandma this afternoon.
She can stay with us during the evening and night there. We can
bring her to work with us during the day. I love you so

Recalling where the road took her,
Simra told her the exact location of the lake house. A lone tear
slid down Simra’s cheek. A deep concern for Mandy and their
grandmother overwhelmed her. “That's another thing. I won't be able
to work for a while. It's not safe with Tristan around. I'm safer
staying at the lake house. Please help me watch Grandmother at all
times. I love you too.”

"Got it, Cousin, I will. We'll be there
in a little while," Mandy replied.

Simra hung up the phone and turned her
misting eyes toward Zach. “You certain they’ll be all right? What
about Jeff? Are you sure Tristan can't hear us? Your brother might
try to hurt him if he knows my friend’s so involved in this. You
know how jealous and possessive Tristan is of me.”

Zach placed his hands on her shoulders
after she stood from the chair to face him. “I promise your friend
and family will be all right. I think it’s best that your
grandmother and Mandy stays here. Have faith. Tristan can’t hear a
word we’re saying. Remember, the house is protected well against
him. You’ve nothing to worry about, Simra. But believe God will
keep them safe and bring you through this. Call Jeff.”

Simra fidgeted with the phone in her
hands and grew surprised at Zach’s last statement. The angel showed
no signs of jealousy toward Jeff or anyone else. In fact, Zach
seemed to want them to help and support her. Maybe he and his
brother were different in every way. The charming angel of death
saved her many times, but his infuriating arrogance boiled her
blood. Still, she couldn’t allow him to collect her grandmother’s
soul, and he must be stopped.

Dialing the number to Jeff’s phone,
Simra allowed it to ring until he answered in a firm tone. “Yeah,
this is Jeff?”

Simra explained everything she stated
to Mandy and told the detective about the drug dealer's car. “I’m
hiding out with Zach until you arrest Quint and find Tristan’s
body. It has to be around Quint's house.”

“Thanks for telling me, Sim. It’s best
you don’t go back to work until all this is over. Stay hidden with
Zach. I’ll search for Quint and the body right now. Be careful,

“Thanks, Jeff. You be cautious too.
Keep me updated on what you find, please. Goodbye.”

Simra studied Zach’s reaction to her
phone conversation with Jeff. She waited for the angel to dig into
her with ridiculous questions about her friend. “Well?”

“I’m glad Jeff’s helping us, Simra.
He’s a valuable friend to have.”

Simra tried to control her lips from
parting with surprise at Zach’s admiration of her friendship with
the detective. The buzzing of her phone caused her to flinch.
Tristan’s name blinked across the screen. She shifted her eyes to
Zach, and her heart hammered against her chest. “Should I

“Answer.” His gaze glowered into hers
like dark shadows.

She bit her lower lip and lifted the
phone to her ear. “Hello?”

The familiar ferocious voice of Quint
on the phone sent shivers crawling up and down her spine. “Woman,
I’ll find and locate where you’re hidin’. I want my money. Meet me
at tha’ same spot where your accomplice rendered me unconscious
with a million in cash at midnight. Your grandmamma will be killed
if you call tha’ police or if your ‘friend’ shows up again.” The
drug dealer hung up and left Simra’s blood running cold.

Chapter 8

"And we know that all
things work together for good to those who love God, to those who
are called according to His purpose." -Romans 8:28



Simra paled. “I’m calling Jeff. He
needs to know about the drug dealer wanting to meet me at
midnight.” She began dialing the number to the detective’s

The phone flew from her hands, crashed
onto the hard floor, and almost shattered to pieces. Simra’s lips
parted in shock, and she scanned the room as though looking for
someone. Zach picked up the phone and placed it on the table. His
jaw tightened.

She shifted wavering eyes from him to
different sections of the house. “Is Tristan here?”

He turned away from her and took a seat
at the table. “No. Don’t call Jeff, and don’t meet Quint

Her eyes nipped at him like a blazing
fire. “You seem to have a temper. A violent one. Just like your

“No, Simra. Angels move objects quicker
and with more force than humans. Once again, I’m nothing like my
brother. Let go of such a false concept of me. Quint might be
planning a trap from what I sense. Azazel will also be involved.
It’s best neither you nor Jeff meet him in this spot

She unfolded her arms from across her
chest and stormed into the den. “You might not be like him in that
way, but you enjoy provoking me with….with…with-”

“What? The truth? The truth’s good for
you.” He couldn’t control the smile tugging at his lips.

“Ugh!” she plopped down on the couch
and rested her face in her hands.

He needed her to warn his family about
the demon, but she was in no shape. She appeared so weak and tired.
He must check on his family. Something didn't feel

The angel dared stepping
closer to rest his hand on her knee. “Get some rest. I must tend to
a few things for
the day.
We might have another long night ahead of us.
There’s food in the freezer and canned goods in the cabinets. You
need nourishment.”

Simra raised her tired eyes toward him
with apprehension and mistrust in them. “Where are you

The angel knelt down and framed Simra’s
face with gentle hands. “I apologize for how Azazel vanished all
those times to do awful things behind your back. I know he did
things those innocent, beautiful eyes like yours can’t even
imagine. I promise I’m not doing anything of the sort. I’m checking
on my family and seeing what Quint and my brother are up to now. My
brother's up to something.”

He paused and added, “I’m discussing
things with God for a while too. The Lord will watch over you while
I’m away.”

Simra leaned her face into his hand but
drew away from him abruptly. Her gaze shifted in the opposite
direction. “I’m exhausted. I must rest now.”

Zach stood up, and his gaze never left
her on the couch. “There’s a comfortable bed for you in the
bedroom. It’s much cozier.”

stood to walk into the master bedroom where white lace
curtains hung from the windows. He couldn't control a smile.
sensed how Simra longed to thank him
for everything he did for her.

However, her pride got in
the way. He knew how she did not wish to hear
the truth-especially from him. The obvious spark in her
striking eyes gave away her feelings for him. The way she clung
tighter to him revealed what was in her heart. God wanted her to
face her pain and seek Him. Zach would continue helping her
overcome the darkness whether she liked it or not.

He opened the screen door to his house
and stepped onto the porch. The morning sun warmed him. The
gardenias, roses, and fresh dew in the yard reminded him of when
Lucinda first arrived years ago. Her determination matched that of
Simra's. Everything about them was the same.

It's no wonder Azazel fought so hard to
marry Simra since Lucinda's rejection. Zach missed having his
parents over to fry fish during the summer. Fried fish made his
mouth water when he had his mortal vessel. Then, he remembered
Azazel murdering him on the fishing boat.

Zach frowned at how evil Azazel became.
The angel closed his eyes in meditation to forget the repulsive
demon. Zach then became lost in the love and innocence of

“Father, thank You for
giving me another chance to end my brother’s madness. Guide me to
help this woman who needs You in her heart. But please direct my
full attention on my assigned duties instead of my attraction to
Simra. I know it’s not what You wish of me or her, and I wish to
always do Thy will.

"Give me the strength to
continue this mission, and please protect Simra while I’m away to
do Your will. Strengthen my heart against not making the same
mistake again. Thank You, my Lord. Amen.”

Warm serenity flowed through
Zach and embraced him. Glorious rays of the morning sun caressed
his face in the sweet air. The angel had an important duty to save
destroying an evil presence in the area
It must be done before much
destruction came to pass. He looked up into the clear sky. God did
not ease his building fascination of the beautiful, stubborn woman
inside the house.

The angel shook his head to avoid the
expanding thoughts of her. He tried to forget how her exquisite
eyelashes barely kissed her cheeks while she slept. Zach firmed his
jaw and traveled through the wilderness. The woods led to the
highway toward his family’s home in the far distance.

He focused on his intense concern for
his parents, Miles and Patricia Hanley. Maybe Azazel wouldn’t cause
much trouble for them until later. Then again, having no contact
with Simra might lead his demon brother to create more problems for

A glass object shattered
inside his parents' home after Zach made it to the large oak door.
He opened the door,
inside the house, and eased it shut. Azazel’s
raucous laughter echoed throughout their mom and dad’s home. Zach
followed the voice of Miles assuring Patricia how everything would
be fine.

Azazel threw lamps, pictures,
breakables, and chairs. His demon brother laughed at their
fear-stricken pale faces. Their parents were huddled together in
the corner of the room. Fury surged through the angel. Zach took no
time racing toward his brother. Miles and Patricia’s terrified
gazes scanned the room as if trying to spot the evil

Azazel turned around just in time. He
laughed without a care in Zach’s face. “No one invited you,

The angel pinned him against
the wall and growled between clenched teeth. “No one

Azazel raised his arm over Zach’s arms
and placed a hand to the angel’s shoulder. The demon appeared on
the other side of him. Zach swung around to the other side of his
brother and grabbed a cross hanging on their parents’ wall. Azazel
fell to his knees at the sight of the cross. His gaze pleaded with
the angel.

BOOK: Immortal Memory (Book One)
7.74Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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