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Tags: #M/M Romance - tags: thug, pimp, first time, sex in a seedy back alley, friends to lovers, protecting your sweetheart, greed, dark

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“Yeah, so I can take it like a man.”

He could sense Jasper’s muscles slowly relaxing, but it was no quick process. His raspy breath was both making Frank nervous and even more ruttish than he already was. Hoping to help him out, he reached between Jasper’s legs again and was devastated to find his beautiful cock had gone soft. With a silent curse on his lips, he started slowly coaxing it to life again, while keeping his own hips as still as possible, which was no easy feat. Jasper’s short hair and wet skin felt so delicate, Frank was afraid his rough hands might scrape them, so he tried to be gentle, caressing his partner’s neck and ear with his fingers. He was happy that his eyes got used to the darkness enough to see the tension in Jasper’s neck.

“That’s better…” Jasper sighed with relief, slowly rocking into the touch, which only made it harder for Frank to keep still. He cleared his throat. “I like your cock… it’s just… got intense.” Jasper finally turned his head towards him and the seductive mixture of lust and vulnerability nearly took Frank over the edge. Being able to stare into those eyes while buried deep in Jasper’s body was one of the single most erotic things Frank had ever done. It was as if their bodies pulsed in the same rhythm, and no one had ever made him feel like that.

“Yeah? It’s good?” He was relieved to feel Jasper’s prick fill again and smiled at him in the dark, stroking his free hand up and down the sweating body. He wanted Jasper to love it so he would let him do it again. How incredible it would be to fuck Jasper in the morning light, in the narrow bed they shared, free to touch all the hidden places on his body.

Jasper slowly nodded and opened his lips in a silent demand for a kiss. Frank had to pull out a bit, but when their mouths met, he couldn’t think of any better combination than kissing Jasper while simultaneously having his cock up his arse.

“Try to move now?” Jasper whispered into his lips and strangely, talking about it didn’t seem that awkward anymore. They had to communicate if this was going to work and he really hoped it would. His heart quickened when he drew his hips back in a slow, fluid motion, trying to focus on the hot, handsome body sprawled beneath his.

“And a bit more of that cream?” Jasper’s voice wasn’t so tense anymore, which had to mean it was getting better for him. His cock wasn’t going soft, so it had to be.

Frank barely contained a moan at the prospect of having to pull out completely, but he obeyed, pressing his free hand against Jasper’s back as he coated his aching prick with a generous amount of ointment, using up most of what was left in the small pot. “I’m gettin’ in,” he panted, aligning his cock with Jasper’s impossibly tight hole.

“Well come on then, before I change my mind.” Jasper chuckled into his hand and looked away. That hot, lean, chunk of a man actually got to his toes again and spread his thighs to give him better access. The sight alone was enough to make Frank breathless, but he kept in mind how difficult it was for Jasper and pushed in slower, with much more care than the first time. His efforts were awarded by a long sigh of relief.

“Oh! Oh, I get it,” Jasper moaned and Frank had no idea what he meant, but with all that jelly he used, it was now a lot easier to slide in. “I like the way your hair tickles my arse.”

Did he really just say that?

“Oh fuck…” Frank buried himself deep in Jasper’s hole, digging his fingers into the tender flesh of his buttocks. His head felt hot and light, the tightness driving him mad, but instead of following his instinct to start a furious rhythm, he moved bit by bit. Oh, how he wanted Jasper to like it, his approval was so much more important than instant pleasure. Frank hoped the tiny moans and whimpers expressed nothing but delight.

“Come on, touch my prick again.”

“Yeah.” Breathless, Frank curled up against him and gave Jasper’s cock a gentle squeeze, quickening his still cautious thrusts.

“You’re such a big man,” Jasper mumbled into the box beneath them and pulled himself up to his elbows to press closer. “So good.” Those two words were enough to make Frank prouder than when he had stolen his first wallet all those years ago. He smiled into the fragrant heat of Jasper’s neck.

“Fuckin’ good to die for.” He gasped, slipping one of his arms under Jasper’s face, cradling it gently. An unexpected kiss to his forearm got his insides melting like butter. They forgot themselves, joined by the frantic coupling, just a few yards away from two cooling corpses. They shared new secrets and an understanding that could not be formed over a glass of gin. This was frighteningly raw, real. Otherworldly.

Their heated bodies drove the cold away, joined into one in the quiet back alley. Nothing but this mattered. Jasper’s ragged breath, his pliant body, the scratching of his beard and the mind-numbing tightness of his hole consumed Frank’s whole world as he drove into his partner, overwhelmed by the experience. He could hardly speak.

Jasper didn’t care much for words either and when he started grinding into Frank, it became clear he wouldn’t last much longer. Frank gave his partner’s prick a more forceful tug and seconds later, that tight, wonderful hole clenched around him with so much force that for a moment, he was certain his cock would stay inside forever. He groaned into Jasper’s shoulder as the huge prick in his hand spilled its load, pulsing like a living being.

“Fuck, Frank. Fuck!” Jasper shivered in his arms and Frank could feel it all the way up to his balls. With a strangled moan, he pulled Jasper tighter against his chest and let himself go, pushing right into that hot arse. Each ensuing thrust felt better than the one before and the welcoming heat of Jasper’s flesh drove him to a powerful blow deep within the pliant body.

Slowly, he lifted himself up, watching Jasper sprawled on the box, still panting as if he had just outran several coppers. Jasper let go of all inhibitions tonight and for a moment, Frank hung on to the hope he could keep him like this forever. Fighting the urge to close his eyes, he stretched over his partner’s body and kissed the corner of his mouth, still keeping him as close as it was humanly possible. He didn’t want to let go.

“So… different,” Jasper muttered with a lazy grin.

Frank nodded and crooked his head to capture Jasper’s mouth in another kiss. The cold air didn’t make him feel any less overheated.

“Night of my life,” Jasper whispered as he looked back at Frank, effectively robbing him of breath.

“Y-yeah?” His throat tightened, pulsing with the rhythm of his heart as he slowly withdrew from the comfort of Jasper’s arse. Frank swallowed, pulling out completely and petted his partner’s arm, unsure what else would be proper conduct. If he ever liked a girl this much, he’d kiss her senseless and then take her to his bed. Only he and Jasper already shared one. Would the arrangement change now? Would the invisible line between them disappear now that they both knew how their bodies fit together? He hoped it would. The possibility of Jasper deciding to forget about this made Frank’s whole body ache.

“Mhm. Though my arse’s going to be fucking sore.” Jasper laughed, but Frank could see that his face darkened. “We have to sort that mess out, right?” He slowly straightened up and pointed into the alley where they left the bodies.

“Yeah.” Frank took a step back, groaning at the sight of Jasper’s buttocks, juicy and pale. He wanted to pet them, but didn’t dare. Instead, he tucked his cock back into his breeches, still slippery from the fucking. “We do.”

Jasper bent over to pick up his trousers and Frank couldn’t help but wonder if he’d done that on purpose. “Those shoes are fucking

Frank chuckled, still too overwhelmed by what they just did to think about anything else. Stevens wasn’t the only man with good shoes in London.

They both quickly got their clothing in order, even though Jasper was having some problems with the buttons. His injured hand was swelling, but he didn’t complain and just got on with it.

“We’ll get some ice for this.” Frank reached over and helped him with the top trouser button. He could swear he’d never smelled anything more arousing than the mixture of their combined sweat and spunk.

“Yeah, it’s fine.” Jasper stirred in place, before giving Frank one more quick kiss. He walked back into the alleyway, followed by Frank’s mesmerized stare. The sudden change of dynamics in their friendship was incredible.

“We need to find our ’ats.” Frank spotted his dagger and quickly bent over to pick it up.

“Yeah, mine’s here. And this sword? It’s fucking brilliant!” He could hear Jasper swish it in the air, acting as if nothing was out of the ordinary.

“Ya need to learn to stab.” Frank kicked the loony’s body. He was just as dead as it seemed.

“I know how to stab. He came out of nowhere,” Jasper complained and poked Stevens’ head with the tip of the sabre. God knew when he became so bloodthirsty. Frank smiled at him with a soft sigh. He needed some hearty late-night dinner, but his thoughts inevitably gravitated to the bed they shared and his heart skipped a beat. Would they just lie down like nothing happened? What would Jasper do if Frank reached out to touch him in the dark?

“Just get on with it and let’s go.”

“Wait.” Jasper fished out a pocket watch out of Stevens’ vest. He already had the boots on. Frank didn’t even notice when he swapped his old shoes for the new ones.

“Don’t forget ’is money.”

It took a few more minutes of scavenging through the toff’s clothes and Jasper stood up proud. He put his top hat on and walked up to Frank, swaying to the sides with a cocky grin.

“Here you go, luv.” Jasper dropped the golden pocket watch into Frank’s palm and snorted. “For your effort.”

Frank rolled his eyes, unwilling to let emotion show as his stomach clenched. “Now that’s a curious nickname.” He put the watch into the inner pocket of his coat.

“I enjoyed your services.” Jasper nudged him with his elbow. It felt like a blow to Frank’s chest.

“Would ya enjoy ’em again?” Frank forced himself not to break the connection between eyes.

“You did say I need to practice stabbing.” Jasper wiggled his eyebrows.

Frank gritted his teeth nervously, but didn’t look away. Jasper was not a woman to be denied the chance to practice some stabbing
“That’s what I said.”

“Good.” Jasper’s grin widened and he dashed toward the way out of the alley. “Let’s go. I don’t want to end up on the noose before I get to stab you.”

“Yeah well, we’d need more ointment,” Frank grumbled, still feeling both agitated and dubious about that whole stabbing matter. At least with him on the receiving end of things. And watching Jasper walk all queer wasn’t helping.

Once they reached the nearest street lantern, they took some time to make sure no traces of blood were in plain sight. Frank had to scrub his face a bit, but with their outer clothes being dark, no one would notice any stains without daylight.

Having cooled off after the frantic coupling, the night felt colder than before, and they rushed through well-known streets. None of them said it out loud, but it was obvious they were both intent on reaching their room as soon as possible.

“Do you think Molly will ever tell us what Stevens did?” Jasper held his injured hand close to his chest as they walked through the silent streets. It wasn’t yet time for the city to change shifts.

Frank snorted and briefly touched his arm. Maybe they could buy Jasper a new top hat with the money they got? “I don’t give a fuck.”

“Not even a bit curious? What kind of pervert he was?”

With a shrug, Frank slid his arm around Jasper’s shoulders, tense with the effort to keep the gesture seem casual. There was no one around anyway. He didn’t yet know what to do with the new freedom to touch Jasper, but he couldn’t deny himself. “I’m curious about too much now.” The fact that Jasper didn’t pull away, made him all tingly inside.

“Like what?” A smile lingered on Jasper’s lips, but it dissolved when a siren pierced the air with its deafening cry. Frank pulled away, his body tensing up, ready to fend off anyone who dared to attack them. Were the sound just a bit more high pitched, it would probably break windows.

“Fuck, the coppers,” was the first thing that came to his mind.

They looked at each other and didn’t have to say one word, before dashing into a sprint, determined to get as far away as they possibly could from the crime scene. Everything blurred in the haze of vapour and fog, but as they ran, Frank stole a glance at Jasper when they were passing one of the rare streetlights. Surprisingly, Jasper did the same and when their eyes met, a grin was shared as well before darkness swallowed them again.


Author Bio

K.A. Merikan is a joint project of Kat and Agnes Merikan, who jokingly claim to share one mind. They finish each other’s sentences and simultaneously come up with the same ideas. Kat and Agnes enjoy writing various kinds of stories, from light-hearted romance to thrillers. They love creating characters that are not easy to classify as good or evil, and firmly believe that even some villains deserve their happy endings. It is easiest to find them in galleries, good restaurants and historical sites, always with a computer or notebook, because for Kat and Agnes, every day is writing day. Future plans include lots of travel and a villa on the coast of Italy or a flat in Paris where they could retire after yet another crazy venture, only to write more hot homoerotic stories.

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BOOK: In His Shoes
4.88Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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