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Innocence Taken
Janet Durbin
Chapter One

A twig snapped behind her. Rew spun around. Before her was a man, tall dark and deadly. He moved with a speed she never expected. A hand large enough to do the job well covered her mouth. An arm wrapped itself around slender her body, pinning it against the muscular chest. The man was naked.

She felt his hard penis against her clothed groin and whimpered. She knew what came next and dreaded it with every fiber of her body. She was a virgin.

The shortcut through the woods was the fastest way home from the high school. Not many kids used it because it was rumored to be haunted. Rew was late and knew her mother would be mad, so she took the chance. Now she regretted it horribly.

A thick piece of silver tape appeared in the man's hand. Where it came from, she had no idea. He placed it over her mouth, preventing her from calling for help. He forced her to move toward a clump of trees. Rope, hidden on one of the branches, hung there like a snake all coiled up. He yanked it free and tied it around her wrists and ankles. Her breasts were groped before she felt herself lifted off the ground and placed over a strong shoulder. She wanted to kick, to fight, to get away before he did the unspeakable. By the time the shock of the situation wore off, it was too late.

Deeper into the thick woods they went. Rew wished she would die. She did not want to go through this; she wanted to be home, safe in her mother's arms. Her ass was pointing forward, her skirt hiked up to expose her white underwear. Her mother told her colored underwear was a sign of loose girls. She knew without a doubt, she was going to find out what loose girls went through. His fingers squeezed her ass tight, keeping her from falling off. They burned into her flesh like hot embers left over from a fire.

The man stepped through an opening in the trees; a rundown shack stood before him. He walked up to the door, swung it open and closed it tight behind him. He moved to a cot with a thin stained mattress on it and laid her gently down. Light shined through the tiny slits near the roof. There were two on each wall. They were the only source of light.

Rew saw his manhood was still erect. A smiled creased his handsome face. If she had met him on the street, she would have thought him cute. Now all she saw was a very bad man.

The man straddled her, pinning her legs with his weight, and removed the rope from her ankles. He pulled one toward the wall and secured it with a strap hanging there. He pulled the other toward a post standing near the end of the cot. It was bolted to the floor to prevent it from moving. Her legs were now spread, making her most private area visible.

Rew started to cry as he spread her arms apart in the same fashion. She was completely defenseless, something she had never experienced in her eighteen years of life. She cried harder as he pulled a small shiny knife out from under the mattress and showed it to her. She tried to plead with him, but the tape made the words come out garbled. He simply smiled again.

The knife came toward her shirt. The sound of slicing echoed throughout the small room as it cut the fabric with ease. A white lace bra appeared. She had seen it in a store and, on a whim, bought it. It was one of the few things she had kept from her mother.

The man set the knife on the floor and pulled the shirt open. Her creamy flesh matched the whiteness of the bra. Her health class had taught her about skin cancer and she avoided the sun when possible. He stroked the points of her breasts and watched as the nipples responded to his touch.

Rew tried to twist away, the straps around her extremities prevented it. He cupped each breast and pressed down on the nipples with his thumbs. She took in a breath through her nose, unable to stop herself. One hand slipped under the material and caressed the smooth skin. The man had made no sound since Rew first saw him. It made the situation even eerier.

The knife appeared again; the bra flew open in response. Her erect nipples pointed upward. He bent over and ran his tongue over the tips before circling around, lightly touching the surrounding skin. Her breasts were a full C cup. She felt his teeth rake over the ends and heard sucking sounds as each was lifted with his mouth. She tried to blank out the noise and the feelings running through her body, without success.

She remembered feeling like this when Jared had tried to make a move on her. It was the day they had skipped school to go to the beach. Hidden in the dunes, he touched her in the same manner, rubbed her nipples just like now, and sucked on them just like now. Only she had not allowed him to go further. She was saving herself for the man of her dreams. He had been angry with her for weeks. She only laughed, playing him for a fool.

Now, she was the fool. She was the one being played with. A sharp pain brought her attention back to the present. The man pinched her nipples between his fingers, giving them a little twist. The tears flowed again. His other hand stroked his penis up and down. She saw a white milky liquid on the tip. His eyes were closed, his head tilted ever so slightly backwards. The smile looked like it was permanently etched on his face.

The hand on her breast moved to her stomach. The pointer finger circled her bellybutton several times before moving to the waistband of her skirt. She expected him to pull the elastic band down. Instead, he moved the pleated material upward, toward her stomach. The hand on his penis continued to stroke up and down.

She felt a finger run over the front of her underwear, toward her crotch. A wave of pleasure shook her body. She felt betrayed. She felt vulnerable. She felt she wanted more. The man flashed his exquisite white teeth in response to her shiver. He knew he had her now.

He felt the split of her lips and rubbed his finger over it. Moisture covered the fabric. He was thrilled at the prospects of entering the land of pleasure, but held back. He had to make sure this one was ready. The others had withered away when he pierced them; he wanted this flower to continue to bloom.

He pulled the waistband of her underwear down and felt the patch of chestnut hair growing there. It was full, not shaven. He twirled it around his fingers, enjoying the silkiness of it. The girl looked frightened, but there was a hunger in her eyes, as well. A hunger he felt in his own body. He spread her vaginal lips and felt for the clitoris located at the center. The moment he touched it, she responded. He felt elated.

Rew felt his finger rub her clitoris. She sucked in a breath. A rush of tingling flowed through her body. It was not a bad feeling. It made her skin feel electrified. She wanted this man to stop, to allow her to go free, but at the same time, wanted him to touch her more and more. She did not know how to respond to the feelings. Was she a bad girl for liking it, or had her mother been wrong, wrong for telling her to wait.

She looked into his black eyes. They were wild with hunger. She felt afraid then, afraid of him touching her, of him hurting her, of him killing her. She closed her eyes and relaxed, waiting for him to rape her and let her go afterwards, hopefully. The man felt the change in her body. It enraged him. Just when he thought he was so close to finding the One, she failed him. He would make her pay. He would bring back the eagerness for his touch.

He pulled his hand away and stood. Rew opened her eyes and watched as he moved to a box resting in a corner. It was the kind used to store wood, though no fireplace was anywhere in the room. He removed the lid and reached inside. She saw a metal rod with a tapered end emerge. The rod was nine inches in length and had the same circumference as a flashlight. He held it high for her to see, enjoying the look of horror emanating from her eyes. To him, the eyes were the voices of the soul. What one saw there was how the person was.

Returning to her side, he kneeled close to her crotch. He put the rod against the lips of her vagina and watched as she squirmed against it, trying to get away from it. He rubbed it gently, making her lips spread apart. The fabric of her underwear stretched to conform to her shape. He felt the warmth coming off her body. He knew her mind was fighting what her body wanted.

For the first time since he abducted her, he spoke. “Embrace the feeling, give in to your body and enjoy."

Rew shook her head back and forth quickly. Tears welled in the corners of her eyes. She pleaded with them for him to stop. He only shrugged his shoulders. A feeling of infinite sadness emanated from him.

"I had hoped you would be The One, but alas...."

Dread raced through her body with those words. She wondered what she had to do to become the ‘one’ he spoke of. If it would help her stay alive, she would do it. The man brought the rod to his lips. He kissed it then ran his tongue over the smooth surface. When he looked at Rew, she saw the full depth of his craziness.

The man brought the rod down onto her thighs, hard. She flinched as far as the restraints would let her and screamed. The sound caused the man to hit her again and again until she stopped. She collapsed from the beating into a whimpering mess. The man reached up and stroked her hair, smoothing it back in place. He bent over and licked the tears from her face. Then, he kissed her taped mouth and straightened up.

Rew could not believe this was happening to her. What had she done to deserve this? Was it because she said no to Jared? Was this payment for being a bitch to him?

The light shining inside faded with the passing of time. Rew knew her parents would be looking for her. Would they look for her on her usual route? Would they even think of the path? Probably not. She never took the path. The only other time she had was on a dare. That was how she discovered the shorter way.

She felt rubbing between her legs and saw the rod was back. She watched as the man pulled her panties away from her skin and slid it against her. It was cold, almost as cold as the one holding it. She whimpered, but did not make any other sound. She did not want another beating.

The man left the rod resting where it was and picked up the knife again. He cut the panties off and dropped them on her chest, right under her chin. He wanted her to smell her love juices. The underwear was saturated with them. He returned the knife to the floor and picked up the rod once more. With one hand, he rubbed the tuft of hair covering the vagina. With the other, he guided the rod between her lips. He teased her, inserting just the tapered end then pulling it out again. He did this several times.

Rew wanted to tell the man she was a virgin, to tell him to stop, to tell him to continue. She was confused. She was afraid. The more he teased her, the more she wanted it. But, it was wrong, wasn't it? That's what she was always told. Now, with these sensations running through her, she wasn't so sure. When the tip was inserted, she tried to squeeze herself shut. It didn't work, it was too smooth. The brief contact made her tingle. She moaned.

The man pulled the rod away from her vagina and slammed it deep inside. This was something she had not expected. The smooth tapered end slid inside. It hurt. She tried to fight, to shift her hips away, but all it did was drive the rod deeper inside. He pulled it out and shoved it in again, regardless of the pain it caused. She tried not to, but couldn't help it, she screamed.

Suddenly, the man was lying on top of her. She opened her eyes and shut them immediately. Hands moved all over her body. He kissed her face and neck. She felt his hardness against her bruised legs. He had left the rod inside. His leg pushed against it, causing the pain to intensify. She arched her back. It only drove her breasts into his chest, rubbing her tender nipples on his.

BOOK: Innocence Taken
11.22Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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