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Authors: Aaron Hillegass,Joe Conway

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iOS Programming: The Big Nerd Ranch Guide, 3/e (Big Nerd Ranch Guides)

BOOK: iOS Programming: The Big Nerd Ranch Guide, 3/e (Big Nerd Ranch Guides)
8.72Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub
iOS Programming: The Big Nerd Ranch Guide

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Print ISBN-10  0321821521
Print ISBN-13  978-0321821522

Third edition, first printing, March 2012
Release K.3.1.1


While our names appear on the cover, many people helped make this book a reality. We would like to take this chance to thank them.

  • The other instructors who teach the iOS Bootcamp fed us with a never-ending stream of suggestions and corrections. They are Scott Ritchie, Brian Hardy, Mikey Ward, Christian Keur, Alex Silverman, Owen Matthews, Brian Turner, Juan Pablo Claude, and Bolot Kerimbaev.
  • Our tireless editor, Susan Loper, took our distracted mumblings and made them into readable prose.
  • Our technical reviewers, Bill Monk and Jawwad Ahmad, helped us find and fix flaws.
  • Ellie Volckhausen designed the cover. (The photo is of the bottom bracket of a bicycle frame.)
  • Chris Loper at designed and produced the print book and the EPUB and Kindle versions.
  • The amazing team at Pearson Technology Group patiently guided us through the business end of book publishing.

The final and most important thanks goes to our students whose questions inspired us to write this book and whose frustrations inspired us to make it clear and comprehensible.

Table of Contents
What’s Changed in the Third Edition?
Our Teaching Philosophy
How To Use This Book
Using an eBook
How This Book Is Organized
Style Choices
Typographical Conventions
Necessary Hardware and Software
Creating an Xcode Project
Building Interfaces
Declaring instance variables
Declaring methods
Making Connections
Setting pointers
Setting targets and actions
Summary of connections
Implementing Methods
Build and Run on the Simulator
Deploying an Application
Application Icons
Launch Images
Using Instances
Creating objects
Sending messages
Destroying objects
Beginning RandomPossessions
Creating strings
Format strings
NSArray and NSMutableArray
Subclassing an Objective-C Class
Creating an NSObject subclass
Instance variables
Accessor methods
Instance methods
Other initializers and the initializer chain
Using Initializers
Class methods
Testing your subclass
Exceptions and Unrecognized Selectors
Fast Enumeration
Bronze Challenge: Bug Finding
Silver Challenge: Another initializer
Gold Challenge: Another Class
Are You More Curious?
For the More Curious: Class Names
The Heap
The Stack
Pointer Variables and Object Ownership
Memory Management
Using ARC for memory management
How objects lose owners
Strong and Weak References
Declaring properties
Synthesizing properties
Instance variables and properties
Dot Syntax
For the More Curious: Autorelease Pool and ARC History
Projects, Targets, and Frameworks
Core Location
Receiving updates from CLLocationManager
Delegation, controllers, and memory management
Using the Debugger
Using breakpoints
Diagnosing crashes and exceptions
Bronze Challenge: Distance Filter
Silver Challenge: Heading
For the More Curious: Build Phases, Compiler Errors, and Linker Errors
Object Diagrams
MapKit Framework
Interface Properties
Being a MapView Delegate
Using the documentation
Your own MKAnnotation
Tagging locations
Putting the pieces together
Bronze Challenge: Map Type
Silver Challenge: Changing the Map Type
Gold Challenge: Annotation Extras
Views and the View Hierarchy
Creating a Custom View
The drawRect: Method
Core Graphics
UIKit Drawing Additions
Redrawing Views
Motion Events
Using UIScrollView
Panning and paging
Hiding the Status Bar
Bronze Challenge: Colors
Silver Challenge: Shapes
Gold Challenge: Another View and Curves
Creating HypnoTime
Subclassing UIViewController
Another UIViewController
View Controller Lifecycle
Initializing view controllers
UIViewController and lazy loading
View Controller Subclasses and Templates
Bronze Challenge: Another Tab
Silver Challenge: Controller Logic
For the More Curious: The main Function and UIApplication
For the More Curious: Retina Display
Notification Center
UIDevice Notifications
Setting autoresizing masks programmatically and bitwise operations
Forcing Landscape Mode
Bronze Challenge: Proximity Notifications
Silver Challenge: Programmatically Setting Autoresizing Masks
Gold Challenge: Overriding Autorotation
For the More Curious: Overriding Autorotation
Beginning the Homepwner Application
Subclassing UITableViewController
UITableView’s Data Source
Creating BNRItemStore
Implementing data source methods
Creating and retrieving UITableViewCells
Reusing UITableViewCells
Code Snippet Library
Bronze Challenge: Sections
Silver Challenge: Constant Rows
Gold Challenge: Customizing the Table
Editing Mode
Adding Rows
Deleting Rows
Moving Rows
Bronze Challenge: Renaming the Delete Button
Silver Challenge: Preventing Reordering
Gold Challenge: Really Preventing Reordering
An Additional UIViewController
Navigating with UINavigationController
Pushing view controllers
Passing data between view controllers
Appearing and disappearing views
Bronze Challenge: Displaying a Number Pad
BOOK: iOS Programming: The Big Nerd Ranch Guide, 3/e (Big Nerd Ranch Guides)
8.72Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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