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Men Of Steel


MJ Fields


I sat in my room at our family’s tattoo parlor,
Forever Steel
staring at the phone. I hadn’t stopped looking at the picture of this crazy, quirky, insanely beautiful blonde haired blue eyed siren that invaded the Jersey Shore a month ago.

Smythe was not my type at all. She was a twenty year old student at Stanford University in California, smart as hell, and funny as fuck. The shit kicker was she was so awkwardly unaware of what any man with pulse could see, and that was that she was a damn heartbreaker with a body that made me hard the very first time I saw her. She made me crazy, she snuck out to see me, and then avoided any sexual advances I made on her, until I finally kissed her, and I didn’t wait for an invitation either: I took those pouty little lips and made them mine.

Carly was also an avid reader of those books, you know
“Mommy Porn.” So my game had to be stepped up. Who the hell am I kidding? She could see through my game immediately, and it didn’t have the same effect it did on every other girl I hooked up with. And she didn’t go running for the hills, either. I fell hard and fast, un-fucking-believable.

We talked and snuck around not wanting my best friend (her cousin Abe), to know-- or he would have tried to kick my ass and I would have let him. He was like a brother to me.

Abe knew all the shit that had gone down in my life for the p
ast five and a half years and in order to make this work, which I wanted it to... I needed to set the record straight, put it all on the line, give her the 411, and let her decide if after everything, she still wanted to give it up to a guy like me. A tattooed, pierced, fuck-up, with a past that was sure to send her into a tail spin, hoping and praying she would still want to give me a shot.


I sat in class looking through the messages to and from Jase for the past nine weeks. Every morning a “Good Morning, Baby”, throughout the day updates of his day and questions about mine, and every evening, “Falling asleep, still falling for you.” So sweet, perfect, and mine in less than twelve hours. I was planning on skipping class, can you believe it, ME miss a class? It may only be for four days, but those four days would be perfect.

The professor excused the class and I walked outside the building into the cool fall air. I sat on the bench contemplating what to do next. Go home, or to the library and study when my phone chimed.

-Hey baby, what are you wearing?…J

-Chaps and a smile, how about you

m wearing jeans and a sweatshirt, it’s fucking cold …J

- Yeah, it’s
cold here too…C

- What are you going to do after school

-Prepare for my hot date tomorrow…C

-I really don’t want to bring back any horrible memories but please stay away from “chemicals” that may make your very sensitive skin break out…J

-Oh a comedian. Don’t worry, already took care of it. Jase you should have someone wax at the parlor
-- that would be a big money maker. It’s expensive…C

-Don’t fuck with me Carly. Just think of you all, hmm…J

- Hmmm huh?...C

hmmm,” I felt someone’s hot breath in my ear and turned around and jumped almost tripping over my backpack.

, you have got to be more careful,” he said as pulled me into his strong arms.

“Oh my God,” I stepped back quickly and grabbed my phone.

-You better get here soon; I swear to God I’m imagining you’re here now…C

Jase looked down and grabbed his phone out of his pocket, read his
text and laughed loudly, “I’ve missed you so damn much.”

“Could you text that to me?
” I side stepped so he couldn’t grab me.

“What?” he laughed.

“Yeah, I’ve saved eight weeks of texts, and I read them all the time. I want this documented as well,” I laughed when he grabbed me and picked me up and kissed me softly.

“Let’s try this again, hello baby,” oh that voice w
as yummy, his lips were yummy. My Jase was yummy.

m so glad you are here,” I kissed him back and then bit his lower lip and pulled it out, “Rub your ball on my tongue.”

He laughed into my mouth and rubbed the hard
, steel piercing slowly up and down my tongue.

“Hot damn
,” I squeezed my arms around his neck tightly.

We were interrupted by someone clearing their throat loudly.

I pulled back and scowled looking into his eyes, “PDA baby,” he winked and then I turned around.

“Does your Jersey boy know about this?” Mimi scolded me.


, whatever his name is?”

“Hello I’
m Jase, or Jersey boy. You must be Mimi?” Jase smiled, that damn dimple winked, and I seriously think Mimi blushed. She did recover quickly though.

“Yes, how do you know
?…never mind,” she rolled her eyes and put her hands on her hips, “Are you going to make book club tonight?”

I said
“no” and Jase said “yes” at the same time, and I laughed.

“Have you read the book
, Jase?” Mimi looked at him over her glasses.

“Twice,” he smiled at her and the dimple winked again, and yes she blushed.

“I think we should skip tonight Jase,”
please, please, please
, I pleaded in my head.

“It only lasts an hour right?”

“Yes, see you both there,” Mimi walked away quickly.

m going to kick your butt,” I pushed my hand against his chest, and I left it right there.
Let it wander a bit, holy hell he was beautiful.

I looked up at him and smirked, “You done feeling me up?”

“I suppose,” I rolled my eyes and he bent down slowly I licked my lips anticipating his on mine and the jerk kissed my nose which made me laugh.

“Listen, right now I wanna get the hell out of here, take you to dinner, hit the book club, and then take you back to my hotel,” he smiled as he looked me up and down.

I swallowed hard, “What will we do there?”

“First I am going to run a bath, the hotel has an amazing bathtub,” He looked at my lips while he talked making them turn up a bit, “Then I am going to take my time unwrapping you from top to bottom,” so my teeth decided to bit
e my bottom lip, just like in those damn books. He let out a slow breath as he watched me and I swear, I heard a very low moan escape his mouth.

“What’s next?” came out as a rich whisper.

“Aw baby, showing you will be much more fun. Besides… I don’t want to spoil the surprise,” his laugh was thick which by the way did not cause me to swoon. Did not hit my ears at all: the effect went straight to my who-who and I swear my knees clenched together and he noticed. His jaw clenched and out came that sound again.

, don’t do that again,” my voice squeaked and his eyes widened.

“Screw that, I am going to do that all night long,” Jase wrapped his arm around my waist and pulled me very close to him, holding me tightly as we walked towards the parking lot.


I looked up in time to see my lab partner Brad looking shocked.

“Oh hey Brad,” I smiled and Jase tensed up and looked at him, cold and expressionless. “This is Jase, Jase this is Brad, my bio lab partner.”

Brad stuck his hand out, “You go to school here
, Jase?”

“No,” Jase didn’t shake his h
and, I elbowed him in the side, “Sorry… Brad was it?”

“Yes, Carly and I have several classes together. Weird
-- she’s never mentioned you.”

“Not weird, why should she? Her private life is private. Come to think of it I have never heard her mention you either.”

Brad laughed, “If she were my girlfriend I think I would want to know who she spends half of her day with.”

“Well she isn’
t your girlfriend,” Jase glared at him, “So it’s none or your fu…”

“Okay Jase, don’t we hav
e plans?”
time to step in right? Maybe I should have before but it was kind of cool… a little possessive and a lot a hot.

, we do,” Jase kissed me hard on the lips and I pulled away and laughed, “Bye-bye Brad.”

We walked away and I looked up at him. His held me tightly walking through the crowd with his head held high. When we got to the parking lot I stopped.

“Where are you at hot stuff?”

Jase looked at me and smiled shyly and pulled down his shades, “A different world baby.”

“Not too different,” I laughed and threw him the keys, “You drive?” Jase shook his head yes and opened the door for me, “Mr. Romance.”

He winked, kissed my cheek, shut the door, and walked to the other side of the car. He sat down and his knees hit the dash. I couldn’t help but laugh. He reached to the side and tried to find the seat controls. I bent over and reached down in front of the seat to help the poor guy out, “Okay move forward a little then slide back,” I looked up at him.

“Christ Carly,” Jase pulled my hair away from my face and looked down at me. His beautiful brown eyes were glazed. I looked at him curiously and then his eyes rolled back .
Oh, oh, oh, oh. Well hello there buddy.

“Slide forward slowly Jase
, and then push back as far as you can go,” I licked my lips on purpose and his hand fisted my hair tighter and groaned, “Come on Jase, you can do it.”

I was seriously enjoying driving him crazy and he knew I was. The noises that came out of him, the way the muscles tightened in his squared jaw, and the way his eyes burned made me feel li
ke I had a little bit of power. Well… a lot of power.

He let go of my hair and moved the seat forward which nailed my head on the steering wheel. My hand slipped off the lever and my sleeve was stuck on something

“Baby, you have about two point two seconds to stop fucking around before you lose an eye,” Jase growled.

My head was wedged between the steering wheel and my face
was snug up against the crotch of his jeans. I honestly could not move my head or my arm. I started laughing.

“It’s not funny. Shit is getting really tight down there. Buttons are going to fly,” Jase laughed uncomfortable.

“My head is stuck, Jase. My sleeve is stuck-- and I can’t get it loose,” I pulled as hard as I could and the damn thing was not budging.

There was a loud tap on the win
dow and Jase whispered, “There’s a woman who looks pissed off and a lot like you out here, Carly.”

“Open the door,” I laughed harder, my voice muzzled by denim.

“Not the way I wanted to meet your mother Carly,” Jase opening the door, “Hello, you must be Jane?”

“Hello Jase. Carly
, what the hell are you doing?” Mom was trying to keep her cool and I laughed out loud.

“Hey Mom
, could you reach down here and pull the lever or figure out what my sleeve is stuck on so I can?”

Mom reached in and pulled the lever the seat flew back and I laughed
. What else could I do
? She freed my sleeve from the emergency brake release and I sat up and smiled.

“Mom this is Jase,” I looked down quickly at the huge bulge between his legs and quickly grabbed my book bag and flopped it on his lap to cover him. He winced and I looked away from my mom quickly.

“Hello Jase,” Mom looked at him briefly and then turned away.

“I truly apologize for this… th
is, very uncomfortable meeting...” he looked away, “I’m going to take your daughter to an early dinner and then we will be stopping in for book club.”

Moms head spun back and she looked at him shocked, “
coming to book club?”

“If that’s alright,” Jase smiled, his dimpled winked, and my mom smiled.

“Do you know what you’re in for Jase?”

“I think I have a prett
y good understanding of what I’m in for,” he chuckled, “We ran into Mimi earlier.”

“Alright then,” Mom
smiled at me, “See you in a couple hours?”

“Yep,” I leaned over Jase and gave my Mom a kiss. She stuck out her hand and shook Jase’s and walked away.

Jase looked at me and shook his head, “Wow.”

I couldn’t help but laugh.

“Where to Carly? This is your town,” Jase laughed.


“Right here?” Jase looked confused when I told him pull over.

“Yes,” I jumped out of my little Honda Accord, which wasn’t little but Jase was tall and it seemed to be too small for him. He got out and walked around the car and hit the lock and grabbed my hand.

We walked into a little café and ordered, “I would like to sit outside, if that’s alright with you.”

“Of course,” Jase smiled and ordered. I tried to pay and he laughed at me and gently batted my hand away. The girl behind the counter smiled at him, a big old smile
. Not just a friendly ‘may I take your order’, or ‘have a nice day’ smile. Man, I wanted to choke her.

“I will bring that out to you when it’s ready.”

Seriously it’s counter service chick
, ughhh. I looked up at Jase smiling down at me, “You done with whatever is going on in there?’

“In where?” I asked as he pulled me behind him.

“Your head,” he smirked.

“Yeah, yeah, yeah,” I rolled my eyes.

We sat in the corner, kind of hidden in the trees planted for the purpose of creating privacy.

He pulled out my chair and I sat. He pulled his so that it touched mine. I sat back and smiled. How could I not, Jase was here and i
t had been two months since I’d seen him. You know how sometimes you think that the longer you’re apart from someone, the more you think and dream about them and then, when you finally see them you think damn-- that’s it. In our minds we take little snapshots of moments and they seem to grow with each day we’re missing that person. They become more caring, or beautiful than they really are.

It was not like that with Jase, not at all. He
beautiful. Dreamy, sexy, gorgeous, and here with me right now looking at me and probably wondering…

“What the hell is going on in there now
, baby?”

I laughed, “What do you mean?”

“That look has not changed in two months,” he grabbed my hand and held it rubbing his thumb slowly across the back of my hand and then back making small circles.

“Care to explain?”

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