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Jule Reigh and the Jim Stone Affair

BOOK: Jule Reigh and the Jim Stone Affair
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Jule Reigh and the Jim Stone Affair


Lani Aames


Interpol agent Juliet Reigh is hot on the
trail of the international jewel thief known as Jim Stone. Jule is
determined to get her man any way she can, and Stone rises to the
challenge with a titillating dare. An Interpol agent and an
international jewel thief look beyond their differences for the
happily-ever-after every couple craves in this arousing sexcapade
of romantic fantasy and spy-spoof thriller.


Erotic romance novelette, approx. 11,000
words or 37 pages.


Jule Reigh and the Jim Stone Affair
was previously published.



Reviews for Jule Reigh and the Jim Stone


Multiple O’s!
“Oops! It’s time to pay
the piper, and then some. An agent and a jewel thief? Together?
Sex? Yum! … Lani Aames pens a short but very hot story that readers
are going to loooovvveee…” —Sinclair Reid for RRTErotic


4.5 Stars!
“The sex has that
scrumptious, delicious, dreamy quality that provides the maximum
satisfaction… You won’t be able to ignore the zing as the couple’s
activities become raunchier by each progressing line.” —Milagros
Fatima for JERR


4 Cherries!
“I thoroughly enjoyed this
read. … I highly recommend this story for a wonderfully erotic and
satisfying journey into sexual fantasy.” —Buttercup for Whipped



Published by Silver Heart Books



SHB Edition 1.7

Copyright 2010 Lanette Curington

Cover Copyright Immortal Designs

Cover Art Copyright Mocker/Dreamstime



This book contains adult content and is meant
for adults 18 and over. This is a work of fiction and the
characters and situations are a product of the author’s
imagination. Any resemblance to actual situations or persons,
living or dead, is purely coincidental.



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Table of Contents


Chapter One: The Rock-Hard Maneuver

Chapter Two: The Pink Ecstasy Stratagem

Chapter Three: The Hot Ice Gambit

Chapter Four: Endgame

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Chapter One

The Rock-Hard Maneuver


uliet Reigh
surreptitiously moved from behind one potted palm to another,
keeping the foliage between her and her target. Jule was nervous,
but so far everything had gone as planned. She took a deep breath
and, using her cell phone, snapped another pic of the man now
seated alone at a table near the window.

Late afternoon sunlight filtered through the
pane of glass, giving her excellent lighting for the photos. The
light brought out the deep russet tones in his rich brown hair. He
was handsome in the classical sense with a perfect patrician nose
and high cheekbones. Dark brown brows accented his eyes which she
knew to be the color of hot cocoa. Kissable lips pursed
thoughtfully when he was studying a menu…or maybe a diamond?

On her first solo assignment for Interpol,
Jule decided she had done a solid job so far. That afternoon, she
had picked up the trail of the international jewel thief known as
Jim Stone at his hotel just in time to follow him taking a tour of
the museum where the fabled Pink Ecstasy, a brilliant heart-cut
pink diamond, had been stolen a week ago.

Had he returned to the scene of the crime as
most criminals do?

The theft had been executed perfectly, the
thief leaving no clues behind and no evidence that he’d been there
at all. The necklace had simply vanished from within its maximum
security case. Interpol was certain Jim Stone was behind the heist,
but they had nothing with which to arrest him. Jule had been
assigned to follow the alleged thief and call in backup if she
found any leads, no matter how slim.

Aside from the visit to the museum, Jim Stone
had done nothing remarkable all afternoon—except look sexy as
hell—and the Pink Ecstasy had fueled her fantasies to keep her from
getting bored. Weighing in at 69.69 carats, it was purported to
bring complete sexual satisfaction to its owner and partner.

Jule sighed. Over the course of the
afternoon, she had fallen in deep lust with Stone, and almost
wished him luck with getting away with it. In possession of the
Pink Ecstasy, he and his sexual partner would, according to the
legend, experience the most sexual and sensual of delights ever
imagined. Part of her wanted to be his partner, at least for one

She envisioned herself wearing nothing but
the Pink Ecstasy draped around her neck, the heart-shaped stone
nestled between her breasts, and lying in the center of a
heart-shaped bed. Stone, wearing nothing but a brooding, sensual
smile, would touch her everywhere, starting with her feet and
kissing his way up the insides of her thighs, lapping at her…

Jule shook her head, snapping out of her
little daydream. The mental images turned her on, but she was
afraid she’d become distracted. She was an Interpol agent,
dedicated to helping catch the bad guy, not wishing him luck and
fantasizing about being in his bed…no matter how devastatingly
attractive he was.

Snapping a few more shots, she wondered how
long Stone would linger over his coffee. He’d met with another man
for a late dinner. She’d taken pics of the other man as well, in
case he was Stone’s fence for selling the diamond necklace. Nothing
had passed between them by the time the other man left, and Stone
remained behind, sipping his coffee and lost in thought. She
wondered if he might be using the quiet time to work out the
details of his next heist.

At that moment, a group of departing diners
passed through, obscuring her view of Stone. As they strolled by,
they took their time and chatted amongst themselves about how good
their meals had been. When the last of them trailed out of her line
of sight, she looked to Stone’s table again, but he was gone!

Her heart thudded rapidly as she glanced all
over the restaurant, hoping to catch sight of him. He hadn’t had
time to pay his check and leave. Maybe he’d gone to the restroom.
She started to take a step toward the front so she could watch the
restroom doors and the exit, when something hard and pointed
pressed into the small of her back. She froze.

“Why are you following me?” a luscious male
voice asked near her ear.

“I don’t know what you mean,” she replied
evenly, trying not to panic.

He reached around her and snatched the cell
phone from her hand. Scrolling through the photos she’d taken of
him all afternoon, he laughed softly. “You have a lot of pictures
of someone you haven’t been tailing.”

Jule’s heart sank to the pit of her stomach.
She had become too distracted. She was supposed to send a copy of
each photo back to headquarters as soon as she took it and delete
the original just in case something like this happened. If she had
followed protocol, she might have been able to talk her way out of
this predicament because there wouldn’t be any evidence for her to
explain away.

The only way to get out of it was to admit
what she’d done. She turned to face him with her eyes half-closed
and teasingly raked the tip of her tongue over her lips. Slowly,
she placed her hand on his chest and trailed her fingers along the
buttons on his shirt. Before she reached his belt buckle, she

“I like the way you look,” she drawled,
playing the vamp and hoping her performance was convincing.

“Do you always follow men you like?” he
rasped, his voice turning hoarser as the protrusion in the front of
his trousers grew larger.

“Not usually, but there’s something about you
that turns me on. I was hoping for the opportunity to meet you
and…” She paused for effect, glancing at the huge bulge beneath his
buckle. “And get to know you better.”

She hoped her brazen manner would put him off
and make him think she was a crazed stalker or something. While men
in general might not decline an offer of a one-night stand,
international jewel thieves in particular should be more
discriminating to protect their secrets.

His hot-cocoa eyes held amusement while his
sumptuous lips moved in for the kill. Her knees might as well have
been made of butter for all the good they did her as his mouth
slanted over hers, taking her breath away.

She slumped forward against him as the gentle
hum of arousal that had been with her all afternoon, just touching
the surface of her awareness, abruptly combusted into a raging
frenzy of lust, consuming her to the core. She wanted to fuck this
man right here, right now, and the tiny corner of her mind where
practicality still existed wondered if the potted palms were leafy
enough to conceal them if she did.

When at last they parted, his gasps of breath
came as rapid and ragged as her own. Could the suave and
sophisticated Stone be as turned on as she?

“You’re the best offer I’ve had all day,” he
murmured, his lips as damp and kiss-swollen as hers felt.

“And how many offers have you had today?”
Jealousy stabbed her in the heart at the idea that other women
regarded him with the same intensity of desire she felt. Shoving
aside the wild thought that he belonged to
alone, Jule
hoped the question would stave off the inevitable. Because, really,
she’d never go off with a strange man for a hot and sweaty quickie,
no matter how horny she was and even if he weren’t an international
jewel thief. She just didn’t do that sort of thing. Ever.

“Three or four.” His dark eyes sparked with
humor again. “I usually lose track by this time.”

He had no modesty and he had no shame either
because his hand slipped over her breast, his palm rubbing the peak
of her nipple. Their bodies hid the action…but the thought of
someone seeing them…watching them…made her moan.

At the sound, he moved his hand until he
caught her throbbing point between his finger and thumb, squeezing
with precision—just hard enough to cause pleasure not pain. Another
flashflood of desire surged through her, and another helpless mewl
escaped her throat. His hips ground against hers, his rock-hard
erection massaging her intimately.

Her body responded to the primal assault, her
hips moving with his. She raked her mons over the bulge of his cock
again and again. She wanted to stop and tried to make herself stop,
but her pelvis rode his rhythm with no heed to any common

He cupped her shoulders with his large hands
and, with a few steps, backed her into the corner where the walls
met. The disruption caused that pesky common sense to rear its ugly
head for a moment. “Not
,” she whispered.

“Why not? We’re here. You want it and I want

“But what if someone

“Who looks behind the potted plants?”

He had a point. She’d eaten in restaurants
with potted plants and couldn’t remember ever really looking at the
flora before, and she’d certainly never scrutinized them closely
enough to know if any hid illicit couplings.

Then she recalled how he’d found her. “You

“I’m the exception, babe, not the rule.”

She wanted to laugh. What arrogance! Looking
into his hot, naked eyes quelled the chuckle in her throat. She
believed he was exceptional, all right—the best at his chosen if
illegal profession and unequalled in bed. The first she knew to be
true through his dossier at Interpol, but the last? She was as sure
of it as if she’d already bedded him.

“What’s wrong?” He moved in close and nuzzled
her ear. “This is why you followed me all afternoon, isn’t it? If
you back out now, I’d think there was another reason for you taking
all those pictures.”

Reality slammed into her hard. He was so
smooth she’d almost forgotten he was a suspected criminal and she
was in danger. Her training came back to her in bits and pieces.
She could reveal her identity as an Interpol agent and hope it
would scare him enough that he’d back off. It would also alert him
to the fact that the authorities were onto him, and she didn’t want
that to happen if she could help it. All her and her fellow agents’
hard work would be for nothing.

BOOK: Jule Reigh and the Jim Stone Affair
13.24Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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