Legally Bound 4: Allegations of Love

BOOK: Legally Bound 4: Allegations of Love
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Legally Boun

Allegations of Love



Blue Saffire























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It can take years to get it right, but when you get there, it is worth it all.





Legally Boun

Allegations of Love



Blue Saffire










Jasper just stood staring at her picture. It was her first big photo shoot. He was so proud of her. She’d always wanted to model, but she didn’t want to disappoint her family by not going to college.

She had started modeling a year after settling into her new life overseas. It was finally paying off. Jasper knew Marie, she never settled into a college major for long because her heart was in modeling.

It was the reason she’d taken a year off after graduation. It still hurt him that, that had been her decision. She didn’t know that her decision would rip them apart.

If she had chosen to go to Europe right away after high school, he could have worked his way onto her security team, but because she would be close to home and family, he had been assigned to leave for Greece.

Jasper smiled to himself. Greece had taken him away from her, but he still knew everything there was to know about her life. What his cousin Rita wouldn’t tell him he found out from the reports saved in the database.

Jasper knew one day he would return home. He was being trained to be Nate’s right hand just like his dad, Earl was to Uncle Thomas. His heart hurt as he thought about how far off that day seemed at this time. Jasper knew he still had almost two years before he would be free to go home or pick a new assignment.

He knew in his heart he would be going wherever Marie was. He had been in love with her since they were younger. Only two years separated them in age, but nowadays it seemed like years and miles were infinitely stretching a gap between them.

Looking into her grey eyes that sparkled from the page where she smiled back at him with a secret smile, made his heart race. His lips turned up into a bigger smile. Marie was destined to do as she pleased one day. Just like he hoped he would be able to do the same.

“What has that smile on your face,” Olivia purred as she walked up behind him and wrapped her arms around his waist.

Olivia was a wealthy Baroness. Her husband had been one of Jasper’s first assignments when he came to Greece. The Baron was older than Olivia and had been in failing health. Jasper had known from the beginning that the Baron wanted him there more for Olivia’s protection than the Baron’s own.

The man knew his days were numbered. Jasper had spent a lot of time with Olivia, escorting her to parties and her many shopping trips. She was a really down to earth woman and she loved to talk and laugh. Six months into the assignment the Baron had passed in his sleep.

Olivia had requested that Jasper stay on with her. He never thought anything of it. He was just doing his job. That is until one night a few months later.


Jasper had just finished his rounds and started for his sleeping quarters. He would be off for the weekend and had planned to spend some time with his family. While there were still hard feelings towards his mother’s side of the family, his father’s side had always welcomed him, his sister, and their cousins, Rita and Nate, with open arms.

A light at the end of the hallway grabbed his attention. This side of the house had always been deemed off limits. He had only once seen Olivia disappear down the corridor without emerging for hours.

His training told him to check on it, but his instincts told him it would change his life forever. Shrugging off the latter feeling, he started down the hallway and stopped at the front of the door where the light was coming from.

He could hear muffled noises coming from within. It was when the sound of Olivia’s voice pierced the air in a scream that he sprang into action. He burst into the room with his gun drawn, but what he found was not a scene of danger, at least not to Olivia.

Sitting in the middle of a king-sized bed covered with red satin sheets was a very naked and flushed Olivia. Jasper felt himself harden at the sight of her full brown breasts and thick shapely thighs. He’d always thought she was an attractive woman for being in her early thirties.

At nearly twenty-one, Jasper had limited experience with women. He had always thought Marie would be the only woman he would be intimate with. It wasn’t until this major mistake of walking in on Olivia that he realized that those needs would need to be met at some point over the next seven years he would be stationed here in Greece.

He had thought he could make it without needing to fulfill them, but now as his cock hardened he wasn’t so sure he would. He was already plagued with thoughts of Marie and how she felt in his arms. One taste of her had left him starving and needy.

Jasper blushed deeply and started to stammer out apologies profusely. He tucked his gun away quickly and let his eyes sweep the room to look anywhere but at the beautiful woman sprawled out on the bed before him.

As soon as his eyes started to take in the rest of the room he was sorry. His blush deepened and he nearly tripped over his feet to exit the room. He would just have to tell his Uncles Giuseppe and Leo he needed a new assignment. He would never be able to look at her again without getting a hard on.

“Jasper wait,” Olivia’s smoky voice called to him. He stopped in his tracks but didn’t turn to face her or give a reply. “Jasper, look at me,” she said softly.

Jasper debated on whether or not he should run for it or give in to her request. He didn’t get to make the choice himself as he felt her stop behind him and place her hands on his back. Slowly he turned to face her.

Olivia looked up at him with a warm smile. “Have you not seen a naked woman before,” she asked, her smile turning amused.

Jasper felt stupid as he shook his head no and then yes. In truth, he had seen a young girl naked, never a woman in the flesh. He wouldn’t share that with Baroness Olivia though. That one time had been so important, so special, he didn’t want to share it with anyone, but the one he had been with.

Olivia gave a small laugh. It wasn’t a mean or malicious laugh. He knew that. They had become somewhat friends in the time he had been here. He knew when she was teasing him.

Olivia reached for his hand and pulled him further into the room over to the bed. When they reached the side of the massive bed, Olivia pushed him gently to have a seat as she stepped in between his legs. Jasper gulped down a breath as he felt his member swell even more in his pants.

Olivia reached for his hand and brought it up to her breast. Jasper licked his lips and tested the weight of her breast in his hand. For a thirty-two-year-old woman her breasts were still perky and firm. She had a solid c cup with large brown nipples.

Jasper remembered the first time he saw her. He had been surprised when the Baron introduced the beautiful black woman as his wife. He recalled thinking that she had beautiful full brown lips and large oval shaped brown eyes. Her narrow nose set off her soft features. Her hair had been cut into a short crown of curls that seemed to put her beauty on display. Her mocha complexion had a sensual glow to it that had Jasper shying away from her the first few weeks on assignment.

Now he wanted nothing more than to know the feel and taste of all that mocha skin as she stood before him. He knew it was wrong, but he also knew it was too late to change what his mind had already made up. Olivia cupped the back of his head pushing her fingers into his blonde waves and pulling his face forward to her breast.

“Suck on it for me,” she whispered.

Jasper didn’t hesitate. He pulled the pebbled flesh into his mouth and suckled on it causing them both to groan. What Jasper didn’t know was that Olivia had always found him to be attractive. She had actually entered this room with thoughts of him. It was thoughts of his hands on her body that she had brought herself to climax with.

Feeling his warm and timid mouth wrap around her breast had her aching in ways she had suppressed for so long. The Baron had gifted her this room for her pleasure. He knew he could not satisfy her, but he liked to watch as she satisfied herself or her chosen lover.

The Baron had wanted her to seduce Jasper before he passed, but there was something special in Jasper’s eyes. She knew he was an innocent young man and she did not want to share that innocence with anyone. When she made love to Jasper and taught him how to please a woman she did not want anyone in on the intimate moment.

“Jasper,” Olivia moaned and cupped his face in her delicate hands.

Jasper looked up into her eyes with uncertainty and longing. A part of her almost changed her mind. She knew she was about to ruin this young man. The things she had planned to teach him would give him a taste that could become singular and hard to satisfy with just any partner.

When his hand timidly lifted to rest on the swell of her ass, she lost all thoughts of freeing him from her clutches. Moving to straddle his hips, she moaned as his erection brushed her wet sex. He felt large even through his pants.

“I want to teach you pleasure, Jasper. I have seen the sadness in your eyes since you arrived. This will be my gift to you. I will teach you how to bring a woman the ultimate pleasure and how to yield and harness your own ecstasy. I will ask you for nothing in return, but your body and pleasure,” Olivia said as she looked into Jasper’s deep green eyes.

He was a gorgeous young man. He had to be six foot three. His skin was a tanned olive tone, which Olivia knew from island gossip was because of his partially black mother. It was no secret that the Marinos sisters had reunited in the States and married the Briggs brothers. Their story was one that was told many times over.

Jasper was well built from working out and training. Olivia could still see his youth in his face, but his muscle spoke of dedication and an amazing body to come when he fully matured, not that he wasn’t flawless now. Olivia just knew the difference between a man and a transitioning man.

Olivia hadn’t known it then, but she had made him a promise that her heart would not want to keep. However, being the woman she was, she would do exactly as she promised, even if it meant her heart would be broken. She would not ask Jasper for more than his body if he did not want to give it to her. She just hoped that once she ruined him he would forgive her.

Jasper looked Olivia in her brown eyes and knew she promised him something dark and forbidden, but he was not going to turn her down. In the back of his mind, he considered that it was possible that some day he would regret it. He had a promise to keep, he knew he would. This was just sex, not his heart.

“Yes,” was his response in that moment, he was decided.

A wide smile stretched across Olivia’s face and she reached for the back of Jasper’s head pulling his mouth to meet hers. His kiss started off timid and Olivia panicked for a moment, thinking he was going to reconsider. When her tongue entered his mouth, he relaxed and palmed the healthy swell of her ass.

She reached to pull Jasper’s shirt over his head. She tossed the shirt to the floor, climbing from his lap to the center of the bed. Sitting on her knees with her ass on her heels she watched Jasper as he turned to rake his eyes over her naked body.

“Take off your pants and climb on the bed with me,” she ordered patiently.

She watched as Jasper stood, removing his gun and then releasing his belt, followed by his button and zipper. She lifted a brow at his calm, measured movements. It was not at all what she expected for an eager young man. Jasper was just full of surprises.

When he dropped his pants, she licked her lips and smiled a crooked smile to see he was not wearing any underwear. His penis was massive, long, with the right amount of girth. Olivia smiled internally as she eyed his erection. While Jasper could pass for a white man fully clothed, one would raise a brow once seeing his member. Not because of the size either. Olivia knew that to be a myth.

Jasper’s tanned skin could very well have come from his Greek and Italian heritage, which his father’s family was known for. However, there was no mistaking the African American blood in him when looking at the flesh of his penis. His base was a brown that gradually led up to a light brown and rose colored tip. His sack was a darker hue of brown as well.

Olivia couldn’t wait to taste him. Jasper watched Olivia’s hungry gaze as he climbed on the bed, stopping right in front of her, kneeling on his knees. Olivia dropped on all fours like a cat about to stretch her back. Her tongue flicked out for her first taste of him.

Jasper gave a throaty moan, driving Olivia forward to take him in her mouth. Her eyes flicked up to watch his pleasure. From his wide-eyed expression, she wondered if this was his first blowjob. She quickly dismissed that thought when he smiled back at her as she bobbed up and down on his length, throwing his arms behind his head. He locked his fingers in his own hair as his hips started to thrust forward into her mouth.

He had a wonderful flavor and stretched her mouth in a way that made her eager to take more. Olivia felt giddy with pleasure when she swirled her tongue around him and Jasper’s right hand shot out to dive into her short curls. Her hair had grown out a bit since he had first arrived so he had enough to grip in his hand as he started to thrust harder and faster.

Olivia was not going to let him cum for the first time in her mouth. No, that honor would be reserved for her pussy. Olivia let him pop free from her mouth as she felt him getting close. She lifted up straight once again and repositioned herself onto her back.

BOOK: Legally Bound 4: Allegations of Love
4.9Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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