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Bill shook his head and smiled. His son sure didn’t waste any time. Since Justin came back from overseas, the father in him prayed this would happen. He watched the darkness and hunger burn in his son’s eyes, and realized he’d only seen those stark emotions in one other place. Maria’s gaze also held the weight of the world and a deep loneliness she never thought to fill. Bill knew that same loneliness had somehow been beaten into his son, as if his thoughts and memories where too horrible to allow anyone to share. Well…just maybe their loneliness could be reduced by one another. He’d intended to introduce the two of them one day soon. He just wished for better circumstances.

Bill shooed Matthew and Brian off the roof. He told the two bookends he needed some rest, he needed to think. He would take a cab home and leave Justin’s car for him to follow. Or not.

He would see them all at the meeting tomorrow. Nope. Since it was already 3:00 in the morning, he’d see them tonight. Right now he would go home and try to sleep without nightmares beside his wife.

Nancy knew about Maria. They’d met a few times over the years and liked each other. After fifty-five years of marriage there were few if any secrets between them. When Bill told her of his plan to introduce Justin to the vampire, she went through several days of angst over the thought of losing any chance of future grandchildren.

Then with a mother’s eyes, she went out to lunch with her son and came back with her blessing. “He’ll never let anyone close enough to make me grandbabies,” she’d said sadly. “If Maria can take the dead look from his eyes and make him laugh again…it would be wonderful. Just the shock of who and what she is might be enough to bring him back among the living.”

Well, he would go home and tell Nancy that the two of them had met and the sparks seemed to be flying. Now it would be in the hands of God or fate…or something.

Chapter Three


Neither Maria nor Justin heard the others leave, and they wouldn’t have cared anyway. Locked in a world of their own making, a vivid blend of touch and taste and overwhelming sensation, they came together in primal need.

The surge of pleasure as his mouth joined with hers tore through her body like smoldering fire bursting into flame. Justin kissed like a man obsessed and Maria welcomed the blaze. After watching and lusting after him all evening, her mind no longer fought to give attention to either a new horror or a fresh craving. She allowed herself the opportunity to explore his body to her hearts content.

This man moved with a power and sensuality that screamed sex. His taste was as addictive as the remembered sweetness of chocolate, the plunge and retreat of his tongue an enticement to take more. The soft brush of his goatee and mustache tickled her lips, while his hands seemed to carry an electrical charge that zapped every nerve and brought them shrieking to life. Pulsing, throbbing life.

She could feel her sex swell and spasm in tune to the dance of his tongue in her mouth. The first trickles of readiness seeped from deep inside to coat her pussy. Her breasts enlarged and the nipples chafed against her bra, demanding attention. She shifted in his arms, rubbing her body against him. The action only served to increase her frustration and the need for closer contact. For naked contact.

Maria fought to keep still. Waiting. Craving a harder touch. She could imagine his mouth on her. Felt her incisors lengthen as she anticipated her mouth on him. Her imagination didn’t prepare her for the reality of his touch. Her skin burned, her heart slammed against her chest at the onslaught of powerful need. She ground her mouth into his, wanting to scream in frustration as he moved to press her against the porch table, spreading her legs slightly to tease the hard ridge of his cock against the apex of her thighs. She wanted her clothes gone. Wanted him naked. She thought about waving her hand to make the barriers disappear. Not a good idea, she decided. He’d have enough to think about over the next several days. She did not want him stopping in the middle of sex to ask her questions about her powers.

She moaned as he slipped his hand under her shirt to cup her breasts. No. She definitely didn’t want to distract him.


Justin couldn’t get enough of Maria as she came alive in his arms. Her mouth welcomed his invasion and she met his wild desire without flinching. Her spicy-sweet taste carried a trace of orange and cinnamon, a leftover hint of the sangria she’d been drinking earlier. She was addicting. Intuitively he knew he’d always crave this taste and would never again be satisfied without access to it. Having her body pressed strong and lush against his drove him to the edge of control. He made a sound that was half gasp, half growl as his lips moved against hers.

He continued kissing her with lips and teeth and tongue. The small sounds she made in the back of her throat seemed to wrap around his soul, holding him bound to her with invisible threads. For the moment he wouldn’t question their connection. He had better things to do. Her hands moved restlessly up and down his back and over his shoulders before she wrapped her arms around his neck and tangled her fingers in his hair.

“Yes,” he growled into her mouth. “Oh, God. Yes.”

Reaching down, he slid his hands under her ass and pulled her up against him, nestling his aching cock against her belly. He needed more. Shifting her up, he set her on the table’s surface, wedging his knee between her thighs to further spread her legs, pushing closer. He rotated his hips in a slow circle and added a soft flex to pound a rhythm against her covered center. With each beat he increased the pressure against her.

She cried out against his lips, and like a man starving, he swallowed her moans as he once again slid a hand under her top to cover her breast. Over the silk fabric of her bra, he rubbed his palm back and forth, torturing her nipple with his teasing. He moved away from her, tearing his mouth from hers to lift her top and bra up and over her head, managing to free her breasts in one movement. He reached to cover the glorious mounds in his hands and took the pebbled nipples between his thumbs and fingertips. He pulled and twisted her hard nubs and watched their turgid response blossom. Hearing her breath accelerate, he looked up into her passion-glazed eyes and smiled. Her lips were drawn tight, her jaw set in anticipation.


“Justin, please. Suck on my breasts!” she gasped in demand, reaching to pull his head to her. Too slow for her sanity, he lowered his mouth to her to swirl his tongue around one taut nipple.

When he finally drew her into his mouth and suckled, she couldn’t stop the sob escaping her lips or the roll of her hips as she sought his heat. She cradled her hands against the back of his head, holding him against her. She loved the feel of him at her breast as he succeeded in driving her to madness. The hair of his beard and mustache scraped over her quivering flesh as he moved his mouth over her nipples.
God, what a wonderful sensation!
She trembled with desire as he moved one hand down to stroke against the leather of her pants. The slide of his hand over her leather-covered core teased her wet slit, sending little spikes of heat coursing through her blood. She moaned, “Justin, please.”

As if waiting for her demand, he pulled back and helped her to stand. In several struggling movements, he helped her peel off the rest of her clothes and left them lying in a pile on the terrace floor. He repositioned her body on the table. She blinked up at the sky as he gently pushed her down so she lay on her back, pushing her knees up to settle her feet on the edge.

He spread her legs and looked with wrenching hunger deep into her eyes. “Damn, I want to taste you so bad it’s killing me,” he growled as he dropped to his knees and leaned over her pussy, using the tip of his tongue to touch her with a bold stroke. Maria gasped and the sound seemed to launch Justin into frenzied action. He moved his mouth and feasted on her, spread as a banquet of need before him, as if he wanted to capture every last drop of her essence. He groaned low in his throat in ecstasy as his tongue slid sensually back and forth over her clit, first with a slow, methodic stroke and then with quick flutters. She was so soft. Warm. Wet.

As she writhed before him, keening her pleasure, he moved his hands up to grab onto her legs and guide her knees to his shoulders. He positioned his hands on her ass and held her still for his assault. He nipped at the swollen bud of her clit and used his tongue to delve deep, plunging and retreating with a slow cadence that had her screaming in frustration. As he dipped into her channel with his tongue, his mustached lip brushed her sensitive nub. With slow intent, he reached one hand up her body and sought her nipple. As he increased the pressure and speed of his mouth, he pinched his fingers together.

The combined sensations sent Maria screaming en route for the first sheer drop of paradise. “More!” she cried in demand. “I need you deep inside me.” Her body shook with the desire to hold him captive against her.

Justin stood and tore off his clothes. He pulled Maria back into a sitting position, and with his hands holding her knees up and open, he moved to nudge his straining cock against her molten heat and met her hooded gaze. In a loving move that almost brought tears to her eyes, he raised his hand to her face and cupped her chin. He brushed his thumb over her protruding eyeteeth. “I’m making an assumption we don’t need protection. Tell me now if I’m not correct, I have a condom in my wallet.”

“No need,” she gasped out, dropping her head. The feel of his swollen crown pushing against her vagina made it difficult for her to think. She snapped her gaze away from the shadowed sight of his cock. He was big and thick and oh, so lovely. But she needed to make sure he wouldn’t freak if she nibbled… “I don’t. Know if I. Can stop. Myself. Ohgodohgod.” She needed to pause, regroup. He flexed his hips just enough so the engorged head of his shaft breached her, spreading her entrance. Pulsed. Just one inch in. Out. In. “Waitwaitwait!” she cried. She leaned her forehead against his chest in relief as he stilled with one inch of hard heat pushing into her. She couldn’t think.

“Tell me!” Justin demanded of her.

“Bite. I may have to bite. Just a little sip?” she whispered urgently. She couldn’t tell if he understood her. She pulled back to look dazedly into his burning gaze. She didn’t understand her own reactions. She’d always had control over her need to take blood during sex.

Evidently the control was missing with Justin.

Her broken comment was a warning to him that she might be driven to take his blood. He wouldn’t understand the need in her eyes, but he should be able to see the obvious affect of their lovemaking in her elongating teeth.


Justin didn’t hesitate. There was no question in his mind—he would have her. He’d wanted her on first sight and that seemed like days ago instead of hours. From the moment he’d met her, he knew he would claim her pussy as his. He didn’t understand it, but the feeling of possession took over his mind, became a part of him. Even after he’d found out she was vampire—a little blood drinking sure as hell wouldn’t stop him. “Fine.” He punctuated his acceptance by pushing forward and he kept on pushing until he buried his long length deep inside her. Until his balls brushed the cold iron rim of the table. He hissed in reaction to the small shock and the mind-blowing sensation of her internal muscles gripping his cock in her scalding heat.

“Not going to work,” he gasped. “Got to move, got to pound into you and we’ll break the table. Your room?”

“There!” she pointed behind him to a second French door leading off the balcony. She waved her hand and the door flew back. Her display was something he’d have to remember to ask her about later. Much later.

“Hold on!” he demanded, as he wrapped her legs around his hips. The feel of her thighs clenching him, her breasts brushing against his chest and her pussy spasmodically clutching with each stride almost drove him to his knees. Sweat broke out on his forehead and he gritted his teeth together.
Just a few more steps
, he promised himself.


Maria groaned. Every new sensation heightened the arousal of her already primed body. The soft, feathery brush of his chest hair against her nipples combined with the rocking thrust of his hips to press his shaft deep within her. His pubic bone nudged her clit with each step and added to her rising need to taste him. She lowered her mouth to his neck, teasing her senses further with the musky scent of his arousal and the intoxicating foreplay of his pulse against her lips. She shuddered and shared Justin’s reaction to the vibration of her body as he tensed even further, his cock twitching inside her.

After long tortured seconds they fell to the bed, Justin covering her length and bracing his upper body on his hands. They both looked down to see their bodies joined. He pulled out of her tight heat and thrust forward. And again. Faster.

“Harder! More!” Maria pleaded as she threw her head back, arching her hips up and into him.

Justin moved to appease her and she gloried in each hard thrust. For what seemed like endless minutes their bodies slapped together in raw primal lust.

“Not enough…never enough,” he growled, and lowered his head, never breaking the tempo of sex as he bared his neck to her.

Maria’s mouth sought and found the bulging vein at his neck. She felt the area with her tongue and smiled as Justin groaned in urgent encouragement. She broke the skin and slid her incisors deep, holding him to her so the motion of their bodies wouldn’t cause him to jerk away…and drank, moaning her pleasure at the combined taste and feel of him.

As he burst within her, Maria pulled away from the sweet temptation of his blood and screamed. Her body clenched tight and convulsed with his in crushing pleasure.
Damn! In almost two hundred years sex hasn’t been this good!
She fought an irresistible need to chain Justin to her bed. The visual of him bound and at her mercy sent a small aftershock through her and her muscles clenched tight, throwing them both into another, softer, detonation.


Justin tried to think. To move. The moment Maria bit into his neck, pinpoints of heat exploded throughout his blood and surged through his flesh. He noticed his cock seemed to grow harder, thicker, and his body more desperate for release. He wouldn’t have thought it possible. The sensations spurred him to plow his shaft deep into Maria’s cunt, and he found the movement of her mouth nursing at his neck punctuated each forward movement. The mutual sensations hurled him into insanity. An explosive rapture so intense he already wanted it again.


Maria lay on her bed with Justin’s body tangled around hers as she stared at the ceiling.
she thought.
What a good way to get acquainted.
She couldn’t understand her craving for this man. Normally blood and sex left her feeling sated. Replete. Tonight she wanted more. Maybe because it had been so long…

BOOK: Let Them Eat Cake
4.58Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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