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Chapter 1 Dr. Selina Harrison
Chapter 2  D.P. Stone
Chapter 3  Selina
Chapter 4  Damien
Chapter 5  Selina
Chapter 6  Damien
Chapter 7  Houston
Chapter 8  Damien
Chapter 9  Happy July 4
Chapter 10  Damien’s Afternoon
Chapter 11  Selina’s Afternoon
Chapter 12  Damien
Chapter 13  Finished
Chapter 14  Damien’s Family
Chapter 15  The Text
Chapter 16  The Presentation
Chapter 17  The Fallout
Chapter 18  Dinner Date: Damien’s Story
Chapter 19:  Dinner Date: Selina’s Story
Chapter 20:  Damien
Chapter 21:  Selina
Chapter 22:  Damien
Chapter 23:  The Dive: Damien
Chapter 24:  The Hospital
Chapter 25:  Selina: Uneasy Feeling
Chapter 26:  The Girls
Chapter 27:  She’s Home
Chapter 28:  The Meeting
Chapter 29:  Mrs. Stone
Chapter 30:  Damien: Safe At Last
Chapter 31:  Selina Aftermath
Chapter 32:  Confrontation
Chapter 33:  Game is in Place
Chapter 34:  The Gathering
Chapter 35:  The Love Shack
Chapter 36:  Damien: The Gala
Chapter 37:  Plan in Motion
Chapter 38:  Selina: Stepping Away for My Sanity
Chapter 39:  The Gala

Chapter 1 Dr. Selina Harrison

Dr. Selina Harrison, Geologist, top in her field.  That’s me.  I’ve spent my adult life in the trenches traveling all over the world.  I have traveled to more exotic places that people only dream of.  I have traveled to oil producing countries to explain different drilling techniques that enable them to protect the Earth. That’s my calling in life or I feel like it is. I want to make a difference for future generations.
One would think I had everything going for me in my life. Well, they were wrong.  What they see on the outside isn’t quite what it’s cracked up to be. 
I’m sitting here at Newark Airport with my first class ticket in hand.  I’m waiting to board a flight to a new beginning of my life.  You see, I’m supposed to be on my honeymoon right now but I caught my fiancé, the love of my so called life, having sex with a nurse in his office. That was the last straw.  I was kidding myself if I thought this was the first time that asshole did this to me but it was the first time that I actually caught him. One would think he would at least stop what he was doing due to some kind of shock of catching him in the act so to speak. But no. He seemed to enjoy that I caught him with his nurse sprawled out on top of his desk.
I remember taking the ring off my finger, throwing it at him and just walking away. I was calm, I didn’t yell. I felt removed from my body and mind at that point.  I just needed to get the hell out of the hospital and away from this life.  This was actually a blessing in disguise.  She could have him.
I had turned down a job offer in Houston to work for Stone Oil Industries since I knew I was getting married and really wanted to teach at one of the colleges.  When I got home, I pulled out my laptop and emailed the CEO D.P. Stone and asked him if the job was still available as things have changed with my life situation.  I swear I didn’t even finish hitting the “send” button when he wrote back, “When can you start?” 
I remember smiling at his response even in my downward spiral of thinking about everything that I had to do.  I had to pack up my apartment, send back gifts, cancel the honeymoon, the reception and church.  I thought I could put my wedding dress on Ebay.  So I emailed him back that I had loose ends to finish with in New Jersey and I could arrive there for July 1, get settled in over the July 4
holidays and then start on that Tuesday.  The salary would make me a very wealthy woman but really, my first concern is with our environment. This CEO was a pioneer in hiring a Geologist to advise and research the different areas before drilling. I was excited about being a part of his ideology. I knew I could bring my expertise to this company and let’s face it;
I needed a major change in my life.  This was it.
DP Stone was rolling out the red carpet for me.  He said that an airline ticket would be waiting for me when I arrived at the airport. His assistant Anna would take care of all of the arrangements as well as set up a fully furnished condo close to the job.  He would have a car waiting to pick me at the airport to take me to my new residence. True to his word, his assistant took care of everything for me so I didn’t have to do a thing.  It felt so nice to have someone take charge of my life as I felt I was really drifting but let me back track a bit. 
I enlisted the help of my Mama, Maria and my best friend Julia to take care of the wedding cancellation details.  I have to say that one thing going for me is my family. I’m sure there are other great things in my life but in my present state of mind, I can only think of my family.  My Mama is from Spain, gorgeous with dark hair, olive skin with light eyes.  Sexy and outspoken, Maria still turns heads at 65 years old. She met my Dad when he went to Spain for an archeological dig.  He’s also a Doctor, a Paleontologist and from Ireland.  Well known in his field, Dr. Sean Harrison fell head over heels in love with Maria from the moment he saw her at the art gallery she was a curator for.  Maria fell in love first with his Irish accent; I honestly don’t know how they understood each other but the sparks still fly when they are in a room together.  They are amazing parents, no other way to describe them.  I often dreamt of finding a love like that, well, thought I had it only to discover those dreams went down the proverbial toilet. I’m a good mixture of both of them, exotic looking like my Mama yet adventurous with a scientific spirit, just like my Daddy.
So I asked Mama and Julia to take care of my wedding dirty work and they did the job for me. Within a week, everything was cancelled, sent back and I even had a buyer for my wedding dress. Now I could just concentrate on packing up my apartment, putting some things in my parent’s attic and just moving on with my life. 
Sure the asshole tried contacting me, even went as far as to show up on my parents doorstep.  That was a big mistake.  My brother just happened to be home to check up on me and one didn’t mess with Sean Jr.  My brother owned his own chain of gyms in the Northeast so to say he’s in shape and full of muscles is an understatement. He and “The Roc” could be brothers.  The Ex couldn’t get into his car fast enough when faced with my Sean Jr. and Mama.  It was almost comical to see him drive away with his tail between his legs.  I knew he would never bother me again. 
With everything done and packed, it was the night before I was finally leaving for Houston.
“Now sweetheart, do you have everything you need? Money, identification, have you seen photos of the condo where you will be living, change over your mail mi amour?” Mama grilled me with last minute questions.
“Yes Mama, I’m all set.” I thanked them all for their support over the past month and told them I couldn’t have gotten thru anything without them.  We enjoyed a wonderful meal together, joked about the asshole and Mama had words of wisdom for me.
“Selina baby, someday you will meet the right man.  Of that, I have no doubt.  Look at your Father and me.  We never thought ever we would be together and here we are.  At times we can’t understand each other but we have a passion for life and for each other. We know you will meet him, maybe in this new city of Houston. Keep your heart and mind open to it my baby,” said Mama.
“Yeah Sis. Some cowboy or oil tycoon will help you get over that doctor really quick, if you know what I mean,” laughed Sean Jr.  Mama had smacked Sean Jr. across the back of his head.
“Selina doesn’t need amore right now Sean, she needs time to heal.  Don’t think like a man but as a woman.”
“I would rather my daughter take her time, do a good job for this oil company and make a name for herself in this industry.  She doesn’t need a man to complete her life,” said Daddy.  I remembered smiling over at him as he squeezed my hand.  I’m definitely more like my Daddy, the adventurous type.
They dropped me off at Newark Airport this evening.  I’m grateful for the evening flight as I could get some work done and maybe take a nap.  I wasn’t in the mood for small talk with anyone and I’m guessing the evening flight wouldn’t encourage that kind of behavior. 
I can’t stand goodbyes so I kissed them both at the curb and headed into the airport.  Promising them that I would text when I arrived, I turned towards the doors. With a big sigh, I took my first steps to an unknown future.
Walking towards the ticket counter, I planned to check in one bag and pick up my ticket, courtesy of Stone Oil Industries. I had shipped other items but figured I could buy what I needed when I arrived in Houston. Grabbing my suitcase on wheels and putting my laptop case over my shoulder, I walked up to the counter with the sense that someone was looking at me. 
Sitting in one of the chairs was a gorgeous man; dark hair, blue eyes, close cropped beard and mustache: he was just staring at me.  I saw his eyes travel down the length of my body and then back up to my eyes. I was mesmerized by the intensity of his stare as he seemed to look deep into my soul.  I couldn’t help but feel the pull of attraction to him but it wasn’t something that I needed in my life right now.  Hell no!
He was wearing an expensive suit; I know quality when I see it. I could also tell how built he was under that suit; I mean built all over. He wasn’t as built as my brother but he was very much in shape. I saw how long his legs were as he sat there so I’m guessing he’s about 6’3.  He was someone who definitely commanded attention. If I wasn’t so over men, he would have been someone I would have wanted to get to know and quick. 
Here I am in my boyfriend jeans with low heeled pumps, white tee-shirt wearing a jean jacket.  My dark brown hair was in waves past my shoulders. I wondered what his perusal was all about.  Frowning at him in annoyance with the hope to discourage him, I turned my attention back to the ticket agent. I was not in the mood for the opposite sex; that much was for sure.
“Hi, I’m Dr. Selina Harrison.  I’d like to pick up my ticket please.” Glancing in the direction of that handsome man again, I saw him give me a little smirk of his lips. How annoying.  I slammed my ID a little harder on the counter than I should have. Why did I even look back at him? This man was definitely getting on my last nerve. I don’t need this right now.  I watched as the ticket agent punched in my name and still felt that man staring at me. I was thinking of asking him what his problem was but I didn’t want to invite a conversation with him.  I was done with men, no matter what they looked like.
“Here’s your First Class ticket Dr. Harrison, are you checking that bag?”
“Yes please.  I’ll take the laptop with me to get some work done.”
“Ok, we will be boarding first class passengers in a few moments.  Enjoy your flight Doctor.”
“Thank you.”   Heading over to one of the chairs, I made sure to steer clear of the intense looking man that still focused his attention on me. 
Chapter 2 DP Stone
The minute she walked into the waiting area, I couldn’t keep my eyes off of her.  I’m thinking she has to be Spanish; maybe half with her dark brown hair, topaz colored eyes and olive like complexion.  Watching her walk in with those pumps and jeans, I was at least happy to know she was going to Houston. The thought of her legs wrapped around me wearing those pumps stuck in my mind. She caught me staring at her, like she knew what I was thinking about. When she frowned at me, she became a challenge. The gauntlet was thrown down.  At my age, we are done with the bullshit, well; we have a different type of bullshit to deal with. I know what I want when I see it. There is no second guessing. When I set my mind to something, I never fail; whether in business or affairs of the heart. This was one woman I wanted.
I caught myself thinking about the reasons why she was going to Houston; for work, a man, a woman, hey you never know nowadays. But no, it had to be for work.  She seemed like she was running from something to a new beginning.  I was good at reading people; I had to be as CEO at my job.  I felt a little guilty trying to listen to her conversation with the ticket agent.  I am happy to hear she is in First Class as I am.  Maybe if the love god’s would allow it, she would be sitting next to me.  I can only hope. Then I hear her name:
Dr. Selina Harrison.  Oh my God, my new employee!  You have got to be kidding me!  Now the love god’s are turning against me.  Then I remembered the date.  It’s July 1, the day that Dr. Harrison agreed to come to Houston.  Of course my assistant would have us booked on the same flight.  For a brief second, I thought that I wouldn’t speak to Dr. Harrison or if I did, never divulge who I am.  Now that would cause a major problem when she showed up to work after July 4
.  Not a good way to start.  No, I will be upfront and honest with her if I have the chance to have a conversation with her or if the situation warranted it. 
I watched as she took a drink from her bottled water.  I couldn’t help looking at her full lips on that bottle as her gorgeous neck bent back slightly as she drank.  Oh God, what is wrong with me?  I imagined what her lips would be like on my, ok now is not the time to think about that.  Hearing her cell phone ring, she looked down at her it and smiled. As she answered the phone, I noticed her delicate hands and that her ring finger was bare.  Speaking in Spanish, I was right about her nationality.  If Dr. Harrison wasn’t one of the most beautiful women I have ever seen, then call me blind.  We would definitely get to know each well, to Hell with the job. 
Hearing over the speaker the call to board First Class passengers, I let her go first while I pretended to answer an email on my Iphone.  I wanted to see where she was sitting. I had a feeling she would be sitting next to me since my assistant Anna arranged the flight.  Ok, my turn to board the plane.
Just my luck. My eyes find her exactly where I wanted her; in the seat next to me.  I have at least five hours of flight time sitting next to this gorgeous princess. I made a mental note to give a nice bonus to my assistant.
“Excuse me; I believe this is my seat.” 
“Oh, I’m sorry, let me move this for… you.”  I noticed her eyes grow a darker almost caramel color as she looked up at me.  I also noticed how she breathed the word “you” after a brief second.  Taking her laptop from my seat, she looked away but not before I saw her glance down my body right down to my shoes. My senses picked up an attraction from her but she was fighting it. I wanted her, plain and simple. When I set my mind to something, I rarely lose.  But this woman, she is a mystery that I planned to find out about.
“My name is Damien. Is this your first time in Houston?”
“I’m Selina. Yes, I’m going to be living there for business, at least for the next year.”  Princess didn’t look at me but was fidgeting with her laptop, trying to get a connection.
“Damn this thing, just when I need to get a jump start on work.”  She said that more to herself than to me.  Seeing her reach up to press the button for the flight attendant, I noticed how her tee-shirt stretched across her generous breasts and her small waist.  I already know that she was curvy in the hips and about 5’4.  I’m guessing a dynamo personality, maybe a slight temper.  I plan on finding out.

BOOK: Love Never Fails
11.12Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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