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David and Keya had been dating for a month now. He seemed to make her happy but I wasn’t sure how long her happiness would last because she still hadn’t come clean to him about her
health status. And I just knew that if David ever discovered that Keya had the virus and didn’t tell him, she was going to be in all types of trouble.

Keya was also stripping again. She had found another job in a strip joint in Manhattan and was back to making her money. Hopefully she wouldn’t start back with the tricking and drugs again too.
Because the last time she was into that type of living she almost died and with the amount of times she had escaped the grim reaper, I was sure she was running out of lives.

“I don’t understand why she has to be so fucking difficult when it comes to my wedding stuff.”

I didn’t say anything though I knew Keya was being difficult because she was jealous. While Daisy and I were living our dream lives, Keya was living with the virus and working in a strip joint.

“Mommy,” I heard my son calling me
in a distressed voice, as he ran towards us with Kiki following in his wake.

“What’s wrong
?” I asked as I rose from my seat in immediate concern.

“Mommy one bad
man over there was being mean.” His finger pointed in the direction they had come from. “He said he’s my sister’s daddy and I told him he isn’t because my daddy is and he said my daddy isn’t.”

Fear immediately took control of my heart as my son hugged my legs and looked up at me with a pout.

“How did the bad man look Ricky?” I already knew what he was going to say but I still had to ask anyway.

“He doesn’t have any hair
and his eyes were mean.”

Definitely Ninja.

“That nigga is stalking you,” Daisy exclaimed as we scanned the room for the culprit. We didn’t see him but I knew he couldn’t have been far.

“Let’s get out of here.” I was already gathering my things.

“Why do we have to leave mommy?” Ricky complained. “I wanna play more.”

“We’ll come back another time booger and even daddy will come too
. Then you can play in the ball pen with him.”

My promise calmed him.

Once we were done gathering our things we grabbed the kids and hurried from the restaurant. But once we had stashed the bags away and strapped the kids in their car seats, Daisy realized that she had left her phone at our table.

“I’m gonna go grab it real quick
,” she said.

“Do you think that’s safe?”

“I’ve got all my wedding information in that phone. I’m not gonna lose it because of that asshole.”

She hurried across th
e parking lot and into the restaurant. It was the middle of the day and a lot of people were walking around in the parking lot, so I didn’t think Ninja would attack me but you could never tell.

I was sitting behind the wheel waiting for my c
ousin to walk out the building, when I saw Ninja coming out instead. He was staring right at me with those cold hard eyes and he was also wearing a smirk on his lips. A chill ran down my spine and I prayed Daisy would just hurry up.

Daisy finally hurried through the doors and I breathed a sigh of relief. That was until s
he was about to cross the street and a silver Benz came screeching towards her. The car would have ran her over, if the guy behind her hadn’t pulled her out of its path.

“Are you ok
?” My cousin’s savior was asking a very shook Daisy.

She nodded. “I think I’m good. Thanks for saving me.”

“You’re welcome,” the stranger said. “What an asshole, he came at you at such a speed it was like he was trying to run you down.”

Realizing that Daisy was good
, my eyes flicked over to where Ninja had been standing but he was gone or at least gone for now. It was now the story of my life to have that crazy asshole stalking me constantly. I couldn’t understand why he couldn’t just give up and leave me the fuck alone. He was always popping up in some of the most unexpected places.

“Can you believe that shit
?” Daisy asked as she got into the van. “Motherfucker almost killed my ass.”

“Why did that car look like the same silver Benz Maria was driving the day she attacked you in the parking lot

“Oh fuck!” Daisy exclaimed, “No wonder the person seemed as if they were trying to kill me.”






“One more month and this nigga is gonna have
a ball and chain around his ankle,” Chance teased Delco. “Nigga gonna have to live in the same pussy for the rest of his damn life.” He sighed dramatically as though the thought of being with one woman forever was the saddest thing he had ever heard.

“Don’t hate because you can’t put a woman of your own on lock baby bro,” Delco retorted.

“Nigga please, I have mad bitches on lock but none of them can lock me down.”

“What’re we doing for the bachelor party
?” Ty interjected.

We were chilling in the den at my house. We’d just finished smoking some high grade weed and were now sipping on some Ciroc with
Sprite. As usual, Delco and Chance were throwing playful digs at each other. Their lively banter made them seem like they were brothers. But I guess in a way they were since Delco had been in Chance’s life since he was a kid.

“We should definitely
do something at Glitter,” I replied. Since I was Delco’s best man, it was my job to plan his bachelor party. “I’ll close down the club for the night so that we can have it to ourselves. Invite the niggas from our crews. You know them niggas will love having all those strippers to themselves.”

“That’s what I’m talking about,” Chance cheered. “But will Daisy allow thi
s nigga to have the party at a strip joint?”

Delco gave chance the bird. “How about you go look for another little old lady to fuck

I didn’t pay any attention to what Chance sai
d next because my cellphone was ringing. I slipped it from my pocket then checked the screen and saw that it was a call from my father-in-law.

“What’s good Angel?”

“Oh nothing much. Just the same old business as usual. How are things on your end?”

“Everything is going great. Couldn’t be better.”

“And how is that new venture of yours?” He was talking about me selling to Kitsune. Since I started doing business with my former enemy, my profits had increased substantially.

“The new venture is going good so far.”

“That’s good. I’m calling because I have another venture for you. I’ve got a guy in Philly who wants someone to buy from, on your end. He doesn’t want to have to come all the way down here. He’s good people and I can vouch for him.”

“Word, when does he want to meet up?”

“Well he’s going to be out of the country until next month. Got some family issues back in Puerto Rico that he’s got to take care of.”

on the twenty-fifth of next month my boy is getting married, so it will have to be a date after that.”

“I’m sure he’ll have no problem with that. You should bring Andro with you. He knows these people and I’m sure they’ll be happy to see a friendly face.”

A couple months ago I would have said hell no to taking his son on a business trip with me but Andro had been behaving himself since he joined Ty’s team. I still didn’t trust the nigga one hundred but if bringing him along would make things run more smoothly then I’d do it.

“Ok, I can do that.”

“I’ll give him your number and he’ll call you with the details. So how are my grandkids?”

“They’re doing great. Ricky is a little trouble maker as usual and Faith is getting mad big.” My daughter was chubby as hell.
She was also Daddy’s little girl. And I loved spoiling her ass rotten.

“I need some new pictures of them. Haven’t gotten any
new ones since the ones I got from when Faith was born.”

“I’ll talk to your daughter and I’m sure she’ll hook you up.”

I was finishing up my conversation with Angel, when my wife entered the room. She didn’t usually enter my inner sanctum unless it was for something important, so I immediately knew something was up. I said a hasty goodbye to my father-in-law and then turned to my wife.

“What’s up?”

“Oh my god bay, you won’t believe all the shit that happened since I left here today.”

When she was done filling us in on what had occurred at Chuck
E Cheese’s both Delco and I were livid.

“Where’s Daisy?”
My boy wanted to know.

“She’s upstairs with the kids.”

“That fucking bitch Maria is really gonna get it,” he ranted as he left the room to go check on his woman.

I pulled my wife onto my lap and then I wrapped my arms around her
. “I’m really gonna have to figure out a way to get to those niggas once and for all.”

wasn’t a feeling I liked experiencing but it was one I was accustomed to when it came to my family. I constantly had the threat of one of my enemies doing something to them over my head. That nigga Ninja was obviously stalking them and at any moment he could decide to snatch them up. I couldn’t have that happening. So I needed to start thinking of another plan to get him out of hiding.



Some women were like fucking cockroaches. No matter how many times you tried to get rid of them they always came back. Maria was fucking lucky she wasn’t at her house when I went there. According to the new owner of her crib she had sold the house an
d relocated to a place unknown. And when I called Maria’s sister to find out where she was now staying, that bitch Petra cussed my ass out and then hung up on me. I wouldn’t have called that trick if her motherfucking crazy sister would just leave me and my family alone. I hoped and prayed that Maria stayed wherever she was, because with the way I was feeling I’d be liable to put a bullet in her brain if I saw her.

Now I had another trick on my hands to d
eal with. Daisy had called me while I was leaving Maria’s former place and asked if I could pick up Keya. Said that Keya and her new man had broken down in Yonkers and needed a ride. I would have said hell no because I definitely didn’t like that bitch, but I knew that if I didn’t go get her then Daisy would. And I definitely didn’t want my woman around that nigga Keya was rolling with.

There was
just something about David that seemed off to me. I had met him once when I dropped by Missy’s spot and that nigga was looking at me with avarice in his eyes. I didn’t trust niggas like him; they were known for trying to take what another nigga had worked hard for. And I sure as hell wasn’t about to let another floss on my account.

When I pulled up to the garage where I was picking them up, they were standing before the building, embroiled in a
heated conversation. I blew my horn to get their attention and they hurried over to my truck, then hopped in.

“Thanks for coming to get us
,” David said by way of a greeting. He had taken the front seat. “How much did you pay for this truck? It’s fresh to death.” He hadn’t even been in my ride for a minute and he was already trying to get into my business.

I glanced at him briefly
as I pulled off. “Bought it a couple years ago so I can’t remember well, but I think it was about 50 grand.” That was a lie, I had paid 90 grand for my Range Rover but I didn’t want this nigga knowing my pockets.

He nodded. “You and that nigga Tyga are some
get money niggas. I wanna make money like you two.”

“When did the mechanic say we should return for the car?” Keya interrupted him.

He had a slight frown on his face as he replied, “Tomorrow, around noon. I don’t know why that shit broke down because I copped it for 60 grand not even a year ago.”

I guess he wanted me to know he was making money too. But what I was wondering was
, what he was doing to make that paper?

“So what’s your hustle?” I asked him.

“I do a little bit of everything,” he replied evasively. “Can’t only have my hand in one pot.”

I nodded slightly. My understanding from what he
’d just said was that he was into some underhanded shit.

For the rest of the ride the nigga kept trying to talk about all the money me and my crew was making
, and how he’d make a good addition to my team. I was more than happy when I had gotten those two out of my car. I was mad hungry after smoking all that weed, then add the fact that David kept yapping for the entire ride and I had a freaking headache.

As soon as I got home I was ready for something hot in my belly and Daisy was more than happy to oblige. Within five minutes of me getting home
, she was setting a plate of lasagna in front of me.

I moaned as I dug in. “Damn, this thing is really hitting the spot.”

BOOK: Loving Angel 3
4Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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