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This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places and incidents are either the product of the author’s imagination, or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, business establishments, events, or local is entirely coincidental.































A cool breeze blew from down by the beach all the way up to our third floor condo and filled my nostrils with a gust of salty of air. I loved lounging on our balcony because it was the optimal spot to enjoy the weather. If I was still living in NY I would have been miserable in below freezing temperatures and constant snow storms. But here in South Beach, I was instead enjoying relaxing days under the clear, blue skies and a beautiful golden sun that kept the seasons in a perpetual summer. I never thought that I would ever run to Miami for solace, but in my time of need this was where I found support. The day I’d decided I needed to leave New York I’d called my father and filled him in on what was happening and he had welcomed me to his city with open arms.

He set me up in a condo close to the beach and gave me a ton of cash even though I told him I didn’t need it because I had more than enough of my own. Whenever Tyga gave me money I always took most of it to the bank and my husband was always throwing money at me
, therefore I had a huge stash saved. I was happy I was smart enough to not spend it all because I didn’t have to want for anything now.

I had found peace here in Miami. The nightmares brought on by my rape didn’t come as often anymore and I didn’t have to be afraid that I would run into Ninja or that he would come looking for me.

I could also people watch while relaxing on the balcony and I found myself doing it a lot over the past three months. I liked observing the different people that went by and I often wondered what their lives were like. I wondered if like me, most days they felt lost and if their hearts also felt extremely lonely. I missed Tyga like crazy; there wasn’t a day that went by that I didn’t want to run back to New York and into his arms. But I knew I couldn’t do that if I wanted my baby to live. I only had a month left to go and I would be five months pregnant and an abortion would be impossible.

I rubbed my baby bump. This little booger was so much harder on me than her brother. I had just recently stopped having morning sicknes
s and I was still dealing with consistent back aches. I didn’t know for a fact that the baby I was carrying was a female because it was too early in my pregnancy for an ultrasound to determine the sex. But I wanted so desperately to have that beautiful baby girl my bay always wanted. I just hoped and prayed that Tyga was my baby’s biological father. The thought of Ninja fathering my child was one of my greatest fears and it worried me constantly.

are you doing out here?” Daisy asked as she waddled over to a chair and took a seat. My cousin was as big as a house because she was about to drop her load any day now. “Spying on people again?”

Daisy has been a lot more content since we got to Miami. Although I knew she love
d and missed Delco, he had been causing her too much stress when she was back in New York. Now that she didn’t have to deal with the endless drama that was their relationship she was much happier.

“Is there anything better to do?” I replied taking a sip from the milk shake that had previously been sitting on the table beside me. “Where is terror one and terror two?”

“Watching Dora the Explorer on TV,” she chuckled. “Can you imagine when we have two more babies to help Kiki and Ricky drive us crazy?”

I chuckled with her.
“Please don’t remind me about that. It’s hard enough dealing with those two.”

The first couple of weeks in Miami were very hard on Ricky. He cried constantly because he missed his daddy and it made me feel like shit since I was the one keeping them apart.

The holidays were the worst. It was the first Thanksgiving and Christmas we didn’t celebrate as a family. On Christmas Eve Ricky kept badgering me because he wanted to talk to Tyga. I almost gave in to his request but I knew that if I called Tyga he would grill our son about our location and Ricky was extremely talkative so he would definitely spill the beans.

Ricky didn’t miss his father as much anymore and I felt bad because I didn’t want him to forget Tyga but at the moment there was nothing I could do about it.

I knew it was fucked up keeping Ricky away from his dad but in a way this was all Tyga’s fault. If I wasn’t so scared that he would force me into getting an abortion, I wouldn’t have left New York.

“When did you go out for a milkshake?” Daisy inquired, eying my delicious treat with envy.

“While you were sleeping; I left yours in the fridge.”

A smile broke out on her glowing face. “That’s why you’re my bitch.” She struggled from her seat and went to the kitchen to grab the shake.

While she was gone the doorbell rang. Odds were it was my father stopping by to check on us since he was the only person who ever visited.

, pappy,” I heard Ricky cheering from the living room. I could just imagine him hanging onto my dad’s leg in his excitement.

, pappy,” Kiki joined her cousin’s chant. Although Kiki was older by almost two years, she was the one who always imitated her younger cousin. Ricky had such a dominant personality it outshined hers.

“How are my grandbabies doing?”
my dad asked. “Have you two been behaving yourselves?”

“Ricky bit me because I didn’t want to give him Mr. Muff-
Muff,” Kiki snitched on her cousin for taking her new teddy bear. She was probably poking out her cute little bottom lip as she spoke.

“She didn’t want to share Pappy,” Ricky defended.

“Why are you two nagging Pappy?” Daisy scolded. “Go watch the rest of your cartoons.”

Both kids griped as they reluctantly returned to their places in front
of the TV.

“I’ll come hang with you two before I leave,” my dad promised them and they were back to cheering.

I laughed at them because they were too cute.

“What are you laughing about
?” Daisy asked as she returned to the balcony with my father on her heels.

I smiled but didn’t answer her. “What’s up dad?” My father and I had become a lot closer since I moved to Miami. I often found myself confiding in him about my problems. He had really been there for me in my time of need. He even followed me to two of my doctor’s appoi
ntments. The botox face, step-viper didn’t like it but she could go take a flying leap off a really high building for all I cared.

“I came by to check on you guys.” He gave me a kiss on the cheek before sitting in the lounge chair on my right. “I heard from your husband today.”

This was the first time in a while that my father mentioned speaking to Tyga, so I was mad thirsty for any information pertaining to him. “What’s he up to?”

“Said he knows I lied when I told him I didn’t know where you were because he recently found out from a good source that you’re here in Miami.”

I was very surprised. How could he have found out where I was? I had left everything behind so he wouldn’t be able to use them to track me. I went as far as riding on the damn greyhound bus for days because I knew he would have been able to find me if I used the plane.

“He’s coming here isn’t he?” I sighed, feeling defeated. I wanted a little more time but I guess the jig was up.

“You know your husband; do you even have to ask that question?”

Nope, I really didn’t.

“I hope he doesn’t think he can come down here and try to bully me into getting his way because that shit isn’t happening.” I had become a lot stronger over the last couple of months. And as much as I loved my husband I wasn’t going to allow him to run roughshod over me anymore.

“Maybe he learnt his lesson since he lost his family,” my father suggested.

“Tyga is too damn stubborn to learn anything,” Daisy snorted in disagreement. “A hundred bucks says he comes down here acting a fool and making threats instead of realizing his mistakes.”

I agreed with my cousin. Unless
over the last four months Tyga had some great epiphany that made him realize what an ass he’d been when he demanded I get rid of my unborn child, he was going to storm into Miami demanding that I do things his way. But he was about to get the surprise of his life because I wasn’t that naïve sixteen year old he had met four years ago. Circumstances had forced me to become stronger and the new stronger me wasn’t going to allow anyone to force me to do anything I didn’t want to do.











Sometimes time can change your perspective; it can make you reevaluate what’s important in life. There were a lot of situations in my past that I looked back on with regret but none of them could measure up to the remorse I felt when I reflected on how selfish I acted when I disc
overed my wife was pregnant and there was a possibility her rapist could have fathered the child.

Instead of being a rock she could lean on in her time of need, I thought only of my feelings and
acted like a selfish prick. Three months was too damn long to be without my family. I wasn’t accustomed to being away from them for more than a week at most. So in those three months I’ve lived with nothing but regret.

At first I was mad as hell that Angel had the audacity to leave me. I interrogated all her close family members but they all denied knowing her whereabouts. I knew they were all lying but unless I was willing to torture the information from them I had no other choice but accept their loyalty to my wife. Since I wasn’t willing to hurt the people Sexy loved the most
, I didn’t have any leads on where I should look for her. She had left her phone and credit cards at home so I couldn’t use them to track her and she hadn’t flown to wherever she went so that was another dead end.

I was steaming mad at the end of my search and decided I was going to let her ass go on about her business but I wanted my fucking son back. After a couple of weeks of anger and missing my woman and my child like crazy
, I began realizing I had really fucked up.

My woman was in pain and needed me and I allowed my anger and hatred towards that nigga Ninja to cloud my judgment. I realized that my hatred for him wasn’t greater than my love for Sexy
, so even if he turned out to be the father of the child she was carrying, I could still love that child because of all the love I had for my wife.

Life without my wife had me going crazy. Each day I hoped and prayed Sexy would return home so I could make it up to her because my search wasn’t getting me anywhere. Fortunately
, yesterday I was chilling at my new club doing some paperwork when I received a call from an unknown number. It was Angel’s step mother Rosario calling to let me know that I should come get my wife from Miami because Angel was interfering with her relationship with her husband.

Although I knew the bitch only called me because she wanted Sexy out of her life I was very happy for the information she gave me. The evil cunt even went as far as giving me my wife’s address in South Beach. As soon as I got o
ff the phone with the bitch I called my boy Delco. He too had been going crazy looking for his baby mama. He was worried sick that his seed was going to come into the world without him being present, so we booked the next available flight from New York to Miami.

We didn’t get to So
uth Beach until about three in the morning then we quickly grabbed a rental and were now on our way to their crib.

“I can’t believe
Daisy has me running across the country like this,” Delco complained in a yawn. “I know I had her in a fucked up situation but I was trying to get my shit together when she ran away.”

“Nigga you had to know she wasn’t going to wait forever,” I told him truthfully as I maneuvered the BMW X5 around another car that was travelling too slowly. Despite the fact that it was early in the morning there was a good amount of traffic on the roads.

BOOK: Loving Angel 3
7.2Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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