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The drive was pretty long, through the forest that led the way to Caleb’s home. Wendell, who had watched way too many horror movies, started to get an odd feeling about the whole thing. He chuckled quietly, hoping Caleb wouldn’t hear him, and tried to shake off the nerves.


Caleb heard him. He kept one hand on the steering wheel and signed with the other,
-What’s so funny?-




-I heard you chuckling. Is it my driving?-
Caleb looked at Wendell and then back to the road.


“Nothing, really.”


Caleb concentrated on the road. Wendell was relieved. He didn’t want make Caleb uncomfortable. They’d been dancing around this for weeks, so what if he had a case of butterflies? He’d get over it.


As soon as they were clear of the forest, Wendell’s jaw dropped when he saw the most adorable small house.


-Is this your place?-


-Yes, it’s my place. You like?-
Caleb was smiling as he parked the truck.


Wendell nodded and got out of the truck to inhale the sea air as he approached the honey brown fence. Beneath the gate was a path leading to the beach. Caleb’s arms circled around Wendell from behind as he stared at a dream come true. Wendell would love to live here for the rest of his life. He hoped Caleb felt the same and would welcome Wendell into his life.


Wendell shifted around to face Caleb.
-The beach is so beautiful.-
He rested his head on Caleb’s chest, feeling all warm in his arms. Caleb rubbed Wendell’s back up and down and squeezed him tightly. His hugs were comforting.


Caleb tapped his shoulder and signed,
-Let’s go inside. It’s getting breezy now.-


Wendell agreed as he was shivering a little. Even though it did get hot in July, it got much cooler at night, especially this close to the ocean. They walked together to Caleb’s home. The front porch was supported by narrow white columns. The house was blue as the sky and it reminded Wendell of his childhood.


When Wendell was little, his mom would make him his favorite blueberry pie. He couldn’t help thinking of her and how she had passed away after a long battle against cancer. A tear crawled down his cheek.


Caleb seemed to notice his teary eyes as he asked,
-Are you okay?-


-Yes, blue reminds me of my mother. She passed away two years ago.-


-Oh, I’m sorry.-
Caleb reached over Wendell’s shoulder and held him tightly, trying to comfort him.


Wendell accepted the comfort, walking inside with Caleb’s arm around him.


Caleb’s place had one bedroom and a nice size kitchen that opened to the family room. It was just big enough for one or two people, comfortable and cozy. The family room contained shelves packed with books in alphabetical order. Wendell loved to read. The more he learned about Caleb, the more he was falling for him. He wanted Caleb to be his.


-I love your place.-
Wendell said.


-Thanks. Would you like a drink?-


-Sure. Water.-
Wendell sat on the couch, waiting for Caleb to come back with a glass. He took a big gulp and prayed it would cure his parched throat.


As Wendell got comfortable on the couch, he shifted around to watch Caleb, mesmerized.


Caleb seemed to feel Wendell staring at him because he turned to rest his back on the counter. His smile was sly and teasing as he signed,
-Come here.-


“Okay.” Wendell was confused by the way Caleb looked at him. “What’s wrong?”


-Do you remember your first day in the backroom?-


Wendell nodded.


-You stopped me…I didn’t want to stop. I really did enjoy watching you at the beach. I learned sign language so I could be closer to you. I want you to be mine.-
Caleb moved to kiss Wendell on the lips.


As they got deeper into the kiss, Caleb removed Wendell's shirt. Caleb stepped back a little, crossed his wrists, and grabbed the hem of his shirt. He pulled up slowly, giving Wendell a chance to drool at Caleb’s flat stomach. Wendell could see nicely defined muscle, covered with sandy brown hair. The shirt line went higher as Caleb’s chest showed off two tasty-looking pink nipples. Then the shirt was off and Caleb smiled and tossed it on the dining table.


Wendell continued staring, his gaze moving from Caleb's shoulders, to the treasure trail leading to Caleb's covered crotch. It was too beautiful to tear his eyes away.


Wendell aimed for Caleb's tight peaked nipple and sucked on it. The hair on Caleb’s chest tickled his tongue.


He spoke quietly, “Fuck. You taste good.” He didn't care if it didn’t sound right, just that he got to keep his mouth on Caleb’s chest.


Caleb stopped Wendell and signed…


-I mean it. I want you.-


Wendell smiled wide and kissed Caleb with hungry passion.


They got on their knees and continued kissing, tongues playing, wrestling for control. The kiss went on and on, sucking and nipping. It was as if they owed each other an everlasting kiss.


Finally, they had to pause to catch their breath. Wendell badly wanted to unbuckle Caleb's jeans. He absently reached for Caleb's belt and undid it. Caleb didn't stop him.


As soon as Wendell got rid of Caleb's pants, he saw the man wore a dark orange jock that had the words
. Wendell giggled a little. “Cute.”


-We’re in a chocolate heaven.-
He winked and that made Wendell laugh.


-You really did want me the entire time?-
Wendell asked, struggling to grasp the fact that his dream was coming true.


A kiss was the answer to Wendell's question, and he took that as a yes. His hand cupped Caleb’s cock, rock hard behind the jock. Feeling the squeeze on his erection made Caleb groan with pleasure, and the vibrations rumbled through Wendell from their close contact.


Caleb went for Wendell's zipper, lowering it to find Wendell didn’t wear anything under his jeans.


Leaning back, Wendell winced as his bare skin touched the cold stone tile of the kitchen floor. He immediately felt warm as Caleb crawled on top of him. Starting with Wendell's mouth, he slowly kissed downward to Wendell's belly. Caleb's beard tickled him a little and made him chuckle.


On his belly, he felt the vibration from Caleb's growls. It cracked Wendell up big time, but it changed from laughing to moaning just like that as Caleb's mouth found his cockhead.


Caleb had Wendell's cock in his throat, swallowing him all the way down. Caleb continued sucking as he moved a hand to Wendell's nipple and pinched it tenderly.


Wendell shouted, “Oh yeah.” His toes clenched and unclenched, all his muscles contracting with pleasure. It'd been too long since anyone sucked his cock, and no one had ever done it this well. Caleb had a talent. He even managed to lick Wendell's balls with his cock inside Caleb's throat. Wendell was sure he’d never experienced that before.


Just as he was about to reach to his limits, begging Caleb to keep going, Caleb pulled back and mouthed, “Not yet, sexy.”


Caleb got up, went to one of his cabinets, and took out dark chocolate syrup. Wendell could imagine what Caleb was about to do with it. He couldn’t wait for the sugary concoction to pour over him or for the hot lips and tongue of his lover to caress him to the very brink of insanity.


As Wendell sat up, Caleb signed,
-Lie down, W.-


Wendell obeyed, lying down on his back.


Caleb winked then squeezed the syrup over Wendell's body, starting near his face and dripping slowly onto his chest, stomach, cock, and legs. Wendell’s breath quickened with every drop of chocolate. Caleb dropped the bottle on the floor next to Wendell and got on his knees.


He massaged Wendell's calves as he stuck out his tongue on Wendell's thighs, licking at the chocolate there. He licked as slow as possible, making sure he got all the chocolate off Wendell's legs.


Wendell squeezed his eyes shut, goosebumps popping up, his cock leaking pre-cum, and he struggled to hold back his orgasm. Before he knew it, his balls were in Caleb's mouth as the man toyed with them, rolling them around with his tongue and sucking on each one.


Wendell moaned loudly, begging for more. His balls popped out of Caleb's mouth and it was pain with pleasure in the mix. Wendell couldn't control his voice as he shouted, “Oh fuck!”


Caleb teased Wendell by licking around his cock, avoiding the hot flesh. He whimpered, trying to thrust his cock into Caleb's mouth again. Caleb refused, continuing to play around Wendell's cock.


The chocolate was all over Wendell’s face and chest, getting hard in some places. He didn’t care since he was overwhelmed by Caleb’s teasing.


Wendell reached for Caleb's arms, pulling him face to face. Wendell's lips met Caleb's. This time, Wendell was even hungrier for Caleb's mouth, which was flavored with dark chocolate. Wendell's favorite.


He couldn't handle it anymore and he shot against Caleb's cock. Caleb stopped shortly, looking down at Wendell's dick. He murmured something Wendell couldn't understand. Caleb chuckled and kissed him again.


There was a mix of cum and chocolate all over their groin areas. Wendell pushed Caleb to the floor. He picked up the bottle of syrup, straddled Caleb’s hips, sat up, and poured chocolate all over his hand. He stared into Caleb’s eyes as he licked his long fingers before running them through Caleb’s thick chest hair. He began licking, slurping, sucking on Caleb’s chest and stomach.


Wendell could taste the salty, bitter taste of his sperm and the sweet from the chocolate. It made him feel almost high on sex. He played as long as he could stand before he turned his attention to Caleb's cock.


Wendell noticed how frustrated Caleb got when was teased.
Yeah, that's how I felt
, he laughed to himself. He paused briefly to study Caleb's cock. It was a nice thickness and a bit bigger than Wendell's. “You've a nice size.”


Caleb grinned and reached to grab the back of Wendell's head, pushing his cock inside Wendell's mouth. Wendell didn't fight back; he let Caleb's whole cock into his throat as if it belonged there.


From the vibrating of Caleb’s stomach, Wendell assumed Caleb shouted, making Wendell suck Caleb even harder, furiously licking his cockhead.


The salty-sweetness of Caleb’s pre-cum mixed with chocolate drove Wendell crazy. First chocolate and now Caleb's marvelous cum. Wendell moved his hand underneath Caleb's sac and pressed against his taint, tickling the sensitive area with light fingers.


Caleb raised his legs high in the air, showing Wendell that he wanted more, and giving Wendell's fingers access to his hole. This was something Wendell wanted, too.


Wendell rubbed against Caleb's hole as gently as he could, while continuing his oral assault on his cock. He got to taste more of Caleb. The mix of chocolate and pre-cum was the best combination he could've ever tasted.

Caleb's hole was already sweaty, and it was wet enough for him to insert his index finger slowly. The warmth inside made Wendell push in even deeper.


Wendell stopped sucking and watched Caleb's pleasure-filled face. He could see a torrent of words coming out of Caleb's mouth. Even though he couldn't understand what was being said, it was the sexiest thing he’d ever seen. He was the one who was causing that reaction.

BOOK: Luscious Love
7.46Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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