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Authors: Zach Sweets

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Luscious Love

BOOK: Luscious Love
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Luscious Love
Luscious Love

Zach Sweets


Copyright 2011 Zach Sweets


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This is a work of fiction. Characters, places, and incidents are products of author’s imaginations or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual events, locales or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental and beyond the intent of author.


This work contains graphic language and implied sexual content between two men. Intended for adult audiences only. Not intended for anyone under the age of 18.


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I’ve discovered an answer to your letter and I hope you’ll be pleased.

Always, Zach Sweets




Photo Description: Handsome, scruffy looking man with a hand covered in chocolate and a sensual silver-eyed stare. He is licking chocolate off of his index finger.


Wendell Choate shielded his sterling silver eyes from the bright sunlight as he breathed in the powerful salty scent in the air. He ran his fingers through his wavy chestnut brown hair as he enjoyed the ocean waves splashing against the shore. People played and laughed in the water. Watching them was a pleasure and helped to alleviate some of the sorrow Wendell felt as he sat alone in the sand.


He’d been struggling to find a job since he got laid off a year ago. The beach was the only place he could go to find peace. He had been surviving on the small income he got from Social Security and Disability. It was enough to pay his rent, but there wasn’t much left over for his other bills.


His resume was good enough that he’d received several phone calls regarding job interviews. Once they found out that he was Deaf, they politely declined. It was discrimination, but Wendell would rather work for someone who wasn’t so closed minded, so he’d decided not to report them. He just wanted a job where he could be happy.


Wendell scanned the newspaper he’d brought with him and a new job captured his attention.


Luscious Love

Help Wanted

Must know chocolate

Contact Caleb Adams at (800) 555-1462 for an interview


Wendell instantly wanted that job. Chocolate was an addiction to him, a personal stress-reliever. He grabbed his iPhone and used the Video Relay application to call Caleb. No one answered, so he left a message, hoping Caleb would call him back.


While waiting for the return call, he spotted a man in a dark blue Speedo. Wendell could see a well-defined bulge through the clingy material. Even better, a thick mat of hair covered the man’s chest. It’d been too long since Wendell had gotten laid. Just the sight of the man made his mouth water.


As the man walked by, smiling at him, Wendell reached absently for his phone. He searched his pocket as he watched the man disappear down the beach and nearly freaked out when he realized the cell was missing.


He scurried around, searching his other pocket, finally finding it on the ground beside him. He checked to see if there were any missed calls.


He had one.
. Luckily, whoever called had left a message.


He opened the video mail and watched as the interpreter signed,


-Hello Wendell, this is Caleb Adams from Luscious Love. I got your message about the job interview. I’m available tomorrow at noon. Call me back if you can’t make it; otherwise, I’ll see you tomorrow.-


Wendell jumped with joy, drawing people’s attention. Some threw him dirty looks, probably wondering what the heck was going on with him. He shrugged them off; he was so happy to have gotten a job interview at a chocolate place. Maybe he’d get to sample everything once he got there.


He was too excited to just go home, so he walked to the street where all the touristy shops decorated the strip, looking for Luscious Love. He wanted to prepare himself for his interview tomorrow. There was no way he could afford to screw up his dream of a job surrounded by chocolate.


Finally, he saw it. The rich, warm tones of the façade, together with the wide windows, hinted at the decadence that was sure to decorate the shelves inside. He already pictured himself working there, standing behind the counter, looking out at the adorable shop and the stream of endless chocolate lovers flowing through the door.


Through the window he spied a tall, bald man with a full beard. From what he could see, the man was just his type—broad shoulders and heavy muscles. The man was wiping down counters, probably getting ready to close up for the night. If it was Caleb, Wendell couldn’t wait to meet him in person. He couldn’t wait to get a closer view of the man’s face.
A bear man and chocolate?
He smiled at the thought.
Nothing better


It was getting dark and with a start he realized that it was almost seven o’clock. He rushed back home and laid out the professional suit he planned to wear for the interview. After getting everything ready, he curled up on his bed and tried to sleep but couldn’t—he was too excited. He went over all the questions he’d been asked on interviews in the past, such as his strengths, weaknesses, why he wanted the job, and so on.


It was midnight before he finally felt confident with his answers and fell asleep.


He woke up still excited about the interview, but slowly the feeling changed from happiness to nervousness. What if he didn’t get the job? His heart would be broken. Stay positive, Wendell. He got out of the bed and went into the bathroom to do his business.


Wendell turned on the shower and felt the water until it was lukewarm. He stepped under the spray, enjoying the sensation of the water running over his body. Suddenly his cock was hard as hell. He moaned as he slowly touched it.


He soaped his body really well but leaned away from the stream of water as he started to jerk off, using the slippery soap as lubrication. He closed his eyes and let his mind wander to his newest fantasy, one which involved Caleb (if that’s who the bear man even was) and he, himself, could hear.


“Hey sugar, you’re looking sexy tonight.” Caleb complimented as he joined Wendell in the shower, pressing against him for a long, sweet kiss.


Wendell murmured against Caleb’s mouth, “So are you, sexy.”


The water poured down on Caleb as they continued kissing, tongues wrestling, hands touching all over each other, and cocks rubbing together.


Wendell moaned loudly, body jerking as he increased his speed. He continued imagining himself being touched by Caleb.


Caleb stopped kissing, sliding down onto his knees, and the water splashing on his head. He opened his mouth and guided Wendell’s dick in. Wendell shouted, a stream of babble leaving his mouth after feeling the amazing warmth inside Caleb’s mouth.


Wendell started to fuck Caleb’s face fast and hard. Caleb took it all with no signs of gagging. It was as if Wendell’s cock was made for his throat.


Wendell’s legs became wobbly as he approached his orgasm. As the fantasy continued, he wished he could shoot in Caleb’s mouth.


“I’m gonna come.” Wendell barked as he pressed the back of Caleb’s head, his cock all the way inside Caleb’s throat. Caleb accepted it all, swallowing around him.


Wendell shot hard against the shower wall, his legs nearly giving out on him. His head was dizzy with a crazy sex high. “Oh, Caleb.” He sighed deeply, wishing it was real.


After the long, hot, steamy shower, Wendell ate breakfast, brushed his teeth, and got dressed. He strolled down the beach toward Luscious Love. He kissed a piece of chocolate mint hard candy for good luck then popped it into his mouth, saying a little prayer to himself that he’d get the job.


His heart fluttered as soon as he saw the store. He hated to be so nervous, afraid of being rejected due to his deafness. He was a little early so he slowed his pace a bit, giving himself a chance to calm down. There were still butterflies battling in his stomach as he approached the shop. He took a deep breath and knocked softly on the door.


No answer. He knocked little harder. The sign on the door indicated that the shop was closed every Sunday. When there wasn’t an answer, he knocked again.
Had Caleb forgotten about the interview?
He wondered, feeling paranoid.


At last, the door opened and it was the same man from last night. Up close, he was even better, with gorgeous bright blue eyes and straight, white teeth that showed as he smiled. As Caleb gestured him inside, Wendell said, “I’m here for a job interview.” Since he couldn’t hear himself talking, he wasn’t sure if he said the words correctly, which made him nervous, but from the look on Caleb’s face, he could see that Caleb understood.


Caleb started to speak, apparently assuming that if Wendell could talk, then he’d understand him as well. Wendell was having a hard time trying to read Caleb’s lips, though. He held out a hand and said, “Hold on.” He fished out the notepad and pen he carried in his pocket and wrote, ‘I’m sorry, you talked a little too fast. I can talk but I don’t read lips that well.’ Wendell hoped it wouldn’t affect the interview.


Caleb mouthed slowly, “That is okay.” He gestured for Wendell to follow him to the office where the interview would be conducted.


As they walked through the shop toward the office, Wendell inhaled deeply. The place smelled so good, the scent of rich chocolate heavy in the air. He was lost in his thoughts, imagining himself working behind the counter or in the backroom making chocolate candies. He came back to reality when Caleb tapped his shoulder.


“Sorry. The place smells so good.” Wendell chuckled nervously, hoping Caleb understood what he was saying. He had no confidence in his speaking ability.


Caleb laughed and nodded showing he agreed with Wendell.


They sat down and proceeded with the interview. Caleb mouthed, ‘Resume?’


Wendell took his resume out of his bag and handed it to Caleb.


While Caleb was reading the resume, Wendell wrote, “Would it be easier if we communicate via Google Chat on my iPad?”


Caleb grinned as he pulled out his iPad and gave a thumb up. They exchanged user names and started the conversation.

BOOK: Luscious Love
10.9Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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