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Master for Tonight

BOOK: Master for Tonight
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Master For

An Erotic Vampire


Elaine Barris

Smashwords Edition, October,

Copyright © 2013, Elaine




All Rights Reserved

Copyright © 2013 Elaine Barris

ISBN: 9781301728305



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This is a work of fiction. Any resemblance of
characters to actual persons, living or dead, is purely


Cover design by Elaine Barris and Ben
D’Avanza Photography.


Dedication and


This book is a work of love that I could not
have completed without the patience, understanding, and support of
my wonderful husband. He took care of me throughout this process as
I sat for hours on end in front of the computer typing, editing,
re-editing, and working on rewrites… I love you, baby!


Additional thanks to my wonderful friends who
listened to me go on for hours about the characters, served as my
betas, and gave me the honest feedback that was needed. I could not
have done this without you all!

Many, many thanks to: Francis Hernandez, Teel
Kelley, Mary J. Vieira, Kari Dowis.


A special thanks to Kitten Jackson of Jackson

Kitten, I could not have made it through this
process without you! You have the patience of an angel! The support
and guidance you gave me, holding my hand through this amazing
journey, is really beyond words. This would not be the book that it
is without you! I count you as a friend, as well as a top-notch



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Chapter 1

He fell for her the instant he saw her six
months ago. That night, he’d gone to the slum of the city, where a
dead body wouldn’t raise many questions. His victim made it easy by
walking up, gun drawn, demanding his wallet. He had his fangs in
that dickwad’s neck in an instant.

Hearing the sound of jingling keys
approaching in the distance, Julian stopped feeding from the
would-be thief and looked around the corner. Blood dripping from
his fangs down to the concrete, he watched as a woman walked in
darkness from the front door of the shelter to her car, which was
parked no more than twenty feet from him, at the other end of the
parking lot. Her pace was slow and distracted as she dug in her
purse for something, not finding it.

Kate wore a faded green T-shirt with a
Yin/Yang symbol and Asian lettering, black yoga pants, which
reached to just below her knees, and purple and green striped
tennis shoes. Her hair was held up by two squared, plastic
chopsticks poking out of her brown curls in opposite angles. Some
curls had come loose around the nape of her neck and the sides of
her face, framing it. Her generous breasts gave a light bounce as
she walked, and her hips swayed back and forth in a seductive
tick-tock that he doubted she knew she made.

In Julian’s mind, her body was made for a
man to hold onto while he pounded into her from behind, grabbing
her ass as her breasts swayed back and forth underneath her; or
pounding into her from above, holding her ass in his hands
underneath her as her breasts jumped against his chest; or even
having his hands on her ass, guiding her up and down as she bounced
on top of him. He would love to pull her breasts into his mouth to
suckle as she leaned over his face, his cock buried inside her.

Shaking his meal a bit to quiet its begging,
he heard a snap in the background. Captivated, he watched her
approach as she dropped her keys and bent to pick them up,
muttering about her clumsiness, before heading to her car again.
They fell again when she reached her car, and he held back a growl
when she bent over, her ass straight up in the air, right in front
of him. She grabbed them up off the ground, blew a brown curl from
her eyes, clicked the remote to unlock the doors, and got

After starting the engine and locking
herself in, she turned on the interior light as she continued to
rummage through her purse. He was curious to find out what she was
looking for.

Why women carried such big bags that they
leaned when they walked, he’d never understand.

Finally, she dumped the contents in the
passenger seat, found what she had been looking for, and held it up
in triumph.

“A pen.”

She wasn’t done with whatever she was doing,
and his anticipation returned. She turned and climbed half-way over
the back seat, and Julian got a good, long look at her round,
wriggling ass until she pulled back with a black spiral notebook.
She had pushed herself backwards with her hands, her ass getting
more visible through the windshield, and Julian’s eyes went wide,
watching the show. As she turned to reseat herself, one of her
ample breasts shifted, and her raised nipple popped out of her bra,
plainly outlined behind her t-shirt. A thud sounded behind Julian
as his dinner dropped to the ground, forgotten.

She wrote for a minute, biting on her bottom
lip, flitting her eyes to look up. She tilted her head to the side,
showing the length of her graceful neck as she concentrated. Julian
groaned when her teeth released her lip, and her tongue darted out
over it. He was hardening fast as he watched her.

She finished what she was writing, tossed
her pen back into her purse, and then threw in everything else she
had dumped out, right back on top of it. The notebook sailed into
the backseat.

You have got to be kidding me.

He was incredulous as he watched her
recreate the problem which had taken her so long to unravel.

Turning the rear-view mirror so she saw her
reflection, Kate spoke animatedly, pointing to the mirror and back
to herself. Julian didn’t even try to decipher what she was saying.
He was fascinated, just watching her.

With a satisfied look on her face, she
pulled the chopsticks from her hair, and it tumbled around her
shoulders. After shaking her curls out with her fingers, she gave a
saucy wink and air-kiss to the mirror, giggling. Once she moved the
mirror back to where she could see for proper driving and popped
her seatbelt in place, she shifted the car into ‘reverse’ to

She’s crazy, this one, but
in a very good way
, Julian mused. A
blissful smile crept onto his face.

Picking up the leftovers, Julian sealed the
open wounds on the neck and tossed him into a dumpster, excited to
follow Kate home. It was the first of many nights he would conceal
his actions from his viciously jealous Maker to accompany Kate
without her knowledge.

Chapter 2

Kate flew through the halls of the shelter
with a large stack of freshly laundered blankets held against her
chin. Almost losing her grip on the stack, she locked her hands
around her opposite wrists and quickened her steps further.
Dropping the blankets into the bin labeled ‘Clean Sheets,’ Kate
turned, tennis shoes squeaking, as she went out the side door and
made her way to the next to-do item on her list.

Midway down the hall, she realized her
blunder and smacked her forehead, crying out, “Oh no!” startling
Henry, who was busy mopping the floor.

“Kate, do you need some help?” he asked, as
she whipped around to head back in the direction she came from.

“No. No, thank you.” She softened her tone.
“It’s okay. I've got it.”

After returning to the supply room, she
rearranged the blankets, making sure they were correct that time.
Sighing and blowing a piece of hair out of her eyes, she made her
way towards the kitchen at her usual rapid pace, as Henry followed
a ways behind her.

The noise in the shelter grew louder as she
neared the kitchen with the cacophony of voices fast becoming
overwhelming to her already frazzled nerves. The clanging pans and
calls of the workers to each other, as they prepared the evening
meal, were encouraging. They were certainly better than arguments
or the occasional fist fight that happened at random, with little
or no warning. The police had been called at least three times that
week alone.

As she moved briskly through the dining
hall, Kate heard her name being called from every direction. A
voice behind her, “Kate, can you help with...?”

“Yes, if you could give me a moment.”

Another call of, “Kate! Did you take care

“Please just give me two minutes, and I will
check!” Her voice escalated in pitch with each reply.

And back to the first. “Kate! Are you

The stress started to surround her and push
in. The pressure ramped higher when her brain jumped into
autopilot, running through the long list of items she hadn’t yet
completed, criticizing her in a judgmental tone.

On the verge of tears, Kate stopped in her
tracks, looking down at her feet, trying to compose herself from
the sensation of drowning. Her breathing started to hitch, and she
struggled to get oxygen in fast enough.

Another panic attack.

Kate closed her eyes and
began counting while taking deep breaths in and out of her mouth. A
breath in,
One... Two... Three...
A breath out,
Five... Six...
she spoke in her head. If
she had her car keys, they would be jingling in her hand as another
way to distract her mind, but she had forgotten them. They were in
her purse in her locker, so she did the next best thing she could
think of by mimicking the action.

Bending her arm at the elbow, she held her
hand in front of her body, fingers turned inwards, towards her
palm. She imagined the sounds of the various widths and lengths of
metal jingling together, as she shook her hand left and right at a
fast pace, while she breathed through her mouth.

As a small group of men entered the room,
their conversation drifted down as they gawked at the motions Kate
was making with her hand. Punching his buddy in the arm and
pointing at her, his mouth watering, Carl said, “She must be
missing a man awful bad, huh?”

“Yeah,” Burt answered, leering at Kate.
“Something that pretty should have a real dick to jerk off, instead
of dreaming about one. I think mine would work just fine.” He
fisted his hand in front of his crotch, jerking up and down.

Henry stepped in front of them, blocking
their view of Kate, and pointed at them, silencing their lewd

“I’m going to get Miss Helen! Something is
wrong. You two, stay right here,” he emphasized by pointing his
finger at the ground, and rushed off to get help.

“Yeah, yeah...” Burt replied, ogling Kate up
and down. “We’re not going anywhere.”

Henry rushed to the supervisor’s office,
rapped his knuckles on the door, and waited for a response.

“Yes? Come in!” Helen’s voice called out
from inside.

“Miss Helen. Kate! You need to take care of
her. Right now!”

At the sound of the leather office chair
creaking as she rose, Henry returned at an almost jog to make sure
Carl and Burt hadn’t harmed Kate.

Taking in the scene as she entered the
dining hall, Helen sensed Kate’s nearing panic attack and tapped
her on the shoulder to get her attention.

“Aw... Let her finish,” Carl said, throwing
his hands up.

BOOK: Master for Tonight
8.86Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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