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“Is that right?” he murmured. Then, suddenly, he was bending over her, bracketing her body with his much larger one and looking deep into her eyes.

Kaylee moaned a little as she felt him shift inside her with the motion.

“Yes, that’s…that’s right,” she made herself say.

“So now that you know what it feels like to be penetrated and filled by a male, I suppose I should pull out,” he said, though he made no motion to do so.

“If you want,” Kaylee said. “Or…you could show me more of what I saw on those vids.” She didn’t know where she got the courage to speak to him so—the words just seemed to pop out on their own. But somehow she didn’t want this experience to be over yet. Didn’t want him to be done with her.

He raised an eyebrow at her.

“So not just penetration but
. You want me to fuck you, little mistress? Is that it?”

Before she could answer, he had pulled almost all the way out of her and thrust in again in a long, smooth stroke that made her moan as he hit bottom inside her.

“Yes,” Kaylee whispered, closing her eyes. “Goddess, Solar—

“All right,” he growled. “I’ll do it, sweetheart—I’ll fuck you. But only if you open your eyes and look at me. I want to see it on your face when I fill you.”

“Goddess,” she whispered again. But she opened her eyes and found that he was even closer—those green and gold eyes half-lidded with lust and staring into her own as he pulled back once more and thrust in again.

“Does it feel good, little mistress?” he asked softly, stroking a strand of hair out of her eyes as he continued to hold her gaze. “Do you like being penetrated by a male?”

Not just any male—you! I like being penetrated by you, Solar.

The words hovered on her lips but she held them back. What was wrong with her, wanting to declare herself to him this way?
He’s a male—a slave,
screamed a little voice inside her head—a voice that sounded suspiciously like Lyra’s.

I don’t care,
Kaylee thought as she held his gaze while he took her.
I don’t care about any of that—I just want him in me. I never want this to end…

But though she wanted to prolong the experience forever, she could already feel her own pleasure rising again. Her orgasm was coming, brought on as much by his intense gaze as the thrust and pull of his thick shaft inside her body. And this time she knew, nothing could hold it back.

“Solar…” she moaned, reaching for something. Her hands found his and their fingers entwined, tightening with each thrust of his shaft inside her. “Oh Goddess, feels so good…”

“Gods…” He leaned down and kissed her fiercely. “I can feel you quivering all around me,” he muttered hoarsely in her ear. “You’re close, aren’t you?”

Kaylee nodded. Then, unable to help herself she asked, “Are…are you going to fill me with your seed? Like they do in the vids?”

He closed his eyes briefly, a look of indecision and yearning coming over his strong features. Then he looked at her again.

“If I do that, there might be consequences. Do you remember we talked about bonding?”

“Yes…” She didn’t understand.

“Well that’s how a Havoc binds a female to him—when he’s foolish enough or desperate enough to bond her in the first place. He does it by spilling his seed inside her with no barrier between them.”

“He does?”

Solar nodded. “And if we accidentally formed a bond…Would you want to be bound to me forever?”


He nodded. “A soul bond doesn’t dissolve. It is only ended by death. Not only that, would you want to carry my child?”

“Your…your child?” She looked at him uncertainly. This was something she hadn’t even considered. On Yonnie Six when a female wished to have a child, she went to a conception clinic and chose the exact type of sperm she wanted. Sperm which had already been vetted and was guaranteed to result in only female children. The idea of conceiving a child from what she was doing now with her former slave hadn’t entered her head.

“It’s a distinct possibility,
he growled dryly. “Fucking is the established method of conception—well, for most of the universe, anyway.”

“I never…I didn’t think of that,” she whispered.

“It could happen.” He stopped his thrusting and simply filled her as he looked into her eyes. “You could conceive and it wouldn’t necessarily be a daughter.”

“You mean I might have a male child?” The thought was terrifying to Kaylee. “A…a

“Yes, a son.” He frowned, clearly displeased by her reaction. “Contrary to your beliefs on this benighted planet, males have as much right to live as females.”

“But…but what would I do with a son? How could I explain it?” Kaylee protested. “Everyone would know that I didn’t go to the conception clinic. That instead I…”

“That you let a male fuck you?” His face hardened. “So you’re all right with letting a male penetrate you as long as no one knows about it. But the minute you think someone in your precious Yonnie Six high society might find out you’re a nervous wreck.”

“I…I didn’t mean…” she began but he was already shaking his head and pulling out…pulling away from her.

“Never mind. I know exactly what you mean,
He made the word a curse. “I’m leaving now—going back to where I belong. I don’t recommend you try to stop me or send anyone after me.”

“But…” Kaylee sat up, feeling cold and empty and unfulfilled. What had just happened? Why was he so angry? So…hurt? Had she hurt him? She didn’t know what he was feeling exactly—his face was a closed book. But still, it seemed that she’d offended him deeply.

“Good bye.” He had finished pulling up the too-tight leather trousers and was already heading to the door. It was still locked.

“You can’t get out,” Kaylee said. Her throat felt tight and she didn’t know why. “I tried, remember?”

“Didn’t try hard enough.” With a swift jab of his huge fist, he smashed the black glass over the door’s control panel. There was a brief shower of sparks and then the red leather panel slid open silently.

“Wait!” Kaylee couldn’t just watch him go. She slid out of the stirrups and jumped down off the padded black table. “Wait, please. You can’t just…just go like that.”

“Can’t I?” Solar turned to face her one last time. “Goodbye, Kaylee. Have a nice life.”

His use of her name—a thing so simple and yet so forbidden for a slave—made a lump rise in her throat. She wanted to call him back—wanted to say it was all a mistake, that she felt…felt…what did she feel for him? Kaylee didn’t even know, only that it was intense and hurtful. Her breath seemed to catch on something jagged every time she inhaled and when she put her hand to her cheeks, she found she was crying.

Don’t be stupid,
whispered a little voice in her head as she watched his broad, bare back disappear through the open doorway.
Why are you crying over a male? Over a slave?

Kaylee didn’t know. She only knew that once started, the tears wouldn't stop.

Chapter Six

Stupid, staying so long. Penetrating her—making love to her. Almost fucking bonding with her. Stupid, Solar—very stupid!

Solar berated himself as he moved quickly and quietly down the corridor. He could hear Kaylee sobbing behind him and the sound seemed to go directly to his gut. He felt tied in knots inside, clenched tight as a fist. Part of him—a large and stupid part—wanted to go back and console her. Wanted to hold her and tell her everything would be all right.

But how would it be all right? If he stayed, he’d be arrested and taken to wherever it was they took escaped slaves around here. Solar was sure it was nowhere nice. And there was no way he was asking her to go with him. He’d thought for a while that she had changed her ideas, that she no longer viewed him as a lower form of life.

He’d been wrong.

The absolute horror on her face when she’d thought she might conceive a child by him—a son no less—let him know he had done the right thing by pulling out. If he’d spilled his seed inside her and bonded her to him, he would have had to contend with that attitude for the rest of his life.

He made his way down the hall to the mirrored elevator and stopped there, frowning. Better not risk it. There was a stairwell right beside it. He took the stairs, going down quickly and quietly in his bare feet.

He poked his head around the corner when he got to the bottom floor. Thank all the Gods that ever were there didn’t appear to be any servants or other slaves around. Maybe Kaylee hadn’t had time to get any. She
said he was the first slave she’d ever bought.

Probably won’t be her last though. It’d take an army of slaves to keep this place up.
Not that he cared. Let her stay here in the lap of luxury on this screwed-up planet and buy a whole battalion of slaves. Solar didn’t give a damn as long as he wasn’t one of them.

Besides the absence of any house staff, he hadn’t seen the sadistic Lyra anywhere either. Which was just as well for her. He had never harmed a female in his life but he was minus the pain collar now and without the threat of its electrifying shocks, he might forget himself if he saw her snub-nosed face again.

He was edging along the perimeter of a richly furnished living area as he thought this. Suddenly, as if his thoughts had summoned her, he heard Lyra’s high-pitched, nasal voice coming from the next room.

“No, I told you—it’s perfect. I got the most dangerous slave I could find,” she was saying. “Well, no—there was
who looked scarier. A big Havoc male with blue-black hair and these weird almost white eyes. He was huge—even bigger than the one we got and believe me, this one’s

Solar’s ears pricked up and he moved closer to the doorway Lyra’s voice was drifting through.
Thrace—she has to be talking about Thrace!
He wondered what had happened to hia captain. Did Lyra know his whereabouts?

“I wanted him but some other girl got him—some dowdy pilot-looking little thing from Zetta Prime, I think,” she was saying. “She could have been quite striking—she had this creamy brown skin tone, I’ve never seen anything like it before—and long black hair. But she was wearing this
black jumpsuit thing. I tell you, Chia, it just
the look.”

Solar didn’t give a damn what the girl who had bought Thrace had been wearing but he was glad to hear the other details.
A female from Zetta Prime with light brown skin and long black hair.
That might help narrow down his search for the captain—although he was pretty sure Zetta Prime was another planet where males were treated little better than animals.

He was about to move on and complete his escape—he was certain he could hotwire the little ship they’d brought him here in and be off planet before anyone was the wiser—when he heard Lyra speaking again.

“Anyway, I’m about to go check on her in a moment. No, don’t worry—I’ve got a stun-ray hand-cannon, he won’t get far. They’re locked in the dungeon together and I’m certain he’s finished her by now—it shouldn’t have taken long the moment I turned his pain collar off.”

Solar grimaced and put a hand to his throat. So the pain collar switching off hadn’t been an accident or a short in its complicated circuitry, as he’d half suspected. Lyra had turned it off on purpose hoping he would…would what? Kill Kaylee the moment they were alone together?

He looked cautiously around the corner and saw Lyra pacing a large and well appointed food prep area. She had a tall, frosted glass with some kind of alcohol in one hand and she was talking into a tiny device plugged into her ear.

“He’s a complete savage like all males and I made sure to antagonize him beforehand. I’ll probably find her raped and torn to little pieces,” Lyra went on in a tone so cold it chilled his blood.

That bitch,
he thought, feeling sick to his stomach.
How could she think I’d do such a thing? Oh, right—because all males are savages.
But he would never hurt Kaylee. Just because that evil witch Lyra thought he was an animalistic brute didn’t mean he’d
like one.

Lyra had paused for a moment to listen to the person on the other end. She had her back to him and was tapping with her long, claw-like nails on the food prep counter. Now she let loose with a loud, nasal laugh which dragged him out of his angry thoughts.

“No, that’s the best part! I snuck the last will and testament docs into the slave papers when we were buying the Havoc male. She signed them all without question and they’re already hidden in her file case. Of course, no one will be more surprised than me when they’re found.” She turned to the side and Solar saw her practicing a shocked look as she studied her snub-nosed face in the mirrored surface of the cooking panel. “Me? She left it all to
Well, I guess I
her only friend…”

Fucking disgusting,
Solar thought angrily.
She must have planned this from the start.

“But just think how it’ll look,” Lyra continued. “A poor lonely girl…a country rube who didn’t know anything about the big city…befriended by a nice city mistress who tries to show her the ropes and teach her how to behave. But poor little Miss Stupid just can’t get the hang of it. She insists on buying a slave that’s too much for her to handle and then she lets him actually
penetrate her…
well, she got what was coming to her, didn’t she? And no one will be sorry to see the little idiot go. She doesn’t fit in
Honestly, it’s embarrassing.” She laughed nastily. “What’s that? Oh my yes, I have proof of penetration—it’s on my personal

She tapped the small flat device Solar had seen her using earlier.
he understood why she’d been recording their interactions in the dungeon. Lyra had been planning to discredit Kaylee—to make it look like her death at the hands of her new slave was entirely her own fault.

Won’t she be surprised to find Kaylee alive and completely unharmed,
he thought grimly.
It’s sure as hell going to put a kink in her little plan.

Except he’d known people like Lyra before. A kink in the plan didn’t mean she would abandon it completely. She might be a respectable mistress of Yonnie Six on the outside but inside Lyra was a cold-hearted criminal. She meant to shame and possibly kill the innocent Kaylee and get the other girl’s inheritance for herself. And just because she’d failed once, didn’t mean she wouldn’t try again.

That’s not my problem,
he thought uneasily.
I need to go now—need to get the Seven Hells out of this place and find Thrace!

“I can just see it now.” Lyra had picked up her tall glass of alcohol once more and was moving from the food prep area into the adjoining dining area. The recording device she left lying on the counter. “When the Ruling Body approaches me—they’ll be an inquiry of course—there always is when such a big and dangerous slave escapes. Anyway, I know
what I’ll say. ‘Why your Eminence, I
to stop her from buying him but she just wouldn’t listen to me. So headstrong and lustful! And then when she started trying to get him to penetrate her—well, I had to leave. I just couldn’t
it anymore. But I have no idea how he got loose of his pain collar—she must have let him go herself. I think she had some idea that she
him. Loving a
can you imagine?’” She paused a moment for a breath. “And then I can
show them the vid I captured on my
And then…”

Her sharp, nasal voice trailed off as she finally went all the way into the dining area, still carrying her drink with her. Now was the perfect time to escape. Solar started to go…and stopped.

Not my problem,
he reminded himself again. After all, Kaylee had bought his body, not his heart. And it wasn’t his fault she’d gotten herself mixed up with a con-woman like Lyra. She’d made it clear she only wanted him for the novelty of letting a male penetrate her—she didn’t think of him as a person, just an object to be used and tossed away. Still…

Solar eyed the forgotten recording device. He was extremely good with such gadgets as he doubled as the technical officer as well as the navigator aboard The Empress. Maybe there was a
something he could do before he left. But he would have to be quick.

Damn quick,
he told himself.
And then I’m off this hell hole of a world to go look for Thrace.

BOOK: Mastering the Mistress
5.56Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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