Matteo (Dark Erotic Mob Romance) (Rossi Family Book 1)

BOOK: Matteo (Dark Erotic Mob Romance) (Rossi Family Book 1)
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Before you begin reading this novel, please note it contains human trafficking, and the slave is subjected to rape, physical and mental abuse, confinement, starvation, and more. This is a work of fiction. All actions within are fictitious. The subject matter is written true to how a human slave today is often treated. Those who have been or are victims of domestic violence or know of someone who is a victim of domestic violence may be unable to emotionally handle the contents of the story.
I in no way condone nor approve of these behaviors. If you or someone you know is currently a victim of domestic violence, please seek help when it's safe to do so at 1-800-799-SAFE (7233). You can find more information at












Sliding my palm down the front of my suit, I made sure it was wrinkle-free as I walked up to the beautiful, yet small house. I wasn’t excited to be attending the event, but if I wanted to get my father off my back, it was the easiest way.

The door opened before I could knock and I entered a room with a dozen or so other men who varied in age and wealth based on appearances. The only person I wanted to speak to was walking from man to man greeting them and making small talk in her heavily-accented English.

I ignored everyone else, walked straight to her and interrupted.

“Madam, can we get this thing started?” I asked the woman, but it was more of a statement than a question. I wasn’t in the mood to hang around while everyone twiddled their thumbs or waited for other buyers to arrive. Not my fault if they can’t arrive on time. It didn’t matter what time it actually was or when things were supposed to begin. When I arrived, it was time to start.

“Yes,” said Madam, an older Italian woman, before shuffling out of the room. I leaned against the wall since there were no open seats. A moment later a parade of young women in plain dresses walked into the room. They were all pretty, slim, but none of them were what I sought. All of them had a fire in their eyes telling me they would be a challenge to tame and while I would have no problem taming all of them at once if I wanted, I didn’t have the time to deal with all the nonsense.

Some of the women were immediately snatched by one man or another while the others walked around and attempted to charm the man who they wanted to pick them. A few simply stood where they’d stopped and only glanced up occasionally to see what was happening around the room.

After a moment, I approached Madam again.

“None of these will do. I seek a woman that is special. Broken. Beautiful. Something these girls aren’t,” I told her gesturing around the room.

“All of my girls are beautiful and will make good slaves, Matteo,” Madam huffed and put her meaty hands on her thick hips.

“I’m not saying that. They are all good-looking and I’m sure they’ll make these men happy, but I’m not these men. I was assured you would have a woman that would be perfect for my needs.” I crossed my arms over my chest. If this was a complete waste of my time, someone would be paying me back with their blood.

She stared at me hard for a long period before nodding once. A quick glance toward the door told me she was worried about someone leaving while she was taking care of me.

“My men are outside and they won’t let anyone leave,” I assured her as I tapped a quick message to my cousin, who was waiting in the car.

“Very well,” she sighed and led me to a door that opened to reveal a flight of rickety stairs.

I followed her down only to spot the most beautiful woman I’d ever seen kneeling in the middle of the room. I didn’t need to see her face to know. The fact that she’d been sitting there waiting without needing a reminder made my cock harden.

She stood when told to without looking around, without questioning the command. Simply obeyed.

Walking a slow circle around her, I took in her lithe frame. The long beautiful hair my fingers itched to pull. When I told her to take off her dress, she did so and I couldn’t keep the corner of my mouth from lifting.

She was perfect. She would be mine and I would make sure she never forgot it.


Chapter One








Kneeling in the middle of the completely empty, damp room, I was thankful for the moment of silence. All the girls were upstairs, and I was allowed to relax until it was time for them to return. It was the only time I was left alone, the only time I could think freely and not be punished for it.

When the door above opened with a squeak, I stayed where I was. My palms pressed together at my lower back, my butt resting on my heels. Only two sets of shoes came down the stairs, letting me know something was off. I instantly knew one belonged to Mother, or Madam. She’d birthed me, but I wasn’t much different than any of the other girls.

“Der she is,” Madam said with disdain dripping from her voice.

,” the man with her instructed.

I’d never had anyone call me beautiful before, but I knew what the Italian word meant. Keeping my head down, I pushed to my feet while lowering my palms to my thighs. I wore a plain brown dress that hung to my knees, with my long hair pulled back into a tight ponytail at my nape.

Why was this man here? Men weren’t normally allowed into the basement where the women were kept. Not once in all of my twenty years could I remember a man being permitted into our private area. Not that it was much to see. Worn blankets and flat pillows were scattered about the room where each girl slept. Upstairs was much more opulent and beautiful, but that's where the auctions took place. Madam had told me many times that spending money on the environment encouraged buyers to offer their money.

The man Madam had brought with her walked slowly around me without another word. My palms grew damp as fear shot up my spine. I’d interacted with many of Madam’s customers, but never before had I been examined so thoroughly.

“Take the dress off,” he demanded.

I fought the urge to raise my head. Instead, I took a deep breath and tugged the hem up my body and let the faded, dingy cloth drop to the floor. The cool air in the room made me shiver, as did the feel of his eyes on my bare body. The plain white panties I wore did little to shield my lower parts while my breasts were completely uncovered as bras weren’t allowed.

A low hum came from the man while he once again walked around me.

With my gaze averted, I saw a masculine hand come into view with a watch that gleamed brightly in the light.

“No! Not until you pay,” Madam scolded the stranger, and the hand dropped away.

Once behind me, he breathed in deeply. His warm exhalation cascaded down my back.


The single word from his lips made my entire body shake. I wasn’t for sale. Madam had said that many times when other offers had been made from buyers. Apparently that had changed.

“Gia, get dressed. You will be leaving with Mr. Rossi,” Madam barked, and I jumped to pull my dress back on. “We’ll be back for you.”

I fixed my dress while the two of them retreated up the stairs. I collapsed to my knees and resumed the position I’d been in when they’d first entered. It was how Madam expected to find me anytime she came into the basement.

Tears rolled down my cheeks as I tried to figure out why things had changed and what I’d done to disappoint Madam enough that she’d sell me. I didn’t have long to think before footsteps once again came down the wooden stairs. Only this time it was only a single set —

“Stand up. You are all mine,

I stood yet again and struggled to stop the tears that still spilled out of my eyes.

“Look at me,” he said as he pressed a finger under my chin, forcing me even if I didn’t want to, but I did. I wanted to see the man who’d bought me. The man who would be taking me away from the only home and life I’d ever known.

He was younger than I’d expected, not much older than myself if I had to guess. There was a shadow of hair along his jaw that emphasized his lips, tilted in a smile on one side. His eyebrows were thick and shadowed his brown eyes, which were locked on mine, but his hair was short and tousled, which made me wonder if he’d been running his hands through it or if that was simply how he styled it.

,” he muttered, biting down on his lower lip.

I lowered my eyes again. I didn’t know how else to react when such a handsome man was telling me I was very beautiful.

“Hmm, yes, very well trained. Exactly why I simply had to have you.” He dropped his hand from my chin. “I’ve been told you are untouched by a man, is this true?”

“Yes,” I croaked the single word out.

“Ah, she does speak,” he laughed. Then all humor fled his voice. “Put your hands on the wall, I plan to get rid of this pesky problem now.”

I stepped close to the nearest wall and braced my arms in front of me, lowering my head between them. It was how Madam often had me stand for my punishments, and that’s what it felt like — as if I was being punished.

His hands slithered under the hem of my dress, pushing it up as he went. Once he found my panties, he pulled them down and lifted one foot, then the other, to dispose of them. When he stood again, his body pressed into mine and he groaned.

“All fucking mine,” he growled into my ear as I felt something hot and hard press against the back of my thigh. “Don’t move or I will punish you worse than Madam ever has, do you understand?”

“Yes, sir,” I sobbed as tears once again sprang to my eyes. I wasn’t sure what was going to happen, but I knew it wasn’t going to be pleasant if he had to tell me not to move.

I felt pressure between my thighs; my body gave way and everything felt like it was being stretched to the point of pain.

“Yes!” he breathed into my ear before he pulled back, pressing into me even harder, and I felt something yield as pain flared through me.

I clenched my jaw to keep from crying out as he slid in and out of me in a steady rhythm. While he moved, I sobbed quietly, tears falling freely from my eyes.

One of his hands came up to clutch at my breast while he continued. His groans filled the quiet of the space I’d once found my haven, the only place I ever got a moment of peace. It would never be the same, but then I’d likely never see it after he finished anyway, since he’d purchased me.

Finally, he let out one long groan and his body shuddered against mine. His hot, heavy breaths came quickly for a few minutes until he finally released me and slipped from my body.

I heard the metallic clicks of his zipper as he closed his pants before he roughly yanked on my ponytail.

“That’s only the beginning,
.” He spoke directly into my ear before nipping the lobe and walking toward the stairs. “Time to go.”

My entire body was shivering so badly I was afraid if I lowered my arms, I would fall.

“Don’t make me say it again,
.” His voice deepened and it only made me shiver worse.

“Sir?” I managed to squeak, giving myself more time to pull it together.

“What?” he barked.

“Can I know your name before we leave?” I asked. I wanted to know the man who had changed my entire world.

“Matteo Rossi,” he said before grabbing my elbow and leading me up the stairs.

I was his now, and I had no say in it.


BOOK: Matteo (Dark Erotic Mob Romance) (Rossi Family Book 1)
12.42Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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