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BOOK: Mind Games
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‘Untold riches will be mine! And the funniest part is, I'm using the kids themselves to get even more kids hooked on my games!' Jimmy Shady said.

All across the hall, kids started talking to each other.

‘Hear that?'

‘The head of MindLab's been messing with gamers!'

‘Let's get him! And the hackers!' Zac heard someone yell.

Like a boiling pot about to overflow, the convention erupted. Kids shouted. Games consoles flew through the air.

It was chaos! The gamers stormed Jimmy Shady's glass office. Within moments, he was captured, hand-cuffed and the police were called. Soon he was driven away in a police car.

Zac's plan had worked perfectly. His mission was complete – thanks to the kids!

Suddenly, Zac heard his SpyPad bleep.


Come straight home
once your Bladesville
mission's complete.
Tonight's rubbish night,
and it's your turn
to put out the bins.


He'd have to hurry if he was going to make it home in time to put the bins out. But how on earth would he get there? His invisible fighter jet had been stolen by the hackers. There just wasn't time to search for it.

Zac paced up and down outside Jimmy Shady's office. It was empty now, sealed off with black and yellow crime-scene tape. There was something on the floor, though. Something that looked like…yes!

Car keys.

When no-one was looking, Zac grabbed the keys. He wasn't going to
Jimmy Shady's car. More like
it. Just to drive himself to Bladesville airport so he could get a flight home.

There was always his karaoke hover scooter. But somehow Zac suspected Jimmy Shady would have something much faster, much cooler, he could use.

Zac raced to the car park outside the Town Hall. There were hundreds of cars parked there!

Which one was Jimmy Shady's?

A remote unlocking device dangled from the key ring. Zac hit the blipper. He heard the sound of a vehicle door unlocking. But Zac couldn't see which car was unlocking its door and flashing its lights.

Zac tried the remote over and over. But not one of the cars seemed to be opening. Zac looked around him in frustration.

It was then that he saw it. There was a heli-pad on the roof of the Town Hall. With a brand-new, ultra-light stealth helicopter parked and waiting.

Zac tried the remote once again.

The helicopter's lights came on!

The doors opened!

He'd found his ride home.

As Zac ran towards the heli-pad, a brief doubt flickered through his mind. He'd never actually flown a helicopter before. Then again, in the past 24 hours, he'd piloted a fighter jet, won a gaming comp, hooned around on a hover scooter, sung karaoke and busted Jimmy Shady.

I reckon I can handle a helicopter,
thought Zac to himself.


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BOOK: Mind Games
10.44Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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