Moon Mates (Shameless Shifters) (3 page)

BOOK: Moon Mates (Shameless Shifters)

with her knees, the wolf's steady green gaze regarded her for a moment. There
was something so knowing and familiar in those eyes that, briefly, a crazy
thought flitted through her mind.

eyes were just like that. The eyes of a wolf.

course, what she was thinking was insane, impossible.

started to sit up and immediately, the wolf growled again, cowing her into
motionless submission. Its nose pressed to her leg, sniffing, moving up from
her knee and over her thigh. Its tongue made a few more swipes, tickling and
slippery. She could see its head in clear detail, the way its ears angled back,
the pelt forming a ruff around the neck and down onto the broad chest.

wolf opened its mouth. Jaylee bit back a frightened noise, anticipating the
fangs sinking into her. The jaws closed with fastidious delicacy on the leg of
her khaki shorts and clamped down. In a sudden, brutal series of yanks, the
wolf worried at the shorts like a terrier with a rag. The waistband snap
popped. The zipper skidded down with a metallic zing. Cloth tore.

later, the shreds of her shorts were tossed aside and she was left in hiking
boots, socks, panties, and bra.

felt the hot puff of its breath on her belly. She still could not bring her
knees together. A warm, wet nose poked against her crotch, snuffling. The idea
that had occurred to her before came back to her now, and this time it was
almost believable.

acting with that fastidiousness, the wolf delicately bit the thin elastic strip
at the top of her panties. The wispy material was no match for those jaws. She
saw the wolf toss its head, and scraps of pale silk drift away like ghosts.

reached out, tentatively, and touched the wolf's head. It snorted, and this
time its steamy breath washed over her most intimate area. She felt the texture
of its fur, at once plush and coarse.

nose burrowed into her crotch again, unhindered now even by the thinnest of
barriers. Her face burned because she knew that it must be attracted by her
musky female scent.

was strange, it was wrong. Trapped here, flat on her back on the forest floor
being threatened by a gigantic wolf, she should have been scared to death. And
scared… but she was turned on, too. Sick though it was, she
liked the helpless feeling of having her clothes violently stripped from her
body, of being unable to move for fear of being bitten.

wolf's mouth opened again. Jaylee flinched, imagining its teeth tearing into
sensitive flesh, but the wolf did not bite. The wolf licked. That smooth,
supple, warm, slippery-wet tongue delved into her.

cried out--couldn't help herself--cried out and bucked her hips and splayed her
thighs wide to allow the wolf complete access. It lapped and nuzzled. The
sounds coming from its throat now were not growls or snarls, but hungry, eager

oh… oh, God!" Jaylee heard herself moan. The wolf's tongue was deep inside
her, long and flexible. She caught the wolf by the sides of the head but didn't
try to push it away, just held it closer as she ground her hips up into its

she was on the very verge of a frantic orgasm, straining toward it, whimpering
breathlessly and clinging to the thick fur of the wolf's head, a shot rang out.

once, the wolf pulled away from her, leaving strands of its pelt tangled in her
fingers. She saw its head snap around, its lips peel back in a hateful grimace,
and then it leaped over her. She had a quick glimpse of its underbelly, and of
something long and stiff and reddish jutting from the furry sheath between its
back legs.

the wolf vanished into the woods with a cracking, splintering noise as it
trampled bushes and broke off twigs.

flustered, ashamed, and alarmed, Jaylee sat up fast and looked around. To think
she had been caught like that,
like that… writhing and moaning
beneath a wolf as it went down on her… And, she was furious with whoever it was
for interrupting at that crucial moment… five more seconds would have done it… some
hunter, some poacher, whoever it was, she wanted to kill him…

all right?" Rommie asked, emerging from the gathering dusk.

thoughts came to a crashing, confusing halt. "Y… you?"

came toward her, a rifle resting in the crook of his elbow. He was dressed much
as he had been yesterday, this time in dark grey sweatpants and a ribbed black
tank top that displayed his arms and shoulders to good advantage.

blushed more hotly than ever. For a while there, she had been ready to believe
that the wolf…

stopped a few feet from her, one bushy black eyebrow raised as he took in the
state of her undress, and her posture. Her legs were still wide apart and bent
at the knees, breasts rising and falling with the rapidity of her breath so
that they almost burst free of the confines of her bra. Her thighs were slick,
shiny. Her pubic hair was wet and matted down.

a wolf," Rommie said. He set the rifle aside, leaning it against a tree,
and hunkered down near her. "Bite you?"

she managed to say.

you, though."

blush was now so intense she feared she'd ignite. "Rommie… I…"

thing about a wolf," he said, looking at her with grave seriousness,
"is the saliva. Most people don't know it, but a wolf's saliva can be like
snake venom. Can be toxic."

She stared at him.

it's best to treat it like a snake bite, you see."

I don't know what you mean."

to suck the venom out." His tone was flat and sober, but his eyes gleamed
with lust and mischief. "You go on and lie down. I'll take care of

flush, this one having little to do with embarrassment, swept over her. She
stayed put, stammering, until Rommie gently pushed on her shoulders and eased
her back down onto the ground.

didn't understand what was happening. Was, actually, not a hundred percent
certain she was even awake. Maybe she'd gone for her swim, crawled out onto the
sun-warmed rock, and fallen asleep. That was easier to believe than this.

as Rommie pushed her down and lowered himself between her legs, she decided
that she didn't care. Dream or reality, she was going to enjoy it. Her body
still ached for that final bit of attention necessary to achieve bliss. She
opened herself to Rommie, sinking her fingers into his thick crop of hair just
as she had done with the wolf's pelt.

parted her with his thumbs and took a slow, probing taste. Jaylee nearly
screamed with delight. She was on the edge, and the sly bastard knew it. He
teased, he tormented. His tongue proved almost as adept as the wolf's had been,
and soon she was ready to explode.

it, do it, oh, God, yes, make me come," she babbled. "Please… I'm so
close… Oh! Oh, yes!"

her body shuddered, Rommie slid an expert forefinger into her and pressed her
G-spot, and Jaylee went purely supernova with pleasure. She clamped her thighs
around Rommie's head, not caring if she suffocated him. Her lower legs hooked
over his shoulders, and her heels drummed his back.

world went spinny and sparkly for a few seconds, as Jaylee fought to recover
her breath and her wits. By the time she could see clearly again, Rommie was
kneeling over her. He'd taken off his tank top, but in the dim light she could
barely tell because his chest was buried in dense, curling hair. She was fairly
certain he had also removed his sweats, though the position of their bodies
didn't let her see the rest of him.

only one way to make sure the venom's all flushed out," he said, those
green eyes seeming to blaze at her like fiery emeralds.

about that and just fuck me," she said.

grinned, white teeth flashing in the twilight. "You sure that's what you

She grabbed him and hauled him down atop her. As she'd thought, he was naked,
and his thick body hair was scratchy-tickling-wonderful against her skin.

paused long enough to break the front hook of her bra, and greedily stuffed as
much of one breast as he could into the warm suction of his mouth. The other
did not lack for attention; he kneaded it with his large, rough hand.

almost desperate to have his cock fill her up, squirmed around underneath him.
She could feel it, stiff and smooth, rubbing along her thigh.

think I'm crazy," she panted in his ear. "You really will, but… when
the wolf was… licking me like that… I thought it was you. That you were… you
know… some kind of werewolf."

raised his head, and his grin was more ferocious than ever. "But I


her very eyes, he changed.

dark shadow of his stubble spread and grew, even as the lower half of his face
pushed out into a toothy muzzle and his brow sloped back. His ears elongated to
furry points. She could hear bones crackling as they realigned, could feel
muscles bulging and shifting beneath hairy skin that was rapidly becoming
covered with a thick pelt.

eyes, though… the eyes were the same.

reared up, a wolf-beast in humanoid form, and howled at the rising white disk
of the moon. Its silver beams painted his black coat with a brilliant sheen.
His erection, huge and slick, glistened in the moonlight.

lay there, too stunned to react, as the thing that had been Rommie grabbed her
by the arms and lifted her high into the air. He handled her as if she weighed
next to nothing. His arms, shoulders, chest, and thighs all swelled with slabs
of muscle. The heat and wild smell of him were overpowering.

legs dangled uselessly. He nudged them apart and lowered her toward that
waiting, rigid spike of flesh. She wanted to shriek but couldn't, not until the
monstrous length of it slammed home.
she shrieked, like a siren.
Her tissues stretched almost unbearably. She thought he would split her in two.

dropped to the forest floor again, Rommie's weight crushing her. He rocked his
hips back, withdrawing so that only the tip of his cock was in her, and then
thrust it all the way in again. She shrieked again, but clawed at his furry
shoulders and hooked her ankles over the backs of his thighs, and drove her
hips up to meet him as he commenced a hard, fast, pounding fuck.

was sure that it still hurt, probably hurt like hell, but any pain was totally
lost in a roaring rush of ecstasy. This was what she'd always wanted. To be
pinned and helpless, ravished by a hairy brute, fucked mercilessly. She came
twice before losing track of her orgasms, before they just blurred together in
a cataclysmic thunder.

howled, and she howled with him, and he pumped in and out with bestial frenzy.
The waving black banner of his tail slapped against her knees as his buttocks
flexed, driving him deep. He erupted within her, flooding her with hot liquid,
and the spasms of his cock sent her into the throes of a final shattering

Jaylee could do was quiver and make little mewling noises. Rommie clambered
off, crouched over her, and shook himself like a wet dog. He made a whuffing

he sat back on his haunches, his transformation reversed itself. Fur fell away
in drifts. His forehead rose, his jaw receded. Gristle popped as his limbs
rearranged to a human configuration.

looked at her. She looked back, not knowing what she would say even if she'd
been able to speak.

you guessed," he said, "I am a werewolf. Always have been. Born that

It was the best she could muster.

was wringing with sweat, coated with his shed hair, sticky, achy, and more
utterly sexually satisfied than she had ever been in her entire life. Not even
the long ago boyfriend had left her feeling like this.

all right?" he asked.

Do… do you do this a lot? To other women who come out here?"

been one like you," he said. "Never one that I thought might still
want me after I changed."

did you know that I would?"

rustle made her turn her head. The other wolf stalked into the clearing and
shot Rommie a very sentient reproachful glare, then sat down with its tail
curled around its forepaws and its shining green eyes on Jaylee.

give me that look," Rommie said to the wolf. "Told you, I saw her
first. I had to run you off."

wolf growled. Jaylee remembered what it had done to her, what she had let it
do, and how much she had liked it. A renewed redness colored her cheeks, but at
the same time, a renewed twinge of arousal kindled in her loins.

winked at her. "Remy fancies you, too," he said. "But I had


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