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She tore off his pants and pulled his erection out of his boxers, her hands were shaking he noticed and he was pleased that she needed him that much. She squatted over him, rocking back on her heels until he was deep in the recesses of her vagina. She thrust with her strong legs forward and back, her toes digging into the soft earth of the forest floor. She felt like he was so far inside of her that she could feel him all the way through her body, as if she would be able to open her mouth and he would be there. She felt so free squatting on her husband, naked in the chill of the mountain air and not caring in the least. She was an explorer, she thought, she was an explorer of moments and then she felt the now familiar surge of warmth through her body. She let out a whoop when she came and was only clear headed enough to be able to finish her husband as well. Jon’s eyes rolled back in his head as he had an orgasm and let out small animal-like sounds.

Kat was naked as she stood up and Jon wasn’t very well clothed either. Kat had cum running down the insides of her thighs and was so lost in the moment of pleasure that she didn’t hear the steps of a person coming up the trail until it was too late. She turned around and there was a couple coming up the trail. They were young and were looking at each other, not Kat and Jon. They looked up finally at the top of the trail and Kat was standing there in shock, butt naked. She tried to cover up her breasts and pubic area but she was unable to do much else. Jon jumped up and stood in front of her but it was no use, the couple had already seen them.

The couple started laughing, they thought it was hilarious that there were people who had obviously just fucked standing in the trail. The couple thought to themselves that they did even have the sense to move farther into the woods. Kat and Jon were embarrassed beyond belief and were hurriedly trying to get into their clothes. They kept walking and laughing, shaking their heads as they marched down the trail.

Kat and Jon looked at each other and now that their scare that these people were going to tell the warden of these parts of the mountains, they were able to laugh about the whole thing. Kat had been near tears about it so when Jon started laughing she had tears rolling down her face as she laughed too. She let go of her breasts and pubic region, not caring now that she had only her panties on as she couldn’t get anything on fast enough. She started slowly putting her clothes back on but Jon told her to stop.

“I see a rock up there, wanna do something fun?” He pointed at a place off the trail, where they would have more privacy, and they made their way up to it. Soon their cries of passion could be heard all the way down the mountain as Jon had taken Kat up to the rock, leaned her back against it, and fucked her standing right there. A family of deer walked by and several squirrels were in attendance as Jon held Kat up on the rock and, using one hand, guided his cock into her. He was barely ready from the time before but this whole situation had made him so hot that his body had rallied for one last fuck of the day. Kat’s breasts bounced as Jon rammed her back against the rock over and over. He came quickly, he was still exhausted from having had sex before the hikers came upon them.

As he finished and wiped himself off, Kat noticed a flower growing out of a crevice in the rock. She picked it and held it out to Jon who smiled and took it, rolling it between his fingers. They had needed this vacation and had made the most of it, they were the like the flower in the rock, their lives had become too crowded and overrun but they still had hope of growing together. They put their clothes back on and linked hands, walking that way all the way back down the trail, lost in the thought of being together.



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BOOK: Mountain Wood
3.2Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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