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My Alpha Ex
Brother in Law: Bound

By Jenny Jeans


This book is a
work of fiction. Names characters, places and incidents are a product of the
author’s imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to any persons,
living or dead, business establishments, events or locales, is entirely

No part of this
book maybe be reproduced, scanned, or printed in any printed or electronic form
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Copyright © 2013
by Jenny Jeans. All rights reserved.

Published by
Arrow Books


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Lisa was drunk and she knew it when she
knocked on the door to Gavin’s ultra-expensive loft in a part of town that was
going through major renovations. Probably a lot of them spurred on by Gavin and
his company. He was her ex brother-in-law. Therefore, she really should not be
there at …

Lisa lifted her cell, looking at the
time that seemed blurry …

“One o’clock,” she mouthed. “So okay, I
shouldn’t be here at one in the morning,” she muttered.

Her hand gripping the cell, fell back to
her side as she used her other hand to steady the door. Which was swaying. God,
was she that drunk?

Suddenly, the door flew open and she
barely had time to get that thing she needed so badly to have, and that was a
good look at her long lost husband’s twin, before stunningly, Gavin’s arms were
around her.

“Lisa, hold the fuck on!” Gavin shouted,
and she did latch onto his very bare and muscular shoulders with hot, warm skin
as he embraced her into his strong athletic body, so like Travis’, but so
different too.

“What?” she squealed, feeling as if the
floor beneath her was shaking.

Then Gavin pressed her into the inside
doorjamb with his body tight against hers, while his big hand forced her face
into his neck.
smelled like man and Irish Spring. Hot tears welled behind her closed eyes as
she clung to him, smelling like Travis, who was gone over two years.

“It’s nearly over,” Gavin’s voice
growled into her ear.

Gavin’s voice was uniquely his own bass
rasp of tones and not at all like his twin Travis’ voice, which had been mellower.
Travis was, or had been, more metro to Gavin’s rougher edges. She’d always
thought of Travis as being domesticated by a good woman, while Gavin wasn’t.

“What’s over?” she asked, muttering
against his hot flesh and really doing it so she had a legit reason to taste
him. Then she nearly moaned at the feel and taste.

Gavin’s arms tightened around her. “The
quake, buttercup.”

She was quaking … quaking down to parts
of her body that shouldn’t be quaking. Parts she should be appalled and
disgusted were quivering … and dampening. She could feel her breasts hugged to the
tough ridges of his chest. Her club dress wasn’t much. Strapless. Low. She’d
been going for slutty and achieved it with five-inch heels that allowed her to
press her lips to Gavin’s neck.

“Needed to see you,” she whimpered.

“Fuck, not that again.” Gavin’s growled
voice sounded irritated and disgusted. Yes, he should be, she was so bad.
“You’re going to punish yourself for it too afterward, aren’t you?” he demanded
to know.

Then he pushed away from her body and
the doorjamb, to glare down at her as her head fell back against the inner
doorway. She squeezed her eyes shut as she filled her senses with him. She
always felt bad after this need to just see him — the brother who looked so
much like Travis. She felt guilty as if she’d sinned or was evil or something.

“Shit, I can see you are.” His breath
growled over her and she could smell the light hints of smoky spice and whiskey.
That wasn’t like Travis, because Travis never drank whiskey or smoked cigars.

“Travis, you shouldn’t smoke, baby ...”
she started to say, with her eyes closed, when suddenly her body was jerked

-A, buttercup.” Her eyes
flew open. Oh no. It wasn’t... “I’m teaching you
now who I am,”
Gavin snarled.

Gavin dragged his ex-sister-in-law into
his darkened loft. The small earthquake must have been bad enough to mess with
the electricity. However, he had a real fire in the fireplace burning and it
gave him enough light to bring Lisa’s curvy figure over to one of his
slat-backed dining room chairs.

He’d sworn to himself, if she came to
him just
more time, he was going to do this. Screw it if she was his
sister-in-law; she was still a woman. A drop-dead gorgeous and fucking
attractive woman, who was throwing her young life away on a memory. And it was
a flawed memory. Travis had not been her fucking golden knight. She didn’t know
it and he wasn’t going to tell her. But he was going to make her
and not his twin Travis, when she looked at him.

Lisa had thick and wavy hair, falling
past her bare shoulder blades. It was the color of a red dusk. The miniskirt
she was wearing barely covered her exceptionally rounded ass. Lisa had booty.
Ripe womanly curves and the cups of her strapless dress barely covered her
large, firm breasts. For a second, he was pissed she was out wearing what she
was barely wearing without him on her arm.

Oh, he wanted her in the sexy attire …
he just wanted to be beside her when she was. With that thought riding him, he
used her high heels against her, by tugging, until she toppled off them and her
lush booty hit the chair. He appreciated her mini-skirt’s rise, to nearly show
whether she had on panties or not.

“Gavin, I’m sorry!” Lisa exclaimed, and
he could hear the edges of drunkenness in her words.

She never came to him sober and after
tonight that was fucking changing too. He swept her luxurious hair off her bare
shoulders with his fingers running down to her wrist afterward, which he caught
and held. In the dim light he was certain she’d failed to notice the neck ties
he had tied to the chair, but he saw her emotive shudder as he stroked down her
bare arm. She was ready — as he known she’d been for a long time. But he’d been
fighting it. She was his sister-in-law.

Now he didn't give a shit. He was going
to release her through bondage. Her wrist was tied a second later and she
tugged it. Maybe if she hadn’t been drunk, she’d have caught on sooner. But it
wasn’t until he had her other wrist tied to the back of the straight-backed
chair that she exclaimed.

“What are you doing? Let me go!”

He ignored her, instead watching the
healthy jiggling of the top mounds of her creamy-fleshed breasts, which were threatening
to spill out of her strapless mini dress. Fuck. As she struggled with her
wrists, her dress inched downward to nearly expose her nipples and he could see
the top of one pink areola as he knelt before her.

“Gavin,” she whispered fiercely as he
grasped her bare leg and he stroked both his hands down to her ankle. Drunk,
she forgot her wrists were tied and he knew she thought he was making a play.
“W-What are you doing?” she slurred, looking deep into his eyes, while he tied
her slender ankle to the chair.

“You wiggle much more, I’ll see your
pussy,” he grated lowly.

Her eyes widened and her full lips
pursed, but her body stilled. ”You can’t say that to me,” she expelled.

He tugged her other ankle, spreading her
thighs open on the chair, until he could see her panties. They were white. That
messed with him for a second. Virginal, white panties. But they weren’t
virginal — they were tiny and he bet they were a thong. He tugged the knot

“Gavin!” she squealed. “You’ve-you’ve
me. What the hell!”

He grasped her knees and pushed them
open. Yeah, fucking tiny thong and he knew it was wet. That meant wet

“Yeah, sister-in-law, and there’s
fucking nothing you can do about it,” he growled. He grabbed the tie on the top
part of the leg of the chair and tied it around her right knee, holding her
thighs open wide.

“Are you crazy? Are you trying to rape
me!” she cried.

“If you can rape an orgasm from someone,
then yeah, sis, I’m raping you.”

“Don’t call me that!” she screamed. He
sneered at her, tying her other knee, while she struggled enough to move the
chair. “I’m not your sister anything!”

He stood and looked over his bondage. In
the firelight she was a fucking wet dream. “Glad we got that straight,
buttercup.” He leaned down to her nose as she panted fury at him. “I’m
your relation anymore,” he hissed into her face. Then he straightened again as
she fell silent, looking at him like he was an alien.

“You think you know me, Lisa. I’m
nothing like you think. I’m not fucking Travis or anything like him.”

“I never said ...” she started to

“You think it!” he interrupted with a
growl. “You think a lot of fucked up things,” he continued. “But right now,
buttercup, I’m taking your thinking away.” He emphasized “your.” Then he said,
“You’ve got no choice in this. No thinking.
can only be a woman.”

Lisa panted so heavily she realized the
top of her dress was about to lose its hold on her breasts. Then Gavin would
see them. She twisted her wrists but couldn’t move them much as he moved behind
her. What was he doing? This was totally blowing her mind. Everything he was
doing seemed blazingly sexual. And she’d never had that from him before.

“Oh,” she gasped as her right breast
slid free and cool air washed over it. Embarrassment heated her cheeks as she
tried to close her thighs but couldn’t. She couldn’t do anything!

“Nice breast,” Gavin’s low voice said
behind her. She quivered as hot sexual feelings whoosh into her core, while her
pussy started aching in a crazy, needy way. “Hard nipple,” he said next, and
she hissed a sound of arousal that she couldn’t contain.

Suddenly, his hand was circling her
throat and he pulled. His grip compelled her neck to arch. Then arch further
back, until the top of her head pressed into his …
hard erection

And her other breast popped free.

He. Was. Hard.

For her?

“Gavin,” she whispered with her lips
pointed up his body. He held her and she’d never felt anything as possessive in
her life.

“Yeah, baby?”

He held her throat in his warm
unyielding hand and she knew he looked down on her bared breasts. “Y-You like
this?” she asked, in the little voice allowed by his hand clasped so
possessively over her throat.

“You can fucking feel I do, Lisa.”

God, when he said her name it brought
her back to the reality he was her ex brother-in-law, not just some man to her
woman. “B-Bondage?” she asked, quivering and disbelieving.

“Yeah,” his voice rumbled. A quake
rushed through her. “You feeling it, Lisa? You got no choice. I’m doing it.”
She nodded, squeezing her eyes with unknown feelings. “You’re free, baby,” his
husky rough voice offered her.

She barely heard that last part, but it
quivered through her as if she’d been possessed and the entity had left her
body. Then her moan followed and it sounded very aroused and needy.

“Yeah, baby,” he growled low, bending
down to her ear. “I’m going to make you come, buttercup.”

His lips pressed to her ear, and a
whimpered, “Please,” escaped her.

“Then I’m going to let you go, baby,” he
continued, with his fingers beginning to stroke her throat. “If you come back
though, then I’m going to tie you up and fuck you, until you come on

“Oh God.” She knew she was pleading with
him, the sound thick in her voice. What she didn’t know was what kind of
release she was pleading for. All she knew was she couldn’t stop him because
her wrists, knees, and ankles were bound as his hands moved down her throat to
her collarbone. His fingers spread out slowly and she forgot to breathe as he
bent over her more, pushing his erection harder into the top of her skull, then
his hands covered her bare breasts.

“Gavin.” Her body bowed upward pushing
her breasts more into his hands as her nipples spiked and burned against his
palms. Something about being bound helpless against her reaction was
intensifying it. The fact it was Gavin with his hands on her bare breasts was
blowing her mind.

“That’s it, buttercup. Push your needy
tits into my hands. Fuck, your breasts are big, Lisa. So fucking sweet.” He
squeezed her breasts up into his fingers, as if trying to cover his hands over
them, which he couldn’t, while she squirmed on the seat and felt shocking aches
attack her sex, then wet her pussy with a gush.

She moaned long, hoarsely, and so
aroused that she was instantly embarrassed. “I can’t!” she started to cry.

“Fuck that,” he growled. “You are!” On
the word “are,” he plucked the hard spikes of her nipples, which were jutting

She squealed, thrashing in her
restraints. He did it again and again, until she was moaning and panting.
“That’s it,” he uttered next to her ear. He plucked harder, and she whimpered.
“You’re mine,” he urged. Then he twisted both tautly swollen tips and she

,” she gasped.

His hands came back, warming her breasts
as he groped them heavily, while he spoke. “Please what, buttercup? Please
touch my wet panties. Please lick my hot pussy. Please, brother-in-law, make me


Her head thrashed with the top of it
sliding over his erection, while his hands deeply groped her breasts and her
sex ached fiercely. The alcohol was surely intensifying her reaction and maybe
it was making her not care about the illicitness, because her need for release
was taking over her body and being bound was making it
hot, she’d
turned molten with arousal and desire.

BOOK: My Alpha Ex Brother in Law Bound
3.47Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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