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My Heart Will Find Yours

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“Linda LaRoque weaves a wonderful story of compassion, loss and triumph. You won’t be disappointed with this story. It will grip your heart and emotions and take you for a ride that will stay with you forever. I laughed, cried, despaired and cheered at everything Texanna and Royce went through in their quest for love. It’s a keeper on my bookshelf.”

My Heart Will Find Yours




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“Hurry up, Marshal, get some cuffs on her. How else you gonna get her home?”

A quick scan of the woman indicated she didn’t have a weapon strapped to her side or in her hands. His gaze moved from the unusual shoes she wore, up indecently clad legs encased in denim pants. How else could he describe it? When his eyes reached her torso, his body jerked in response. Beautiful breasts were fully outlined by a skintight blouse. There was nothing left to the imagination. All her attributes
showed through the thin, pink fabric. His face burned with anger. It was down right scandalous. No decent woman would dress so provocatively. Then he noticed the flame-colored curls. Hans eased his hold, and her head jerked upward. His eyes met hers, and his heart stopped. God, she’s beautiful. He looked at her face again and thought he’d faint from sheer joy. His bliss quickly turned to rage.

With a growl, he bit out, “Get your hands off my wife.”

“Linda LaRoque weaves a wonderful story of compassion, loss and triumph
You won’t be disappointed with this story
. I
t will grip your heart and emotions and take you for a ride that will stay with you forever
I laughed, cried, despaired and cheered at everything Texanna and Royce went through in their quest for love. It’s a keeper on my bookshelf.”

Destler, Author,
Ride a Cowboy, Love Me, Love My Rafferty

“Linda LaRoque’s
My Heart Will Find Yours
is a wonderful Western time travel. Her characters are extremely likeable and faith-filled. The way LaRoque plays the past and the present using one to change the other makes this story truly unique. I loved the characters and unexpected plot twists.
My Heart Will Find Yours
is fast paced and compelling. I read it in one sitting.”

Laurel Bradley, Author,
A Wish in Time
, Crème Brûlée Upset

“This tale swept me away. I immediately fell in love with Texanna and Royce and hated that their story ended. A+ for Linda LaRoque.”

TJ Killian

My Heart Will Find Yours

The Turquoise Legacy Book 1


Linda LaRoque

This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places, and incidents are either the product of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously, and any resemblance to actual persons living or dead, business establishments, events, or locales, is entirely coincidental.

My Heart Will Find Yours


2008 by Linda LaRoque

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Publishing History

First Cactus Rose Edition, 2009

Print ISBN: 1-60154-490-1

Published in the United States of America


To all those who helped me put this story to paper—T.J., Laura, Sandy, Dawn, Zaynah, Judith, Erika, and J.L., who introduced me to ley lines, energy and spin torsion fields.


Waco, Texas, located south of the Dallas/Fort Worth area and North of Austin and San Antonio has a rich, intriguing history. The author strived to keep the flavor of the early town as authentic as possible; however, a few alterations were made so that history would fit the story line.

Though Jim Bass did visit Waco and consider robbing a bank, the year was 1778 and as legend goes, he was impressed with the amount of law enforcement personnel or the quality and decided to move on.

While the railroad did serve Waco in 1876, at the time this story begins, it did not reach south to the San Antonio area until around 1877.

The author acknowledges the following:

T-bird, Ford Motor Company

Created by Jim Meston, CBS Paramount Television

Gone with the Wind,
Margaret Mitchell, McMillan Publishers

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Colt Peacemaker, Colt’s Manufacturing Company, LLC

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My Prayer
, Written by George Boulanger and Jimmy Kennedy

, Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm

Chapter One

June 15, 2008, San Antonio, Texas

Texanna Keith settled into the plush upholstered seat of the passenger car on the train bound for Waco. She shook her head in consternation and muttered to the wall in front of her, “I can’t believe I’m doing this.”

Pearl was barmy, had gone around the bend. Doing the older woman’s bidding made her doubt her own sanity. But, she loved her dearly, so here she sat, wearing Pearl’s antique locket, an old wedding ring, and carrying a packet of letters to some lawyer in Waco. And to top it all, Pearl insisted she carry the documents, along with some old clothes and a photograph, in an ancient moth-eaten carpetbag. She plopped the bag in her lap and sighed. Why she couldn’t have driven her classic T-bird, she’d like to know? Or mailed the documents? Pearl wanted her on this train for one purpose—to travel back in time.

She looked down at the gold wedding band on her finger and removed it to read the inscription.
Love until the end of time, Royce 1872.
That’s the kind of love she wanted—one that would transcend eternity. She snorted. Three broken engagements left her with the conclusion love wasn’t in the cards for her.


Just yesterday, she’d visited Pearl. For the first time in several months, her portrait business had slowed, and she looked forward to vacation time. But, she couldn’t deny Pearl’s urgent request.

Grasping her hand, Pearl settled back against the sofa cushions. “I need to tell you the conclusion of the story I’ve been sharing with you for years—the one about the woman in the locket with the turquoise stone.”

“You mean there’s more?”

A glint of tears shone in her eyes. “I’m the woman in the photograph of the locket. In 1876, I traveled forward in time to 1936 leaving behind my husband, Marshal Royce Dyson, and our son, Garrett.”

She patted the hand she held. “My dear, I need you to take a journey for me, back to 1880 and deliver a message.”

Shock stole Texanna’s breath. She tried to speak, but no words came from her mouth. All she could do was sit, gape, and try to listen without interrupting.

Agitated, Pearl spouted theories about ley lines and spin torsion fields. Texanna didn’t like the flush and the look of anguish on the older woman’s face, or the tears leaving a trail on her powdered cheeks. She feared for her friend’s sanity, as well as her health. Her heart wasn’t strong, and she’d had several spells in the past two years.

Time-travel wasn’t possible. Otherwise, people would be flitting back and forth from one century to another. It would totally wreck the idea of time as seen today, and history would be a mess.

“Pearl, now you don’t really believe in time-travel, do you? This is all a good story, but…”

“Young lady, would I lie to you?”

“No, ma’am. I...”
Lord, I’m going nuts.
She sighed.

“If this theory is true, why don’t other people on the train disappear and move forward or back in time?”
Aha, got you.
Texanna couldn’t wait to hear her answer.

Pearl didn’t bat an eyelash. “Because of the ancient stone in the locket—it’s the key. I told you it’s magical. The stone must accept the wearer. I knew you were the one the day its energy alarmed you. Remember? You dropped it in my lap.”

Yes, she did remember that day. With a sinking sensation in her stomach, Texanna decided she might as well give up, give in, and get it over with. It wouldn’t cause any harm to humor her. Of course, Pearl would be terribly disappointed when her ruse didn’t work, but... “Okay, I’ll do whatever you want.”

“I love you, child. I’m ninety-four-years-old. Too old to make the trip myself, and I didn’t realize the locket was the key until ten years ago, too late for me. You’re my only chance to see Royce is warned about the robbery and history is changed. God keep you safe and happy all the days of your life.” Tears ran down her wrinkled cheeks, and she drew Texanna to her.

Still in shock at her request, Texanna could do nothing but clasp the weeping woman’s frail shoulders and pat her back. “Don’t cry, Pearl. I’ll do this for you. Everything will be fine. I’ll see you tomorrow or the next day. Okay?”

Pearl smiled through her tears and patted Texanna’s cheek. “Okay, sugar.”


Texanna fingered the locket she wore around her neck, feeling the smooth piece of turquoise embedded in the gold face and the heat it generated. Inside was a picture of a two-year-old Garrett Dyson, supposedly Pearl’s child and on the other side, Pearl herself. The back was engraved with the initials PBD in script, Pearlina Baines Dyson. In the carpetbag was a tintype photo of Royce and Pearlina on their wedding day. Texanna couldn’t deny she looked a lot like the young woman in the picture. From earlier pictures of Pearl, those studio portraits they took in black and white and then touched up with paint, she knew their hair possessed the same strawberry blond hue, and their eyes were sky blue. But their faces varied in shape, and Texanna’s eyes were darker.

Remembering Pearl’s verbal instructions, she opened the carpetbag and pulled out an envelope addressed to her. Inside she found a note and an old newspaper clipping.

Waco News Sentinel, June 15, 1880. The City Council met today to finalize plans for the July 4th celebration. The Ladies Aid Society as well as local church groups will sell baked goods to raise money for our local charities. As usual, Mrs. Edna Murphy will head the committee for the baking contest. The First National Bank of Waco has graciously consented to donate the silver cup for this year’s horse race. Entry fee will be $5.00. First Community Bank will add the additional funds to raise the prize to $500.00. See Huck Smith for entry forms. Judge Stone has ordered fancy rockets from China and promises a fantastic fireworks display this year. Anyone interested in volunteering see...

Texanna finished reading the article, folded the paper, and put it back in the bag. Smiling, she leaned her head against the seat and imagined herself sitting on the banks of the Brazos watching fireworks and dancing on the courthouse square. Of course, she’d be wearing Pearl’s old clothes. The older woman wanted her to wear one of the Victorian dresses in the carpetbag today. That’s where Texanna drew the line, especially the god-awful underwear.
she landed back in 1880, her jeans and tank top would have to do. No way would it happen anyway, so it wasn’t an issue. She wiggled her toes in her running shoes and giggled at the sheer outlandishness of the whole situation.

Texanna closed her eyes. What was life like in 1880? It probably wasn’t a fun period, especially for women if the clothing bore any indication. She absently rubbed the locket with her thumb. It had been hard for Pearl to part with it. She’d held it in her fist as tears squeezed from beneath her closed lids. The older woman’s last words tore at her heart.

BOOK: My Heart Will Find Yours
7.17Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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