My Stepbrother's Arrangement (A Stepbrother Romance)

BOOK: My Stepbrother's Arrangement (A Stepbrother Romance)
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My Stepbrother’s Arrangement





How did all of this happen? I’d always been a good girl. Always. Great grades, accepted to some of the best colleges in the country. Never in trouble, never the sort of girl to rock the boat or do anything risky. So why was I bent over my stepbrother’s desk at his father’s company, with our parents waiting in the reception outside, clutching at the frame of the desk as his cock pounded inside of me?


Honestly, I wasn’t sure how this happened at all. Three weeks ago I was just starting my new summer job, working for Kaleb at his father’s company. After all, it was the perfect fit: I wanted to go into accounting, and he ran a multi-billion dollar finance company, one of the biggest in the country. Little did I know that Kaleb would fit perfectly inside of me.


I closed my eyes and felt the cold wood of the table press against my cheek as my body trembled underneath Kaleb, completely spent as the orgasm rocked my body. I knew there was no resisting. I had tried. I had rationalized. This was a terrible idea for so many reasons, and yet my body always gave in.


It turned out, I had a vice. And that vice was Kaleb Leeman, and having his shaft thrust inside of me. I needed it, more than I’d ever needed anything before. And the worst part was, the more he gave it to me, the more orgasms he brought me to – more intense than any I’d ever had before – the more I needed him. I was hooked, and I knew there was nothing I could do about it. Hell, it didn’t matter anyway. I didn’t
to do anything about it.


Suddenly, with the walls of my sex clenching against him, he came inside of me. I heard a small groan escape his lips as he pressed in as hard as he could, spewing his hot seed deep inside my pussy. It felt
, even though I knew it was oh, so wrong. We shouldn’t have been doing this. We shouldn’t have started doing this. My brain was constantly screaming at me to stop.


It’s just, for once in my life, I wasn’t listening to my brain at all.


He filled me to the brim and we lay there, the sound of our heavy breathing the only thing breaking the silence of the room. I opened my eyes and looked around. A folder of spreadsheets was on the floor, knocked over as Kaleb had shoved me down onto the desk, hard, before yanking my panties down to my ankles, hoisting my skirt up over my hips and taking me right there in the middle of his office.


I could feel some of his seed slipping down the inside of my thigh.


“I have to go get cleaned up before our parents come in,” I whispered, knowing Kaleb told the receptionist to let them in at 11:45: exactly three minutes away going by the clock on the computer screen. Damn, Kaleb timed this close.


“Absolutely not, Kitten,” Kaleb replied, that cocky grin he pulled off so well spreading across his face.


“But… I have to,” I protested, pulling my skirt back down over my hips. I could see him watching as the fabric grazed over my soft skin, saw the lust building back up in his eyes.


“Nope. I’m your boss, remember? I order you not to go to the bathroom until after we’ve met with our parents. Or I’ll fire you.”


A blush crawled up my face. I was completely mortified as I pulled up my panties. I could already feel his seed slipping out of me, and I was going to have to wear these panties the whole time we went out for lunch?


Good God, what if they could smell him on me? What if they figured out what we were doing? Just the thought made me feel absolutely mortified.


I didn’t know why Kaleb made me feel this way. We’d known each other for years. And yet at the same time, we barely knew each other at all.


We were so different. I was the good girl, the studious nerd who stayed in on the weekends and studied for her chemistry tests. He was a bad boy, the kind of guy who held parties in the mansion when our parents went out of town, the kind of guy who took home a different girl every night, the kind of guy that definitely doesn’t want a girl like me.


So why we were doing this?


All I knew is that I loved it. Even now, as the door opened and our parents came in, ready to take us out to lunch to celebrate a big deal Kaleb had landed while I had his seed deep inside of me, slowly leaking out and into my panties, it only made me want him more.


If only our relationship could one day be more…


No, stop it. It can’t. Don’t think like that
I scolded myself. I knew the facts. We shouldn’t have been doing this in the first place. There was definitely no way we could go any further. Whatever this was, this was it. This was all it was going to be. This was all it could be.





(Three weeks earlier)


When I saw the text from my mom, my heart raced.


There’s a letter for you here from Yale. Bringing it to the office before I head off.


Yale was my dream college. For years, it was the only place I wanted to go. I had my heart absolutely set on it, and worked like crazy to make it in. Because I knew the competition was insane.


That’s why, when I got waitlisted, I cried for a full day. At least, that’s what it felt like.


Now, this was my last chance. School had ended a week earlier. It was my first day working for my stepfather’s company, Leeman Investments.


I had to admit, it was a huge stroke of luck for my resumé that my stepfather had a company like this. I was going into business; specifically into accounting. I had always been good with numbers, and it is a recession-proof business after all. So, when my stepfather suggested that I work as an intern at his company over the summer to get some early experience, I jumped at the idea.


When he mentioned that I was going to be working for his son Kaleb, my enthusiasm disappeared pretty quickly.


Kaleb Leeman. My older stepbrother. With his wavy blonde hair that made him look like he belonged on a beach with a surfboard, with his collection of tattoos that started when he was fifteen, that he loved to show off (along with his washboard abs) by strutting around topless all the time, with his penchant for never having sex with the same girl twice, Kaleb Leeman was not the kind of guy I liked to hang out with. And he definitely wasn’t the kind of guy that I wanted to be my boss.


“Are you sure, dad? I mean, can’t I work in another part of your company?” I begged, wanting to have to take commands from
who wasn’t my stepbrother.


“No, he needs an assistant and intern for his new project, and sometimes in life you don’t get to choose who you work for. I promise you though, Kaleb is fair. I know he’s a little bit wild, but you’ll work fine with him. Now that’s the end of that.”


And sure enough, it was the end of that. It was my first day, almost noon, and Kaleb was nowhere to be seen. I’d shown up at the building at exactly 9am, one of the secretaries showed me where Kaleb’s office was, and I met the three people working with him on his project – an analysis to decide whether or not they would fund the development of a big apartment building in Boston – but no sign of Kaleb.


I spent the morning getting coffee, making photocopies and getting sheets from the printer for the other three workers.


But as soon as I got the text from my mom, I forgot about the dumb busy work completely. I knew she was going up to the house in the Hamptons with my stepfather for the weekend, and I really appreciated that she was going to stop by and drop off the letter for me on her way.


Making my way down to the lobby, I shifted my weight from one foot to the other as I waited for her blue Mercedes convertible to stop in front of the building. With every car that passed the tension in my body rose. This was it. I wanted this more than anything else.


What a nerdy thing to want, right? But still, I had worked so hard for twelve years to make sure I got into my dream college, and my last chance was about to arrive.


After what felt like an absolute eternity, my mom pulled up to the curb. I rushed out to greet her. I didn’t even care that it was raining and I’d left my jacket upstairs. All I cared about was that envelope.


“Here you go sweetie. Sorry I can’t stay and open it with you, I’m running late for a hair appointment and I have to be at the Hamptons house by three. I love you, good luck, see you on Monday,” my mom told me quickly with a kiss, and a minute later she was back in the car, in the middle of the chaos that was Manhattan traffic.


I ran back inside straight away. My hands trembled as I looked at the envelope. Sure enough, it was from Yale.


I needed somewhere to be alone. Somewhere where I could go through this ritual, this most important moment in my life so far, without any interruptions or anyone seeing me.


Unfortunately, this was a busy office building in Manhattan. Empty spaces to be alone were pretty scarce around here.


Making my way to the stairs, I went down, all the way down to the basement. There was only a gym down there, and I figured that anyone who had just done a good workout was going to go for the elevator rather than the stairs, especially if they had to go up to a higher floor.


Sitting down on the cold cement step, I stared at the envelope, as if I had radar vision. I took in every detail: the Yale insignia in the top corner, the eggshell white color of the envelope, my name and address typed by computer and printed directly onto the envelope.


You’re stalling, Liv. Stop it. Just open the letter.


My hand trembled as I reached for the seam. Pressing my lips together, I tried to swallow, but my mouth was way too dry.


This was getting ridiculous. With a single swift movement of my finger I tore open the envelope and grabbed the piece of paper inside.


Without stalling any more I opened it and began to read.


Dear Ms. Scott,


I’m sorry to have to inform you that we are unable to accept you into Yale at this time.


That was it. That was all I needed to read.  I let the letter fall onto the step at my feet, even as the first drops from my eyes began to stain the cement stair below, making little darker grey dots wherever the tears landed.


God damn it.


My life was over. That was how it felt, anyway. I had worked so hard to get into Yale, and now it wasn’t going to happen. I was going to have to settle for my backup, Brown.


I mean sure, I knew I was being a bit prissy, having to ‘settle’ for Brown. I knew that there were thousands upon thousands of people in the country who would love to have been in my position. But they weren’t me, and right at that moment, I felt like my life would never get better. But on the bright side, it certainly couldn’t get worse.


Not until the door to the gym opened and I looked up to see Kaleb standing there.





I’m not really good at this whole “being responsible” thing.


Here’s a pretty good example: my dad gave me one job to do this summer. I’m supposed to work with a team and come up with some sort of analysis to decide if it’s worth spending the money to develop an apartment tower in Boston.


I know it’s more than just a job to him. He wants to see if I have what it takes to maybe run his company one day. The problem is, I have no intention of doing that at all.


I don’t know what I’m going to do with my life. Fuck, my dad’s rich enough that I should be able to get away with not doing anything at all. But that’s not me either.


But I’ll tell you one thing: I don’t want a job where a suit and tie are a daily requirement.


That’s probably why I spent my whole morning in the company gym instead of upstairs in the office, where I was supposed to work. I knew it was my little stepsister Liv’s first day, but she was smart. Holy hell was she ever smart. She’d figure it out. Hell, she would probably be better at the job than I would. If dad wanted one of the kids to take over the family business, she was a way better pick over me. I had no problems admitting that.


Besides, it wasn’t like I didn’t have any confidence. I had no problems in that department. I just knew my strengths. So did the girl checking me out from the elliptical as she did her workout.


So yeah, I’m not gonna lie, when I saw her eyes trying to discreetly watch me in the mirror, I put on a bit of a show. Why not? I’ve been doing this a while. Plus I could see the other dude in the gym, some guy in his 50s with greying hair checking out her ass almost as much as he was checking out his – quite frankly – pathetic biceps between sets, trying to catch her eye.


I threw on about 200 pounds on the bench press and went to town on some working sets. Just to get the blood flowing, you know?


I play college ball. Not varsity, the time commitment was too big for my dad. But I’m definitely the star quarterback for our team. And I’ve been training for this shit since I was fifteen. I’m pretty fucking strong.


See what I mean about me not having a confidence problem?


Anyway, I was just putting on a show for fun. I’d catch the chick’s eye here and there, just to let her know that I knew. And to let the other dude know, too. I could practically feel him trying to stab me in the back with his eyes. Whatever dude, she was never going to notice some loser like you. You probably had a wife at home. Plus, it’s creepy when men in their fifties hit on girls in their early 20s, come on. It’s creepy when men perve at women on the gym period. I knew it was. That’s why I never did it.


I mean sure. I’ve had sex with a lot of women. If you had to ask me how much, I would guess somewhere in the high double digits, but I couldn’t be sure. But the thing was, I was always cool about it. She wanted it, I wanted it, we’d go for it. And I made sure the girls I was with always knew that I didn’t want a relationship. I didn’t want anything serious. But I was up for a night of fun. And I always knew where an appropriate time to look at girls and hit them up was. And I knew that place wasn’t the gym. She just wanted to do her work out and check out the eye candy, namely, me. I could respect that, I wasn’t going to go around staring at her ass like she was fucking Beyonce like the suit over there was doing.


Anyway, after I did my upper body workout I jumped onto the treadmill to do a bit of a cool down jog, and the girl disappeared. Her not-so-secret admirer had long since left, giving up on catching her eye while I was in the room.


I couldn’t resist grinning at him when he was on his way out, and the way he glared at me you’d have thought I’d run over his cat or something.


I grabbed my water bottle and headed to the locker room. The gym was totally empty. Of course no one wanted to work out when they were actually at work.


Throwing my towel over my shoulder, I was looking forward to having a nice, hot shower and then maybe going up to work for a couple hours. After lunch, of course.


That’s why I almost didn’t notice the chick from the treadmill standing near the entrance to the showers, leaning against the wall.


“Hey, you have the wrong change room,” I told her. No, she didn’t. I knew that.


“No, I don’t.”


Fuck. It wasn’t that she wasn’t attractive. She was. Waist-length, straight blonde hair pulled back in a ponytail? Only women with the tiniest bone structure and body fat can pull off that look, and she definitely fit that profile. Most days, I would have been up for it. But whatever. I just didn’t feel like it that day.


“I saw you checking me out back there.”


“Look, I’m flattered, but I really don’t want to do this.”


Out came the pouty face.


“Seriously? You keep catching my eye out there and making me think you want some of this, and now you’re going to pussy out on me?”


“Yeah, sorry.”


“I know you’re up for it. You’re Kaleb Leeman. I know your rep.”


“Well, don’t believe all the gossip you hear. Listen, can you go?”


“Are you sure you don’t want me to come into that shower with you?” she asked once more in a sing-song voice, coming over to me and stroking my chest gently with a single finger. Fuck. Nope, didn’t want this right now.


“Yeah. I’m sure. Listen, just go, ok?”


“Fine,” she snapped, realizing I wasn’t going to give her what she wanted. “I guess you’re not the man my friends said you were,” she threw out at me before slamming the door behind her, and I sighed.


It’s hard being this sexy.


I waited a couple minutes to make sure she was really gone before stripping down and going into one of the shower stalls. The hot water felt amazing against my skin, and when I was finished, I slipped into some sweats and a hoodie, didn’t bother doing it up, and took my usual route back up the stairs to the lobby where I could go out and get some cheap Chinese food from my favourite place, as long as the health department hadn’t come around and shut it down in the two weeks since I’d been there last. Hey, as long as the rats weren’t actually
the food, what did I care if they ran around the kitchen from time to time?


Instead, when I threw the door to the staircase open I saw my little stepsister Liv sitting on the stairs, crying, a single sheet of paper on the floor in front of her, open envelope off to the side.




BOOK: My Stepbrother's Arrangement (A Stepbrother Romance)
3.19Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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