Nessa (Broken Sisters #1)

BOOK: Nessa (Broken Sisters #1)
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In loving memory of my friend Ray Mc Gonigle . Ray was a great friend of mine whom I lost four years ago. In this book some of the stories Ray tells are true—our friend Lil Mo, did strip and traumatize poor Ray. He was a sweetheart and a very good friend. There wasn’t a day I was with him that he didn’t make me laugh. He is missed by all who had the pleasure of knowing him. So Ray, this is for you.


Broken Sisters Series


M. Brennan


Nessa is a troubled twenty-six year old whose life came crashing down when she was only sixteen. With the death of her mother and growing up with a non-existent Father, Nessa thinks she can never be loved.

After losing her boyfriend, her job, and feeling like life couldn’t possibly deal her anymore heartache she quickly learns it can get a lot worse when her past comes back to haunt her.

When Nessa first meets billionaire Taylor it’s hate at first sight, but it doesn’t take long for her to realise she's falling hard for him. Is Taylor her knight in shining armour or is he the devil in disguise?























Ugh, stupid alarm going off. God, I swear I just fell asleep and now my alarm is waking up. I haven't been getting much sleep lately, due to my bills flying around my head. My ex, Brandon, cheated on me by sleeping with one of my best friends and left me drowning in debt. Thanks to him I was in over ten thousand euro in debt that I didn't even create. I have managed to get it down to eight but the banks are hounding me constantly which is causing my sleepless nights. I've never in my life been in debt before. I've always had a savings of at least four thousand euro, it was my security blanket. Being broke is terrifying.

I can't wait for the weekend when I can just lie in bed all day. Oh yeah, I can't lie in this weekend, I'm working then too. Great. I have to help out Stacey Saturday night by waiting at a posh do she's hosting.

Stacey, one of my best friends, owns an event business. It's going pretty well for her but this event could put her right on the map to becoming very successful. I'd say I'm being the good friend helping out when in truth it's her helping me since my douchebag of an ex.

It's been three months since it happened. I was heartbroken at the time. I was really sure I loved him, now though I know I never did because I just don't care that our relationship is over. I'm pretty sure if I did whole heartily love him I'd still be dealing with the heartache from his deception. Now I'm just pissed that I didn't see it coming and upset I lost a best friend in the process.

We were together for a year and to anyone, even me at the time, we were very much in love. But he didn't love me, he just used me and took pleasure in doing it the fucker. I should have known better than to think he really loved me, I'm never enough for people they always leave.

I remember that day pretty clearly, actually I'm trying not to forget it that way I'll be weary of all assholes and not fall for their shit again. My heart and head have now hardened or so I tell myself.

It was a Wednesday morning and I was halfway to work before I remembered that I'd forgotten to grab the important files for my boss. I pulled back up at the house I'd shared with Brandon for the last six months and noticed his car was there as well. I thought it was strange because he'd left for work before me. Maybe he forgot something, I thought innocently.

It's strange if my friends got with a wanker I'd totally suss them out and tell them, "Yeah he's cool or ditch the loser." But when it came to little old me, I just never saw the bad.

I skipped into the house thinking I have the best boyfriend ever and I can't wait to see him, even though we had only parted an hour ago. I would only be there for a second, it didn't stop me from being happy to see him. I really was stupid and naïve.

I head in and call out to him but got no answer. I quickly grabbed my files from the kitchen, but he not in there either. I thought it was strange but I didn't have the time to go and search him out. I had already been in a rush and was running late as it was.

Once I got to the front door I heard a noise coming from upstairs. Is that the sound of a woman moaning? Nah, I remember thinking it couldn't be. I dropped my files on the hall table and ran up to check it out. When I got closer to my bedroom door I felt my blood boil in outrage and my stomach turn in sickness because it was definitely a woman moaning.

I pushed the bedroom door open and sure enough there was a woman, not just any woman though, it had been my best friend Lucy. She was bouncing up and down all over the man I thought I would spend the rest of my life with. She had been really enjoying herself if I had to go by her moans at the time.

I had been frozen to the spot and I'm pretty sure I puked in my mouth a little, especially when Brandon's eyes opened and he looked straight at me. But instead of jumping like any guy would do if he gets caught in this position he had smiled at me and it was a pretty evil smile at that. I didn't know the man in our bedroom at that moment.

I had wanted to scream and shout or even run away but I did nothing, I just stood there. It was like my brain didn't grasp what was happening. It's wasn't till Lucy had started getting louder that I realised she had been nearing her climax and here I was just standing there frozen to the spot while my boyfriend just stared at me.

At the time it had felt like hours when in reality it had only been seconds. I remember thinking, Stupid brain snap out of it or this bitch is going to enjoy an orgasm at your expense! Which had been a sickening thought.

I couldn't help but think that I should have known this day would come considering when I love, people always leave me.

The scream of rage I had let out echoed from the walls of the house. I don't even know where it had came from but the force of it had caused both of them to jump. Lucy was off the bed with a sheet around her in a moment while Brandon had just gone back to lying down with a smug look on his face.

I remember thinking, Who was this guy because it wasn't the same man who told me he loved me an hour before. I had looked back to Lucy's face had seemed to lose its colour and she had a shocked look on her face.

"Oh God Nessa I'm so sorry! It's not what it looks like, I mean shit… I'm sorry, it was an accident."

Had this bitch been for real? We had been best friends for twenty years and she accidentally has sex with my boyfriend. I don't even know how I answered her or where it came from. "So what, you just happened to be in my house while you thought I was at work and what fell on his cock? Nah silly me, maybe he tripped and just fell right into you! That couldn't be what happened with the way you were bouncing all over his cock says you did mean to and that you were very much enjoying it. So go enjoy your ten minutes, I hope it's worth the years of friendship you just threw away."

After that I had went to walk out of the home Brandon and I had shared and I had felt like my heart was shattering. I hadn't even looked back to Brandon but his voice had stopped me from moving.

"Ten minutes Nessa? Now you know that I go much longer than that," he said smugly. "You know you beg for it. Sure you do, it was only this morning you were screaming my name."

A gasp came from Lucy but I hadn't looked to see her face as he had continued, "But it was just so hard for me to have sex with an ugly dog like you. I had to close my eyes and picture all sorts of thoughts just to get through it."

The laugh he'd let out had been pure evil, so much so that it had left me speechless again. I couldn't believe what was actually happening. My chest had been tight and I found it hard to breathe in that moment.

I remember turning to leave thinking I couldn't take much more and needed to go. My whole body was shaking and I was fighting back tears. I tried to hold them in as long as I could, I didn't want Brandon and Lucy to see me crying. That was when he had decided to hit me with the kill shot by saying, "I did what I had to do to pay the bills but your cards are full and your savings is gone—so Nessa it appears my meal ticket is used up. I mean you didn't think I really loved you did you?" His voice had been so cold.

Lucy, who had remained quiet in her own shock at the time, had realised that she'd been used by Brandon too.

That was when the tears started to pour down my face. I'd just snapped and picked up the lamp that was on my dresser and flung it across the room. She screamed and I knew I had hit him when the blood start pouring from his nose.

He had been shouting and cursing when I ran from the house. I had gone into autopilot and had gotten in my car and drove around till I ended up in Bray. I remember going to the wall overlooking the sea and sobbing. I'm pretty sure I looked like complete and utter mess but I needed to clear my head. I don't know how long I sat there, my body shaking and my tears not wanting to stop flowing.

Once I calmed down I managed to ring my boss and told him I had a family emergency and couldn't make it to work that day. Then I rang my credit card companies and bank to see how much of what Brandon had said was true. Sure enough I really had been his meal ticket, he left me with only fifty euro in my account and ten thousand euro in credit card debt. I hadn't even known my cards could add up to that amount. Brandon managed to up my credit somehow I still haven't figured out. I must have signed something for him not realising I was signing myself into debt. When I talked to the bank they told me it was my signature, unless Brandon was willing to confess to plagiarizing my signature I was stuck clearing this debt. Apparently there were letters but he must have hid them because I never saw any.

BOOK: Nessa (Broken Sisters #1)
11.29Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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