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Oh lord have mercy on me, this man is just too much. I think I am going to need a fresh pair of panties. Oh good God he has sweat dripping off him and oh man it's such a beautiful sight. My whole body is responding just at the mere sight of him. I also notice a few more tattoos on his chest but before I get a proper look Taylor coughs.

"Close your mouth Nessa, your drooling." Oh shit I been caught.

"I am not." Denial could work.

"Sure you weren't," he laughs.

"W-what am I d-doing here?" I stammer because I really can't talk with him looking a freaking half naked God in front of me.

"I'm just going to have a shower. How about we discuss this over coffee when I'm out." He starts to walk into the bathroom. He stops and turns round. "Unless you want to join me?" Right now maybe… I can feel my resistance starting to wane.

"Screw you!" Blurts out of my mouth before I even knew what I was saying, which has him laughing as he goes into the shower.

Once I hear him in it I jump out of bed which causes a God awful pain to jolt through my knees. What the hell did I do last night? I need to leave, I can’t be around him my mind goes funny and I can't think straight. I quickly grab my things and leave. I get a taxi outside and head straight home.


As I'm coming through the door I see Stacey pacing in the kitchen. "Where the hell have you been? I have been going out of my mind with worry." Well shit.

"I'm sorry. I was at Taylor's."

"What were you doing there?" she questions. Now here's the bit even I don't know.

"Eh well see that's a bit foggy right now. I was in Fitzsimons having a drink. I may have gotten drunk and he may or may not have helped me." I think I just made her madder.

"Why the hell would you be drinking on your own and why the hell would you drink so much you couldn't remember? That's not you Nessa." She snaps at me.

"I'm sorry for worrying you Stacey, I just had a bad day and needed a drink."

"What happened yesterday?" Stacey says a little calmer while she pours me a well needed coffee. I tell her about my debt being paid and going to see Taylor at his work. I tell her what I can remember, which isn't much.

"Wow Nessa, what is this thing between you two, do you have feelings for him?"

Ha, she's having a laugh right? Me, like Taylor? Yeah right.

"The only feeling I have for him is hate," I declare but even as I say it I know she doesn't believe me. Shit, even I don't believe me. I don't know what it is about him but I'm drawn to him. Well my body is and that's the only part of me he wants, my treacherous body. I stand up and hiss in a breath.

"What's wrong?" Stacey asks concerned.

"I don't know. I think I may have fell on my knees they're pretty sore. I'm going to go soak in a bath." She gives me a sympathetic smile as I go to walk away. I stop and turn back to her.

"What's wrong with me Stacey? I'm the one who saves every penny and works hard. Now I'm just lost, no job, and nowhere to go in life. I feel like I don't know whether I'm coming or going anymore."

She walks over to me and takes me in a hug that holds so much love.

"There is nothing wrong with you at all. You just had a shitty ex and a sleazy ex-boss who threw you under the bus. None of these things are your fault. You're just having a rough patch, everyone goes through them." That makes me feel a little better but my luck seriously needs to change. Hopefully I can get a job soon, too much time to dwell on my problems will be the death of me.

"Or maybe you're getting your damn period. You're a strong woman but they normally knock you a little," she says like she just uncovered something top secret.

I laugh but the strong part is wrong, I'm not strong, I'm weak and I'm struggling with how to change that.

"You could be right," I tell her to stop her from worrying, she doesn't need to know what inner demons I'm fighting.


I fill the bath and step in, my knees sting when the hot water reaches them. Fuck, it must have been a bad fall. Thankfully I didn't feel it too bad at the time. One knee isn't too bad just grazed a little bit but the other one has a cut. Man I'm never drinking again.

Once I'm done soaking I rinse off with the shower. I wrap a towel around me and head to the kitchen for a plaster for me knee. When I near it I hear Stacey talking, she actually sounds like she's giving out about something.

I turn the corner to see Taylor sitting at the table, when I walk in he looks up right at me.

"What are you doing here Taylor?" I shriek. He looks up and down taking in my body, it's then I realise I'm only wearing a towel and it barely covers my ass.

"What the hell happened your knee?" he snaps angrily. What the hell is his problem?

"How did you know where I lived? Actually no don't answer that." I sigh. "Your stalker abilities are starting to worry me." He just smiles then looks to my knee again.

"You should bandage that." He nods to my knee.

"I will. Care to tell me why you're in my apartment?"

"How about you go get ready and come to lunch with me, we can talk all you want there." I go to answer but he stops me. "Oh come on Nessa, it's just lunch."

I'm not in the mood for having a battle so I agree and go and get ready. My knees look awful so I go with jeans and a casual pink blouse, finishing with my white converses. I leave my hair down and put on some light makeup.

When I go back Taylor is still at the kitchen table messing with his phone with a frown on his face. "What's wrong, one of your women cancel tonight?" I smirk but he looks at me with a frown.

"Can we please drop the bitch act for one lunch?" Oh he's got to be kidding.

I smile sweetly. "Sure, if you can refrain from being a prick." He just smiles. "I'm sure that can be arranged."

"By the way you look beautiful." He's just saying that he doesn't really mean it, I tell myself hoping maybe he might really think I'm beautiful. No point in thinking he actually likes me.

"Eh thanks," I whisper and head towards the door where he's standing.

"Don't sound so surprised. I told you I could be nice." Yup he was just being nice. That didn't sting a little at all. Get a grip Nessa.

We head out and walk down to Temple Bar and he brings me to the Rustic Stone Restaurant. It's really nice inside, cosy.

Once we're seated I look through the menu and order a burger and fries. What, I'm starved. Taylor raises an eyebrow at me and orders the same. "What I can't order a burger?"

"Course you can. I'm just surprised."

"I suppose your normal model dates order salads," I say sarcastically.

"I thought we were being nice," he says smirking then adds, "You're not jealous are you?" Ugh, I need to learn to keep my mouth shut.

"Of course not. I'm simply pointing out how I'm obviously not your type and you can leave me alone now." Ha take that.

"But Nessa you are my type. You surprise me at every turn and I'm starting to think I like surprises." Well shit. "So you want to tell me what had you in that state last night?" Yeah you, ya big prick, I want to shout but then he would know he gets to me.

"Nope it's really none of your business, so don't let it concern you." He gives me that evil eye he likes to give out.

"But it does, so I'd like to know." He's not gonna drop this anytime soon.

"Why does it bother you so much anyway? I drank too much end of." This is beyond stupid. "Look if it means that much to have sex with me I'll do it if it will get you to back off," I snap. Where the hell did that come from? Shit! I know I totally caught him off guard too because he chokes on the water he just took a sip of.

"You want to sleep with me now?" he questions. No, not really because I don't think my stupid heart can handle it but I can't keep playing these games either so maybe this is for the best. Just sleep with him and move on.

"Well it's what you want and I for one, am tired of these games. So let's just have sex and then we can go our separate ways."

He looks a little shocked but says, "Fine."

I childishly can't let him have the last word so I reply, "Fine." We sit in silence while we eat. We don't say anything all the way back to my apartment either. If I had of known agreeing to sleep with him would keep him this quiet I might have said yes long before.

Once we reach the door to my apartment I turn to walk in.

"Nessa." When I look back he looks troubled.


"I'll pick you up at eight tonight."

I just nod and walk in. I don't have a clue what I'm doing. I have only known him a short time but I have a feeling sleeping with him is not going to make things better. He paid my debt so I suppose sleeping with him will make us even.



When I get into the apartment Stacey is vegged out on the couch.

"Hey, how was lunch with the hot billionaire?" I laugh because she hated him earlier.

"Oh hottie now is it? I'm pretty sure I heard you giving him an ear full earlier. What exactly did you say by the way."

"Oh this and that, I was worried about you last night and he had you all along."

"It was my fault I suppose, one might say he was actually doing a nice thing."

Yeah right, but hey you just never know with Taylor—he's that hot and cold it's just too hard to figure him out.

"Yeah well I didn't say anything a worried sister wouldn't have said." Which translates to she was probably gonna kick his ass, ugh.

"Stacey you didn't need to do that." I cringe. "Oh don't worry he took it on the chin. So how did lunch go?"

Best just to tell her straight out.

"I've decided to sleep with him." That gets her attention. She sits straight up on the chair.

"You what! I thought you said you couldn't." And I'm still not sure it's a good idea but I won't tell her that.

"I know but it's just sex and I'm sure I will enjoy it. The bonus is that he will leave me alone after it." She thinks for a second.

"And that's what you want, for him to leave you alone? Are you sure about this Nessa?"

On one hand yes I wanted him to leave me alone but I'm not sure how I feel now. Taylor is an enigma off a man, his walls are built way too high for me to climb and I'm not in a good place to even try. Between his hotness and his smart mouth he keeps the hate balance going so I'm hoping I can get through this one night and then say goodbye.

Stacey's still looking at me waiting for an answer. "Well you were the one who told me to go for it and now I say yes you're questioning it." I don't mean to sound mean but I do.

"Yes, I know I did hun and I'm not having a go but you said you couldn't and I just want to make sure you're ok to do it."

She's right of course but I want to do this… I think. When I said it back at the restaurant I was half joking but seeing his reaction only fuelled my need to see it through.

"Hey I'm fine. You were right—I'm young, free, and jobless plus he's hot. I'm sure I'm going to enjoy every second." I wink for added effect.

I'm not entirely lying, he is hot and when I'm around him the sexual tension is unbearable. Being attracted to him is something I don't have to worry about. I'll be wet and ready after about five minutes. Jesus, just the thought of seeing him with no shirt on and I think I might combust. With Taylor paying my debt I do feel a little whorish though. Considering that's what he asked me to be probably isn't helping, I'll put that to the back of my mind for now though.

"Ok so when's the deed happening?"

"He's picking me at eight."

"Really? Jeez, that's quick. Don't you need time to maybe think on it, are you sure you're not rushing into this?" I love that she's looking out for me but she's really not helping, I'm nervous and unsure as it is.

"Yes now quit being my mam and help me find some sexy lingerie." She smiles at that. "I have some nice sets I got from Ann Summers last year, I was thinking maybe you could help me choose which one to wear tonight."

She jumps up. "Ok let's go make you a sexy, beotch." I jump up and we head to my room.

BOOK: Nessa (Broken Sisters #1)
4.53Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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