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Chapter Eight


For over a week, Triton tried to call Annasara. He left messages, sent roses every day to her house and the gallery, but no response ever came.

I will go mad if she does not call me back,
he thought.

For three days straight, he stayed awake waiting for her call. By day four, exhaustion over powered him and he fell into a deep hibernation. On the sixth day, the chirp of his cellular awoke him from his slumber. Triton answered quickly as not to miss the call, “Hello?”

Her voice sounded like a purr across the line. “I wasn’t sure if I was going to call you back.”

“I am glad you did.” Triton said and fisted his hand in victory.

“Do you want to come see me?” Annasara said.

“Are you at the gallery?”

“I’m at home.”

“I’ll be there in an hour.” He hung up, and let out a whoop of excitement and victory.
Her house, she wants me to come to her house. What does that mean?
He contemplated as he stepped in the shower.
, then it hit him,
maybe it means what I think it means? Sex? No, it is too soon for that, or is it Maybe I should research courting or dating or what ever they call it now. Maybe I should not go, what if cannot control my blood thirst again.
A hundred thoughts crossed his mind. Triton felt excited and nervous as he did on his wedding night. 


              In Annasara’s living room, he found art filled touches everywhere. In the candles she chose, the paintings that hung on the exposed brick wall, replicas of famous sculptures, even one he owned the original.

“I brought this for you.” Triton handed her a vintage bottle of wine nearly two hundred years old.

“Thank you, I’ll go get some glasses, make yourself comfortable.”

Comfortable? What does that mean?
Triton pondered for a minute then took of his suit coat and sat on the oversized couch.

noticed a twinkle in her eye as returned and handed him a corkscrew. He set the open bottle down on the coffee table.

“Let it breathe for a minute.”

could barely breathe, he looked so handsome

“Your place, I like it.” he said.

“Thank you, I worked hard to get it in this shape. It is over a hundred years old; I found that fireplace behind a wall.”

“Turn of the century, very nice.”             

“Would you like a drink?” she reached for the bottle.

“No thank you, what I would like is to know why you gave me a second chance.”

“You’re persistent; actually I could not get you off my mind all week. Oh, and the flowers, they helped.”

“I thought it was my charm and personality.” He joked.

“It was your eyes.” She said looking into them for a moment way too long.

“You are so beautiful.” he said.

“So are you.” She said leaning to kiss him. His mouth went dry, his tongue felt like sandpaper against the roof of his mouth. He swallowed hard, not sure what to do. She pressed her lush lips to his but he did not respond. Pulling back abruptly, Annasara gave him a confused look. “Is something wrong?”

“No, I am just out of practice.” He said honestly.

“I would think a handsome man such as you would have plenty of practice.”

He laughed heartily as he had not in a very long time. He reached out placing a hand behind her neck pulling her face towards his and tried again. This time he clumsily maneuvered her mouth over hers until they both broke out in shy laughter. Annasara went to fill her glass of wine as he nervously thumbed through a coffee table book of 14
century art to distract his rising attraction. A few artists he had met at one time, some pieces he owned. He took the glass she offered him, set it down as she sat next to him, close enough to rub her knee on his. A gesture he did not dismiss.              

“So tell me something about you.” She prodded.

“What would you like to know?”

“In the alley, you gave me a look. I can describe it; it was like you knew me or was afraid of me.”

Triton’s heart beat with quicken tempo,
did she realize something?

“You reminded me of someone I knew many, many years ago.” He answered.


“My wife.”

“Oh, you’re married?”


“Sorry to hear that, can I ask what happened?”

“She died a violent death, tortured, murdered.” He said with a far off tone in his voice.

“Oh my god, I feel terrible, what happened in the alley.” Her hand went to her mouth. Triton realized he said too much.

“It was centuries ago, I was only nineteen, a mere boy, I was just glad I got to help you.” He said lifting her chin to meet his gaze. Something hungered inside him, but not the feeding frenzy, something else. He wanted to kiss her again; the kiss was sparking it, his libido. His next kiss was much better and he enjoyed it very much. Selfishly he invaded her thoughts; he read her mind as most vampires could do. She like the kiss, liked him and wanted more than the kiss, wanted him to spend the night, but thought it was too soon for that.

“Tell me about your collection.” She said trying to distract her own rising attraction.

“I prefer pre sixteenth century art, weapons, relics etc.”

“I sell modern but my passion is 14
century. I was an art history major.”

“Was?” he asked.

“Am, sorry, I have to be honest, my mind was on that last kiss.” She blushed, the blood rushing under her skin pinking her cheeks. He could smell it, almost taste it. The sweet syrup of life rushing faster through her veins, barely inches from his mouth. A hard swallow, helped suppress the thirst. He shuttered, ran his tongue over his teeth finding they had not grown yet. He was able to put the blood lust in check for the moment. They talked more far into the late night, until a yawn caught her off guard.

“Sorry. I’m very tired.” She said apologetically.

“I shouldn’t have kept you so late. I would like to see you again.”

“I would like that too.” She said and let him pull her up from the couch and into his arms. They shared another kiss, a longer deeper one, one that left both there heads swimming with delight. Saying their goodbyes at the door, Triton gave her one last kiss, forcing himself from her lips and down the steps. Annasara waited until he got in his car and drove away before shutting the door.
Oh my, what a man
! She thought. Triton thought too,
what the hell am I doing? She’s human, she’s amazing. I feel amazing. I cannot see her again. Never again. I cannot wait until again. There will be an again.
Triton argued with his conscience unable to come to a truce. 


              Triton returned to the compound to find his friend outside waiting for him. Sitting on the front stoop, Umbriel took a slow drag on his cigarette.              

“Hunt well tonight?” Umbriel asked in a tone that un-nerved Triton, “Where were you tonight?”

“Just driving around.”

“I fed well, near the border. I watched the others for a while. They stayed in line, no infringement.”             

“Careful they do not suspect you watching. It could be your death.”

“I am cautious, but I do not think they would care. They are bold, boastful, and careless.” Umbriel looked up at Triton.

“Tomorrow night, I will go take a look with you,” Triton said. “Sun will be up soon, let’s go in.”

Umbriel agreed, threw down his cigarette, and followed Triton into the foyer. Top of the line scanners, tracked their entrance to the fortress. Triton went off to find Nala, but was unsuccessful. Triton entered his chamber, undressed and prepared for his slumber. Long gone were the cement crypts that blocked the sunlight and gave way to modern beds, a far cry more comfortable and practical. As he lay before falling into sleep, he felt uneasy, guilt washed over him for feeling what he did for a human. Any relations outside of business and feeding were strictly forbidden. He could not shake her from his memory, her voice and laugh, her stare and smile, her body against him. As he drifted off, her lips filled his last thoughts her mouth perfectly in sync with his. A kiss he shared, with a human.
She is human. I cannot do this. I want to do this. I want her.
He wrestled his thoughts. Time could not pass fast enough, next time they were together; he would have more than just her lips.


Chapter Nine


              Night came much too soon. Triton felt weary as Umbriel shook him awake. Triton dressed hastily loading his nine-millimeter under his jacket. His spare gun tucked around his ankle, Triton always took double precautions.

Out into the night, he followed Umbriel to the Escalade. They drove through the back streets, a black streak of metal cutting through the foggy night taking them to the southern most point of their territory. Established in a treaty four hundred years ago between Nala and Januar, the borders were clear and concise. Now the opposing clan infringed upon the territory and Umbriel’s orders were to find evidence. Umbriel shut off the engine and coasted the truck into a patch of brush along side the road until well hidden. The night air hung heavy with moisture. No night animals cried, no twigs cracked. The area was dead silent. Almost too silent. Umbriel’s senses sharpened. He had a bad feeling but could not quite place it. As the crossed the border, they checked out the area taking mental notes of any thing out of the ordinary. On foot, they patrolled for a half-mile or so. They scanned the old abandon warehouses, but saw no traces of vampires or any recent activity in the yards.

“Let’s head back, there’s nothing here.” Triton said. Umbriel put out his arm, stopping Triton in his tracks and held Triton back. Umbriel lifted his hand to signal the direction the presence came from. Triton tried to hone in on what Umbriel was picking up, but could not read anything.

“What is it? I am not getting anything.”

“An elder, not of our clan.” Umbriel whispered.


“No. Someone else. I have never felt this one before. We need to go, quickly.”

Umbriel was right. If an elder of another clan found them snooping around on their turf, they would be killed on site. The treaty made no exceptions for bending the rules. Death would be a justified and immediate sentence.

The friends raced on foot back to the truck. Tires sprayed gravel across the road as Umbriel forced the steering wheel to the left.

Another second and they could have been spotted. Triton looked over his shoulder. “All clear.”

“Why?” Umbriel shouted at him over the roar of the engine.

“Why what?” Triton snapped back. Irritation danced across Umbriel’s face, “The elder, why did you not sense him?”

“Maybe I am sick.”

Umbriel’s anger flared, “We do not get sick, we do not grow old, we do not die, unless murdered.”

              Triton’s guilt ate at his insides, “I just didn’t…I was distracted.”

Umbriel growled angrily, “All the centuries I have been at your side, I have never once seen you distracted. Distraction will get you killed.”

“Why do you take this tone with me? Am I not your brother?” Triton shot back.

“Yes,” Umbriel lowered his tone, a slight anger in the words. “That is why my concern is so great. You seek solitude too often; you drink from the supply, lost your desire to hunt. You have lost your edge. I am beginning to think you are not vampire anymore.”

“You think I am soft?” Triton snarled. Throwing out a hand to Umbriel’s throat Triton pinned him to the seat with tremendous strength that Umbriel had not imagined or was prepared for. Umbriel nearly lost control of the truck as he tried to bring the Escalade to a screeching halt. With Umbriel in check, Triton squeezed tighter. Umbriel put up his hands in retreat. “I give.”

Triton released his choke on his friend and with clenched fists pounded the dash. Umbriel eased the truck back down the street. Fury raged through Triton like a bolt of lighting. Umbriel for the first time felt fear towards Triton.

“What has gotten into you?” Umbriel asked rubbing at his neck. He watched Triton sit back against the seat. Umbriel glanced sideways as Triton stared out the passenger window for a minute before speaking, “Do you ever regret it?”

“Regret what?”

“Being what we are?” Triton said.

“Never, why are you asking?”

Triton looked away, “Forget I said anything.”

Umbriel continued driving, the spoke, “You never did answer my question.”

“Which one?” Triton questioned impatiently.

“Where were you earlier?”

A wide grin grew over Triton’s face as he thought of the awkward kiss he gave to Annasara. “Out,” He said coyly.

Umbriel looked over to his friend raised an eyebrow to him, “What thought is putting that kind of smug smile on your face?”

“No one, I mean nothing.” Triton ran this hand down his face to wipe the grin away.

Umbriel pointed his finger at him, “I will not push it now, but you will tell me. And you nearly killed me back there.”

“Sorry brother, I’m not myself lately.”

“So I can tell.” Umbriel punched his friend’s arm and jumped out of the truck before Triton could get him back, “I will get my explanation.”

“All in time.” Triton said exiting the truck.

The two strolled into the nightclub owned by Nala. The old meat packing plant converted into the hottest nightspot in town, filled with hipsters, socialites, and partygoers, all humans unaware of the creatures that owned and occupied the VIP section above them were vampires.

As Triton and Umbriel were lead past the velvet ropes, the crowd swayed across the packed dance floor to the remixed tune by a recently murdered pop princess turned actress. The slinked through the crowd, and headed to the stairs that led to the special V.I.P. section reserved for only the members of the clan who wanted to indulge in private the pleasures of their kind undetected by any of the humans.

Umbriel and Triton plopped down on one of the several velvet couches that lined the dark alcoves and corners. They could watch out over the crowd from windows opposite the dark lounges. A servant quickly brought them chilled glasses of blood. The two friends clinked glasses and toasted to their completed mission. Umbriel nudged Triton as two younger very alluring female vampires approached. No words exchange but the sexual vibes they sent out were intoxicating and highly charged. One brunette straddled over Umbriel’s lap, grinding over him, kissing his face and neck, her skirt rode up revealing nothing underneath. Umbriel pulled her mouth to his, kissing her roughly until his mouth made way down her cheek to her neck. She pulled her hair aside and Umbriel clamped his fangs tightly into her neck. The second female tried to mount Triton, rubbing her butt over his lap seductively, trying her best to entice the elder to drink from her as Umbriel was from her partner. Triton wanted nothing to do with the random tryst. She tried again but Triton pushed her off onto the couch next to him. Hissing at him, she turned and joined in Umbriel’s blood orgy.             

Triton went to the window staring out over the crowd. Music from the club below vibrated the window as Triton looked amongst the people who were nothing more than pawns and food to his kind. The music changed tempos, and Triton felt no desire to be a part of this scene anymore. He walked into Nala’s office with out knocking. As he entered the room, Triton found Nala being catered to by a very handsome twenty something male. Triton cleared his throat interrupting the tête-à-tête. Dismissing her new playmate with a small wave her hand, Nala sat watching the shirtless hunk nodding to Triton in respect; leave closing the door behind him.

“I see you have a new toy.” Triton said. Nala sat back in her chair regal yet aloof and looked him up and down, “My favorite one doesn’t like to play any more.”

“I am too old for games.” He said.

Nala stood, slithered up next to him, “You never get old, ” She purred circling him playfully and wrapping her arms around him from behind.

Triton removed her arms carefully. “I came to speak to you, Umbriel, and I...”

“I do not want to hear about that right now, we can speak of it later. Right now why don’t you relax.” She said sliding off his coat. Nala rounded his body stopping to face him. Her hands snaked up inside his collar. He quickly caught her wrists tightly. His power surprised her, nearly equal to her own. He held Nala’s wrists and intended to push her away but Nala pulled him to her with a grip too strong for him to break. He released one wrist, which she raised her hand to his mouth offering him the nectar of the gods. Her bloods smell wafted from under milky white skin. He remembered how addictive the taste was, the sweetest most powerful liquid he ever had was just millimeters from his mouth. Triton’s mouth watered. His senses heightened. The blood that turned him made him what he was, now intoxicated him, and deteriorated his resolve. Resistance was ineffective. Triton tried to fight the urge. He cursed himself for not feeding earlier. Nala’s offering called to him so strong, his resistance shattered. Before he could think he changed into the hard-bodied vampire. Nala put her wrist under his nose once more. Triton clamped down hard sending Nala in an orgasmic powerful state. Nala’s desire for Triton never subsided over all the centuries. She reveled in the pleasure of his need to feed and his inability to resist. Triton drank heartily fulfilling his thirst many times over. Lost in the indulgent taste, Triton did not notice her weakening until she buckled into his arms. His mouth unclamped from her wrist.

“Nala!” he slapped her trying to arouse her. “Here, drink.” He said biting his own wrist and placing it on her mouth. His blood oozed over her lips sliding smoothly down her throat. He pumped his fist to force the blood into her mouth until she came to enough to fasten her mouth on his wrist.

As she regenerated, Nala could feel the power in his blood as she drank heartily. The thick liquid coated all the way down with its warm texture bringing her back from the weakness. Nala leaned against him, as he helped her over to the couch to recover. She sighed as if the just had hours of exhausting sex. Triton held her in his embrace as he did once when they were lovers hundreds of years ago.

Nala rested her head on his chest. “You know we’ve never talked about what happened all those years ago.” She said.

Triton snipped, “Six hundred to be exact.”

“So let’s talk.”

“What is there to talk about? You fucked someone else while we were together. End of story.” He said.

Nala rubbed her hand over his chest, “I’ve apologized for that.”

Triton laughed sarcastically, “No, actually you haven’t.”

“No, I guess I have not. Water under the bridge I suppose but you know I still…”

Triton cut her off. “Don’t say it. We can never be again.”

Nala sighed, “You’re right. It is that you have been alone so long.” She said and closed her eyes.

Triton smiled then frowned. He was not alone. He had his Annasara. She lit up his dark world. She made him happy, made him feel human again. Guilt washed over his emotions. Technically, he was not cheating on Annasara, blood consumption was as vital to vampires as eating and breathing to humans. Nevertheless, Nala held a sway over him with her intoxicating blood. What they shared felt intimate. The thought made his brain hurt. He tried to rationalize. Understand how, if at all, he was being unfaithful to the woman that enamored.

“I should go.” He said and went to stand. Nala held him back gently, spoke softly, “The sun has risen. You will have to stay.”

rinking from Nala made him weak and Triton’s body needed sleep. Triton sunk back onto the couch. He was too tired to argue, “Just this once.”

4.85Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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