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No Strings Attached

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To those who aren't afraid to fight for their dreams, no matter how high the reach.

Make It Happen 





Life can change in a heartbeat.  Everything you know can become a memory, and the future can be left in the hands of something greater than you can control. 

I work hard to remain a free spirit with no intention of
being tied down.  My life is a whirlwind, and I don't have time for commitments that I can't promise to keep. 

I live for the now and don't worry about what could be or what should've been.  This is my life.

I'm the guitarist for the band 'Rebel Walking'.  I love what I do and would never do anything to destroy that.  That is, until
came crashing through my world. 

Lilly is the feisty bass guitarist that has been fucking with my head for a few weeks.  Her teasing has almost brought me to my knees, but I've managed to refrain from going there.  Her efforts have increased over the past few days, and I'm about to say
fuck it
to all of the consequences that may come from my actions.

The days of us chilling together innocently are about over because I have a feeling that once I get my hands on her, we'll never be the same.




Chapter One



Shit, how am I supposed to walk away from her?  I just want a little taste.  Except she is forbidden and I'm not supposed to cross that line.  That's just a recipe for disaster and almost a promise of what's destined to come. 

She licks her lips and looks at me through her sultry eyes, all but demanding me to touch her.  My attention follows her hand as she runs her finger across her lips, dragging the bottom one slightly as she begins to move her hips with the beat. 
Shit, I can't take it anymore.
  Her fingers run over her chest and I notice the hardness of her tits pressing through her shirt.  She focuses on each nipple, knowing that she's torturing me, circling each one and watching my face for a reaction that I'm holding back on purpose. 
How far will she take this?

I give her a small smile when her hand moves further south.  My eyes move with her fingers, and I'm pretty sure my lungs are not moving the entire time she unbuttons her jeans.  A moan escapes my throat when her hand disappears inside the zipper.  She lays her head back against the wall and spreads her legs a little wider and continues along the path of my destruction.

I lean back against the wall behind me and brace myself for what she may throw in my direction.  She is fucking sexy as hell right now and there is
no way
that I'm walking away from her tonight.  I'll face the Walker brothers another day. 
Fuck them!
  They should see her right now.  I don't have to answer to them anyway. 

Her hand moves even lower and I look up to watch her face.  She is relentless.  The look in her eyes almost has me moving the five feet across the small hall to help her get exactly what she's asking for.  Her right hand slides up her shirt, showing off some of her ink as she starts to rub and pinch those gorgeous fucking tits again.  Her shirt is in the way, but my mind has no problem imagining how hot they really are.

The ultimate test on my resolve is when she pulls her bra down and I see her nipple through her shirt.  I can tell for the first time she has her nipples pierced, and damn I want to run my tongue over each of them.  She pulls on her piercing just enough to get that little bit she needs to go over the edge.  Fuck, I don't think I've
seen a girl look this sexy during an orgasm.  She doesn't shy away from her moans and groans at all, and her ruthless behavior has my dick so hard that I can't take another second of this torture.  I move forward and watch her eyes as I approach.  She smirks and pulls her bottom lip between her teeth.  Our bodies collide and the rush of being in the moment overtakes me.  Her tongue piercing bumps against my tongue and my thoughts instantly think of how that would feel on my dick.

She puts her tongue deep into my mouth and manages to lick her way around my mouth and lips. 
Damn, she's aggressive and I fucking love it!
  This is
the same girl that everyone else sees.  What happened to ‘sweet’ Lilly? 

I push her back against the wall and start to move her shirt up right as I hear Taron's voice just around the corner.  Lilly grips my t-shirt with both hands and pulls me through a door.  I don't have time to care about where we are.  It’s a dark room and for all I know it’s a damn bathroom. Our hands pull and rip at the material separating the heat of our bodies.  She matches my desperation and we fight for the connection of naked skin against skin. 

She isn’t holding back at all.  One of her hands is pulling at my belt buckle and the other is gripping me through the denim.  Damn, she’s trying to run this show and I’m not having that.  I flip her around to face away from me and pull her body flush against mine.  Her heavy breathing is echoing through the room. 

She begins to roll her head around my chest and then she suddenly stops everything.  Her heavy breathing stops, her body tenses up, and her hands quit exploring my body. 

“Did you change your mind?”  My voice comes out even deeper than normal when I whisper in her ear.




I’ve wanted this for so long and he is
pushing me away.  What exactly does a girl have to do to get him to notice?  I thought we were finally on the same page and then he pulls back just as I finally get my hands full of him.  I’m so tired of his rejection. 
Fuck this.

His voice moves through my body.  I can’t help but close my eyes and enjoy the closeness for as long as it lasts.  My fingers still tingle from the grip I had on his bulge.  I know I felt metal beneath that denim and I
plan to explore that in detail before this is over. 
Change my mind?  Not on your life, buddy.

I use what’s left of my determination and slide my right hand behind me.  My entire hand is filled with this man’s dick and it should scare me.  The anticipation has me holding my breath for him to touch me, whisper against me, kiss me, lick me, nibble on me, bite me, or just do
before I lose it.  I squeeze my hand around him and begin rubbing the full length of his bulge.  The first sound from him is a moan, or would you call it a groan?  Whatever it is, it’s deep and sexy, and I want to hear it more. 

He finally begins to move with me and I feel his fingers brush across my nipple as he ends with a flick before he moves to the other one.  Holy shit, I’ve never had these sensations flow through me before.  I need him to touch me and he isn’t disappointing when I feel his hand slide down and into my jeans. 

His finger finds my newest piercing and my knees almost buckle with the sensation that explodes through my core.  Now it’s
breathy moan that can be heard.  Here we are, me standing with my back against him, no space separating our bodies.  He has managed to reach around and torment my piercings in record time and I
have a denim barrier between my hand and his piercings. 

He begins to move his fingers and all of my thoughts become jumbled as I lose any care about seeing his metal for the moment.  This feeling is about to send me through the roof.  Thank god I got this piercing, but not having sex for eight weeks has left me
ready to get some relief.  He works me until I’m on the verge of screaming his name, managing to pull near painful sounding moans from my mouth.  His strong arms hold me up, and I’m positive that I’d fall to the ground if he wasn’t holding on to me. 

“Shit, Lilly.  You’re so fucking hot, you’re killing me here.”  His whisper gives me chills and I move to turn and face him.  He’s taller than I am, so I have to reach to wrap my arms around his neck.  My body naturally wants to climb onto him, latch on, and never let go—hold on for the ride of my life, but I fight the urge to climb.     

“Luke, I want this.  Please don’t stop.”  I sound so weak and pathetic, but I need this.  I’m tired of fighting this attraction.    All of those days of relentless flirting and back and forth comments have been torture on me.  He
to want me just as bad as I do him. 

“Oh, I’m not stopping.  This is happening.  You will feel every inch of me, filling you up so much that you won’t know whether to scream or quit breathing all together.”  His face is lined up with mine, and I can feel his intense stare even though it's dark.  The intensity has my heart racing so fast and I can hardly breathe as I wait for him to do something.

He moves his hands to lower my jeans.  I let him pull them completely off of me. 
When did I become this helpless mass of melted flesh?  What is happening? 
I wait for him to move and
does he move in all the right ways.  He runs his lips up my leg all the way until his mouth is stopped right on the edge of my panties.  I listen to his heavy breathing and wait again for him to move.  My expectations of him being fast and furious have me confused every time he pauses. 

I run my fingers through his hair in hopes of encouraging him to continue.  He hooks his fingers on each side of my panties and begins to slide them slowly down my legs.  The light brush of his fingers sends chills rushing through my body. 

His tongue is the next thing I feel when he runs it over my slit.  In an instant, he forces his shoulders between my legs and begins to lift me up higher on the wall.  I brace my palms flat against the wall near my hips and notice the scrape of the wall on my back as he continues to raise me.  He fills his hands with my ass and pulls me in to devour the juices he has already created.

He nibbles and licks his way straight to my sweet spot and has me panting and moaning again in no time.  I fight the urge to scream when he brings me over the edge, straight into the best orgasm of my life.  The way he sucks on my piercing, pulling on it just slightly, leaves me undone and whimpering without comprehension of anything else in the world. 

“You taste so fucking good.  I could do this every day.”  His deep grumble is extremely sexy and pulls me back to the reality that I’m about to finally get what I’ve been waiting for.  With a sway of my hips, I start to feel him working his pants open and hear the sound of him tearing into the condom with the same sense of urgency that I feel. 

He guides my legs off of his shoulders and I fall perfectly to the position where he's at my entrance.  I feel his thickness and can tell this is going to be as fantastic as I’ve imagined.  He places his hands on the wall on each side of my face and leans in close.  His tongue invades my mouth and I can taste myself on him.  I accept his roughness and match him with each brush of his tongue.  His kiss is passionate and hungry, just like I am right now.   

My head falls back against the wall and he moves his hands to my breasts.  He focuses on my nipples and the jewelry, making his touch almost unbearable.  My moans begin again and I wonder if I’ll be able to walk after he finishes with me. 

“Sweet Lilly, you have everyone fooled.”  I hear the smile on his face as he makes that statement.  I know I’m a closet naughty girl, but I’ve been dying to break out and enjoy.  Leaning forward, I pull on his bottom lip with my teeth and wrap my hands around his neck.  I’ve managed to get exactly where I want to be without having to climb up his body.  The movements of my hips show him that I’m begging for him to move this along. 

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