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One Is Never Enough

BOOK: One Is Never Enough
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One Is Never Enough

By Erica Storm

Copyright in 2014 by Erica Storm


Copyright © 2014 by Erica Storm

All rights reserved. No part of this book may be used or reproduced in any manner whatsoever without written permission, except in the case of brief quotations embodied in critical articles or reviews. Please do not participate in or encourage the piracy of copyrighted materials in violation of the author’s rights. Purchase only authorized editions.

This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places, and incidents are the product of the author’s imagination. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, events, or locales is entirely coincidental. No reproduction of this book part or whole is permitted. This book should not be scanned, or distributed in any printed or electronic form without the author’s permission.

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Copyright Page

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Chapter 1

My friend Ian asked me to hang out with him at a bar after work because he thought my breakup with my girlfriend Ann had taken a toll on me. It’s true I had dated Ann since high school and she was my one and only girl. We made plans to marry after I received my raise.

Ann said it was important to get my finances in order before we could marry, and then we can have comfortable life together. Which appeared to be a good idea for twenty something adults who had college debt, she had plenty, but I had none. I worked the entire time I attended college and when I graduated, I was debt free, except for the large diamond I splurged on for Ann who demanded that she had something respectable to rival her friend’s enormous rock.

I took a look at the rock her friend Page sported and I thought,
she must be doing something special in bed to deserve a ring that expensive. Maybe if I present Ann with one like that I can get something special too.

So I went to work at this firm, took out of town assignments for extra cash to pay for the ring, and saved my money to buy Ann a large home and a new red sport’s car. But just like that, my world came tumbling down, and it was turned upside down one night.

I returned to my apartment unexpected, tired and exhausted from the work load, and a delay in my flight plans.

I volunteered for assignments others didn’t want to make extra money to give Ann what she expected. We had been living together for a year, but when I told my friends that we had sex only once in that time, they fell on the floor laughing. I never went to a bar or partied like my friends and even though I wasn’t interested in a night out, I never prevented Ann from going out and having a good time with her girlfriends, which she took advantage of and would disappear on Saturday nights and return on Sunday’s but sometimes for days. Besides, I had reports to get out and I never had time for much. I was busy building a future for us.

After waiting for hours for a flight to New York because of a snow delay, I decided to return home get some sleep and try again on a different day. I opened the door to our small apartment, tired and exhausted I glanced around for Ann.

I spotted a pair of men’s shoes setting neatly at the door. I knew they weren’t mine because I hadn’t bought shoes in years and my feet were a size ten and a half. Those shoes were an eleven or twelve if not larger, and looking at the shine on the shoes and the expensive Italian leather they definitely belonged to someone else. I could never spend that kind of money on shoes because I had to save every penny for a wedding.

Then glancing at a trail of a black thong with lace and a black matching bra laying at the foot of the stairs I became curious and followed the yellow brick road. I remembered thinking that I’ve never seen Ann wear black underwear. I ambled up the stairs thinking,
whenever I’ve seen her she has on an old pair of panties with a hole in it to match the hole in her dingy tee shirt.

I wished that it was a guest but somehow in my broken heart I knew better. “Well I’d better get this over with,” I murmured to myself.

I followed the sound of groans and moans until the sounds of moaning and groaning turned into “Yes. Yes. Fill me up. Put it inside of me. I can’t wait. More. I want more,” all this coming from Ann who never said a word when I put it in her, except “You’re doing this all wrong.”

I asked her what I could possibly do wrong.

My mind tried to tell me that she was in pain, and that when I walk into the room, she would perhaps have the television on one of the X rated channels, but it was the pain of him teasing her before he put it in her.

When I threw the door open, there was Ann lying with her legs open and a guy who was the complete opposite of me, dark hair, muscles bulging, probably a jock, lying between her legs doing things I had asked Ann if she wanted, but she heatedly refused.

She didn’t want me to even see her when she changed clothes and now she had a stranger, and I assumed he was a stranger, looking up her private parts, inserting his finger and tongue, and I’m sure he wasn’t a doctor because a doctor wouldn’t stick his tongue there, finger yes, tongue no.

“What are you doing here?” Ann said screaming at me, sitting up, her head against the headboard.

Mr. I’m kissing and looking into my woman’s opening, jumped to his feet. His fly was unzipped and his cock stood erect until he turned and met me eye to eye. He didn’t say a word, he just collected his shirt and ran pass me down the stairs. I heard the door close. I stood looking at Ann. “Well what do you have to say.” I was hoping she would tell me a lie or something that I could rationalize her behavior. She didn’t say a word. She knew it was over and I knew it was over.


I left the apartment miserable and slept on Ian’s sofa until she vacated the apartment. So tonight I’m a free man and I’m going out with my friends to the neighborhood bar and celebrate.

Chapter 2

It was my first night out after years of being a good guy. I wanted to let off some steam and party. I wasn’t thinking of anything when I walked into the bar. I just wanted to get drunk and get on with my life. When I passed a table, the two blond girls who looked like twins but with a closer scrutiny, I realized they weren’t.

“Hi handsome,” one of the pretty girls said. I never thought of myself as handsome so I looked back at Ian and he pointed to me.

“They’re talking to you,” Ian said hitting me on the back. I hadn’t dated in years and to be truthful Ann was the only girl I ever thought about. Although I was six feet and worked out at the gym I never thought I was handsome. Girls would look at me when I passed and make a comment, call me a hunk. Because the woman I loved, or thought I loved, never complemented me on my looks I didn’t take women serious when they tried to give me their phone numbers or email addresses.

“See if you had taken the time to go out more, you would have known what women think about you instead of waiting for Ann to tell you how good you look, but you were caught up with that
. Ann had been fucking every guy that looked at her.” I peered at Ian. Deep down I knew it was true but I was unwilling to listen to the gossip. And I wouldn’t have listen to anyone anyway.

Finally, looking at the pretty blond girls, I got the courage to turn and smile. “Do you mind if we sit with you?” I asked, and then the waitress came quickly after Ian and I sat in the chairs. “Bring the girls whatever they want.” I had no need for all the money I had put aside for a home and wedding, so I decided to splurge and spend some of it this night.

“Hi, my name is Chase, and this is my friend Ian,” I said looking to my right at the beautiful blond. She smiled and introduced herself as Melody. Then the blond girl who looked like her twin sitting opposite me smiled and rubbed her long leg on my leg. My cock quaked when she slid her leg up and down my pant leg. “My name is Lisa,” she said shooting me a sexy smile sending chills up and down my leg, leaning forward to shake my hand, and teasing me with her large breasts.

Excitement and arousal coursed through my body because it was what she was doing under the table than that warm inviting smile. The waitress hurried back and gave us our tequila shots with lime.

Ian glanced at me, stood and said, “I see a friend of mine, I’ll see you. It’s nice meeting you girls, take care of my friend,” he said to the two beautiful blonds.

I turned to Ian and whispered, “Why are you leaving so soon?”

“My drug of choice is brunettes,” he said. “Enjoy.” And he left me nervous, wringing my hands trying to keep the conversation going. But all I could do was sit, down a shot of tequila and gawk at their large breasts. The top of their dresses were almost sheer and I could see their nipples even though the bar wasn’t well lit, it boarder on almost dark.

Now I had to keep a conversation going, which wasn’t my strength, especially when it came to women. I decided to order another round of drinks. And that’s when one of the girls reached over and put her hand on my cock. And she began rubbing and kneading it. I was too drunk to say stop, people are looking at us, and I didn’t want her to stop. But clearly no one knew what the hell was going on under the table, and if they did, they didn’t care, and then I felt the leg of Lisa take over where Melody left off. She slid it up and down my leg making the hairs on my leg shiver and me hard. Then she propped her feet it on my cock, with her toes grabbing it and squeezing it. I almost creamed in my pants. She could do more with her toes than Ann could do with two hands. She looked up at me and said, “Why don’t we go to your apartment?” Melody and Lisa glanced at me and then giggled.

“Both of you?” I asked in my high voice not drunk enough yet to know when I had something good working for me.

“We don’t do anything without each other. We have been best friends since first grade and when we marry we are going to live next door to each other.” This sound like a winner to me. For the first time I could get lucky on a date with a stranger better yet two strangers. Ian said pussy with a stranger is the best kind. It could be erotic and nasty. I always wondered how he could be so certain and tonight I would find out.

I paid the tab without worrying and off we went through the doors and I hailed a cab with two beautiful girls holding on to me taking turns rubbing my chest and massaging my penis, keeping it hard and wanting.

I must have done something right to have such good luck, or I had died and gone to heaven.

When we arrived at my apartment I was feeling a bit sober but fully aware from all indications that I was going to get lucky tonight, maybe fuck both of them. They helped me to the door, reached into my pants, after fondling my now incredibly hard penis, then taking out the key and opening the door.

“Don’t mind the lack of furniture, my fiancé left and took most of it, but the beds still here and that’s all we need because tomorrow I’m buying a condo. They helped me up the stairs and I said, “I need a shower.”

“Do you want us to shower with you?”

“Why not?” I fell on the bed and they pulled off my pants and unbutton my shirt.

“You have a nice hard body,” Melody said caressing and trailing her long dark nails down my chest heading south, then tickling my pubic hair below my navel. “Let’s get him into the shower. Don’t worry Chase we’ll take care of you,” she said. They helped me stand.

Then Melody turned to Lisa. Lisa pivoted around and let me unzip her dress. When she turned facing me, her breasts were enormous double D’s with elongated nipples. She leaned down and stuck a nipple in my mouth and I did what any man would do when he is handed a present like that, I sucked both of them hard and often.

BOOK: One Is Never Enough
4.06Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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