One Night Stand (The Complete Story)

BOOK: One Night Stand (The Complete Story)
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One Night Stand


(The Complete Story)




By Katie Silver





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“No!” I protested as Ava and Riley yanked on my arms, pulling me from my pile of textbooks until I was reluctantly standing in front of them.


“Emma, you are coming out with us. You’ve been buried in books all semester and you need to let loose,” Ava said in that tone of voice she got whenever she took charge, which was all too often. There was no use fighting her when she had made up her mind. Ava was a force of nature, with her wild red curls and boisterous personality.


“Alright,” I agreed in defeat. I was pretty much the opposite of Ava. I preferred to blend into the background and go with the flow so I could avoid conflict as much as possible. Riley said it was the middle child in me that made me a people pleaser. She was probably right, as usual.


Ava was already riffling through my drawers and Riley looked on in amusement. We had been roommates for three years now and all notions of privacy and personal space had long since been discarded.


“Perfect!” Ava squealed, holding up a tight, short red dress that she had managed to find in the depths of my drawer. “You won’t look like our chaperone tonight. You need to show off that hot bod!”


“Oh, come on. I don’t even think I can fit in that dress anymore,” I replied, eyeing it dubiously. To be honest, I had only ever worn it in the dressing room, when my friends and I went shopping and I had to be talked into buying it.


“You’ll look incredible,” Riley assured me. “Let me do your makeup and I promise you’ll be the most stunning girl in the club.”


I nodded and sighed. There was no use in arguing with my roommates.  Plus, I hadn’t had a good night out in ages and I needed to get my mind off of Economics and History for at least one night.


Less than two hours later, we were ready to go. I looked at my reflection dubiously as my roommates squealed in glee.


“Are you sure I don’t look like a massive slut?” I asked, eyeing the way my slender curves looked almost pornographic in the skimpy red dress that clung to me like a second skin.


“You look freaking hot!” Ava replied and Riley nodded in agreement.


I had to admit, that I did look pretty amazing with my hair styled in long, loose waves that added depth to my thick, dark tresses. Riley had worked her magic on my face with a dark smokey eye and red gloss that made my lips look exceptionally pouty.


“Let’s go drink!” Riley sang out, doing a little twirl so her dress swished out around her legs and her long, straight blonde hair swirled around her. She was a classic knockout and lots of fun, but unlike your typical party girl she was also really smart and a great friend. I was really lucky to have such amazing friends, but sometimes I felt mousey and unimpressive when I stood between them.


We showed up at the club just as the music and dancing was really starting to pick up. It felt good to be surrounded by so much life, music, and dancing. We made a beeline for the bar and pushed our way through the crowd until we caught the bartender’s eye.


“What would you ladies like?” he asked, eyeing us up and down.
. He was old enough to be our father.


“Three vodka sodas, please,” I shouted over the loud music.


“It’s on me,” said a deep voice to my left.


I turned and laid eyes on the hottest guy I had ever seen.  He was tall and completely ripped, with dark hair and a mischievous smile that told me he was used to getting his way with girls. I couldn’t exactly blame them; my mind immediately wandered to how it would feel to have his strong body pressed against me, those manly hands wandering over my naked skin. I dug my nails into my palm to steady myself and wipe away the dirty thoughts that kept invading my brain.


“Thank you,” I finally managed to stammer.


Ava and Riley were smirking and exchanging knowing looks beside me. “Yes, thank you,” they added, a little too sweetly. I knew their thoughts were anything but angelic.


“I couldn’t let such a beautiful girl buy her own drink tonight,” he replied in the deepest, sexiest, manliest voice ever. I felt myself melting at the sound. He was too good to be true, and he would never go for a girl like me. I turned away so he wouldn’t catch me staring, but I didn’t miss the quick wink he gave me.
I’m probably imagining things
, I told myself. My hormones must be out of whack.


We took our drinks and wandered over to an open space on the dance floor so we could get our bodies moving while we sipped the alcohol.


“You should have asked him to dance,” Ava berated me once we were out of earshot of the handsome stranger.


“I’m pretty sure he would have preferred to dance with one of you two,” I replied, sneakily glancing over to see if the stranger had moved on to another pack of girls.


Instead, he was sipping a drink and leaning against the bar, while looking directly over at my friends and me.
He is probably looking at Riley
, I reminded myself. With her long blonde hair and model-perfect body, men usually swooned over her.

“Nope, he definitely only had eyes for you,” Riley said with a laugh. “In fact, I think he is still checking you out. You should wave him over.”


“No, stop!” I swatted down Ava’s arm as she reached over to wave at him. “You two are incorrigible. He’s out of my league.”


They both grinned at me and shook their heads. “Not true. It is obvious you want him,” Ava laughed, taking a swig of her vodka soda. “You were practically drooling when you saw him at the bar.”


“I was not!”


“Were too!” Riley added. “But come dance with me now. I bet he would like a show.”


I couldn’t resist dancing with my friends. The alcohol was starting to make my thoughts fuzzy and my body wanted to move to the music. I nodded and downed the rest of my drink, following my friends into the middle of the room. We moved our hips, letting the music take over as we gyrated and twirled. I was having so much fun I almost forgot about the sexy stranger. Almost.


“Emma sandwich!” Ava called out, and came up behind me pressing herself against my back as she danced. Riley danced up against my front, making sure to run her hands over my curves to show them off.  I laughed and almost fell over as my friends danced against me pornographically.


“Let’s get another round,” I called out as the song changed.


“Best idea you’ve had all night.” Ava grabbed our hands and pulled us to the bar, where the sexy stranger still stood, his dark hair falling in his face just perfectly as he watched us with amusement.


“Would you ladies like another round?” he asked.


“Yeah, but you don’t have to buy them for us,” I responded as my friends shook their heads at me.


“It would be my pleasure,” he said, his green eyes twinkling. “A beautiful lady should never pay for her own drink.”


As he ordered our drinks, I tried not to stare at his perfectly chiseled jaw and the way his shirt showed off the sharp cut of his muscles. The man looked like my fantasy of a perfect sex god brought to life and I was having trouble concentrating on anything but him.


“I’m Riley, this is Ava, and our beautiful friend here is Emma,” my roommate offered as I stared dumbly at the man.


“Pleased to meet you,” he replied to all of us, but his eyes remained focused on me. “I’m Lorenzo. I would like to get to know you better, Emma.”


“Thanks for the drinks. We’ll leave you two alone now,” Ava added with a big wink as the bartender handed us our second round.


I blushed, and tried to hide it by taking a swig of alcohol. It didn’t work.


“Ignore my friends. They can be less than subtle sometimes,” I muttered, looking up at Lorenzo’s tanned, angular face over the edge of my glass.


“I think they noticed me staring at you all night,” Lorenzo replied in his honeyed voice, giving me a smile that was an intoxicating mix of cocky, mysterious, and sensual. I could feel my core melting at the sight.


“Why were you staring?” I asked innocently.


I wasn’t usually one to fish for compliments, but I needed to hear Lorenzo say he actually wanted me. Otherwise, I would never believe it was true. The man looked like he could have any girl in the club. Why was he staring at just me?


“I couldn’t keep my eyes off your delicious body and sweet, pretty face,” Lorenzo whispered, leaning in so I could feel his hot breath on my ear. He tucked a rogue strand of hair behind the ear, then ran his fingers lightly over my lips. “I just keep thinking of all the incredibly filthy things I would like to do to you.”


“Oh!” I gasped in response, feeling my knees weaken in response to his touch.


“Would you like that, Emma? Would you like to come back with me and let me fuck you in every way imaginable?”


“Yes!” I squeaked out. “Yes, please.” My body was feeling light and shaky. I needed to feel his hands on me again.


Mercifully, Lorenzo reached out and took my hand. “Let’s get out of here,” he said and it sounded like an order. I didn’t exactly mind being ordered around by this hot man though.


“I should probably tell my friends I’m leaving,” I replied, but I was more than ready to follow him.


Lorenzo led me through the crowd to where Ava and Riley were being chatted up by a group of guys. He whispered something to Ava and she grinned at me then wiggled her fingers in a wave. I waved back as my friends laughed and Lorenzo led me to the door.


I stumbled out into the cool night air after him, drinking in the beauty of the night as he wrapped his arm around me. I leaned against his warm, solid shoulder while he hailed us a cab.


Lorenzo helped me into the back of the car, then gave the cabbie his address as he held me against him. His hand gently wandered down my side, exploring my curves while still remaining a gentleman. I wondered how much of a gentleman he would be once he got me alone. I couldn’t help hoping he had a much less respectable side once his clothes were off.  I eyed the way his bulging muscles strained the sleeves of his shirt and licked my lips reflexively.


“I can see those dirty thoughts racing behind your beautiful, innocent eyes,” Lorenzo whispered. I grinned and hid my face against his shoulder. Apparently I was being less subtle than I thought. The alcohol was really doing a number on me.


“Here is fine,” Lorenzo said as the cabbie slowed down in front of a large, modern-looking high rise.


“You live here?” I asked in wonder, thinking of my tiny pre-war walk-up that I shared with my roommates.


“Mhmm,” Lorenzo replied, paying the cabbie and gently helping me to my feet on the sidewalk.


A doorman opened the door and nodded to Lorenzo as we entered the stately lobby. The building shimmered in marble and glass, a strange yet sophisticated mixture of modern and classic. I could hear each click of my heel on the clean, black floor as we walked to the elevator.


Luckily, it was late enough that we were alone in the lobby. Lorenzo leaned down and pressed his sculpted lips to mine as we waited for the elevator. His lips felt soft and tasted like smoky liquor and coffee. I sighed and leaned in to the kiss, hungry to feel his passion burn against me.  Lorenzo didn’t shy away from my aggressiveness. He wrapped his arm around my waist and pulled me towards his body, holding me tight against him so I could feel the bulge of his erection as his lips explored mine.  I closed my eyes and allowed myself to melt into him. His tongue gently pushed into my mouth just as the elevator dinged its arrival.



We pulled apart wordlessly, but I could see the intense desire in his eyes that matched my own. We could barely keep our hands off each other as the elevator whisked us up 20 floors to Lorenzo’s apartment. “I’m ready to rip that pretty dress right off of you,” he growled as the elevator slowed. I bit my bottom lip and looked up at him, wishing he would take me right there.

BOOK: One Night Stand (The Complete Story)
8.4Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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